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tv   The Alex Salmond Show  RT  July 5, 2018 9:30am-10:01am EDT

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there's been a second not a violent protest in the french city of nant to over the death of a twenty two year old man shot by police on choose day protesters clashed of the police throwing molotov cocktails and setting fires there several districts police say that the young man refused to comply with the orders and hit an officer while trying to avoid an identity check he was previously known to authorities apparently an investigation is still underway r.t. france correspondent jonathan why the post more. than. the morgan dog lashes took place in this neighborhood. just hundreds of meters away from the place where that young twenty two year old man was killed trying to escape
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a police check there were clashes with some young people wearing balaclavas who went out on the streets to throw various objects of law enforcement but locals who went out on their balconies or just open their windows they too were throwing all kinds of things at them we even saw potatoes and peas tossed at officers who retaliated with flash bangs in tear gas these trash bins were set on fire by youth the police are trying to retake the neighborhood bit by bit to calm things down but the atmosphere remains highly tense and unfortunately law enforcement expect even more violence. and one of america's biggest holidays there was a group of people that say they felt they were being ignored big time former u.s. service personnel say veteran suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder are not getting the treatment they need a similar car has been finding out. fireworks may have been a must for independence day but for a number of patriotic citizens who suffer from p.t.s.d.
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it's the part they dread the most if somebody he is those loud and unexpected noises that could send them into a state of flight or fight when it's in your own house and it's happening next door over in your front yard a street he can prepare for that for many vets marijuana is the most effective way of relieving p.t.s.d. symptoms this past sunday libertarians held what they called a march of the dead veterans claiming the war on drugs is preventing some veterans from seeking treatment really and they say it's led to a number of suicides we have twenty veterans committing suicide every single day in this country and especially when democrats or republicans in power don't seem to care about this it's all the more important that we call attention to this issue and support those who are doing something about it some veterans are fed up waiting for change nearly a week ago a u.s. air force veteran wearing a vest lined with flammable devices set himself on fire to protest the treatment of veterans like a veteran that was disgruntled with the v.a. . did
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a personal protest in front of the capitol which involves gasoline and some fireworks according to the department of housing and urban development forty thousand veterans are homeless on any given night and the department of justice estimates that military veterans account for eighty percent of the national prison population one of the media is the u.s. government needs to do is to stop sending young men and women to go fight in moral illegal and illegitimate wars and then when veterans are coming back there should be tens of billions of dollars spent on trying to take care of those veterans i think people generally want to do good things for got around ninety nine percent of people have absolutely no clue about what's going on overseas and to be honest with you we can't blame the american people for that i wore sleep the corporate media in the united states has done a great job and she'll. u.s. citizens from what's happening up rod if the u.s. government was genuinely interested in preventing veteran suicides the u.s.
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government would stop creating so many u.s. veterans. who are watching out international good morning for me kevin know enough for a short break it's destination world cup age q simply this book with you has done a whole can of these to rally for more special coverage of the world's biggest to want to confirm this all across the biggest country on earth. join me every thursday on the alex salmond chill and i'll be speaking to a guest of the world of politics sport i'm showbusiness i'll see you then. since the start of the world cup russian sports commentators have put cruelly sure on their list of teams capable of winning and russians love to root for the underdog but will they have sympathy for a rival impact on russia's quarterfinal time with croatia.
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i could be a mariachi. cyber crime war. i think it would be one of the best but i never saw or heard before today. there's something about it was my great . romeo watching alone a very warm welcome to see you from our world cup twenty eighteenth's studio here
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in russia's northern capsule that st petersburg. museum palace square knockout stage of course complete now and this patients already building for the quarter final stage starting friday there's the euro why france clash brazil belgium those take place on friday and then we can't forget the biggest game for the people here in russia when the host country go head to head with croatia and then that same day the england and sweden clash taking place and it promises to be a real football fast over those coming days a movie here of course bring you all the action on and off the pitch the first game of course to be off the course final friday. that sydney's north grow. paper the teams look fairly evenly matched yeah they. will be looking to their star striker luis suarez for inspiration but of course the frog squad they've got some very well known expensive players one of the the forward. just a young lad but he's making quite
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a name for himself. there is also. the defender who's won the gold in that encounter with argentina pulled the french back into the. quite impressive for three victory goal fast that was of course the final played a massive part in driving the team forward as well the twelfth man as they like to say. the we was. a. brazil belgium and. volga river about
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a hundred kilometers to the east of moscow there are some top names there. as well all to play their best to get to that coveted semifinal spot yet they came up trumps against japan when it looked like they were about exit. they won three two with a dramatic last minute goal a really great. finish and they were to nail down in that game now when it comes to brazil of course with their pedigree and history in this tournament there's little doubt that they can go away yes still very much the favorites especially now that the big names have been knocked out very much a torrent of underdogs this time they even get. pre-match training with a junior player stealing the limelight now the squad star player neymar of course was his son in law who showed that he could be following in his father's footsteps one day perhaps sooner than we might think complete with the or maybe maybe not who
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knows neymar he's scored twice so far during this world cup a key goal against costa rica here in st petersburg when it looked like they might be held to a draw however this dramatic reactions on the field and in no small amounts of ridicule. comically my fries are gee. we. wonder who learned from who was a flame off from the go all the name of the start of the world cup never sphere's been very much charge the fans have been taken through all the ups and downs and whole spectrum of emotions as well we're in the england game going to tech shooting i'm still recovering. from now despite his team not advancing out the group stage one proving found i decided to remain here in russia he made his mind up after receiving a warm welcome from the people of the country. and
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the people friendly people. q. just your issue. just because you put off. a really good nation really a free issue of a really. good we with people who. are doing. people. that have been known or seen january will it again you need to see so many stories working. for me so we're going to in the future work you know company or something like that pretty good for sure so
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far the school year was a fool. not to complain a lot of course. if i had to award one of the way they say when a show called the beginning of work if. you. could feel. nothing at all it was you you gave it you know. for sure but you use the full. expression for the little push worship the church crawled through to move each other when you put your local could you could couple hold it for you keep. the
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winds. and improve something food clothes looking first you were due for the interview coach. score pretty big movers there all the way from south america to russia and i hope he doesn't it doesn't get a cold like you know more about that does get pretty chilly you haven't gives only see the good side so far i suppose good for a cold just to let you know ok so you think you have a great harris well i think that's a visual thing the weather's been fantastic so maybe people need to visit back in december and see how it goes but no i mean it's the welcome has been warm as well i think this is important i think the russian people have really as we've been saying all along embrace the tournament the fact that the russian team are doing well on the pitch has helped and i think it's good for the russians themselves. well it's exposing them to so many new cultures and ideas and letting them see the world come to their doorstep and also those people coming here so yeah it's been great you know i mean it's as somebody said is it's not about bringing russia to the world but the world to russians on the side of interactions we've seen you know fans from
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perhaps normally rival teams fans that would never even going to ask to see each other i mean some people coming from from countries thousand thousand miles away is a way. russia not a typical hollywood station perhaps for those in this give them a chance to see a totally different atmosphere as an american is saying we're going to come back and some of them as we say even staying here so i see i think maybe there will be some who will be coming back with friends and family in the future for holidays here because they feel inside that they haven't been exposed to before now there are some fans who have actually traveled to russia to support the host nation and i managed to join a couple of them to get the unique if you of st petersburg. st petersburg it's arguably one of the most beautiful and picturesque cities in all of russia it's considered the capital of the north of the country and one photographer is offering people the opportunity to take in the stunning views the unique style
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by having photo shoots and the chill here on the rooftops. and that's all it means because i coughed up a small side pretty much just kind of. not just enough for them some. nice side to go in the first such as you take on your snout which to you can go to those with me so much so what are. some of the shirts so user to you produce to you and you're going to church i'm going to you know i mean so wonderful but membership . so guys just to the silver what do you think about this still kind of tour it's amazing i mean if you look around the so many classy buildings all over the place and it's it's a really beautiful city you can see the city's bustling with the markets and everything. yes what do you think about the tone of the cell for football in that strangely i mean it's such an open turn in the sun there's no clear favorite. we're both rooting for a shawl to slee i mean we're in the stadium when they play spain it was was just crazy so i suppose before in england in particular there's been a lot of scam mongering and now back home and all of our fans i'm good with the
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government and with the media because they say you told us it was going to be this and yeah no actually i think you have to come here we have such a sort of cliche view about russia and the russian people when you hear you see how what a wonderful country first of all it is and how nice and great the russian people are i would say the world cup just adds to it because there's always plenty of people around to know everyone from the world uniting so the football so it is just a great atmosphere. a lot so from us for now at least here an awful h.q. in st petersburg got in a whole can see it with me stay tuned for more updates next hour. must.
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apply for many clubs over the years so i know the game and so i got. the ball isn't only about what happens on the pitch to the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the super money kill you know a round of spend spend you shouldn't twenty million one playa. it's an experience like nothing else i want to do because i want to show what i think what i know about the beautiful guy was great so it will all transfer. and thinks it's going to. i've been saying the numbers mean something they've mater the u.s. has over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crimes happen each
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day. eighty five percent of global wealth you want to be ultra rich eight point six percent market saw thirty percent rise last year some with four hundred to five hundred three per circuit for sure and bitcoin rose to twenty thousand dollars. china is building a two point one billion dollar a i industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only numbers you need to remember is one one just to show you can't afford to miss the one and only boombox. ministry's police forces and city administrations of many countries depend on one corporation that does what mike was hoping the board doesn't run from on the eyes of god i'm stumped just adama's on the guns going through. the woods as everybody got on into the sea at the last also bribing them proprietary software you don't know the source code
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isn't that a such a security risk and when you have a black box operating in the public i'd think microsoft dependency puts governments under a cyber threat and not only that to think off message but also a mall that's what we call soft missile defense and the selling this is also the little one woke the most folk in the morning to almost like the old mr ward was all of those the small planes and all this in the arsenals of the host i hadn't done with the old patients stopping there was a sting of almost a funnies up in his cards on the fine. this is the coaxes bizarre neighborhood in bangladesh just recently this land was
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a rain forest but now there are refugee camps. elephants are a problem they attack refugees either out of range or feel. they can find their ancient my great tree roots among the sea of tents. in the last twelve months twelve men have been trampled to death by elephants however the elephants will have to retreat to outnumbered by about nine hundred thousand refugees in the copses bazaar camps around six hundred thirty people have migrated here from my own ma in the last two years alone. and.
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added that i've been madea be better to not enough are bonded about it. away about . got out of it again a bit of i don't want to live in that idea. that i planted that i. am i want that and i don't have that it would be taking. on the little guy there's a little. bit of the like you. know they knew the rainy season is coming and the refugees tense will be washed away by mudflows unless they're resettled closer to the jungle bank to my own mom. i was a. part
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of my family are not a lot i want to get a little young. child blown off one of those thought i. thought i was a little on monday i want to hold on one thought to. the world now knows about the massacre in russia in the states in the village of tula totally. but she already feels like an open woman her body is scarred with the sun whirling the sky tower she and her daughter the only survivor among three children managed to reach bangladesh even she herself count on to stand with blood then when to get it done up with but then did a little bit to what on earth would it of. put in the waiting manner that it will lobo to the moon the minute i did would it go to what i then would your motto on i don't want to boyish around the world over rather than not on the thought of not of and i get one call on it on
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a thought over they love me they let me go along it in the. military on a good year get it out of them but i'm kind of i was a little wooden but i know if i would remain i did what i knew not what i am out of what i'm up there in but i move in with an item i did when i. bought a boat and i'll see dougherty phonic of the monomer datable but i declare in the heart of animal it well that idea that i had it i bet on that when i got to got what about a thousand eight hundred more i was kind of got a pound i got because then i got clipped by them and up my own my head a lot i got them all out of town a town and out the front i ad got a. horrible scar the outer hotel and i wonder what i did whatever the day when i asked the what i will say gosh i shall call someone on my shoulder on account of what i do what i am. got a ball a little budget there were the whole of why they. will buy them. gladia auditing with the i'm going to mother files and has a little doubt that you know this will not only ally with the hunger how to fill
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out a hug and all of whom got the i one hundred and the why did the one of the guy our daughter not would want to bother when i was alone i can love and i am and that on monday i would want to learn i wanna bother. you one thought of hubble's a good wash a. couple of them. that on one of the local a lot of body magic. on that a lot of it on my body i would want to hear more about my job how do you like part of it i want to do for you motherhood and put in inverted what i thought of on the last time i did for the money. they've all been to get. our food it. not the. likes of me. i don't believe you. when i was little the. it was not even to. them that i think
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a lot of them along the way. side to side of us from a little washed the dishes the day sure something going just scientists you get border and some good but has to hide that did manage to very man to. be crossed the border. she was made to the said clinic in could follow bottom of my case i don't want the. bottom of the what came. to my. blog. was a lot of the little boy. doesn't recognize the russians or genocide or even wrote in jest mr t. the word itself is under a tough shit. simply include muslims or terrorists. trying to arrange an interview with the sun sochi the state council of mind ma
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a nobel peace prize laureate. in reply to our interview request we received an invitation to join the media. and even though we understood we just had the official position of the authorities it was the only way to film at least something in rocking the state closed to journalists spanked then. you know. you see that. with the five year mark and the other countries. where gold of friendship brit's so the return of wealth comes from various. the official line is that the attacks against muslim villages were an anti terrorist operation in response to the attack.
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on. the property. in august twenty seventeen in just one day killed ninety nine hindus and buddhists in russian state in retaliation the mayan carried out an ethnic cleansing operation they wiped out roy hinge of villages forcing people to flee to bangladesh. state used to be separate kingdom you have boat well slums and. that kingdom up for a kind was conquered by the. boundary. he's got redrawn part of the rakhine came down became pago bangladesh and the idea came out of me
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a month off independence the constitution said all people within the boundary all. citizens so you could claim that their own way and yeah mom became citizen. young the way some of them is for this president it wasn't mine mom back then had to flee the country with his family it was after the military coup and the death of his father in prison under unclear circumstances. before the coup. we were on top of the. presidents family ruling. after the cool people were scared to talk to us in case the military came for them as well. and didn't think i would get involved in politics again when he people of burma started demonstrating against the military in one nine hundred
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eighty eight i decided i should get involved at that time outside the city also rose to prominence i worked with husband to try to free her i support attire for the last twenty that he is. she was released from. house arrest and i was invited back into the country she. was too busy to meet with me to see if you. have extra fifty who. have a kitchen. and to take. you home. and. i was the middle man i was. trying to bring different groups and the government together we are supporting the. mirrors on the offices of ten different armies.
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may sound funny but. at least twenty one different fighting the government when there is a clash the need is on offices are the ones who will intervene right away to make sure that the unintended tasha's do not become a big battles so in that way we are helping to keep the however in twenty seventeen in the way it wasn't allowed to intervene in the row hinges situation his visa was revoked without any explanations given returning to the mayan mom media on those rare occasions when we were allowed to leave the bus we only met people willing to back up the authorities story. you doing too much you look a bit tired to really doing this to me down. the tube. balloon this will go. to court there.
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is no. attempt at the matter that the court ordered will remove from your thermos with your. disease hindu goes to abroad to meet us and legibly they were kidnapped by muslim fighters who killed their families and took them to bangladesh by forced . hand. but nothing. like fashion and then last but only love loudly no not that i want that had not planned it was. certainly india and it is. not the. only.


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