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he wants to improve relations with russia it seems that out washington doesn't really want that to happen. one of those malign activities you heard about earlier that's upsetting washington right now and supposedly russian hacking and microsoft claims it's thwarted a fresh attack the tech giant says the targets were the u.s. senate and conservative think tanks but mainstream outlets reporting on microsoft's findings rushed to draw their usual conclusion about who might really be behind it all attempts by russia to hack u.s. senate and conservative groups for hacking group affiliated with the russian government and russian military operation the intelligence operation the russian military intelligence unit erosion of takes us through microsoft's claims microsoft is ringing the alarm russians are at it again apparently how has set up a bunch of websites going as of those belonging to prominent political groups and the u.s. senate this technique is known as phishing designed to lure unsuspecting users to
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pages that look just like the real thing and then basically steal their data according to microsoft that they recognize this tactic from a few years back. we saw this during the united states general election in twenty sixteen last major in the french presidential election and now in a broadening way as americans are preparing for the november midterm elections midterms are a big deal in the states for those of you unfamiliar that's elections in congress with close to all seats up for grabs this november for russians to mess it up would be the second worst thing after rigging the presidential race except microsoft's panic post has raised doubts among the i.t. crowd one you don't have to be a hacker let alone a member of any organization to create a fake website or the senate or even the president all they need is an internet connection about thirty minutes of spare time and about fifty bucks job done to
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microsoft insists it's the in a tory as the hacker group known as fancy bears behind their websites mimicking but those fifty bucks should have concealed the domain owner's identity so it's still not entirely clear how microsoft is pinning the blame here still even if it is found let's just say their connection to the kremlin is still subject to debate it's not a hard fact three and probably the most important microsoft has written in black and white that they have no evidence the websites were actually used for any attacks moreover they couldn't pinpoint good target or targets for any planned attacks to summarize microsoft was driven by a gut feeling that something bad's going to happen like when you see someone buying a knife and assuming they're going to use it as a weapon that is something russia pointed out in its official response again we have to state what was thought to be obvious people to comment on statements made
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without any evidence and that are clearly created for public attention it's sad that a big international company that successfully worked for a long time in the russian market and has to be a part of the witch hunt now has in the washington. but microsoft insists the threat is there and oh how convenient already has a solution on stand by microsoft account god will be provided for free to complains and candidates it will alert them of potential threats and educate how to keep the network secure so a threat of no threat microsoft has nothing to lose but this new product of theirs won't market itself. the syrian army is gearing up for an offensive on the last major rubble stronghold it live the battle for the enclave marks the final stages of the syrian war and if assad's forces manage to retake it it will bring almost the entire country back under government control however ahead of the campaign many
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western media outlets have been doubling down on the narrative against a mask this was some saying the assad forces are certain to inflict heavy civilian casualties the same media though fail to mention that over sixty percent of the enclave is under the control of hardline islamic groups that have been accused of war crimes it between go takes a closer look. these yagur a few of the syrian civil war has strong it's now pretty much about this part of the country the northwest basically here in and around it is where you'll find all the armed rebel groups the ones still putting up a real fight no wonder getting hold of this area would be the ultimate success for damascus five days after multiple airstrikes hit this once quiet neighborhood in profits killing dozens of people shattering whatever illusion of safety to me if it existed you listen to this c.n.n. piece and get the impression it looked province had been
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a peaceful oasis still showered by those bombs how about telling the viewers about the dicey melting pot it actually is the syrian army has been on a mission to win back land those rebels or even internationally recognized terrorists who stood in their way were given two options take out the white flag or get a one way ticket to it no kidding some were moved there on buses and that's when the real mess began instead of teaming up various groups and went to war with each other and let's not forget some of the mightiest organizations running the show their moderates. h. t. s. or high yet to. arguably the most powerful and hair raising the very same people who used to be known as moose or syria's al qaida branch and if that name
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doesn't ring a bell just picture nine eleven or any other bloody carnage that took responsibility for. this is quite a trio to those who've heard of nor. would likely associate them with the beheading of a palestinian boy on camera they've also been blamed for torturing journalists and aid workers jaish al islam paraded kates hostages through the damascus suburbs they once controlled only to use them as human shields later this group along with. was firmly on the john kerry's terrorist list when he was in charge of the state department we've seen pictures we've heard testimony of shocking crimes committed by our by book. by al-shabaab it seems even london
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a staunch ally of some rebel groups has lost patients britain won't send any more cash to fighters and live as it says in the times newspaper u.k. diplomats have admitted the remaining rebel areas are falling into the grip of the hottest t.v. giant sky news came up with a teaser for their exclusive report from ad lib province on twitter but online many warned by the media's attempts to portray that place as just a rebel held clave so the question is if you live is mainly ruled by al qaida who gave sky news the exclusive access they're not rebels. which rebels did you get access to perhaps they've seen this reporting tactic once before during the siege of syria's economic hub aleppo activists say close to one hundred children have been killed in the east in rebel held areas of aleppo will your seat in the battle districts of rebel held east of the unable to convince
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moscow to stop bombing civilians all they talked about was how civilians and moderate opposition fighters were being slaughtered by assad. the russians there was no mention of the hottest bill and their sins something our reporter saw with their own eyes. and the rebels are pushing into aleppo again. beyond that you're into the rebel held parts of aleppo that is the black flag of job nusra. brainchild in the syrian civil war. and it's been repeating it is go time after time after time. a year ago we had to. what we had. always black and
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white evil regime again. and that enjoyed killing. obviously a child which is the ocean of accompli we have. more news after this short break. they gave us national camera. roughly once they showed some leave for the. videos and some of them with the roughly string that. line down more on string i
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don't roughly don't t.v. . i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter to us is over one trillion dollars and. more than ten white collar crimes happen each day. eighty five percent of global wealth you long for the old for the rich eight point six percent market saw a thirty percent rise last year somewhat four hundred to five hundred three per second per second and that one rose to twenty thousand dollars. china's building two point one billion dollars a i industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only numbers you need to remember is one one just shows you know four to miss the one and only. welcome back around two hundred fifty protesters at the university of north
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carolina at chapel hill pulled down a controversial confederate statue on monday night the one hundred five year old monument known as silent sam had long been seen as a symbol of white supremacy. erected in one nine hundred thirteen it commemorated those who died fighting for the slave holding confederate states in the american civil war the monument had had a polarizing effect on campus for decades and had been vandalized in the past although many see it as racist and offensive others argue it is part of the south heritage and that it should therefore be preserved in the universe. the chancellor has condemned the toppling of the statue as dangerous and on lawful one of the protesters was arrested divisions over how to tackle the confederate legacy have been thrown into sharp relief over the past few years confederate flags have been removed from state government buildings after protest against their presence and more than one hundred ten symbols of the confederacy have been taken down across
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the u.s. that's triggered numerous protests both for and against the display of confederate symbols and public spaces one of the most notorious was the charlottesville protest in two thousand and two thousand and seventeen in which an anti-fascist protester was killed. let's now bring in a political activist anthony rogers right and conservative talk show radio host dave perkins to talk about this further welcome to you both to the program dave if we could start with you isn't it time that symbols of white supremacy like this statue are taken down. you know all over the world you see when dictators fall and totalitarians in their repression isn't the statue is torn down by a gleeful public in an effort to to demonstrate all the years that they hated their oppressor and how happy they are that he's gone i don't think america has anything to do with any of those things america's open democratic transparent or history is
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what it is and my problem is when young people who haven't really been taught to respect their history and haven't really learned the foundations of the country where they're from how far they've come and what it was that made the changes that got us to where we are today tearing down symbols especially symbols that were put up in the year of woodrow wilson one nine hundred thirteen the worst comes to digital year to modern history woodrow wilson the famously races democrat i'm not happy that statues are torn down because it's an attempt to separate us from our history and we need to learn from our history know who we were and who we are based on that knowledge of who we were and where we've been you start making that stuff go away from the public square pick the highly visible low hanging fruit first and at the same time you're going after the history books in schools and changing the curriculum changing the like you know like george orwell said in one thousand nine hundred four you rewrite the books you read named the statues in the buildings the
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process continues minute by minute and history has stopped and you face this endless present in which the party is always right he was talking about the communist party through the art of feist of fiction one thousand nine hundred four but i'm talking about the democratic party in america we are in danger of them separating us from the moorings of our history and i do not think that is a wise way to continue a culture. and to me what do you make of the argument that says essentially rewriting history. well it's very interesting to hear a conservative analyst evoke george orwell when the presidents of the party that he represents his lawyer recently just said the truth is not true so that's kind of ironic but what i would say is important when you're bringing up things like tax print where you're bringing up things like text or text books that don't discuss the brutal oppression that occurred under slavery we're not discussing the fact that the symbols that he have an emotional violence for people who have no choice
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but to look at them we're talking about symbols that we're seeing couldn't place really to fight for an oppressive system no it's chattel slavery that regulated black people as unhuman as property and in that system women were raped and forced to take part and forced to come and see we also know of course later so i do agree that we always have to hold on to our history but we have places where that history can be maintained places like museums and i think that that would be a good compromise people don't have to go to museums if they don't want to but in public spaces we should not be promoting heat and the thing that we see is that this was a multicultural this wasn't just black people who are up against the statue and saw plenty of white people and saw asian people as well because the bottom line is that white supremacy also has.


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