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let them finally into the now so the they can get up late now positive but i live on top of them keep the point about. wanting to leave you would it be that easy to find a friend that i had in me. plus is that going to see muslims who live people. getting. killed i thought it might have been my little bit of a wonder but not that i will look at it as shut out of money coming over out of much of the woodwork to mop up to get it but it. exists in london. lose. some boards of. the sea. you can be local.
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police. seem wrong but old bulls just don't hold. any lol but you get to shape out these days to come out ahead and in again trying to close the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. the response to the two thousand and eight crisis was that the global bankers got together they were a architect of the global financial system to withstand a ten time the impact financial crisis in the future they did nothing however to undercut the ability for the bad actors the global banks to increase
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their balance sheets in the leverage by ten times and now here we are in twenty eighteen and in fact now the balance sheet of these banks of the central banks is ten times more like. from. the article below. zero zero zero zero zero. zero zero. zero zero zero zero zero zero zero. welcome back across the uk where all things are considered on peter mind you we're discussing political civility.
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ok let's go back to ron in. on skype are you ready for going to the rec you want to finish up a point please go ahead. yeah i mean i mean i was just getting at you know rob brings up that e's not seeing any policy ideas from the democrats he's absolutely right i think this is by design i think that really the united states is ready to go in a more populist direction if the four of us you know the four of us sat down and dr gene it was same if the four of us sat down and really talk policy we wouldn't agree on everything we seemed to kind of be all over the spectrum we have different points of views on different things however there would be some really big paler that i think we would all have in common i think we would all want to end the wars and invest that money back home i think we would all want to see a populace where employment is in better shape we might have some different ideas
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on how to get there but it's something that we would all want to see happen there would be some big crucial for instances where we would be on the same page who does that not benefit that doesn't benefit the establishment that's right ron let me go to jean and you know why all four of us can have a civil conversation because we don't have to worry about donors really that's reason why ok yeah it becomes more of a health care and that's right that's right you know geno one of the things that really bothers none of us knows a little more or. one of the things that really bothers me about what's going on here is that my first incarnation professionally i was an academic historian and i taught courses at the university of california and i really really hate it when people start using the term nazi and calling someone hitler because i know the history of the twentieth century in europe extremely well and the people on the left throwing those terms around are so abjectly. incorrect and without
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knowledge they don't know what they're actually saying it's a very terrible those are terrible terms and you have to use them very sparingly go ahead gina because that's what gets on my. well that is discouraging to me too for exactly the reasons that ron cited when i believe that there are productive things we could do if we would actually work together and for all the criticism of this president he has been someone who is willing to work with his political enemies and he's willing to sit down with democrats and he's willing to ask their opinion and that's one of the things i like best about him it's even willing to call himself off once he's really decided somebody is a bad person and to stop and listen and if we had a little more of that particular element in our society i think we'd be better the democrats have themselves in a real position and here's why their money is coming from the far extreme left those in hollywood and the progressives in general but their votes come from places
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like the rust belt the unions where the jobs are drying up because of illegal immigration and other sorts of policies that the democrats have passed so the democrats can't figure out how to get both the money and the votes and that's their delimit they're going to have to start to develop if they're going to survive in a two party system as ron referred to they're going to have to develop some sort of policy that can appeal to a broader base and pull from republicans not that i'm here to advise the democrats although that sounds like that's just what i did but i kind of watched some of these problems happen within the republican party not all that long ago and i honestly and you may not believe me as i am on the right and i don't deny that but i've landed here honestly and i'm willing to admit when i'm wrong i honestly crave a government where we have a strong opponent that comes up with good idea yeah so that that makes my side yet or i do think that politicians all of us when we're all on is a very smart observation and i think that's really good in that makes the political
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debate brings it up to a higher level here. i want to go back to this historical thing which i think it's i think it's really important i mean when we have people you know there's like the n.t. for people that you know this really. the french people there are saying that you know. making comparisons to nazi germany well i would say that there is a historical analogy and. germany where germany was collapsing in the one nine hundred twenty s. for a whole wide variety of issues but there was that during that time there was the lack of respect in the breakdown of public discourse that's one of the reasons why the nazis was able to come to they were able to come to power and i think that this is a critical moment that that's a history lesson is if you continue down this path yes you could create a very very disturbing future but we're not there yet and i think people need to step back and and all of us here of a like mind policy policy and more policy i'm tired of the emotions go ahead rob.
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well first of all as a jew i don't like the word nazi thrown around so arbitrarily and easily i think i'll make it clear i think he's despicable i don't like him he demonizes immigrants but that's not the same thing as what took place in nazi germany and i agree with you peter we have to look at things historically it's it's like what happened in iran with the ayatollah khomeini and we were so upset about that as americans well why did that happen who did we support we support of the shah of iran what republicans used to complain so much vociferous only when when for the castro took power but we had multinational corporations in cuba paying workers two cents a day there some course there was a revolution so i we have to look at what leads up to things and things donald trump didn't just pop out of nowhere and invent himself and just get elected by magic there were things that upset infuriated people and he had
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a you know voters that came in and elected him so we have to look at the why instead of again complaining about donald trump oh he's this he's that he's terrible he's a jerk. and tom landry had a great sign when he was coach of the dallas cowboys that said what if there is no what is. so let's let's deal with reality and what's happening right now and again i'm going back to policy policy policy you know ron we had a supreme court justice kennedy announces he's stepping down i'm really worried and they mean if we think the political atmosphere is bad now wait until his successor is announced and before he goes or she goes before congress i mean this is going to be one hell of a storm ahead of this here because it's already started i mean the ink wasn't even dry in the document and that that that war really started flaring out i'm really
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worried about how this process is going to work go ahead ron i mean you know i'm also worried about i can serve supreme court i understand and i understand that and i understand i understand but what i'm saying but what i'm saying is is that i'm more worried right now is the process because what it does is it taints the entire process it taints the court and now you have people on the left extreme left doubting the constitution itself now there's a lot of things that need to be done but if we don't have the same playing field in the same laws then then we can even further away from communication there is going to be a come from a sion process and now the democrats better get their act together and asked good questions and said destroying their arms up in the air ok that's not going to help anyone go ahead ron. yes and we'll see what they do i mean when it came to no gorsuch they certainly just kind of threw their arms up in the air and in i think that one of the things that this does for the democrats is it really kind of
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strengthens their argument of blue no matter who hey look what happened look at the supreme court for all you people that want to actually change within the party for all you people that wanted to run as progressive straw you people that went to joel stein this is your fault it's not the fault of barack obama who just kind of let his pick go and didn't do anything about it it's not the fault of the democratic establishment who propped up a flawed candidate in arguably the only candidate donald trump was get capable of beating it's not the fault of our political lack of any type of hardball whatsoever and just rolling over to the republicans because a lot of the democrats just go along with the republicans anyway it's your fault the whole supreme court thing just kind of strengthens their blue no matter who argument meanwhile you know we're facing a potential hyper partisan hyper conservative supreme court for years and years to come and i'll respond to something gina said i don't think the problem with the
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democratic money is necessarily hollywood now this is coming from somebody who the president of show business still will not take my phone call maybe there's a little bit. but i think it's you know they're bought and sold by the same people you know their donors are the pharmaceutical industries their donors are big oil so of course they're not going to come out against fracking because big oil gives them a lot of money of course they're not going to come out you know wall street thank you yes so it's like when you have two parties that are just kind of bought and sold by the same people one party's allowed to represent those people on apologetically because hey we're on the right this is what we do the other party is just a little more subtle about it ok gina you know i really like. deniro films he's a great actor i think he made a complete fool out of themselves by making a spectacle lot of themselves in one of these award gatherings here and he will
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it's really time for hollywood to kind of simmer down and you know we give you a few ball actually a lot of books to watch your films but i don't need to hear your political opinions to be honest ok because i don't see how anyone really in hollywood except clint eastwood i can show my prejudice but i don't see that they're particularly well informed and i don't know why they should try to get involved in the political process go ahead yes for example when they're saying you know destroy ice it's only existed for fifteen years that's not true it's just called a different name before so when hollywood comes out on these some of these issues they sort of they make some mistakes because they don't have the historic knowledge that you're talking about and and that doesn't look at either but i think that ron illustrates a really keen point here that should be punctuated and that is when when both parties were both listening to the same tune right at the wall street the you know whoever came up whoever had the big money because they needed it to be
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reelected that right there is what i think that people like me who like civility who like you know i am a conservative bona fide as best i can tell again i keep an open mind but i think i am but that's what i liked about donald trump and that's why i elected and worked hard to elect a donald trump it wasn't because he was like me it was because he didn't need or seemed to want or even seem to have a lot of regard for those same groups that had always controlled you know in particular big pharma particular wall street some of those groups he didn't have a need for them he didn't seem to care or give them much regard or even respect and i wanted somebody who would answer to me and i think that the average democrat out there right now they want the same thing they want to pay. attention has not bought and sold who will answer to them and they can't find that in the democrat party won't count and that's the conflict ok i'm going to jump in here i think the political established left needs to calm down and i would give the same advice to
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the president of the united states outs all the time we have many thanks to my guests in new york los angeles and west palm beach and thanks to our viewers for watching us here don t. see you next time and remember crosstalk rules. let's. finally in a moment also to take i'm going to play live now how's it going on keep the front. line and if you knew you would it be that easy to find a standout in. your class is that going to be plus the city people. getting. good odds that it might have been
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love a little bit of a wonder from about our little bit that we are shut out of money coming over out of much of the woodwork to mop up together but and. this is london. blues. some borders of. the sea. you can be little. one else seemed wrong but old bulls just don't hold. any gold yet to shape out these days comes to capital and in again tremendous equals
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betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter the u.s. has over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crime stamping each day. eighty five percent of global wealth you long for the ultra rich eight point six percent market saw thirty percent minus minus two years some with four hundred to five hundred three per circuit first second and bitcoin rose to twenty thousand dollars. china's building two point one billion dollars a i industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only numbers you need remember one one business shows you can't afford to miss the one and only.
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significant company said he was hopping up and facing. him and the. boss it will either be disclosed his or your talking to the still. does. cut out again nothing about how low did it go on the list when he did it i just loved it. and that a lot of what i think about come out i skid but i'm about the same as are about a lot of us up the money into. his head of the long oh i left my money how much. just saved so you'll see and i'll just call them safe so that there's a lot of things a lot of fun should be made by. other people more adult films i was on the go just. that little that.
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play i play . camera. roughly once they showed some leave for them. to. shoot your own cool videos and so on with the broccoli string it adds. more.
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t.v. . those who don't. need to know that there will always be a serious price to pay if red lines crossed the british foreign secretary urges war sanctions against russia during a visit to washington and the u.s. treasury had further punitive measures over moscow's quote malign activity. we can bring even more economic pain to bear we will not hesitate to do so if its conduct is not demonstrably and significantly. soft claims russian hackers are added again by targeting u.s. senate and conservative think tanks but while listing the supposedly culprits said the tech giant took the chance to push its products. and as the syrian
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army gears up to take the rebel held on craven western media outlets warn of a civilian massacre the same outlets though failed to mention much of the air. under the control of hardline islamist groups accused of war crimes. iraq has a lot of our studios in moscow this is our international i'm sean thomas glad to have you with us and sanctions were high on the agenda in washington this tuesday with yet more calls to tighten restrictions against russia over a series of issues for which moscow is being blamed the british foreign secretary who is on his first official visit to the u.s. or urged western partners to ramp up the pressure on russia. those who do. use need to know that there will always be
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a serious price to pay if red lines across but today the united kingdom its allies to go further by calling on the european union to ensure its sanctions against russia a comprehensive and that we truly stand shoulder to shoulder with the u.s. we heard him speak to the u.s. peace institute he made his remarks and essentially he called for more hostility to russia in aspen and it's interesting because his speech was actually leaked to the press ahead of time so people knew what he was going to say before he said it then he followed the draft of his speech that was leaked pretty pretty closely and now just two weeks ago we saw a new sanctions imposed on russia by the united states in response to the accusation about the involvement in the chemical weapons attack now the latest measures will come into rounds those sanctions are they limit financing and exports
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they specifically banned the sale of national security goods that are sensitive like technology the the second round the tougher round that will come into force in november. could include the banking sector restrictions on imports and it would actually suspend diplomatic relation and actually terminate flights between the two countries now moscow has said that this amounts to economic warfare against russia this is what has been the response this is because that on wednesday not support of russia will consider retaliate remasters in response to yet more adverse steps from washington mutual in light of these the confirmation by the u.s. administration of its read and that is to keep improving relations with russia just looks ridiculous it's a blatant hypocrisy yes it was possible but the if something follows something like a restriction of the operations of russian banks who use a foreign currency it could. because for what it is a declaration of economically and it will be necessary to respond to this war with
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economic political if necessary because of the message you now it's still an open question whether the usa the u.k. and the european union will all fall into line against russia when we are as of yet having waiting to see any solid evidence to back up the accusations that are justifying these new sanctions and economic attacks meanwhile the u.s. treasury house frozen millions of dollars worth of russian assets or washington correspondents america has more samir it's getting harder to keep up with the rate of sanctions washington's imposing what do we know about this latest statement from the treasury well the treasury department did explain it all and its statement saying that these efforts have been taken in order to counter russia's efforts to challenge the u.s. and its allies listing a few examples including the occupation of crimea subverting western democracy neighboring the assad regime just to name a few into the treasury department also read in to the treasury department also
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reiterated how well they're saying that they go away saying quote the treasury's russia sanctions program is among our most effective and impactful since january twenty seventh this administration has sanctioned two hundred seventeen russian related individuals and entities for a broad range of activities check out what else was the bread and brazenness of russia's malign conduct demands a firm and vigorous response our actions are imposing an unprecedented level of financial pressure on those supporting the kremlin's malign agenda and on the sectors of the russian economy though russia's malign activities continue its adventurism undoubtedly has been checked by the knowledge that we can bring even more economic pain to bear using our powerful range of authorities. and that we will not hesitate to do so if its conduct does not demonstrably and significantly
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change now while the sanctions are effective that's what the us claims they come at a pretty steep price not only do they impact the us but they also impact europe and the european commission had a few words of course u.s. policies are impacting on german foreign trade individual companies are grinding their teeth and are severely affected german companies fear a short term loss of ongoing business operations worth hundreds of millions of euros furthermore the short term terminations of contracts with suppliers for example could lead to production losses along the entire production chain since a replacement of equal quality has to be found first. america first cannot mean that europe's interests come last. and the fear is that american policy will restrict the behavior of european companies and impact in their view policymaking within the. europe's energy supply is
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a matter for you or not the united states of america even though trump says that he wants to improve relations with russia it seems that out washington doesn't really want that to happen. one of the malign activities that upsetting washington right now is allegedly russian the hacking and microsoft claims it has thwarted a fresh attack the tech giant says the targets were the u.s. senate and a number of conservative think tanks but mainstream outlets reporting on microsoft's findings rushed to draw their usual conclusion about who was behind it temps by russia to hack u.s. senate and conservative groups russian military operation the intelligence operation the russian military intelligence you know next to your dissolve takes us through microsoft's claims. microsoft is ringing the alarm russians are added again apparently how has set up a bunch of websites doppelganger is of those belonging to prominent political
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groups and the u.s. senate this technique is known as fishing designed to lure unsuspecting users to pages that look just like the real thing and then basically steal their data according to microsoft that they recognize this tactic from a few years back we saw this during the united states general election in twenty sixteen last major in the french presidential election and now in a broadening way as americans are preparing for the november midterm elections. midterms are a big deal in the states for those of you unfamiliar that's elections in congress with close to all seats up for grabs this november for russians to mess it up would be the second worst thing after rigging the presidential race except microsoft's panic post has raised doubts among the i.t. crowd one you don't have to be a hacker let alone a member of any organization to create a fake website of the senate or even the president all they need is an internet
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connection about thirty minutes of spare time and about fifty bucks job done to microsoft insists it's the in a tourist hacker group known as fancy bears behind their websites mimicking but those fifty bucks should have concealed the domain owner's identity so it's still not entirely clear how microsoft is pinning the blame here still even if it is found let's just say their connection to the kremlin is still subject to debate it's not a hard fact three and probably the most important microsoft has written in black and white that they have no evidence the websites were actually used for any attacks moreover they couldn't pinpoint the target or target for any planned attacks to summarize microsoft was driven by a gut feeling that something bad's going to happen like when you see someone buying a knife and assuming they're going to use it as
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a weapon that is something russia pointed out in its official response again we have to state what was still to be obvious despite our desire it's impossible to comment on statements made without any evidence and that are clearly created for public attention it's sad that a big international company that successfully worked for a long time in the russian market has to be a part of the witch hunt now has in the washington but microsoft insists the threat is there and. oh how convenient already has a solution on standby microsoft account god will be provided for free to come pains and candidates it will alert them of potential threats and educate how to keep a network secure so a threat or no threat microsoft has nothing to lose but this new product of theirs won't market itself. the syrian army appears to be gearing up for an offensive on the country's last major rebel stronghold in the battle.


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