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tv   News  RT  September 20, 2018 1:00pm-1:14pm EDT

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this is headlining now the world anti-doping agency votes to reinstate drugs. signals a fresh start for russian athletics after three years in the cold. also this hour an unconfirmed leaked memo circulating in the british press reveals plans within the prime minister's own party to oust. the french quarter right marine le pen to undergo a psychiatric examination not to she published photos of.
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pm thursday the twentieth of september this is r.t. international news with me calling bright first off the world anti-doping agency's voted to reinstate russia's anti drug agency the body was suspended in twenty fifteen over an alleged state sponsor to doping scandal with me now is our sports correspondent alexy irish f.c. either again the decisions finally been announced still kicked up a stink among the critics though who say they haven't complied with this road map as well it looks like judging by the explanation which water published just recently it's a full press release explaining the motivation behind this decision now going back after twenty fifteen november when the allegations of state sponsored doping campaign kicked off. why. basically told there are thirty one things
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rosado has to do in order to be reinstated there's been no problem whatsoever with the twenty nine of them which included inviting the u.k. and i don't think agency experts to hold training for the personnel change the entire staff at. hold monthly ordered by the world anti-doping agency no problem whatsoever the two things that remained on the compliance list were public admittance of the findings of the mclaren report and here is what the sports minister mr cole of course we caught up with him earlier had to say about that. the decision is crucial for russia we work for a long time together with the international anti doping agency sports community we have reformed and he doping system we never denied the existence of anti doping violations we will fully contribute to fulfilling the demands left on the russians legislation. and in fact what a splendid in detail in that statement which it was published earlier today saying
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that on september thirteenth the russian minister of sport sent a letter to water which amounts to an acceptance of all the findings of the international living could be to report which itself indorse the core findings of the water commission to mclaren investigation report including that and number of individuals within the ministry of sport and it subordinate entities were involved in the manipulations of the anti-doping system in russia so you can see that this was enough to persuade wada to reinstate restart and the second point very important one was granting access to bring samples kept in the mosque all aboard story under federal investigation that hasn't happened yet but what it was very clear that. there has only until december thirty first which is less than four months from now to give access to that laborde sorry if that doesn't happen. goes back into the wilderness of noncompliance so you know people are saying that russia has been compliant. you know they're they're wrong basically because we can see by
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the statement that it's in the works but it could've just been about ticking boxes on the checklist must have been a difficult decision after everything everybody's been through on that it's definitely been a very difficult decision for water and even in that statement. that the decision would be unpopular and would be met with a lot of criticism and in fact and in fact for the past week or so the criticism coming towards was way you know everywhere on social media in the in the articles on television. not only that number of and i don't think agencies in the world including the u.k. the united states new zealand australia poland canada they were all urging the president of water not to take the step to reconsider but eventually nine members of the executive board off the wealth voted for resources raised and two of them were against it one of them clearly is the vice president of water who said that she would never vote for in statement and one person abstained but even now the amount of criticism on water is going through the roof namely the u.s.
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anti-doping agency chief. he went as far as saying that water needs to be completely reformed off that decision it's a blow to clean sport which you know is surprising because how would you expect the country to purify it sport if you're saying that it's agency which is destiny which is tasked to purify the sport should not be operational again the decision that it made was a hard one but it made the decision and now the hard work begins a good news tentatively then what about the sports side of things the international expend aeration the russian athletes themselves what's next for them you know i would say people who are criticizing why they're heavily now are wrong and people who are celebrating this on this side are wrong as well it's not about a win it's not a last minute goal that russia scored to win the game it's a chance that wada gave to the russian anti-doping agency to have fewer clean sport in the kind of say you were right after all there is state sponsored doping here i must. well haven't read the text of this all have to read it very carefully but
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somehow i just cannot see this happening but if if i'm right it would appear that water has softened this position on this in other words it said ok you've been punished you still won't acknowledge that state sponsored doping but we're going to allow you back into the world into the world of sport anyway and that law backs as you were talking about the head of russia's olympic committee says it will be a problem to get that law about access to do you think that kind of thing was probably a green for today as votes played a big role in that reinstatement. yes it would have been a snap decision obviously you know transparency is very important in this whole roadmap procedure and i think that you know that the two the two final requirements one was practical and this one was the practical one the other one is moral and that's the mission that i've just been talking about what the moscow contains we don't know it's confidential obviously it has been up to this point but as alexis.
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alexis said earlier they do have till december to grant access of no doubt that they will do exactly that and when we get around welcome changes in the home office is kind of emerged as a real possibility to succeed although he has one thing going against him and that is that he is a rare lever that someone who voted to remain but is now committed to leaving which doesn't sometimes doesn't convince the hardcore leavers so let's go to the next politician that is the current foreign secretary take a look at what the list said about him jeremy hunt course near the front of the pack coming up on the road so that's the current foreign secretary but he was formally the health secretary and he's seen as a bit of a political survival despite the fact that he presided over the junior dump. his
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scandal handsome and he's not likely to have many fans amongst the medical profession but as been witnessed to point out he is a real cool and this potential race to succeed to reason may and then last but not least we have a current chain of stores in the united states apparently there was a shooting now reports are indicating that three people are dead the hartford county sheriff's department is saying at this time they're not giving numbers they're saying multiple fatalities and multiple injuries now the shooter has been apprehended and the shooter is apparently a woman is not fitting with the normal profile of a young male that's the typical profile of a mass shooter it is apparently a woman and she has been apprehended and she is in critical condition at a local hospital that all these suspected shooter has herself been shot is in critical condition at a local nearby hospital now we're getting our reports from the hartford county sheriff's department however we're also seeing that the f.b.i.
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is on the scene but at the moment it is no longer being called an active shooter situation the number of floated for dead is usually being set at three but we have not gotten full confirmation just multiple multiple fatalities multiple injuries is what we're hearing from the sheriff's department but apparently baltimore baltimore area this area of maryland has been struck with a number of workplace shootings in recent months has been particularly high when it comes to gun violence and workplace shootings so it's not clear whether these suspects whether she previously worked at this distribution center what exactly her relationship with the site is but it was a distribution center where the supplies distributed to right a drug stores are gathered almost a warehouse you could call it this morning thursday morning she walked in and apparently started shooting so we're waiting for details to emerge but at this moment it is no longer being called an active shooter situation.
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julian assange his lawyer has told r.t. that the whistleblowers health is worsening he's now spent more than six saying this is trying to distance her party away from that group well since her immunity as an m.e.p. was lifted earlier this year she is now facing those charges of circulating violent messages that could incite terrorism or seriously harm human dignity and as a result of this ongoing investigation the court has ordered her to have psychiatric assessment to see if she can understand remarks and respond to questions she's firas as are many people on twitter. we learned that justice is ordering a psychiatric examination of marine le pen for tweets targeting isis and after that we're giving lessons on democracy to poland and hungary subject political rivals to psychiatric treatment that's more like brushing your attorney orders
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a psychologist for marine le pen i have no words solidarity with her and the french who love freedom judge orders a psychiatric assessment of marine le pen i thought it was fake it's incredible psychiatric zation of political opponents is an old communist practiced practiced in the u.s.s.r. until one thousand nine hundred seventy s. well during the panel has said that she will refuse point blank to go along to that court mandated psychiatric assessment and she's also suggested that they could be some political motivations for that so called that assessment because let's not forget we are leading up to the european parliament in twenty nineteen with parties like the national rally are hoping to make big gains but of course if she is found guilty of all of that offense which is circulating violent messages that incite terrorism or seriously harming human dignity then she could face three years in jail up to three years in jail and a fine of seventy five thousand. this is deemed as
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a potentially very serious offense here in falls that's it for now how about you again after the alex i'm in charge. we want a strong european union based on strong member states and we want the europe which sticks to its christian heritage so we're number one we don't want europe to get rid of the christian heritage and we want the member states to stay as member states we don't want you know our give up our nationality we don't want to give up our culture we don't want to give up for everything and so on and so forth.
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welcome to the alex savin shu the house of commons is in recess again and then piece of decanted for their conferences first up this week with the liberal democrats who by just about every law of politics should not be flourishing but most talk before brighton was that of a liberal democrat surge but we're going to use them to parties waiting in the wings to steal their mantle. i recent research poll shows that about georgia too would not consider aborting for a new center ground political movement and this majority has leapt in the last four months this of course has hit some headlines today we examine why despite poor showing that the public might vote for such a new party ensure the prospects of breaking the mold of british politics from the
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center theme as distant as ever but first the rest alex with your tweets your e-mails and your messages there was a big reaction particularly i'm serious book it to a series of the railways and interest only from what might be called the outer limits angela sutherland says watching from shetland for the north koreans should mean doyle says cornwall really needs it says to more than anyone leave scotland though this mess.


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