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tv   Sophie Co  RT  October 8, 2018 5:30am-5:50am EDT

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dr abu bakar. b former foreign minister of yemen welcome to the show it's really great to have you with us now dr s. this situation in yemen wasn't complicated and now protests have now broken out in the south of the country where the south a transitional council supposedly backed by the united arab emirates calling for a popular uprising to restore independence of south yemen is yemen had it into complete collapse. i hope no three i think the. situation is very serious indeed to do anything by the day because you know serious action has been taken by either the government of yemen or by the international community and sponsors of the peace in yemen and because of the loss of direction and loss of ability to and that has turned to the basics of all these conflicts and. the many layers and the conflicts and since the situation is
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deteriorating and will continue to do so yes unfortunately the issue of the demonstrations and the issue of the humanitarian issues are very serious at the moment but. i think they are already flexion of the was the most of the hope of a new solution coming forward and then into the hostilities of the confidence that exists in the country so how does the emirate support for the separatists go along with the united arab emirates military backing of press and how does government in the fight against the rebels how can they support what is called the legitimate government and at the same time a rebel group which is fighting against it. i think basically this is that reflection on unfortunately of the lack of direction of both the transitional council and the government because basically the government and the transitional
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council know that the southern problem issue has been addressed in the national dialogue and that proposals for the solutions were put on the table and were agreed upon and therefore i think what people have to do know is to return to the outcome of the. comprehensive test taken place in two thousand and fourteen and addressed really the recommendations made by the majority of political parties and governmental organization on sort of in many of the conflicts that today it is since two thousand and fifteen so the region that his he is occupy iraq the corresponds to the former north gammon and the separatists. are calling for the return of south yemen those areas are very different different terrain religion history why not just lack the region split and go their separate ways well
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i think it's just a matter of separate ways i think the unity of yemen was an aspiration to all yemenis and i think the image is as they have united the country in one thousand nine hundred to find ways to dissolve the the reasons for the dissent either in the south or by the horses. and the issue i think is that neither of the who or the who sees all of the separatists in the south have the right to determine what the people of human want i think if people want to really a permanent and complete sense of solution they have to sit around the table with their if they want to change anything of the. national dialogue outcome i think the end. but he will come to discuss how this can be done how to do these all of the causes of dissent and how to defy and the mistakes that have taken place but
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neither the who these or the. because. the so the notice can say that we have it isn't anybody either in the north or in the south so yemen which has been there for years has used a situation to take large parts of the south can the south and yemenis take care of the situation on their own right now even though the coalition forces are helping to battle al qaeda is it still a strong as ever. it is human it is a song i think it is you know just waiting for an abortion if you to see the. country fragment to take advantage of that fragmentation the what's happening in our area as it is out of the war and conflict between the political parties and the leadership in order political parties this has resulted really in a situation which seems to need to fragmentation and this is what al qaida and
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other terrorist groups are waiting for so the better for all of these political parties really to get together to see how they prevent this for a moment ation in order to be able to confront the different types of militias including the terrorist groups so the coalition is mounting an offensive that the only port left in his hands to secede it press writing that cutting to the south the ocean will mean famine death for millions why does the coalition resort to something so medieval as a flood located in the side against the. well as you know i think bouquets of oil has been unfortunately and successful. they actually have their impact on the very poor and of the. majority of the people who are who live on there. it's not a blockade only if you look at the situation in yemen what's making it worse is that. most of the government employees in the country have not received studies or
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marginal part of their salaries for the last two years this had really to the starvation added to the humanitarian crisis and this has nothing to really to do with the blockade it is to do with the management of the country's resources by both the un saw the light in the north and by the government in the south so this outlet forces have been accused by the. the u.n. of causing enormous civilian suffering the united arab emirates state minister for foreign affairs at that war isn't clean our operation isn't clean so i talked to him or his palm and speaker and she told me that civilian deaths happen by mistake and that the coalition forces are trying to avoid them but then why are there so many are they not trying too hard or do you think they really just accept the war isn't clean and there's going to be there's just going to be collateral damage and that's it. well i think for sure i think it is collateral damage but at the same
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time i think they increase the number of these collateral damage make concern about the capabilities in the use of these. mass destruction weapons that are being used in the war by both sides in human unfortunately i think what's needed nobody is to . look at the. human rights council report to. take the steps needed to see whoa when can. at least to do so if look if we cannot prevent more damage to the to the country and and more harm to the people of yemen so they delish and forces have occupied most of yemeni ports and now there was the separatist trouble in additon the most important port of the red sea it's a coalition plan to just control the south and to pose a arabian peninsula and the state of yemen as a whole isn't much of
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a concern here or does it look like a conspiracy theory to you. well. you know everything is possible really when you look at the situation and the policies and the strategies that are being implemented in yemen i think what's needed now i think is for the united nations security council is to look at the situation and see really what what the object of about all that's taking place in yemen unfortunately the united nations security council in its approach to yemen is only to listen to the special envoys reports every month or two months and then the representatives will make their own i mean that imminent to be presented to the security council would make their statements which are always that if you to give it to to the end of course the condemned human. attacks on your
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civilians the they also talk very about their concerns about the humanitarian crisis in the country and then they will declare their support for the special envoy but nothing materializes at the end of it. no it is a russians that i demanded to meet either to end the war or to direct the political solution for the hostilities in the conflict in yemen the u.n. envoy on german mark hazmat with every participant of the conflict including the south and separatists what are the chances that all sides can be at least brought to a common table i mean i don't mean instant peace but at least some coming occasion can the u.n. how can the knees do it. i think you must remember that every body in the conflict in yemen is found innocent the idea that we were executing innocent people was terrifying there's just no really hasn't been that we were even many victims'
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families. we want the death penalty to be abolished the reason we have to keep the death penalty here is because that's what murder victims' families want that's going to give them peace that's going to give them justice and we come in and say. not quite enough we've been through this this isn't the way. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to us of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see that.
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and we're back with dr ablow back her abdula care be former foreign minister of yemen discussing the war in yemen and what can be done to put an end to it is all the the hostilities will continue we in the g.c.c. have always see that. peace and no stability in yemen will continue if there are many shows in the country of any type let alone having also the militias of the terrorist groups. so this is a real challenge that has to be addressed so are you aware and are still a part of ex-president salish general people's congress he was an ally. and then they start fighting and then he was killed what are sallust people doing now are they joining the saudi backed travel how do you are staying with. well let me tell you something i always. get disappointed really when join the list and continues
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talk about side. so i was a leader of the g.p.c. but we are members of u.b.c. are not offside. u.b.c. is a national party with three million members in the country the largest party in the country and the most trusted bharti in the country. lation with the horses started after the. the worst of the coronation started and we were against the war so this is what united us with the with the horses but subsequently with the horses did not adhere to the many agreements that we have with them including how the political council acts how the government acts how about the would be of any of the government institutions side felt it was time for him to break this relationship with with the with the horses
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and this is what it is connected into the. conflict between the cia and the horses so no i think we owe it was issued in b.c. is that we are working on ensuring that g.p.c. the means united to face the challenges and if. and the very serious attempts to try to break it down and to fragment it i think we are united to achieve that that we have the wrong way to do it because we are confronting a lot of problems in this process surely are and i remember a former president once saying that ruling jam and it's like dancing on the heads of snakes that's his quote how can any kind of stability in such a place be reached where alliances are always shifting and everyone seems to fight everyone else. well i think that's a very serious important question i think what we need that he really is when we
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draft in the company his if peace agreement is that we understand that we have to eliminate all these today acts so that no new doubt will come and see to. dancing on the heads of the cynics that this can be his if agreement for peace will ensure that that is the only partnership in ruling the country there is a fairness in distribution of wealth fairness in developing a democratic and the federal state in a way that to me. assure all parts of the country that they are getting their right in government and in and running their affairs i think that we have learnt a lot i think since two tours two thousand and eleven to know that there are many mistakes before so two thousand but we made even more mistakes after two thousand
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and eleven and it is time for us now to stop the conflict to sit around the table give concessions get our main concern to the people of yemen to the twenty five or twenty nine million people now who are starving who are dying because of the war and because of the. core the selfishness of the political leadership so when the war broke out there they were just to conflicting sides to have a government and they his face now there's the rebels and the south are in relation to its forces loyal to the late president salih al qaeda has to arab intervention left the country more fractured than it was before is down on a way to becoming the next libya rate maybe even worse what i think sisterly i think the coalition will lead the country more fractured and actually start until the parties that they want to to eliminate. so president hadi on whose behalf the
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coalition is fighting isn't even based in yemen he lives in saudi capital riyadh al-jazeera reported in two thousand and seventeen that he is under house arrest how independent is he really how can he rule the country if he isn't there physically i mean at least president salih was on the frontline tailed and with his soldiers i don't think it is important whether he's in prison or not i think what's important is here the allies is as he claims and the world community. insist on that he is the president of the of human and therefore he has to adhere to his responsibilities as president of yemen and look at the interests of the yemeni people and i think the interests of the many people now is to for him to be a major role in ending the conflict and getting yemen into stability and
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. reconsideration process but do you think that writing on the shelves of foreign forces into the country is a good foundation for a future stability how long can realistically last once his backers win and go home especially saying how he was overthrown once already. i think again this is part of the responsibility of the special envoy in the international community how as i say that that has to be gotten to is for all parties to to eat to feel that this settlement is going to safeguard their interests would be if it is in c. and the government of national unity it once established is to go to get the country through a transitional period that will then and in a normal. political. process for a country solution. dr thank you very much for your insight we were talking to dr
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ablow back her up to last i'll cure be former foreign minister of yemen discussing the humanitarian and political disaster in the country and that's it for this edition of so if you can call i will see you next. the way to the united states is dangerous for moose to the illegal immigrants. to the most. simple they want to become most no one told us to sum this up but if
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many of them look for refuge in the so-called sentry sides the drifter used to share information about undocumented migrants with federal authorities the best person to ask band. pussy to morrow and then head up next time i get i'm in a lot of class and i want that. they have water they'll choose to stay in the country with donald trump in the. movie it will be gravels. both of you who've got to do. a sit sit struggles of many couples. to which at the push included who fumbles both of you out to a few the hope of the. u.s. the sonics playing to this idea of the u.s. dollar reserve currency empire they've built over a post world war two hero where everyone gets into debt to the america and pays homage to america china russia africa. they're all saying now we want markets all of the payment trump wants markopolos up we want to go for it we want to trade
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directly bilaterally we don't want to be part of the globalization anymore. this is crude oil. sure they need to actually physically hold it out of the ground you would have well well well well.


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