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really. today is not an easy day of the c.s.u. we didn't get a good result. in regional elections the rightwing and the greens make. a trade war of. china's trade surplus with the us reaching. france is facing the legal challenge of almost two hundred nuclear tests conducted in. crimes against humanity.
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why. stories for the. international. the whole news team here welcome to your stories. have inflicted a heavy blow on chancellor merkel's key ally the christian social union in its worst election result in decades the party is set to lose its absolute majority in the region's parliament and that's while the greens almost doubled their vote share in the. parliament for the very first time following a hard fought campaign. of
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course today is not an easy day to see if we didn't get a good result it was somewhat of a. pos . and artie's honey herself he has more problem with the latest now from barea. it was a bruising result in sunday's election with the angle a medical system policy the c.s.u. who lost the absolute majority in terri a minister or heads up the c.s.e. and he's known for criticizing michael's open door policy which he thought would
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translate into votes of the c.s.c. some is suggesting he should resign but since the results he said that there are two sides to the coin is this kind it is not a good day for us we christian social union this is a result we cannot be satisfied with true but it's also true that the very inverters have given us a clear mandate to build a new government for bavaria and we will assume this responsibility. now the c.s.a. will have to form a coalition but they've already ruled out sharing power with the f.d.a. which brings us on to the historic moment for the alternative to chairman party who made their debut and ready to be an opposition force within the government but another party with a spike in votes with the greens who recorded strong gains and now the second largest party in the regional government in southern germany we are satisfied will
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be in a position force but if the government makes reasonable legislative proposals who will vote in favor of them the people of bavaria clearly show this they want to policy that takes action that looks forwards his courage instead of fear and that's what we greens stand for more than any other party in this country the results with rising popularity of the greens on the s.d. have met the boat is attending away from the centrist policies to the left and the right but looking at other policies now head of germany's a close it's a poor election result out all levels she thinks the crash of her party was because of the performance of the coalition but speaking in berlin secretary general of merkel c.d.u. blames the c.s.u. results on recent quarrels within the coalition disputes of the past few months especially the terms and the style as well as the politics of the grand coalition were not communicated in their goods reasonable way to the outside world. now the next few days and weeks will be a crucial time in piecing together
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a stable regional governments of the area. political analyst. says it's tensions between the c.s.u. . party led to this result in bavaria. the style in politics and the communication within the coalition gave a terrible impression of the state of the conservative party if you have a system like that see as well you don't need enemies the other problem is that if you don't understand what the topics are for the people in your democracy which are much more green topics like urban development and climate change consumer protection questions and instead you play with a few years of people that migration could cause problems within the country then you also misunderstand what is actually going on in the country but in two weeks time we have another important election and this is a different scenario because the governor of hester supports america and it also
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doesn't look very bright for him so we are generally speaking you know phase that is the end of that year america and if she will stay in power until the end of her term it's a thousand days. the chinese ambassador to the united states has said that beijing has no choice but to defend itself from a trade war and it doesn't want one in fact the trade war he says that would ultimately started by washington is important to note as school started this trade or we're never going to have a trade to our but if somebody is tired of the trade the war against us we have to respond and defend our own interests the remarks come amid heightened tensions over months of billions worth of tit for tat tariffs between the world's two largest economies and one of the reasons for the trade war is trump's anger with china's trade surplus with the united states but despite all the punitive measures america's trade deficit with beijing has in fact reached
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a new record and daniel bushell takes up the story the supremum all it's of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting sons to sixth century b.c. applied by his homeland today to. different war trade wars protracted trade war believe bling of china as the enemy trade war continues game on here a trade war between the united states and china is here it's real china is accusing the white house of launching the largest trade war in history trump slaps vicious restrictions on beijing get it sales just grow so the biggest trade surplus with washington ever in other words beijing has never sold so much stuff to the states while buying so relatively little in return america whitehall's on china in january next month beijing only sells the more same off the fresh us fees in july august and september now panic after this month's record sales by beijing to america is
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trump's plan working or is he just talking the talk of china's market distortions. and the way they deal. cannot be tolerated. has been attempting to interfere in our upcoming twenty eight. election i've done a lot of business where china china china china china seas route china china from beijing also hold a nuclear option up the sleeve it owns over a trillion dollars of u.s. debts because that cash in something washington has a problem there are talks for a g. trump summit next month where u.s. way out the chinese finger trap can be hammered out to then who'd a thunk it trump would make china great again. so what this means is that of course china is basically won the trade war in this in the first round and it shows that of course the american consumers are the ones that
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are going to be are paying the highest prices for this and at start time china certainly the u.s. has no position of strength going into these talks but china has done is continued interest size its exports to the us american importers are rushing in very very fast over the last two four years to get as much product and as possible before the tariffs hit and china is pursuing other trade relationships to continue to cause or economy to grow so this is what this shows is that the u.s. has completely failed. france is facing a lawsuit over three decades of nuclear tests conducted in the countries overseas territory of polynesia the island's former president says the tests caused irreversible damage to locals branding them crimes against humanity however paris denies the nearly two hundred atomic tests had any harmful impact on the
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archipelagos environment. my friends they keep. preaching. so they started to scratch the skin coming off air and. they were sent to france by plane by the army then sent back thirty nothing.
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from nine hundred sixty six i'll fail to the problem was screwed by the french really theory they have decided to remove all the scale except to see if no one can tell us right now. exactly how many people. passed away as cause one says self defense the clip test in. the. it shattered a whole line of system society and you can attend school money but then they brought z. . to some i had five friends and none of these five four died of different kinds of cancer we need to be fifty and fifty five. we have. the laws of the international criminal court for crimes against
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humanity these strong suit aims to bring forward. even french presidents since the start of the nuclear test countries. they just decided to go really far away from crawls twenty thousand kilometers in the south pacific and do it in the. lead say in our peril the ice. from the pacific ocean. why. why. now still ahead on the program here on. minimum wage workers claiming benefits have a moral not just a moment. you
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cannot operate as united nations this is not just one rob but you n.d.p. world health organization and in fact other international organizations like the international committee of the red cross you cannot work in a place like gaza with pragmatic cooperation with the local authorities which are hamas in this case here or has been for most of the last few years. what politicians do. they put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected . so when you want to be president and you. want to. have to go right to the press this is what the four three in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters in the. city.
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just on a quarter past the hour here in moscow desperate come bodie and mothers struggling to feed their families in the poverty stricken southeast asian country prostituting their under-age daughters aunties new documentary explores how the sex industry and child exploitation thriving side by side in cambodia. then i. told them don't tell man thout. and some. of the hot
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water. i command the cat i'm lying when pamela a young you know you're. at the end of the jungle and i'm jumping up jumps on my t.l. don't pal not come up loud. enough time to time jump on. the bike without going on. my own but i'm in the flow i am not going to jump out of a bad home but done with somebody oh mum i mean. to know who got to get the. coal mining in a natural you're welcome bruce i'm going to you can you come and go. right to. all the default. stuff why. then
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think about the challenge. of the night. amazon has been repeatedly criticized over pull working conditions at its warehouses with some employees now claiming their physical health has been seriously impacted as a result. i'm living out of my car thank you thank you amazon it's approaching me it's it's i mean mentally and physically it's it's approaching me. i'm not the only one this is and this is an epidemic literally i did at nasa to be
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injured at amazon this was their fault this was their faulty equipment. my old and that i should have been healed already the only thing i like compensation for is thing in three that i sustained at amazon. we don't recognize these allegations is an accurate portrayal of what. we are safety record. one month's worth of paying for. to shut me up. the station that i injured myself on the previous year again october they were
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still broke eight months later they still had not seen. a warehouse job where people literally fall out from. the heat. i think we should be paid more than fifteen dollars an hour. their employees. there's no sympathy there's no. they literally. recently announced it was hiking its minimum wage up to fifteen dollars an move that was welcomed by employees we are also establishing a new amazon minimum wage of fifteen dollars an hour.
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however some have been less enthusiastic about the pay rise saying that other benefits have been cut to make it possible some workers claim that actually be thousands of dollars a year less well off and others complain the new stuff will get as much as some long time employees as well. and i'm a zones new minimum wage will affect some two hundred fifty thousand employees as well as more than one hundred thousand seasonal work because of concerns have been raised about the elimination of its stock awards program and the retailer is also phasing out incentive payments but imus on says that the increase in the hourly wage will compensate the losses from previous benefits shannon allen who we heard from a bit earlier gave us her views on the new pay scheme. there's a condition that comes with the fifteen dollars an hour which is they took away our stock and they took away our bonuses that we receive every month i think that by
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them taken away the stock in the bonuses was not a good trade off but we all signed the contract i signed it and amazon signed it they have to come up with a new contract for us to sign that's exactly what the states right here in this states that they gave us two shares of stock and that we receive stock every year that we are there so i have six share that i will never be able to cash in because they've taken it away from me and because i've been on medical leave it will it won't vest for till two thousand and twenty. we have plenty of your monday headlines still to come your way here on all three international the program returns in about twenty five thirty minutes.
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with lawmakers manufacture consent to stick to the public will. when the ruling closes and protect themselves. with the flaming. lips and neither will. we can all middle routes to. dilute the real news is. no news in the world. on the world. oh why not he didn't. owe your.
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post gets to move for you. in a world of big partisans who mock us and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. let's face it was government official of president i don't have faith in the system nicer i've got it set up i'm too liberal the system that sets aside for people like me. as well as they.
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defend the poor here for different reasons also job loss to home. most people in philadelphia are only a ballot two paychecks away from homelessness. i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter the us is over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten dollars timestamping each day. eighty five percent of global wealth you longs to be ultra rich eight point six percent market song. thirty percent from last year some with four hundred to five hundred three per second per second and this morning rose to twenty thousand dollars. china's building two point
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one billion dollars a i industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only numbers you need remember one does not show you no four to miss the one and only. join me every thursday simon show and i'll be speaking to the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. i know some talent out. loud. time john paul and. i'm in the flow.
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all night i'm. going to come. by. seven to come. just like. that. no more like a man. and why he. officially combo dear is getting rich. trade investment and tourism have all increased over the last few years.
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but this is a country that's still in recovery from the genocide by the camilla rouge in the one nine hundred seventy s. . millions live in extreme poverty survive the own little more than a dollar a day. homelessness is a constant threat and children are especially vulnerable. unicef estimate that a third of the country's sex workers are under eighteen. zero zero. zero zero. zero. zero zero. zero. zero zero was a mare a. zero. zero zero zero.
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about all the times we'll be in tokyo current. song lobby and get the idea that i mean we have. them by. their. acts and me say that i've watched and. i mean i think. that. they. know. they. have to.
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go and look at the fat of the bowl will. they be fooled america they don't know we know what do we really know the man they will. get me but i'm not i'll make the level we do not matter what the national. i think . within that a lot. of a lot of that. we do not know because. they don't know. that's your opinion. and i'm going to. make up a. whole thing about all you know what all
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three health allowed i'm going. to know what. the. bapi at. the at the moment. the sex industry centers around it's my clubs and karaoke bars in this business once a girl is no longer a virgin value significantly decreases but in these places she can still a good money. official.


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