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u.s. media coverage of alleged trump russia collusion provokes the ire of the american president after one outlet even published a complete guide to his impeachment. the u.s. ambassador to germany sparks anger after warning local firms about sanctions if they take part to make gas pipeline projects with russia. are you going to comply
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if we're going to harvard physically really. was very. high raging canada is video of you showing authorities taking a newborn baby from her indigenous mother he was accused of being dropped. so low that just going six pm here in moscow you're watching international some of the media has gone completely mad apparently in its coverage of the u.s. president that's according to donald trump himself his comments came a certain outlets rounded on the president over his alleged collusion with russia with one even producing an impingement guy. fake news gets crazier every single day amazing to watch as certain people covering me and the tremendous success of this administration have truly gone mad the fake reporting creates anger
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and disunity take two weeks off and come back rested cio and another for example has published a list of reasons why trump might be a russian asset and also a security threat one that even the f.b.i. wouldn't be able to deal with with more his down hawkins if you cared to impeach somebody that's doing a great job that's the way i view it it seems this weekend the media were determined to prove trump wrong on that one not america's forty fourth president is a stranger to media attacks first there's the new york times go with a piece on last year's f.b.i. investigation into the president working for russia after president trump fired james b. komi as f.b.i. director foresman officials became so concerned by the president's behavior that they began investigating whether he had been working on behalf of russia against american interests let's forget for a moment that the new york times article itself states no evidence has actually been publicly seen the u.s.
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president was quick to make his feelings on the article clear i think is the most insulting thing i have ever been asked and if you read the article you see that they found absolutely nothing i think it was a great insult and the new york times it is a aster is a paper another media missile came flying in from the washington post's with a warhead packed with revelations about extra secrecy in his meetings with president putin at the g. twenty surely their piece would confirm the very worst suspicions of the impeach trump camp the constraints that trump imposed the part of a broader pattern by the presidents of shielding his communications with putin from public scrutiny and preventing even high ranking officials in his own administration from fully knowing what he has told one of the united states main adversaries the same article. mentions albeit only in the twenty fourth paragraph that trump does allow most of his conversations with putin to be monitored by staffers and also that rex tillerson u.s.
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secretary of state at the time was present for the hamburg meeting trump's second individual chat with putin reportedly happened at a dinner for the leaders perhaps not the best place to discuss an election rigging plan anyhow swift in oil from the us president followed trying to kill two birds or stories with one interview people that look at it it's a total hoax everybody knows it and it's really a shame because it takes time and it takes effort i have a one on one meeting with putin like i do with every other leader it was a great conversation i'm not keeping anything under wraps i couldn't care less but these allegations are nothing without a long term plan and politico they released their very own handy comprehensive impeachment guide and again they acknowledge the limits of the current allegations and evidence against the president but they do come up with a way forward prizes for guessing that one a few more investigations should get that job done for trump to be meaningfully
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vulnerable republicans in a handful of states would need to start seeing poll data that show their support for him could sink their own political futures trump would likely need to be incriminated for betraying the nation itself not just for campaign violations or improper behavior like paying hush money to pawn stars in fact but it gives you the number of republicans needed for the house vote even speculating on who exactly they could be just twenty representatives may be enough to swing the vote and push the motion. yet so far the donald enjoys solid backing from the members of his party with even the democrats unable to get on the same page your son was six years old mama look you why bullies don't play these out because really the idea really some of you have said it would be sad and divisive for the country we're pursue impeachment where we have to wait and see what happens with the mother report we shouldn't be impeaching for
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a political reason and we shouldn't avoid it pietschmann for a political reason and with the prospect of impeachment ever present in public political and media discourse yet seemingly no closer than before let it go do come up with one good point just as clinton did trump could come out on the other side of an unsuccessful impeachment attempt with greater public sympathy and then improved the prospect of winning reelection in twenty twenty at this rate it looks ever more likely we may need to wait till twenty twenty or even later until any prospect of a patient comes over the horizon i was down hawkins were all for russia analyst martin mccauley to think that there could be hidden reasons behind the allegations of trump russia collusion. from you're a part of you here to come up with the worst possible another says. and then he's got to back it up because. how does he break it up because not all conversations of leaders with other leaders is transcripted or actually is. in fact recorded so
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therefore it's quite possible that putin's lead bridge leads to him and he said various things to put to him which are private and possibly should remain private but probably point of view of the broken government all they can say is that trump what is president he is president and here's every right to conduct conversations with another president live or put him and it's up to them to decide what they're going to do and each one will be attempting to achieve maximum advantage for his side. meanwhile on the foreign policy front donald trump has taken to twitter and threaten to devastate turkey's economy career attacks the kurds in syria so his foreign minister in turn hit back saying that should not negotiate over social media well from fired off his tweet after turkey renewed its threat to launch
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a military offensive against the kurdish y p g in northern syria the group receives support from the us and has played a role in fighting islamic state but the white b.g. is viewed by ankara as a terrorist organization the dispute has put a strain on the u.s. and turkey's long longstanding alliance within nato but former turkish minister affairs eggman bagus believes doesn't believe the situation will escalate. i don't see this. crisis because once president truong understands that he actually embraces the kurds and is widely against all terrorists he will realize that he made a mistake i think present wrong. is confusing blues and oranges. he has a lot of issues with this will record coming up and he's going to change the agenda . he knows. right but he is saying cures and you
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know as we have nothing else to cure just one fifth of turkey's population as group which more than could've refuge in turkey so i think he got there confused maybe intentionally or maybe unintentionally but he is trying to change. politics. now as the british parliament prepares for one of the most crucial votes in its modern history tomorrow the prime minister teresa mayes been trying to drum up last minute support for her breaks it to force deal with more details his. decisions decisions decisions it's and did make or break time for the british prime minister and despite the fact that we've said this a handful of times before she somehow always seems to manage to get through a crisis however this time is indeed extremely crucial in terms of what is going to be happening with practice at next and what we have is on tuesday the house of
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commons will come forward to vote on the deal that theresa may has been able to negotiate with the european union throughout the last two years really and if you remember this is a deal that was already previously postponed for teresa me to try to avoid a defeat in parliament and this by days of now heated debate and parliament and yet again this is a deal that's clearly gotten quite a thrashing at the house of commons and really very few people expected to be able to go through parliament tomorrow nonetheless to recently continues to be persistent that her deal is the best deal possible for the u.k. and she has been saying that the alternatives really would. be a new deal brad said as she says would be destructive for the country or even more likely according to her is no bret's it at all and something that would be dependent on how parliament exactly decides to stir things forward and theresa may
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has been making a final plea with the british people and really m.p.'s as well to try to convince them to support her deal yet again let's take a listen to that while no deal remains a serious risk having observed events at westminster over the last seven days it's now my judgment that the more likely outcome is a paralysis in parliament that risks being bracks it. that makes it even more important that m.p.'s consider very carefully how they will vote tomorrow night well there's a harem full of options really in terms of where things could go from here if this deal is rejected tomorrow and that would be things like the extension of article fifty that would obviously delay the deadline for the u.k. to leave the e.u. things like the general election have been discussed mostly by the leader of the opposition labor party things like a potential second referendum have been thrown around here in westminster so all of those things are possible next developments but really depending on how things are
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going to go in parliament tomorrow so that's the crucial vote and that's what we'll be watching recently is appearing there later again today to present an exchange with brussels that she has had providing as she believes. assurances for m.p.'s to vote for her deal whether or not this is going to be enough and whatever she has to say to them is likely to stir any opinions in her favor remains to be seen so all eyes are on the parliament here in the u.k. in the days to come. in other news tonight the u.s. ambassador to germany sent warnings to german companies reminding them about significant sanctions for any firms involved in building the north stream to gas pipeline with russia project is currently one third complete richard grinnell sent letters to several companies as you're aware the united states strongly opposes
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north stream to the pipeline poses serious geopolitical consequences to our european allies and partners we continue to stress that firms operating in the russian energy export pipeline sector are engaging in activities that carry significant sanctions risk. well the u.s. embassy later clarified that the letters weren't a threat but rather a statement of u.s. policy this however hasn't stopped a number of german politicians from venting their anger. the u.s. ambassador seems to give the impression he's a voice roy of the washington emperor of the us ambassador using direct threats towards german companies is a new and i'm acceptable strengthening of tone in the transatlantic relationship which the federal government should protest against the matter of european energy policy must be decided in europe not in the u.s. while the twelve hundred kilometer pipeline is a joint project between russia's gazprom and five western companies with germany taking a leading role it's predicted to cost nine and
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a half billion euro use the pipeline is supposed to double capacity to buy the baltic sea and the shared jewel to come into operation by the end of the year geo political analyst pierre north london though believes america's pushy approach could backfire. the united states has to go. behind do pressure of it put on european union energy companies first of all the united states would like to send their own shaded guts and competition we have a russian gas the second objective of the united states has always been to control eurasia and to prevent europe to be too close to russia to move united states put pressure on europeans the mole varies their risk of that europeans try to detach from the u.s. and try to make it better dear we've russia we cannot abandon and. improve the
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import of russian gas of east ruby issue economics reciting saw the americans or so as italy meet new day or the pressure of capacity. washing out international are going to take a quick break now back continue. join me every thursday on the alex simon short and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter the u.s. has over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crime stamped each day. eighty five percent of global wealth you want to be ultra rich eight point six percent market saw thirty percent from your film with four hundred to five hundred
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three per second per second and bitcoin rose to twenty thousand dollars. china is building a two point one billion dollar a i industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only numbers you need to remember one one doesn't show you know for two minutes the one and only. british army has reportedly been forced to climb down following a revolt by mail so which is that offer gave apostrophe male recruits who failed a key fitness test and elite units the test for a quad
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a thirteen kilometer march soldiers have to carry a heavy backpack and a rifle over to rain i must say within two hours rules state that thank you to do so does result in automatic disqualification from the rest of the course the house race a lot of debate and we've got just the perfect. person to speak. to be a former i.d.f. combat soldier in israel and she's with us now good evening cheech amie this is a big story in the u.k. and again raise questions about the role of women in the armed forces just from your experience in israel think women and men should be treated differently in the services. i don't know if they should be treated differently in the service but i think that we have to understand that there are some physical differences between men and women and we can't. disregard them we have to look at them and the knowledge of them and only by acknowledging them we can involve women into
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different army units and putting them in key roles in the army like we do in other society sure i mean from your experience in the i.d.f. as a combat soldier was sort of things that your perhaps male counterparts were doing . i think we understood that we all have different roles within the unit so if each one of us has to carry something while we're doing the march then the people that physically can do so will carry the very heavy things and the people who can do so will carry the. lighter things and i think that's something understanding about any army unit we help each other each person does their own role and the physical role is just one of the very complex issues that you that you deal with in an army unit but it's an important one but it's not the only one and women can give something else something very important into an army unit that may
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be men don't bring and also the army and the unit can benefit from short just a couple of points that. some people might argue surely having everybody is physically fit in strongest possible. is an advantage for an army unit why perhaps dilute that by allowing women to join that unit. yeah but we have to be realistic we have to say that we there are physical differences between men and women and putting i take it as a truth that putting women into into these army units are important because the army can only gain from it you gain compassion you gain a different kind of of the dialect you gain a lot of different things and the physical aspect is a very important one but if you're talking about an elite unit you can take women the elite in their physical abilities but even a woman that is
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a little more physical is the best of the best in our physical ability will not come to be close to the man that is the fastest or best in his abilities so it's right that we might make the group slower but we were making a very stronger group by including everyone seems to be something that they are believed to be isn't it because i know they require something like fifteen hundred women every year in a combat role to. you say that adding compassion to a unit can help that unit that might sound strange to people to me perhaps looking from the outside when you're in a combat zone is not the last thing you are being compassionate. i think compassion and being compassionate is very important than a combat zone being able to see the people you are working with the or working in front of and also your unit members being able to see to to to be part
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of a group and be a strong group or something that the israeli army has been educating for for centuries and by putting women inside these groups i think the groups have become stronger and i want to say some. and also about about the language the men sometimes speak when they're alone and it's not always a very clean language while having women around them they're obliged to be to be gentleman to speak to speak nicer so the whole atmosphere is a more spectacle one of the community that we are celebrating that we live together in the army and would you say finally then that. the fact that you have a new presence that helps them helps the army produce better soldiers. i am sure that it does i do reserve duty till today i still go sometimes to the
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army and i see we have we have a stronger group we have a group that respects each other that talks. nicely to each other and while doing that we understand the mission that we have as servers of our country to be respectful to the people that we are the two we're working with or working in front of and it's not an easy job as a soldier you know being a soldier is a lot of conflict and i think that if we become stronger units we will be able to do our job better tommy fascinating to look into we're going to have to leave it at that time we go to have a former i.d.f. combat soldier there in israel speaking to us from jerusalem thank you. a video of canadian authorities taking a newborn baby girl from the arms of her crying mother sparked outrage a warning he might find the following scenes upset. are you going to comply if not
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we're going to have to physically remove i don't want. you to work on the steps to get that we. do. in the video policeman did explain the babies being taken into care the woman had been accused of being drunk when she arrived at hospital to give birth however according to the family's lawyer doctors said that she wasn't intoxicated the lawyer also said the authorities have demanded the family remove the video from the internet or else it could hamper their case in getting the baby back part breaking an indigenous child group from her mother's arms by the state again this is not just part of canada's history it's today's leave reality we're failing in break
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unseemly ation on every front imaginable when it comes to discriminatory treatment of indigenous people the united states and canada follow the same ill principles the mother was already seeking help from manitoba child and family services than they took a baby with scant reason stupid move because other women will get the picture and not seek help racists. the canadian child services authority claims the right decision was made despite the fact that around eleven thousand children are currently in k. in manitoba province where the incident took place and nearly ninety percent of them are indigenous indigenous activist williams thinks this practice is changed to the residential school system. prematch this is there is again this is going to have been a dance on the very beginning when they got her rank made it a law to take that shower and whatever in the residential well how far back don't you know when you have the police who are taking you need children and throwing
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them in his residential well rather church where they didn't were tortured. beaten used for child labor you know you have all these things are back it go you know rather have the workers know how many are the will to try to get her children back that. they are no way to children are taken and that they should ignore iran and housing so that howard because you know now their children and then i still move their income if you're not going. there she would basically down to two hundred dollars they're riding out with two hundred dollars and i'm trying to get her children back with know how it is there's no mission there's just like our. now despite coding if it's in japanese delegation friends the russian foreign minister has effectively tell them to forget about claims to the could real islands that's following talks with japan over the territory surprisingly the u.s.
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and china made their way into the conversation today is he explains. it was the first round of intensified talks on a peace agreement between japan and russia ordered by the leaders it hasn't been signed ever since the days of world war two and the number one stumbling blog has been japan's claims of ownership to a group of tiny islands in a rather unusual twist to this monday afternoon sergey lavrov and his japanese guests decided to talk to the journalists alone separately and in quite a tough manner mr allowed made it clear that japanese officials should forget the idea of questioning russian sovereignty over the islands if they want to get the peace agreement talks go on. this is a basic position and if progress on other issues is going to difficult without a step in the right direction to do that tension obama france from japan to the
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fact that the issues of sovereignty over the islands are not discussed this is the territory of the russian federation just a little later the japanese top diplomat said that despite the differences the two sides must find common ground so the moscow summit and the ministers appearance was meant to be all of moscow and tokyo's attempts to fix everything and sort their issues out but the u.s. and china and it up being mentioned too that's all because just a little earlier the japanese prime minister's eight said that america should be looking to the appearance of the signatures for that peace agreement because according to him that would help stem the tide of china's influence in the region mr lavrov called that statement outrageous and went on to say that he warned the japanese delegation that moscow is absolutely not
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a fan of the idea of america developing its missile systems in japan according to certain. that would hurt russia and china as well that's how china was mentioned twice. in the reporting that is how the news is looking so far today here in r.t. we're back again. so. you not just i mean most people respect.
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the law. if it up as well i might. get off on the rest but those were the oh. yes equestrian he thought of getting up there. were going underground twenty four hours before. that deal and the u.k.
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prime minister once again counsels at the day before coming on the show is votes rooted in the ashes of empire arguably britain's greatest living professor danny dorling on his new book. three years to the month of the death of david bowie who refused what role did klaas play in ziggy stardust and the spiders from oz we interviewed the only surviving spider what he would lindsey call a similar coming up in today's going underground but first if you believe the british media the world's repeated fifth largest economy faces a political meltdown tomorrow finally trays of maize set to allow paul. to have a say on a bricks deal which he fought tooth and nail to keep the legal details of secret for the party that allowed her to even be prime minister after she paid a defacto bung of a billion pounds does not support or the legally binding arrangement which ties us to the and ties us to the end definitely and ties us to the e.u. until.


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