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four people are killed and more than forty injured after a huge explosion rocks the afghan capital never a recovery center for foreign workers. u.s. media coverage of alleged russia collusion provokes the ire of the american presidents that softer one outlet even published
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a complete guide to his impeachment. elsewhere as the british parliament prepares for tuesday's momentous photon brags that the prime minister desperately tries to rally last minute support. on the us ambassador to germany sparks anger after warning local firms about sanctions if they take part in a gas pipeline project with russia. good evening thanks for joining us this is r.t. . at least four people have been killed and forty injured after a large explosion rocked the afghan capital kabul the blast is said to have happened near a rest and recovery center for foreign workers in the east of the city local reporters phasey as the latest details. we are around ten kilometers away from the blast site but we. felt and heard the explosion very loud and clearly and so
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far the ministry of public health confirmed that four have been killed and forty four others including ten children have been wounded and shifted to do hospitals around and across the city the ministry of interior is saying that the site is under control the special unit team has arrived into the area and cordoned off the site eyewitnesses told me that it was a truck bomb full of explosives but ministry of interior you're saying that it was a car bomb it's not specific yet but it was quite huge and it was quite enormous because in western part of kabul people heard. in central. kabul tower. the power of the explosion basically the target was you know according to the minister of interior i was the green village
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campus which is heavily secured and guarded by afghans and foreigners or where is a house for some dozens of expired swore staying there or working and also it's around for about four acres how's that is to some offices. non-governmental organizations and nor one has so far claimed responsibility but this compound was attacked back in two thousand and fourteen and two thousand and twelve as well. reports are now coming that one thousand people have been injured twenty three of them children. but in terms taken to twitter as usual this time threatening to devastate turkey's economy if anchor attacks kurds in syria foreign minister in turn is head back saying strategic ally should not be negotiating over social media. office tweet
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have to turkey had renewed its threat to launch a military offensive against the kurdish white b.g. in northern syria the group received support from the us and has played a role in fighting islamic state for the y.p. g.'s viewed by ankara to be a terrorist organization dispute has put a strain on the us and turkey's alliance within nato former turkish minister for e.u. affairs given by august doesn't doesn't believe that the situation will escalate. i don't see there's actual crisis because once present drunk understands that he actually embraces the kurds and is widely against all terrorists he will realize that he made a mistake i think president trump is using apples and oranges and he has a lot of. this will report coming out and he's trying to change the agenda and he knows that you will not go it right but he is saying the troops and you know
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as we have nothing against security one fifth of turkey's publishes grits and more and don't have them you could've refuge in turkey so i think he got that confused maybe intentionally or maybe unintentionally but he is trying to change the agenda and so on balance all of this the. united states ambassador to germany has sent out warnings to german companies reminding them of significant sanctions for any firms involved in building the north stream to gas pipeline with russia the project is currently one third complete richard grenell sent letters to several companies. as you're aware the united states strongly opposes nord stream to the pipeline poses serious geopolitical consequences to our european allies and partners we continue to stress that firms operating in the russian energy export pipeline sector are engaging in activities that carry significant sanctions risk. the u.s.
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embassy later clarified that the letters weren't a threat but rather a statement of u.s. policy this however hasn't stopped a number of german politicians from venting their anger. the u.s. ambassador seems to give the impression he's the viceroy of the washington emperor the us ambassador using direct threats towards german companies is a new and i'm acceptable strengthening of tone in the transatlantic relationship which the federal government should protest against the matter of european energy policy must be decided in europe not in the u.s. . or the one thousand two hundred kilometer part line is a joint project between russia's gansa prom and five western companies with germany taking the lead role predicted to cost nine and a half billion euros the pipeline is supposed to double capacity by the baltic sea in shuttle to come into operation by the end of the year you know political analyst appear emanuel turman believes that america's pushy approach could backfire. the
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united states has to go. behind due pressure of it to turn european union energy companies first of all the united states would like to sell their own shaded guts and in competition we have a russian gas the second objective of the united states has always been to control eurasia and to prevent europe to be too close to russia the more united states put pressure on europeans the more very serious converts the europeans tried to to detach themselves from the u.s. and try to make it better deal we've russia we cannot abandoned. import of russian gals of east ruby issue economics reciting saw the americans or so is it really meet new wii or the pressure of capacity. my calling
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a visiting in japanese delegation friends the russian foreign minister has effectively told them to forget about claims to the carrillo and following talks with japan's top diplomat on a peace agreement which has never been signed because of the dispute over the territory surprisingly the u.s. and china made their way into the conversation as well if you're trying to has more . it was the first round of intensified talks on a peace agreement between japan and russia ordered by the leaders it hasn't been signed ever since the days of world war two and the number one stumbling blog has been japan's claims of ownership to a group of tiny islands in a rather unusual twist to this monday afternoon sergey lavrov and his japanese guests decided to talk to the journalists alone separately and in quite a tough manner mr allowed made it clear that japanese officials should forget the
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idea of questioning russian sovereignty over the islands if they want to get the peace agreement talks go on. this is a basic position and in progress on other issues is very difficult without a step in the right direction to do that tension obama france from japan to the fact that the issues of sovereignty over the islands are not discussed this is the territory of the russian federation just a little later the japanese top diplomat said that despite the differences the two sides must find common ground so the moscow summit and the ministers appearance was meant to be all of the moscow and tokyo's attempts to fix everything and sort their issues out but the u.s. and china and it up being mentioned too that's all because just a little earlier the japanese prime minister's eight said that america should be looking to the appearance of the signatures for that peace agreement because
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according to him that would help stem the tide of china's influence in the region mr lavrov called that statement outrageous and went on to say that he warned the japanese delegation that moscow is absolutely not a fan of the idea of america developing its missile systems in japan according to certain. that would hurt russia and china as well that's how china was mentioned twice. now if you thought the relations between the media really couldn't get any worse the president's now accusing some of them of going completely mad that's after outlets rounded on the president over his alleged collusion with russia one even produced an impeachment guide let's get more on this from r.t. correspondent kate more people from. new york good to have you on caleb nothing surprises me anymore take us through the details. well at
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this point we're seeing an escalation of the disagreement between u.s. president donald trump and the mainstream us media this is what trump recently said in a speech to journalists i've ever worked for right you know that is are better than anybody i've ever worked for russia not only did i never work for russia i think it's a disgrace that you even asked that question because it's a whole big fat hole it's just. now this is after a number of us media outlets published some rather extreme anti trump claims that we have one outlet basically speculating that donald trump might be a russian asset and so much of a russian asset that the f.b.i. wouldn't be able to deal with it we've also had newspapers reporting that trump had concealed a translation of his meeting with russian president vladimir putin now besides all
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of this we are seeing media outlets are reporting on the previously unreported f.b.i. investigation into donald trump and it's also surface that there was a strong disagreement between us president donald trump and james komi and apparently donald trump lost all faith in the f.b.i. due to this disagreement this is what trump said about that disagreement between himself and former f.b.i. director james comey who you fired. so the people doing that investigation were people that have been caught that are known scoundrels there i guess you could say that dirty cops so when you say should i have confidence in the f.b.i. our intelligence agencies when i see more and i see all of these the phone when i see lisa and her lover and their notes and their sex gets captured and you see what they said about me having nothing to do with investigation. now
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relations between us president donald trump and the mainstream media of the united states have never been particularly good however this recent ex escalation is certainly causing eyebrows to be raised it hasn't been this extreme yet. when things get him open bring is still the very latest from new york in the meantime russia and the sponsor mccool he thinks that there could be hidden reasons behind these allegations of from russia collusion. from lewis point of view he had to come up with the worst possible analysis. and then he's got to back it up because. how does he back it up because not all conversations of leaders with other leaders is transcripted or actually is. in fact recorded so therefore it's quite possible that putin's lead various things to him and he said various things to put him which are private and possibly should remain private but probably point of view of the broken
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government all they can say is that trump when he's president he is president and he has every right to conduct conversations with another president limited and it's up to them to decide what they're going to do and each one will be attempting to achieve maximum advantage for his side this all comes amid america's longest ever government shutdown over the standoff on funding the president's border war some americans are starting to feel the impact us air traffic controllers are among those who've been working for twenty four days without pay a canadian colleagues have taken sympathy ordering them hundreds of pizzas the only thing the summer tasting during the shutdown is bitterness. we are now in the midst of the longest shutdown the longest government shutdown in u.s. history. airports at risk
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spec chance at risk america's credit rating the work of the f.b.i. could go on its own. but do have a plan on the shutdown books on the system up front you would have to understand the gone one make sure you and i promise safety and security for the american people. out of the promise was a wall of slogans pulled up elections have homes. for. all.
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freshman republicans are coming down just trying to take a six pack of beer on to the house floor and was told this is not allowed it's friday to do just that lesson turn around. thanks thing with our tail of more news for you after this short break.
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as a spy you have to really split your own personality into two you're there is that committed to hardest that was still alive there within me and then there is the person who wanted to counter everything they were doing and try and dismantle everything they were doing so you have to really become a productive in order to. you have to form your own family in order to hold the. welcome back on tuesday the british parliament will vote on whether to support to resume a strap breaks it deal and in the last hour promised a threesome
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a made her final statement to the house urging on pace to give the deal their backing their words however were met with resistance and skepticism. so i say to members on all sides of this house whatever you may have previously concluded over these next twenty four hours give this deal a second look no it is not perfect and yes it is a compromise i say we should live for the british people and get on with building a brighter future for our country i think still some are anti commands the statement to the house. no more playing for time no more running down the clock just scare people into backing this damaging shambles of a deal the only people who are undermining. if you know our democracy is the government is. it's green if the prime minister's deal is rejected tomorrow it's time for a general election it's hard for a new government. with all the details ahead of tuesday's vote results on the
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specific. decisions decisions decisions it's an did make or break time for the british prime minister and despite the fact that we've said this a handful of times before she somehow always seems to manage to get through a crisis however this time is indeed extremely crucial in terms of what is going to be happening with practice that next and what we have is on tuesday the house of commons will come forward to vote on the deal that theresa may has been able to negotiate with the european union throughout the last two years really and if you remember this is a deal that was already previously postponed for to receive me to try to avoid a defeat in parliament and despite days of now heated debate and parliament yet again this is a deal that's clearly gotten quite a thrashing at the house of commons and really very few people expect it to be able to go through parliament tomorrow nonetheless to recently continues to be
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persistent that her deal is the best deal possible for the u.k. and she's been saying that the alternatives really would be a new deal bracks as she says would be destructive for the country or even more likely according to her is no bracks at all and something that would be dependent on how parliament exactly decides to stir things forward and theresa may has been making a final plea with the british people and really m.p.'s as well to try to convince them to support her deal yet again let's take a listen to that while no deal remains a serious risk having observed events at westminster over the last seven days it's now my judgment that the more likely outcome is a paralysis in parliament that risks that being it. that makes it even more important that m.p.'s consider very carefully how they will vote tomorrow night well there's a handful of options really in terms of where things could go from here if this
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deal is rejected tomorrow and that would be things like the extension of article fifty that would obviously delay the deadline for the u.k. to leave the e.u. things like a general election have been discussed mostly by the leader of the opposition labor party things like a potential second referendum have been thrown around here in westminster so all of those things are possible next developments but really depending on how things are going to go in parliament tomorrow so that's the crucial vote and that's what we'll be watching recently is appearing their leader again today to present an exchange with brussels that she has had providing as she believes. assurances for m.p.'s to vote for her deal whether or not this is going to be enough and whatever she has to say to them is likely to stir the opinions of her fever remains to be seen so all eyes are on the parliament here in the u.k.
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in the days to come. concerns are rising over a new israeli road that segregates israeli and palestinian drivers israel's transportation minister says that it will make jerusalem stronger the critics say it only deepens divisions of these police live reports from both sides of the highway. welcome to the latest controversy here in the west bank behind me is a newly inaugurated five kilometer stretch of road with a physical barrier by government with one thing now this bury a separate israeli and palestinian drive it's going to take a drive. and this is the israeli side of the road it connects to rousselin with the settlements so most of the drivers here are citizen now the only palestinians who are allowed on this side of the road all those who have special interest permits for jerusalem i'm filming with a palestinian cameraman and he has to carry his permit with him all the time in case we get stopped its claim is that this new barrier strengthens the connection
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between the settlements and jerusalem and also helps ease traffic they do believe that primarily it's to further separate and dominate kind of jerusalem to make it more accessible easy access to those living in the settlements so they can get to jerusalem faster we need to find a way that both sides can use the same streets even lee it's not fair it's not ok for. the group to be like that to me to be some figures we've had to travel quite a distance to do we used to turn and we're no coming back down the same road we were driving along the earlier just in the opposite direction so all the drivers you see here are palestinian they have no permits to enter jerusalem and for their this wall is nothing short of blatant discrimination they call it the apartheid or . some of. the israelis
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open this new road is a main route for the palestinians to connect the north of the west current to the east and west and because they want to control the old route which connects the mala i do mean not to settlements with the jordan valley seconds that's a lot of this road doesn't help without this people as the. israeli government claims they made this road to close how the street and the future make it only for the israeli it took more than ten years for this road to open because of a dispute between the israeli police and army over who would control a checkpoint here there are other divided roads in the west bank but none of them have a wall separating the two sides the road to resolving divisions here just got longer forty three hour west bank. the british army is reported to be forced to climb down following a revolt by male soldiers but after it gave a pass to a female recruits who failed a key fitness test for an elite unit test requires a thirteen kilometer march soldiers have to carry
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a heavy backpack and rifle over arduous terrain and they must do that within two hours rules state that failure to do so results in automatic disqualification from the rest of the course for more idea of combat soldier tommy gottlieb says it's wrong to ignore the physical differences between men and women. i think that we have to understand that there are some physical differences between men and women and we can't. disregard them we have to look at them and the knowledge of them and only by not enjoying them we can involve women into different army units and putting them in key roles in the army there are physical differences between men and women and putting. the truth putting women into into these army units are important because the army can only gain from it you gain compassion you gain a different kind of dialect you gain a lot of different things and the physical aspect is
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a very important one but if you're talking about an elite unit you can take women that are elite in their physical abilities but even a woman that is a little her physical is the best of the best in their physical ability will not come to be close to the man that is. the fastest or best in his abilities. race around has erupted in south africa after a local health department reportedly told white doctors not to apply for a number of new positions a link document shows the department's aiming to hire four hundred sixty six black doctors as targets also include thirty two indian twelve white and four mixed race professionals. we are unapologetic about addressing these imbalances of the past south africa including causey luna tile remains an unequal society with limited opportunities to self development those who historically oppressed. the political
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party the democratic alliance has expressed outrage over the policy claiming that the health department is acting racist and going against constitutional values. white people currently make up around nine percent of south africa's population we spoke to guess with different views on the race divisions in the country. this is not the first example of hiring policies being discriminatory particularly against white people and i would say that it is racist but i wouldn't say that it's surprising and that's why i and i cannot remember because. we know that you are coming from and called the up out of date when. you get more people that use them to play doctor as we reject. the priorities was given to the white people unfortunately that legacy is still continuing the government is more willing to work with companies and is willing to tax them less if they hire more black people and if there are more black people who own shares in the company yes while there
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are. advantage at vantage why people who do have money from either success recently or success from that's carried over from before the change of government this doesn't change the fact that this is not a fair policy and white people are having all this luxury just privileges that i changed from the previous government. but instead of trying. to lend a. hand in hand with their counterparts they see themselves. as the black people that they are the elite group they control the governments they control the business they control the education our black people seek our people are poor and white doctors immigrating only to other countries once they're graduated they don't watch two or two i was. told. she.
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still wanted to shoot. people so that people can well a lot of white doctors who have worked in these poor rural areas they have not been able to to do business with the majority because the majority's interested in black doctors but the majority is not interested in becoming doctors they're more interested on living off of government benefits and not working hard enough to have doctors from their own communities and staying without international back with updates for you and often. when lawmakers manufacture can be sentenced to public wealth. when the
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ruling classes protect themselves. with the final merry go round be the one percent. we can all middle of the room sick. room in the real news room. it's all. on one page yeah. the next team. that arrives to the. us welcome to our. josh. love you my. dear my are you jake.


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