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tv   News  RT  January 21, 2019 10:00am-10:31am EST

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the. headline story. on a military training base. reportedly killed one hundred twenty six military personnel this monday. prime minister. parliament today with the. minister warns there. is no risk of. the u.s. led coalition acknowledges a suicide car bomb a. kurdish. which killed four u.s.
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troops. coming up. after a report accuses the u.s. president of telling his lawyer to congress. the source rejects that claim it's to defend their article. indeed the same source that we. are standing behind. the world this is your. your company. we begin with out breaking news this hour from afghanistan where one hundred twenty six security force members have reportedly been killed in an attack by the taliban according to reports the group struck a military training center in my town. an area just south west of kabul we heard
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from a local resident. i am from gel or is district of mind and word took it was around six o'clock there was a very big explosion i thought there was an earthquake it was very strong. local reporter saw it on faith he is in the afghan capital joins us live good to have you with us. a deadly day in your country what are we hearing about what's happened. exactly and there have been some conflicting reports about the casualty figure because early in the morning local officials announced that the casualty figure was twelve and around thirty others have been wounded but later. you know the government office shows actually were not providing access to journalists to know more about the figure because it was quite
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a huge blast as we spoke to the locals there the building that was directly attacked by. a humvee type of military vehicle packed of explosives partly part of that was collapsed and many of the intelligence officers and personally who are. attending who are joining for breakfast actually left on the. remnants of the building and lost lives so later we. nor more about we knew more about the attack that actually it was two vehicles and five attackers involved into the attack and the second vehicle was you know diffused by the security forces but also it took four and a half hours to encounter all the insurgents there then later prevent shell council. a member claimed that more than fifty people have been killed that
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all of them were the member of the afghan intelligence security forces a source from the ministry of defense told us in a condition of anonyma deed that the casualty rate is beyond one hundred which is really shocking because it could be could be a real history. i mean did they did this type of on the n.d.s. or afghan national security services members yeah we appreciate you talking us through that as you say an absolutely terrible and deadly day that we can only send our condolences to your nation suit on phasey live in kabul thank you so. ok moving on now to another of our headline stories the u.k.'s prime minister will face serious pressure if she feels to sway across party m.p.'s in parliament this
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monday treason me is obligated to table out of turn to plan b. after her first break to deal suffered a humiliating defeat last week but there are already concerns that little or nothing has changed after a triple setback from the e.u. our london correspondent polly boyko takes us through. plan b. looks an awful lot like plan a but in different packaging to reason may appears to be trying to tweak her original deal just enough to push it through parliament by getting support from the doubters on her own side from inside the conservative party and from the d p the democratic unionist party of northern ireland which is propping up trees the maze minority government and the prime minister has to think that if she secures changes to the thorny issue of the irish backstop then she'll be able to squeeze it through on the twenty ninth of january which is the next scheduled vote in parliament now one option floated over the weekend is that reason
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they could try to negotiate some sort of bilateral treaty between london and dublin which is an idea that dublin has already rejected saying that any negotiations taking place here are going to be between london and brussels take a lesson it is not something we would entertain it would not work the same many of the issues pertaining to ireland are related to. an agreed through the european union. is much stronger negotiating through the taskforce and in regards to this new plan which isn't so new a lot of politicians are saying that to reason may is flogging a dead horse here dead dead set against it no matter what she does to it and of course a lot of people remember that after her deal failed spectacularly in parliament just under a week ago to resume a pledge to hold cross party talks and start listening to politicians on the other side of the aisle to see if she can get some sort of consensus on bragg's that
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going forward but that idea has crashed and burned also quite spectacularly just like her original deal she's failed in these talks with the opposition parties she had too many red lines according to them but there is now a cross party code. alicia and forming with a plan to block a no deal brags it via a parliamentary route and it's really gathering steam one group of m.p.'s wants to introduce a parliamentary bill that could delay britain's departure from the european union if there is no plan in place by the twenty ninth of march which is of course the scheduled brags that day and the same group of m.p.'s could try to trigger a second referendum and depending on which side of the fence you're on this whole plan is being called either the seize control plan or a plot and an insurgency to topple brags it really am and downing street is
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warning of the dangers of hijacking the deal there's a danger the parliament you'd stop brags that any attempt to remove the government's power to meet the legal conditions of an orderly exit at this moment of history significance is extremely concerning parliaments to the people of this country we will make we make a contract with you you will make the decision and we will order is what we are now getting or some of those who were always absolutely opposed to the result of the referendum trying to hijack bricks and effect steal the result from the people and just off the back of that comment by liam fox there is a growing sense that regardless of the way that people voted originally his conversations with the public appear to show that people are growing increasingly frustrated with this parliamentary deadlock that we appear to be in. talking us through it all there while the debate in the house of commons is expected to be held in the coming hours here on r t international we'll bring you
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all the very latest on what can you describe it as a turbulent crisis i suppose in what could well go done as a defining week for u.k. politics. well just across the irish sea from there are four men have been arrested in northern ireland in connection with a car bomb on saturday night in the city of derry police describe the attack as being quote on believably reckless they suspect the new irish republican army of being behind the incident the bomb exploded outside a courthouse so the run to eight in the evening local time no one thankfully was injured a pizza delivery vehicle had been hijacked packed with explosives a bomb threat being called in just ten minutes before the blast hundreds of people were evacuated from the area. of the new irate is an offshoot of a dissident group internationally recognized as a terrorist organization there strongly against the nine hundred ninety eight good
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friday agreement which brought an end to decades of conflict in the region they believe the fight against the u.k. sovereignty of northern ireland should continue calls for a united ireland have grown larger with bragg's it threatening to complicate the border relations between the north side of the political activist george barda told me earlier that the timing of the incident is. this is the hundred year anniversary of the war of independence in n. ireland and new ira have time to see attack to try and make a statement of both historical continuity to say that you know the fight for a united ireland is not over any the timing of this coincides not surprisingly with with the whole brics hip problem and the central ity of the question of what happens the irish border to those discussions the way the breaks it deal has been presented is just that there's this one sort of technical problem that people can't seem to sort out which is the irish backstop the reason this is so significant is
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that any deal down the line has implications for border while those who are tried as a sort of technical problems we have become it's actually very very fundamental what what happens in our land as a whole and the nature of the brics. the u.s. led coalition in syria has confirmed a convoy carrying both its troops and kurdish militia members has been targeted in a suicide car bomb attack in the northwest of syria information on casualties are difficult to verify but no u.s. soldiers were injured that's according to coalition officials speaking to me earlier on this paul less than a year. it certainly seems as if islands is on the rise what we know is that a car bomb exploded near a militia checkpoint as a kurdish led force was accompanying american soldiers close by now we are hearing that five kurdish fighters have been killed this happened in the northwestern syrian town of data and so far we have heard from a spokesperson for the u.s.
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led coalition who has said that there are no americans among the casualties we can confirm a combined u.s. and syrian partner force convoy was involved in an apparent vehicle borne improvised explosive device attack today in syria there were no u.s. casualties we will continue to review the situation and provide updates as appropriate now last week a suicide bomber detonated an explosive vest outside a restaurant in the northern syrian town of man british and in that explosion there were four american troops who were killed. now this is just yet another attack on kurdish and coalition forces since the
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american president donald trump made the surprise announcement that he was withdrawing all two thousand american troops from syria in december there was a phone conversation on sunday between trump and the turkish president added one in which everyone said that the turks were ready to take over security in man bridge how this is fighting the kurds who are the majority in that area and they've been appealing to both the syrian government and russia for support. ok another story generating a lot of interest today a new side both feet is standing by and then surgery reports which claims donald trump instructed his former lawyer. or to lie to congress about a proposed business deal in russia the article details an alleged confession by michael cohen to special counsel robert mueller investigation into election meddling though it was dismissed the story broke in the media as a bombshell moment making it on the new hawkins. it's been a while since we've seen another leak story all right he's ation linking president
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trump to the kremlin just about a week or so in fact one of the latest allegations coming from democratic representative eric swalwell telling what i said we see to add to the mounting collusion evidence do you believe the president right now has been an agent of the russians yes i i think there is more evidence that he has yes and i think all the arrows point that direction i haven't seen a single piece of evidence that he's not sound like a double negative or logical fallacy to be confused so ending the burden of proof upside down being lenient with evidence required to prove guilt or innocence in this case is the latest trend is there even a need to show evidence anymore take the recent buzz feed reports alleging trump ordered his former lawyer michael cohen to lie to congress the evidence being sources news travels fast on the story was jumped on by the media president trump is facing new scrutiny today over a report that he told his personal attorney to lie to congress about his business
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dealings with russia we have breaking news tonight on the russia investigation here's what buzz feed news is reporting tonight bombshell report coming from buzz feed news president directed his attorney to lie to congress about the moscow tower project congressional democrats calling for an immediate investigation declaring the trial must be impeached at the story is true special counsel moves office has a reputation for stonewalling questions no comment the most common response sources or not but even they took the highly unusual step of denying the story when pressed bus feed were less than clear exactly what evidence there was or even if it had been seen by the report's authors have you seen any of that other corroborating evidence no i don't see them personally i don't think that we've said that we haven't and your colleague said on c.n.n. this morning that you were briefed on these documents we say that we we've seen documents we've been briefed and we're very confident in our reporting. senator lindsey graham is the latest victim of wildfire news seem to have all begun with
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a questionable jokey allegation from comedian chelsea handler that graham was the victim of blackmail based on his sexuality it was then taken up by the chairman of the democratic coalition citing you guessed it an unnamed republican source before going even more mainstream in both media and politics before donald trump got elected lindsey graham called donald trump a racist xenophobic bigot or it could be the donald trump or somebody knows something pretty extreme about lindsey graham they got him a triumphant tweet from representative no more on the latest kremlin compromise i am pretty sure that there is something happening with him based on what evidence what fact that's a remarkable comment to make about a sitting u.s. senator. the the the evidence really is. present to us it's being presented to us in the way that means as the whirlwind of smoking
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gun stories leaks from unnamed sources and allegations on collusion intensifies impeachment remains at the forefront of the agenda evidence. that's a secondary issue. ok political analyst charles or tell he believes it's alarming how quickly media spreads such serious on corroborated accusations. india has become a one johnny one note operation they are out to get trump in the main they didn't like the election results they wanted hillary clinton in there they just appear to be a grumpy dissatisfied nonobjective. on a witch out here this is not a light accusation came out of a buzz feed this is a very serious accusation it's like crying shouting fire in a crowded theatre theatre when there's no fire it is amazing to me how much the mainstream press jumped on this story in the last twenty four hours and it's also
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frankly quite amazing that the special council's team has come out the same with the stories is totally bogus. ok let's return to that breaking news we have for you from afghanistan incredible figures of casualties today one hundred twenty six security force members reportedly killed in an attack by the taliban the terror group struck a military training center in my town where doc province that's an area just south west of kabul on monday morning a vehicle with explosives rammed through the military checkpoint there before being detonated on the attack comes a day after a taliban assault in a near bring province killed eight security forces there. there's been mass protests in greece with changes afoot for neighboring macedonia it goes to a vote this week in athens and we've got the latest right after this.
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i've been saying the numbers means they matter the u.s. is over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten thousand dollars fine tempting. eighty five percent of global wealth to the old bridge each week six percent market thirty percent just one if you're some with four hundred to five hundred three per second. first second and bitcoin rose to twenty thousand dollars. china is building a two point one billion dollar ai industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only numbers you need remember it was one business show you know four to miss the one and only. join me every thursday on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to us from the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then.
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we start packing cornice where seven people have been arrested during clashes with police sixty thousand protesters rallied in the capital of journalist working for the sputnik news agency twenty five police officers as well among the injured. by. a late. clashes broke out enough inside side the parliament building on sunday against the
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deal between greece and its neighbor muscle to name the country and in turn a lot it's a session and to see the country named a republican or not since i ordered to try and spirits over the nation shared with a northern province a place where as a as you are seeing greeks feel it's an attempt to appropriate historical and cultural heritage and are strongly. against it some of them at least the agreement has already been submitted for ratification this monday but the government is struggling to secure a majority before friday's for decades greece's fourth basically over neighbor macedonia's name because athens border region is also called macedonia part of the country's official name safeway r o m short for the former yugoslav republic of macedonia stop the laying claim to the rich history of that name after all military genius alexander the great still study to walk out of these around the world was
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born in macedonia with athens blocking its neighbors nato and the e.u. membership over the issue they finally greeted me the republic of north macedonia macedonia as parliament be amended its constitution to ratify the name change but greece's politics means it has yet to do the same. we spoke to a former greek combustor of two candidates and he is of the few as far as the west is concerned it's all about nato. the whole issue of the reason that the greeks are very angry about this agreement is that for the first time breach is giving the name of macedonia who a slavic country that belongs to the north. they we cannot accept that and that's why we are here we are reacting like that but the worst thing is that the target united states nato and the e.u.
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they don't care very much about the agreement per se what they want is have scorpio join nato that's the whole that there is a big push or exercise on the greek government to allow spoken to join nato a resolution was adopted by the demonstration which anticipates actions that we take in to the president of the republic to the parliament trying to convince the members of parliament not vote for that because it would have disastrous effects on these. pasting in europe over eighty thousand people participated in yellow vests protests in cities across france on the weekend with violence continuing to flare over dissatisfaction with the government on rising living costs it's got the country's medics well i lurked.
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around and to the day that we have first aid equipment on the bus bandages and the septics first aid equipment to try to help as much as possible at the scene so that when emergency services arrived the injured are in a much better condition. we are here to help the injured no matter who is injured we help everyone who needs our help. three of my colleagues were hit last week on the seans elisei helping is street medics including me in the sky and head.
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come to france and hope for the people of french demonstration here germany and french have a very friendship so come on the last ten weeks coming here saturday for so you did and held for people to hear is this. i'm not even going to tell you about the wounded we've helped we're not going to go into details it's horrible. but if you look at it. there are the other. before we go this news hour i want to bring your reminder of our top story on our breaking news from afghanistan one hundred twenty six security force members have
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reportedly been killed in that attack by the taliban according to reports the terror group struck a military training center located just to the southwest of the capital kabul a vehicle with explosives rammed through a military checkpoint there before being detonated the latest attack came just hours before talks between the taliban and the u.s. special envoy taking place at. yes story we'll be closely following in the coming hours if we hear any more figures to bring you up to date on that is our lots but do stay close us some more great programs begin in moments live from moscow every hour of the day this is our to interest.
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you put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. some want to. let you go right to be close this is what it looks like three in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters in the. city. something seems wrong. just don't call. me. to say proud this day become educated and engagement equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart. she still looks for common ground.
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i'm after a time they were going underground one hundred years since the paris peace conference kicked off after a war that was supposed to end all wars coming up on the show we speak to one of the most prolific war correspondents of the late twentieth century martin bell about war and the death of news all of them all going over today's going underground but first the future of britain is arguably in the hands of brussels via dublin we as european union stand by the withdrawal agreement that was negotiated we don't believe it's up to go see asians and that man is in power because a century ago today shin frayne adopted islands first constitution and the first meeting of the doyle air around frame pledged not to take up seats in westminster and within hours the war of independence began at the sala had big ambush opposition to deals made from dublin would lead to the creation of the provisional
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ira in from as for attacks like the one on teresa mayes heroine margaret thatcher but what about ireland today has it been stronger in europe because the e.u. and the i.m.f. arguably control ireland here's former governor of the central bank of ireland patrick it was clear that something had to be done was a classic moment for appealing to the i.m.f. far financial assistance. cut to even us mainstream media covering irish austerity in spite of the freezing weather thousands of demonstrators poured into the streets of dublin our government has told us those that are penalizing people at the bottom up by the mistakes that they made got got got back. everyone in this crowd knows rough times are on the way and so ten years on up to e.u. i.m.f. financial control what is ireland like some might find this predictable because it's repeated across the you are. and is one of the richest countries in the world
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you know almost eight hundred thousand people are living below the poverty line one in three of those in poverty are children one hundred two thousand are in paid employment lone parents are one of the groups most at risk of poverty half of one parent families experience deprivation so is it time for ireland to join the u.k. and leave the e.u. trust business t.v. to cover the story david cameron's former adviser steve hilton on whether should leave the e.u. i think they should i was a great greatly in favor of. felt that it was important for a country like the u.k. and it's just not in the culture or they may seem to like i mean my experience would be that the irish seem to like europe more than. the british i think money has got a lot to do with it because ireland gets more money from the e.u. and it pays into the well let alone ireland where the yellow vest movement is now taking hold governments are arguably also in chaos both here in the u.k. and in the us i'm now joined by the b.b.c.'s former chief washington correspondent
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and once independent member of the u.k. parliament my.


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