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i. mean. if you look it. up. with. all. of us today i would like your appraisal to work. a mirror response russia says it is suspending participation in a case nuclear treaty after the u.s. made the same announcement on friday. also this hour the france's yellow best protest is a gathering across the country for the twelfth consecutive weekend this time around though they are dedicating that march is to demonstrate his injured by the plagues
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and activists in britain are raising the alarm over a form of child abuse designed to stop breast development in young girls and speak to victims of the group practice. calls. it was trying to. look at me. so i welcome good afternoon just going for pm here in moscow are you watching r t international. scene has announced that moscow is suspending its participation in a k nuclear treaty the president called it a mirror response after the same move from washington on friday america also pledged to quit the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty altogether in six months unless morse code changes its behavior commenting on the prospect of dialogue with the u.s. putin added that washington is showing little enthusiasm. for many
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years we have proposed disarmament talks because our initiatives have not found the support of our partners in fact they always find a pretext for dismantling the global security system that's why i've asked all foreign and defense ministries to keep the door open for dialogue but also to initiate any talks on the issue. ok more details not cool things following this story first. so we know now that russia is also suspending its participation in this agreement what else have they said yeah well today the us officially suspends its participation in the i n f treaty and it's only one episode in throughout many years of fruitless talks with the us about disarmament and russia has decided that the time for empty talks is over russian president vladimir putin has said that the u.s. is refusal to heed previous russian calls for disarmament have
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is undermining international security basically and so a mare response is going to look not just like russia russia's participation stopping in the treaty as well but also a kicking up of research to stay on par with the united states now however he also said that russia will not embroil itself in a another arms race with the west and that it would be too costly now russian foreign minister sergey lavrov also said that the u.s. has been violating this treaty since one thousand nine hundred nine with its usage of unmanned drones for military purposes and they also took a dig at the u.s. says m.k. forty one vertical missile launching system no this system has been in service since one thousand nine hundred six and has a ninety nine percent success rate and russia says that this system in itself is also in violation of the treaty. since twenty fourteen the u.s.
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has deployed in europe it's empty forty one missile launchers before american tomahawk missiles which is a direct violation of the three to these missile launchers some based on or mania and are ready to be constructed in poland and japan. now the russian ministry of defense just moments ago released a statement regarding other violations of washington's with regard to the treaty they say that the u.s. has been preparing to build band weapons for years already two years ago before the public unsubstantiated accusations against russian suppose a violation of the on the treaty washington has already not only made the decision but to devyn started preparing to manufacture medium and shorter range missiles banned by the treaty. now the statement talks specifically about a u.s. military industrial corporation called raytheon located in tucson arizona now it
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says programs were launched back in june two thousand and seventeen for the modernization and expansion of missiles specifically banned by the i.n.f. treaty and because of this some in the russian government are saying that the situation requires more than just political mere responses the russian defense minister said that they need to make some changes to russia's own three m. fifty four caliber missile systems now these missiles have a range of about eight hundred thousand kilometers with regard to maritime targets and seven million kilometers with regard to land targets but the idea is to refurbish them to make them available for launch from the ground and not just to see. justin work on the dock in russia's caliber missile launch systems from maritime to land based ones we also suggest beginning to work on a new land based. short to medium range. now
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of course these are only suspensions of participation in the i.n.f. treaty but with diplomatic solutions looking less and less likely it's very likely that we'll be seeing serious developments in this story in the coming days. thank you. don't quarter there with the latest for us. now we can talk a bit further and she's a former my five intelligence officer about this story good afternoon. no surprise really this tit for tat response from russia. absolutely not i mean any leader of any country needs to be seen to make a strong response to another potential antagonist who is ripping up international treaties and you know i was school girl in the one nine hundred eighty s. i remember the sort of the doom laden fear that we were taught at that time about the escalation the cold war and the potential of nuclear strikes and the idea that
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the i.n.f. treaty was put in place to stop very little warning time for any potential nuclear strike which is what it actually means was an intercontinental ballistic missiles was actually a really good step forward that treaty of course was signed between president reagan and president gorbachev back in one thousand nine hundred seven so the fact is now being torn up now is i think very worrying and it also reflects to a certain extent i think how present trump who has largely been boxed in by what some people call the deep state or the intelligence security complex in america to stop him try to arrange a more sort of. a happy relationship between america and russia and i think it's very worrying for all of our security just what do you think the u.s. has to gain here from doing this is it just sort of sticking a wedge them between russia and america or are there other factors to. i think
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this is part of a growing pattern that we've seen ever since the end of the cold war back in one thousand nine hundred ninety where nato has expanded exponentially and so when the cold war ended of course there was a gentlemen's agreement between america and russia that if germany was allowed to unify between east germany vice-chairman then nato would not expand one inch further than the border of east germany since then of course we've seen that thirteen other countries in europe have been another mate into nato and of course there's been a massive expansion of nato walking right on the border of russia there's been. deployment of weapons russian border russia and there have been also moves to try and integrate countries such as ukraine and georgia into nato right on the borders or russia so it's been quite aggressive over the last almost thirty years right on the border of a country that wants to assert itself in power and you know which country doesn't
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sure with that said though that's always been sort of a policy hasn't between the u.s. and e.u. this expansion of nato but here we're seeing the e.u. very cautious about what trump is saying and planning to withdraw has withdrawn from the i.m.f. treaty what can the you do perhaps to sort of man ties and get this treaty back on track. i think that's a very difficult problem trump of course has been very outspoken about his distrust of nato the fact that most european countries are not paying their way in the nato alliance the e.u. is talking about setting up its own e.u. army to defend against threats such as russia so it's a very sort of fluid situation at the moment. so who knows how it's going to escalate but the fact that the u.s. wants to rip up this treaty place intermediate range nuclear missiles which give very little warning in attack in europe again one is very bad for the u.
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security because it puts you right in the target of any countries that might threaten it and of course it means that trump is also. tacitly still supporting the nato agreement so who knows. president putin said look we don't want an arms race here but inevitably you mean looking at what's happening that's what we're going to get is it. i think is inevitable and i think it's partly as i mentioned before that president trump when he was first elected said he wanted more with russia and he's been hedged around head around with the. legal investigations about his so-called collusion with russia the robert mueller investigation he's been hedged around and has with national security advisors who are cold war head bangers like john bolton so it almost seems that he's been hedged in so much he can't actually do something he will to do which was good for world peace generally and he good to talk to him after leave it there was only mash on
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a former m i five intelligence officer thank you. now america had long been threatening to draw from the i.m.f. treaty alleging as we've heard that russia is in violation of it moscow denies this and invited the u.s. to come and see for itself more on this is hugo should done. the trumpet ministration he said to go down in history as the deal killer its approach is as time tested as it is straightforward you start with the big and blunt accuse ation for years russia has violated the terms of the intermediate range nuclear forces really without remorse any intelligence clear and coherent facts of the presumed violation no need to bother with those for all you know they can be totally utterly nonexistent because if you repeat an allegation enough times there's a good chance it will become a given russia has violated russia's violation russia shamelessly violates it
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the russians are violation of the agreement the russians have been violated they have documented is being violated by the russians let the charge sink in for a while and it's time to switch to threats here comes the pinnacle of the scheme and ultimatum if russia does not return to fall in verifiable compliance with the treaty within the six month period by verifiably destroying its violating missiles there launchers associated equipment the treaty will terminate other side of the story easy just stay deaf to any counter-argument and build on the empty accusations white house officials have named to the weapon they believe violates the treaty russia in turn invited to the u.s. to come and examine it personally but since the u.s. ignores russia's attempts at corp those offers are apparently worthless for washington's allies as well and the response russia has long violated the treaty
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and if true it is no longer contributes to global and regional security totally agree with the u.s. decision u.k. and allies are clear that russia alone is responsible for the demise of the i.n.f. treaty yeah apparently more schools eagerness. to provide open access to something as sensitive as the key new russian made cruise missile is not very fire ball enough for nato we have to be. an alarming development and we see that we are stepping back. behind. the cold war era at the end of europe on the other hand to seize the ion of deal as one of the few documents preventing it from being blinded to right into the middle of a new arms race between the us and russia yet while the e.u. has been very consistent pleading for the treaty to stay now it is torn between
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obligations to its transatlantic big brother and well instinct of self-preservation so we must prepare for a world without the un if. i want to we definitely don't want to see our continent million back to being a battlefield or a place where. other superpowers confront themselves there is a need for dialogue with russia for our part the german foreign minister and i will do everything to pave the way for talks within the six month period apart from that made to will ferrell is sas what the u.s. withdrawal would mean it is important to keep the window for dialogue open and in fact washington doesn't mind admitting whose interests it's putting first make no mistake about president transmissions that present transmissions that is to make sure that any agreement that we entered into has america's best interest we will move forward with developing our own military response options and will work with
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nato and other allies and partners to deny russia any military advantage from its unlawful conduct but trump doesn't want to see the concept of the end of the deal destroyed completely he says he wants a better one i hope that we're able. to get everybody in a very big and beautiful room and do a new treaty that would be much better yet he's maimed to so many deals the u.s. has sworn to stay committed to one might wonder why anyone would be unaware enough to trust the states again all we know is six months time to step up international pressure on the trump regime to change course because what we have seen not only with the i.n.f. treaty but also with other treaty obligations is that this u.s. government is unwilling to fulfill its obligations and the international community can no longer just stand by and watch. venezuela was also currently being
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pressured by washington the white house warns that president nicolas maduro shouldn't test its patience and should make way for the u.s. backed opposition leader one why though there's no time for dialogue this is time for all options are on the table. the. nicolas maduro three would do well not to test the resolve of the united states. in this crisis in which and any other officials of the trunk of ministration are seen it anything that penicillin in its defense for mean people aggression from the u.s. all options on the table these are this is blackmail and the government has the people to represent and defend my ludo didn't just become president for his own sake he
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became president because he was elected this is a president to move by the united states to have an open call an admittance that the u.s. is playing the principle role in trying to overthrow the model government and the role of varying revolution. well with international threats mounting venezuela self-proclaimed interim leader one quiet i was searching people to choose the right side of history massive anti-government protests are planned later on saturday. with attempting to stage a coup with washington's help and his supporters rules are expected to take to the streets today. you're watching r.t. international we're going to take a quick break we're back with more decent team is. going to steal the country's oil you know just touch on this for a moment surely i mean scotland does have
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a lot of oil and the whole thing is mightily confusing so the u.s. could consider invading britain right now during this breaks of turf awful and take control scottish oil i mean all. these balls to go to the well. if you. decide to move ahead. with. the. book and they. saw. no proof. of that. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy. let it be an arms race. spearing dramatic development the only really exists i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and
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talk. welcome back now yes protests are getting underway in france for the twelfth weekend in a row. this time around though participants aren't just calling for social reform the rallies are dedicated to to those injured by police in previous marches authorities say that over two thousand people have been injured since november the seventeenth this comes after prison mccrum also launched the so-called national dialogue in a bid to find common ground with the protesters and the surprise of many to is also expressed solidarity with the movement. if the universe means being for higher paid work and a more efficient parliament than i am a yellow vest publisher and writer a medic movil told that mccrone does appear to be out of touch with the french people. it's like you'll yell of their cities living like your yellow vests maybe
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with a little a little bigger salary he doesn't see that he's living in a very very different world and you will see all the broken traces of these people who cannot through their children and who are not afraid risking losing another you know during a demonstration during this demonstration straps because there are some traps speaking about working for a better salary if mr mccraw or another financial recent crash wants to increase. his salary everyone understands uncrossed entranced that it's big news more for him and less for the french because i think it's just so on li a bad joke and that mr mccloy is just underlining the yawning gap between him and the french more than one hundred vesa geishas have been opened against french police over their controversial release of riot guns on yellow vests protesters in recent months leading rights organizations in the country want
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a complete ban on the use of the weapon which fired rubber bullets the size of golf course r.t. spoke to a witness of the alleged use of excessive force. demonstrations they said and they show you that the people in the center center yes first the police and they don't do it and there this is it. occasion and this was started and it's not that the tool that they use it on the s. and this is it in fact you see some towns in the provinces where they are the most fish are the best and where the put these there's nothing till the days before the end of the they snot that dog from the end of this i think this is a this which is where they are this goes from. our form of child abuse known as breast ironing is said to be on the rise in the u.k. reports suggest dozens if not hundreds of british girls are being subjected to it and most of the teens are of african descent but the practice common place in parts of the continent the practice. aims to delay breast formation in pre-teen girls by
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painfully massaging skin with hot wooden sticks and stones until the tissue ruptures the idea behind procedure is to discourage male attention and also to prevent rape the u.n. though warns that it is one of the most underreported gender based crimes in the world we spoke to two women who were victims in their childhood and they say typically it is the parents who commit the abuse. you as well as being younger my mom say me to my auntie my bris was just evil has to be c. in or she is to beak and she needs. me she. put it if it's too pretty i was carrying she slapped me the rope made calls well maybe i was trying to do it so there i should. look at me just saw you i would be there for you are you know you just.
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spoke to a founder of a co-founder of the children rights group jordanian were believes the problem is bigger than is being reported it thousands of girls have been victims all they've been affected. by. me and this is because most of them migrated to the u.k. or read the problem of breast ironing or doctors say that the practice does have severe health implications breast dining can increase the risk of cancer and also lead to complications of breastfeeding later in life the procedure can also cause infections and result in physical and psychological damage the u.k. government has vowed to criminalize the practice although it has been accused of being slow to respond or being in were again told us about the appalling consequences of breast tightening. most of them have got sagging braz because you
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know the scheme has been strange because first of all they use those stones and who do you think fools and the pieces to suppress the group of the brits and this is nature and where once the breast tries to force itself out what happens and this affects their whole lives long conditions in the sense that they are emotionally disturbed they even fly only deeply call to even open up to people even on dress in front of their friends even all malls in front of the has been. so it has been sixty years since nine students were found dead in a remote area of russia's urals mountains the mystery around their deaths remains unsolved but now russian investigators have decided to reopen the case numerous possible reasons for what happened to be put forward everything from a snowstorm to a u.f.o. attack investigators will now look into the three most likely scenarios with more for exams the story the gruesome doubt for hiking group and one of the most remote
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regions of the u. worlds kept top secret by soviet authorities for decades back in february nine hundred fifty nine a group of nine experienced hiker is planted tracked three hundred fifty kilometers through extremely harsh terrain all were young graduate students full of pope and excitement for the trip. and here we are on the train with sang all the songs that we know learned new ones everyone goes to sleep at three am i wonder what awaits us on this trip what will we find and the last notes of their travel diary the group's leaders shared some of their experiences prior to the tragedy tired and exhausted we started preparing for the night not enough i would. we started a fire with logs to time to dig for a pit we had supper right in the tent it's warm little did they know that this was
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the last time they would set up the tent when the group failed to send a signal of the schedule and point a rescue operation was launched and the scene that rescuers found still raises chills first the tant was found on a slope which translates from the local dialect as mountain of the dad the tent had been cut with a sharp object from the inside the turn two was torn down and covered with snow it was no the group's belongings and shoes had been left behind the first two bodies shoeless and dressed only in their underwear were found under a large point one and a half kilometers from the tant three more bodies lay on the way to the tent searching for the remaining full of victims to come more then two months they were finally found under four metres of snow in
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a nearby creek deep in the woods three of the hikers had massive internal injuries which investigators still cannot explain major skull damage chest fractures one woman had her eyes tongue and part of the lips missing we couldn't establish the reason why all the group all members left the tent half naked that's absolutely unclear assad criminal probe could not a step. the reasons for the victim's shocking condition the final report stated only that the people had been killed by an unknown overwhelming force the incident has sparked many theories over more than half a century and avalanche secret military tests radiation paranormal activity or even u.f.o. . but in a coach i never reporting this so that's how things are looking so i thought that i here were not safe but back again as usual at the top the.
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country's gone into a nihilistic fever just want to thank god it hit the road and get out to travelling across america to find what makes america take the charlatans the genius of the quintessential american hero this is it we've come a point around which element is going inside we always are on the margins something . called song culture is really important because. we're starting last with is going to headed east into the swamp we're going into the belly of the beast i think i want to leave now doesn't get any more gonzo than it may be completely different but the end of this journey. i mean i mean i didn't know where you are years but. it's one of.
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those whom you know most of the both a billion euros a year was notable just a little bit of money but really you know. we use the ways the ways the i did my best college not the wide. world. needs of the media this is. one of those. is what you. know it's there you know.
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it's the end of the weekend this is boom but broadcasting around the world and covering the world of business and finance for the impact on all of us i'm part children in washington and we're very pleased you chose to join us thank you for being with us coming up today the january jobs report for the u.s. is out with a whopping number we'll take a closer look at the data details and then take a little trip around the world and check out unemployment around the globe and security tokens are they the new darlings of crypto one block chain was the c.e.o. of octo grace trover plus later there is new news on opioids and how one company allegedly pushed and tried to hawk americans on the drugs they were wildly successful in that effort todd neely who's written extensively about opioids joins us all that directly ahead but first let's get some headlines let's go.


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