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tv   News  RT  February 2, 2019 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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and there is still be an effort to demonize that country and the leader of that country. we have a responsibility for the whole. and we need to make rules for the rest. because without us there would be. in a tit for tat response russia says it's suspending participation in a key nuclear treaty after the u.s. made the same friday.
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other headlines yellow vest protesters clashed with police in paris demonstrators gather for a twelfth weekend then a row. as the venezuelan crisis escalates thousands take to the streets of the capital to back self-proclaimed president one. pro-government demonstrators reply with their own mass rally. thanks for joining us on all things national live from moscow. welcome to the program. vladimir putin has announced that moscow suspending its participation in a key nuclear treaty the president called it a mere response softer the same move from washington on friday. for many years we have proposed disarmament talks but our initiatives have not found the support of our partners in fact they always find
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a pretext for dismantling the global security system that's why i've asked our foreign and defense ministries to keep their doors open for dialogue but also not to initiate any talks on the issue. well today washington officially suspends its participation in the i.n.f. treaty and it's just one episode throughout many years of dead end talks with the united states about disarmament and now russia has decided the time for empty talks has come to a close russian president vladimir putin has said that the u.s. his refusal to heed previous russian calls for disarmament is leading to an in danger moment of international security and so a mere response would mean not just the holding off of participation on russia's and in the i.m.f. treaty but also a taking up of research with regard to staying on par with the united states however he also said that this does not mean russia's going to embroil itself in a costly and drawn out arms race with the west now russian foreign minister sergei
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lavrov also said that the us has been violating this treaty since one thousand nine hundred ninety nine specifically with its use of unmanned military drones and he also took a couple jabs at the united states m.k. forty one vertical missile launch system used by the u.s. navy now this is been in service since one thousand nine hundred eighty six and it has a ninety nine percent success rate since twenty four team the u.s. is deployed in europe is a full two one missile launches which is suitable for american tomahawk missiles which is a direct violation of the treaty these missile launches. and already to be constructed in poland russia's defense ministry released a statement talking about washington's long time violations of the treaty two years ago before the public unsubstantiated accusations against russia and suppose that violation of the on the treaty washington has already not only made the decision
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but to do then started preparing to manufacture a medium and shorter range missiles bound by the treaty and the statement read specifically up. about a u.s. military industrial corporation called raytheon located in tucson arizona it says programs were launched back in june twenty seventh teen for the expansion and production of missiles banned by the i.n.f. treaty and that's led a lot of people in the russian government to suggest more than just political mirror reactions to what the united states is doing russia's defense minister said that some changes need to be made to the russian three m. fifty four caliber cruise missiles right now they can only be launched from the sea but some plans are in the works to change that. with the justin work on the dup and russia's caliber missile launch systems from maritime to land based ones we also suggest beginning to work on a new land base high privilege stability to commit short to medium range now of
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course these are only suspensions of participation in the i.n.f. treaty but with diplomatic solutions looking less and less likely it's very likely that we'll be seeing serious developments in this story in the coming days. that russia has spoken of the need to boost its military capabilities amid difficult relations with the united states last year about the number of key improvements to exhaust. tricky situation russia says it was forced to come up with a weapon capable of bypassing missile defenses in order to restore nuclear parity the can joe make thirty one can launch hypersonic missiles that can travel at more than ten times the speed of sound thanks to that and that unpredictable dejected they are unstoppable the oven god hypersonic vehicle can fly it up to twenty times the speed of sound an i.c.b.m. will take it to an altitude of several dozen kilometers from where it can dive head
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first back to earth a top speed with a crop like maneuverability dodging any missile defenses. in contrast when other existing ballistic missiles reenter the atmosphere they fly at a preset trajectory making the midi targets for a.b.m. systems sama might seem like an ordinary i.c.b.m. but its range is much longer the legendary topple and missiles can only take the shortest route from the a.b.m. systems some and can travel via the north or the south pole where there's no missile shield and it will still hit its target but most importantly summit is a heavy missile capable of carrying more than twenty warheads that's five times more than the previous generation missiles a bit of a sneak nuclear powered cruise missile is a unique weapon it's basically the same as an american tomahawk whereas the whole hold range is limited to two and a half thousand kilometers because of fuel constraints russia's new missile can fly indefinitely it can take any power to avoid missile defenses.
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just like the side and on a lot of drugs similar to the regular drones are used to except these a submarine launched in kabul at incredible speed towards that target under the sea they run so deep that no equipment can track them even if they texted their high speed prevents them from being intercepted the new weapons community together to neutralize any existing missile defense systems in joke and destroy ground based a.b.m. systems because sidon drones take. care of those at sea then disarm at having guard and cruise missiles can be launched towards the target bypassing any remaining barriers on top of that there's also a combat laser complex of it which is unique because it almost instantly delivers an energy to a target and has an unlimited battle reserves of developing new weapons is not a belligerent move rather a move to restore parity perhaps this time the call for a balance of full and fair treatment on the ground will be heard when you actually mean you should we can dream up that there would be that everything. national
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commission says few moments in the museum if you were going to go look when you're wealthy or flush your computer in your you could speak. in the city wouldn't you and that's that america has been threatening for some time to withdraw from the i.m.f. treaty alleging as we've heard that russia is in violation of it denies this and invited the u.s. to come and see for itself artie's igor's that offer looks at how the u.s. has been ramping up the pressure. the trumpet ministration is said to go down in history as the deal killer its approach is as time tested as it is straightforward and you start with the big and blunt accuse ation for years russia has violated the terms of the intermediate range nuclear forces really without remorse any intelligence clear and coherent facts of the presumed violation no need to bother with those for all you know they can be totally utterly nonexistent because if you
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repeat an allegation enough times there's a good chance it will become a given russia has violated russia's violation russia shamelessly violates it the russians are violation of the agreement the russians have been violated and have documented is being violated by the russians let the charge sink in for a while and it's time to switch to threats here comes the pinnacle of the scheme and ultimatum if russia does not return to fall in verifiable compliance with the treaty within the six month period by verifiably destroying its violating missiles there launchers associated equipment the treaty will terminate other side of the story easy just stay deaf to any counter-argument and build on the empty accusations white house officials have named to the weapon they believe violates the treaty russia in turn invited to the u.s. to come and examine it personally but since the u.s.
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ignores russia's attempts at corp those offers are apparently worthless for washington's allies as well as the response russia has long violated the treaty i and if true it is no longer contributes to global and regional security totally agree with the us decision u.k. and allies are clear that russia alone is responsible for the demise of the i.n.f. treaty yeah apparently more schools eagerness to prove. void open access to something as sensitive as a key new russian made cruise missile is not very fire ball enough for nato we have to be or it's an alarming development and we see that we are stepping back. behind. the cold war era the end of europe on the other hand to seize the iron of deal as one of the few documents preventing it from being blown get right into the middle of
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a new arms race between the us and russia yet while the e.u. has been very consistent pleading for the treaty to stay now it is torn between obligations to its transatlantic big brother and well instinct of self-preservation so we must prepare for a world without the un if. i want to we definitely don't want to see our continent million back to being a battlefield or a place where. other superpowers confront themselves there is a need for dialogue with russia for our part the german foreign minister and i will do everything to pave the way for talks within the six month period apart from that made to will ferrell is sas what the u.s. withdrawal would mean it is important to keep the window for dialogue open and in fact washington doesn't mind admitting whose interests it's putting first make no mistake about president transmissions at present transmissions that is to make sure
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that any agreement that we entered into has america's best interest we will move forward with developing our own military response options and will work with nato and other allies and partners to deny russia any military advantage from its unlawful conduct but trump doesn't want to see the concept of the end of a deal destroyed completely he says he wants a better one i hope that we're able to. get everybody at a very big and beautiful room and do a new treaty that would be much better yet he's maimed to so many deals the u.s. has sworn to stay committed to one might wonder why anyone would be unaware enough to trust the states again all we now have six months time to step up international pressure on the trump regime to change course because what we have seen not only with the i.n.f. treaty but also with other treaty obligations is that this us government is
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unwilling to fulfill its obligations and the international community can no longer just stand by and watch the latest development china has reacted negatively to trump's proposal for a new nuclear treaty beijing says that it would not like to be part of any such fresh multilateral deal to replace the on f. agreement multilateralism of the treaty involves a series of political military and legal issues that are complicated in many countries a quite concerned the top priority is to safeguard and implement the existing treaty world rather than drafting a new one to replace the old one the americans are more concerned the world china than russia so therefore at the back of their mind they need miss our oath which will go further than the five hundred to five thousand five hundred kilometers that they're allowed the i don't think they want to go further than a new course through main target will be trying to look for if you like the americans are developing weapons which they hope will reach china from europe
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and so on so therefore they only have treaty from american point of view is out of date they want a new one and when trump talks about a new treaty he's talking really about russia and georgia. police of five tear gas and water cannon protesters in paris during clashes our twelfth weekend of yellow vests protests. that. was. that. was. was. more than twenty demonstrators have reportedly been detained said and eight police officers have been injured across france this time around participants are just
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calling for social reform the baddies are dedicated and those injured by police at previous rallies both already say there were two thousand people have been injured since november seventeenth our sister channel r.t. france spoke to some protestors. bodog to do the during act two on november twenty fourth they came with friends to paris to peacefully participate in a demonstration expressed my concerns with the usual slogans michael resign at sixty two thirty one of the riot police cauldrons attacked the moving crowd and the g a lie if all tightly grenade hit my legs and exploded whitehaven son koila injured twenty five to thirty people injured and maimed mostly yellow vests in the garage those who were wounded to saw the sockets on the say weapons that are suffering see united artists vos it was obvious no difference much different made up on top of this is important because they became part of a new family and the family of the wounded i'm not the only one wounded like this
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so i became part of a larger group who were injured there are many seventeen hundred people i am good twenty three are you a person knows i was images still it was important to come today in order to at least support the speakers the person of russia made to appear meanwhile president macron surprised many with his claim that he is also a ghetto vest under certain conditions. if where you live this means being for higher paid work and a more efficient parliament than i i'm a year of this but as a columnist nick automatic updates told us that president micron and his team appear to be out of touch with the french people think this is extremely important because maybe sometimes people don't realize how tough the police are in france how they hit how violent they have been this past two weeks i have seen personally an innocent man being shot in the face just fifty centimeters away from me for doing nothing nothing at all i think macro and the people in his entourage just don't
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understand what's going on there so much distin neck did with what the french are leaving on a daily basis that they have they don't know what type of answer to bring the macro cannot come back he is over as the french president he can only give back his image he's hated by more than half the population today and i think he's dislike of people disapprove of some of his actions i'm talking about hatred. of president nicolas maduro has made a surprise announcement calling for new elections in venezuela the details on that coming right after the break.
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i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter the u.s. has over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crimes happen he did. eighty five percent of global wealth he longs to the old for rich eight point six percent market saw a thirty percent rise last year some with four hundred to five hundred trade per second per second and bitcoin rose to twenty thousand dollars. china is building a two point one billion dollar a i industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only number you need to remember is one one business show you can't afford to miss the one and only.
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welcome back swati international the standoff in venezuela continues to escalate in a speech at a mass pro-government rally in the capsule president maduro announced plans for fresh elections the national assembly that's just a show controlled by the opposition in wattle positioning to why dog is trying to get the public support for opening humanitarian aid sent as. some of the twenty two year old the agenda the constituent assembly has a cool situation or historical i'm clued cicle evaluation to call for early polling elections at least. very. gritty with this legislative power of the religious money by the country a move towards free elections may the people decide on a new national assembly do you agree or agree and i stand by the decision. to keep the columbia that's where the first center of humanitarian aid gathering will be and there will be two more we will announce their whereabouts in the following
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days but i am to suppose that one will be in brazil and the other will be on an island in the caribbean. but there are also reiterated calls for dog with the opposition however u.s. backed is refusing talks in his council rally on saturday again coolbaugh military forces to enjoy the opposition thousands of supporters have come onto the streets local journalists bodies are got to report from the capital where the biggest rallies are taking place. people are gathered here to protest against an equal last majeure and to demand free elections the sky was made by one white oh in other parts of the city there's also protests to support an equal last maduro as president and also to celebrate the twenty years of their revolutionary socialism but yesterday there were so strong words from the u.s. threatening nicholas maturer and wishing him an early retirement let's see what bolton had to say about this situation i wish him a long quiet retirement on
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a pretty beach far from venezuela and the sooner he takes advantage of that the center is likely to have a nice quiet retirement on a pretty beach rather than being in some other beach area like guantanamo also mike pence had something to say about nikko last month during also saying that it would be good for madura not to test the us resolve to solve the venezuelan situation let's see what mike pence had to say there's no time for dialogue this is time for . all options are on the table i. nicolas maduro would do well not to test the resolve of the united states i do feel that already tense political climate in the country a military rank today a general also backed and one white no us president and said that nicolas maduro had to leave as reportedly from the national and local press meanwhile dinosaur
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bones are divided among those who support nicolas maduro and those who supported wire wedo it's not just the opposition leader who's calling for fun as well as military to join him u.s. national security advisor john bolton also insisted that the armed forces need to stand put it on the side of the venezuelan people and quiet door section of state more composed declared support for the reconstruction of on his way to in response the president has denounced them including the us vice president as war hawks. look to flee to mr donald trump they lied to you totally lied john bolton mike pence among the three war hawks obsessed with venezuela. the e.u. actions are should be condemned by everyone in europe wedo does not have the support of the people of europe but rather that governments in europe these governments are acting as proxies for united states power in latin america let's not forget that
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the united states did exactly the same thing when it failed to use peaceful means to overthrow a targeted government that would be the libyan government in two thousand and eleven or the iraqi government in two thousand and three the united states isn't dark right now in its planning right now for military action against venezuela the u.s. effort to demonize the venezuelan government to declare it to be a dictatorship is nothing other than a propaganda pretext for regime change. has put a boy close look at the situation what is why in the latest episode all fame case you missed that. in case you missed it venezuela is going through a sponsor of political tabulates but do not worry because the good samaritans in the west are going to sort it out yeah i know. it's all a bit of a job or in venezuela there are food shortages play shows out of control the president's massage is out of control and the country doesn't want to miss wall
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title in over a decade and now there is a potential civil war must arise and it's pretty nightmarish leader nicolas maduro has been don't think he's celso on t.v. and posing with the army take it from me down saying. not a good sign after a position leader guy joe who declared himself acting president and demanded new elections earlier this month madeira called it a coup but in a democracy there is only one vote that counts and god has it america's that's where i swear my eyes analysis of venezuela's domestic politics and i don't know what to do what's actually going on over there but this is one of those select few countries which gets almost no attention day to day in the wider world until suddenly for a brief news cycle everyone has an opinion on the u.s. and its european buddies are among voters so formed an opinion and they're now in the mood for a sprinkle of political interference not the bad kind like sending tweets and
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making new t. facebook groups the good guys for any military action imposing sanctions fermenting simple. reasons and good western samaritans cared deeply about the venezuelan in a way in which they don't care about the yemenis now even by we instilled in the korean lescott some slack that south american pusa like presidential libraries every self respecting us we used to have at least once a bad name but the likes of britain and france taking a break from failing to sort out their own political turmoil to tell them is way less to go take to. out within eight days passes and to the point here is got some powerful friends russia and china psyche to name but a few but if anyone thinks they've been caught in the middle of this law is going to be good for the lives of ordinary venezuelans history's got a different path than for you guys oh and military may come to wish that they'd sold his this one out amongst themselves.
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up to two thirty am here in moscow thanks for staying with us on all the international soon thirty five minutes for the latest global news updates. mimi let me let you go where you are your son. on t.v. it's one of. those whom you know most of us could be into yours and yours was notable just really not going to leave you. please don't leave the ways of the idea but not so much. more. than you
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know this is you. know one of those. little. these get. you know it's a movie a. streak of a stale a country's oil you know just touch on this for a moment charlie i mean scotland does have a lot of oil and the whole thing is mightily confusing so the u.s. could consider invading britain right now during this breaks of turf awful and take control scottish oil i mean i'm all for the. united states can always had a right. to use its tax on other countries. economic sanctions or are often just the beginning another thing you like to do is
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place some military pressure on the countries a true talking about. and there has to be an effort to demonize that country and the leader of that country because. we have a responsibility for the home. and we need to make rules for the rest. because without us there will be chaos. come on come to redacted tonight this is
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a comedy show where americans in america covering american news are called foreign agents so let's take a second to go over the big three the big three things that seem to really cause the united states to want to overthrow or bring down a foreign government if you have one of these three things the u.s. might screw with you if you have two of these things for us well yeah finitely screw with you if you have three of these things then look behind you right now because the u.s. is currently growing. number one the being a socialist country that's right if you don't have the same economic system as us home and we will cut your mother. number two dropping the u.s. dollar iraq drop the dollar a run drop the dollar libya drop the dollar pakistan dropped a dollar in trade with china and the following day we added them to the list of
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countries violating religious freedom. i'm not kidding we do not take kindly to dropping the dollar but that doesn't apply to men as well and elves and as well i never did. right. then as well as two out of the big three but the number three reason we try to bring down other countries is because they have oil or other resources in venezuela does it stand. the world's leader in all. reserves. it's only the world of. jupiter's moon europa has more. in case anyone was wondering and that is why the us is trying to create a coup in venezuela right now. because government and our government is doing it with the support of every mainstream media channel
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you know merica from him and that's an.


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