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radical restructuring of the american economy and how people will live what the plan does not address is how much it costs how much we have to go into the red become green. order. i. syria to months action from the un security council after accusing the u.s. led coalition of killing sixteen civilians in
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a bombing raid over the border with iraq. leaks documents reveal that based campaign group was offering to spread its negative news about qatar and it gets to strip the gulf kingdom of the twenty twenty two world cup. europe faced with an economic crisis without precedent this progressive continent it's people my question for you mr conti is how much longer will you continue to be the puppet. strong words exchanged in the european parliament with italy's prime minister puppets after he accuses you of being out of touch. is just ten three pm here in moscow welcome to r.t. international. syria is demanding action from the united nations security council
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damascus accuses the u.s. led coalition of killing sixteen civilians and injuring dozens in a bombing raids over the border with iraq. video agency raptly filmed the aftermath of what appears to have been a combination of strikes and shelling mark gasnier takes a closer look. syria again is accusing the united states of war crimes february twenty ninth in the u.s. led coalition committed a new crime against innocent syrian civilians is were playing targeted a civilian camp in the village of who's in the countryside of the governorate of. sixteen civilians including seven children were killed and seventy civilians most of them women and children were injured syria again calls on the un security council to stand up against these crimes and the turks and to shoulder its responsibilities in the maintenance of international peace and security here is what happened in. syria is
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a small village which happens to be one of the last islamic state on claves in syria and it is in the firing line the u.s. led coalition its troops and allies on the ground pressing it from all sides and the media's there to watching this isis village burton final push to defeat isis the villages their last remaining stronghold in northeastern syria days away from victory days before they saw the end of the caliphate the problem and a serious one at that is that aside from the five six hundred isis fighters there are hundreds upon hundreds of civilians innocent whom the terror group was holding hostage using as human shields liquid you can lucian killed a lot of families they killed a lot of fatherless a lot of children this time the u.s. led coalition hit a mosque and the coalition has
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a rule never to hit mosques they're protected except when it stops being a mosque because the pentagon says so this mosque lost its. protected status when isis deliberately chose to use it as a command and control center lot of first time they hit the mosque which stopped being a mosque packed with people the incident near aleppo springs to mind yes the coalition takes all reports of civilian casualties seriously investigates for months or years writes an apology note when everyone's forgotten and moved on almost always the terrorists' fault yes the u.s. is fighting terrorists in syria but it was never invited to it invited itself then to be able to say good job boys we beat isis it should be formally announced sometime probably next week that we will have one hundred percent of the caliphate
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. but i want to wait for the official word and i want to say too early we have won against isis we've beaten them and we've beaten him badly now we've won you could in that vacuum see a resurgence of isis see a resurgent you know they're winning out we'll come back if we have to. move at least ex-pat caffe says washington has found a new way to explain away uncomfortable tree. what we know for sure that the americans showed disregard for human life and for infrastructure what is happening this time around is that previously they would say you know we would donate investigation whenever a large pool of civilians lives were lost nowadays they seem to have a pre preset justification so for example yesterday they bombed a mosque in the same village holds and they've issued a statement that we bombed a former mosque which lost its status because he was turned by a dietitian to
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a command and control center so now they've come prepared for whatever criticism they might face but we don't think that this acuity council will will take any step their words that the united states is not alone in this sort of illegal. presence in syria had. leaked documents reveal that u.k. based campaign group proposed a plan to strip cats are of the twenty twenty two fee for world cup itself and to run a p.r. blitz to spreads negative news about the gulf kingdom in return for a hefty fee the group headed by a prominent u.k. strategic hiran former british prime minister david cameron's election campaign fear chef ski picks up the story. it's almost a tradition now that every time a major football tournament is to take place scaremongering about the host country gets into full swing unless it's a country like germany of course in less than four years qatar will become the
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first middle eastern state to host the world cup and everyone's got something to say there are even whole books written about it qatar has won its right through foul means the tiny middle east country of qatar may have won the right to host it due to a secret campaign to sabotage rival beard's sunday times newspaper is alleging that those involved in katter's world cup bid team ran a kind of secret black ops campaign designed to sabotage its main rivals bits this time however it may have gone beyond just bad headlines newly documents seen only by the guardian newspaper and the spin watch competing groups suggest that a famous political strategist company c.d.f. partners was speech to a contract to make sure qatar's dream of welcoming the world's best footballers collapsed how by spreading negative stories about qatar in the mainstream media associating dollar with terrorism running fake grassroots campaigns and social
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media and lobbying friendly politicians journalists and academics we have a chance to talk to professor david miller from the spin watch group to initially this is the other techniques of the p.r. world isn't this deception as many puting social media trying to propose the problem with the qatari government as it is supports terrorism and extremists in the muslim world now of course this is a set of techniques which they've used before to try in suggest that the country should isolate which are based on nothing very much the c.t.f. partners company both a major success in political campaigning it led the u.k.'s conservative party to an unexpected general election victory in twenty fifteen it's. and they hear this sir lynton crosby was awarded night hood from the van prime minister david cameron so there is little surprise that somebody would hire these company for
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a job probably just as difficult to put direct pressure on sci fi to reverse its decision about holding the twenty twenty two world cup in qatar here's a quote from the leaked documents we would identify all potential allies in the media politics industry academia and government should reach out to them going a deliberate attempt to inform and motivate them about the need to reconsider cattles hosting of the world cup in twenty twenty two below suggested that the c.t.f. partners company was interested in that job not only given it and name project ball detailing the concrete plans to fulfill it but even putting a price tag on it three hundred thousand pounds a month with the overall price for the contract exceeding five million however in a statement to the guardian it denied and tearing into that contract it is legitimate for one party to use the services of people or entities or clients to put important information into the public domain and in fact two men are the big
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question is who was the client both the guardian and spin watch point at qatari opposition figure. who is based in london and has a history of organizing events against the ruling powers of three hundred thousand pounds a month for a p.r. contract for this client to. want to be qatari prince who lives in london. we have reached out to hollywood all hail for comment but we haven't heard from him yet according to the lawyers for cross protect never took up the contract so that's what we're led to believe is the case so it's not entirely clear whether the coroner. in. so we're still unsure but there is no direct evidence that such a legit attempts to hire political strategists to discredit host countries of a major tournament have existed before would ask yourselves would you be surprised
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if it ever surfaces considering that every time the world is about to enjoy a feast of football the media politicians are having a field day. reporting from moscow. we contacted c.t.f. partners about the matter but their response failed to shed much light we've asked them for a favor clarification we'll let you know what they come back with. italy's prime minister has rejected claims he's a puppet made by a prominent politician in the european parliament the accusation was flung that's just said picante after he delivered a key speech in strauss back well let's go live to our europe correspondent peter all of a for more on this peter what exactly was the spots abouts. it was quite the deb you speak from the italian prime minister addressing the european parliament in strasburg just seppi conte outlined the future of the union as italy
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sees a those well challenges to achieving the goals that rome wants to achieve his speech which caused a bit of consternation in the chamber in fact. senior parliamentarian certainly no shrinking violet himself went as far as to call the italian pm a puppet. of the european project seems to have lost its momentum but we have seen the transfer of power is increasingly from the countries to the union my question for you mr conti is how much longer will you continue to be the puppet on salvini and in my own strings europe faced with an economic crisis without precedent has withdrawn fifth alien to procedural ism and it has progressively lost contact with its people it is so painful for me to see italy's political degeneration progressively in this policy has lost its representative justification to become an oligarchy system where the real needs of society are ignored that it is your
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government that is openly spiteful against other member states who are members of our european family it is the italian government that is start the european union from being united against madeira and you know why it's come under pressure from the kremlin under pressure from putin that is the truth. or just happy content they did have a few voices of support in the chamber they came from british m.-e. peace who have been backing brags that. mr constant the determination of your government to resist the privileged power access of merkel and macron and indeed to resist the pressures of the european union elites on show here today you deserve applause for that. the european union top brass and rome have been going back and forward for a while now big arguments last year over the budget that was put forward by the italian government it included things like tax breaks for low in middle income
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earners a lowering of the retirement age and a multi billion euro universal income plan all of the good stuff she said problem exists and is broke its debt stands at one hundred thirty one percent of g.d.p. trying to put forward a budget that provided these things but it's just against the rules of being part of the european union it's against the financial restrictions that are put in place that. eventually did cave in to brussels over this budget and adopted something that was within the in the remit that they were given but they go to come back and back for more we've heard from the deputy prime minister. he's also the interior minister of italy he described it mr comments as shameful and he said that at the upcoming european elections those that have supported brussels bureaucracy well they may well find themselves ousted by the people at the ballot box but spare
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a thought though for some of those at the upper echelons of the european union structure at the moment they've got poland and hungary certainly not playing the game the way they would like it to be played in brussels italy i think we can definitely say or in that group as well and with all of that there's a little thing called briggs it going on as well. europe correspondent peter levey thank you. now the u.s. state of north dakota thinking to restrict access to public records related to place and government operations that's after a number of your enforcement to be says who are exposed to more pin picks up the story there are members of protests out in standing rock in response to the dakota access shale oil pipeline it seems like all. old news but two cases are actually pending in federal court still and at this point we've got many people who can remember how horrified they were when they saw the government's response to peaceful protesters.
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her. well critical legal information about what actually happened during those protests may soon be unavailable to the public a billion animists lee pass by the north dakota state senate would forbid the publishing of information and records related to quote critical infrastructure that
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term might sound vague but pipelines are actually included and now they say that this new law is necessary because of cyber security but it's going to be a big relief to police and other law enforcement agencies that actually complained about the release of such information in a document that was made public via records request however they were far more critical and e-mails that were leaked one non credentialed media group involved in high profile actions would request publicly available records to a done a fine law enforcement agencies and persons involved i'm still doing some checking on the legality of everything and what i'm forced to release. is there a preemptive way to prevent the city of bismarck from disclosing any law enforcement product produced by bureau of indian affairs personnel leaked documents also show that a private security firm known as tiger swan was heavily involved in the crackdown on the protesters documents show them referring to the protesters as jihad us and
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insurgents since the movement generally followed the jihad this insurgency model while active we can expect the individuals who fought for and supported to follow a post insurgency model after its collapse but despite all the bad press and protests the dakota access oil pipeline is moving forward trump signed that on his fourth day in office to kota excess play. again subject terms and conditions to be negotiated by this. and if the new north dakota law sealing records actually goes forward we may never know the full story of what happened when protesters got in the way of powerful oil companies up and r.t. new york. trival protests in venezuela over the build up to u.s. aid that story after the break.
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you know world's big partners through a lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to get the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smart we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the troops the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks. now competition the stock price discovery see and a fake crisis in fake prices beget fake there's that's what comes out of fake prices fake news you'll get respect is restore competition in the marketplace to
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get real prices and then you'll get real. welcome back that the major protests across venezuela off to the opposition called it supporters on to the streets over the standoff regarding the us eight. who proclaimed himself interim leader has set a ten day deadline to get blocked a deliveries into the country president nicolas madore meanwhile doesn't believe the convoys have anything to do with delivering humanitarian aid both men addressed crowds have supported this. thing keep inviting soldiers of the country to join us will keep inviting the humanitarian aid to enter. because it will answer in
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venezuela no matter what because usurper will have to leave when us will know me. matter what i i want to unite venezuela around one goal of peace i want peace for venezuela we all want peace for venezuela but the drums of war go away with the threats of military intervention let venezuelans say in one chorus with a single voice we want peace venezuela has suffered food and medicine shortages hyperinflation and has seen more than two million people flee the country on monday quite day took to twitter to say that the festival every of humanitarian aid had already been made including medicine for pregnant mothers children however it's not clear how he can be in a position to say that if that's because majority has blocked u.s. aid shipments fairing that washington may be using them to assist. one of their
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kids and everywhere this would be a bridge between colombia and venezuela however mature awarded that tank is be placed across the roads with the military also guarding the crossing bus it's worth noting that this bridge is two years old and has never been officially opens or used in the meantime venezuelans from maine split on whether to support u.s. aid delivery. that long why there is calling for a fatal war because it is a war against all the people of moore and his were not only against the president of the republic it is against all the people of when as well. your fear is from other countries cannot happen over the heads of the venezuelan people we chose nicolas maduro not. as well as in crisis that's no secret and we need the humanitarian aid but it would be a blessing from have been for this humanitarian aid to inter-country because we need it not everyone but those who are in hospital for example there are suffering
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a lot. macau tinka salles a professor of latin american studies says any pretense of this crisis being a democratic process happening venezuela is nonsense. unfortunately i think that a washington will continue on its current course of action this is become an ideological issue for them when you have a mass to marco rubio you have michael pale you have mr john bolton and now elliott abrams directing foreign policy in washington a sensually taking over the function of the state department we are essentially embarked on a course of regime change the us has embarked on this course previously since which of us was elected in one nine hundred ninety eight the us assad regime change across three different governments bush obama and now trump and will continue to see an escalation of conflict in the context of venezuela versus the us.
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meanwhile just across the caribbean sea haiti has seen the sixth day of violence and unrest in the capital during anti government protests all seventy eight detainee set a local jail when able to escape one pass and was reportedly shot says and several protesters were badly injured. chris and those reports he took advantage while place were distracted by the anti-government demonstration protesters are demanding that the president of the poorest country in the caribbean step down thank you so him and his government of corruption and the angry and widespread economic hardship the posix days have seen violence loosing employees cautious resulting in five deaths. ok i'm going to my right eye but. i do. what i want to do with it and he
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put it up at all but i see. the to was rich people want to come running down to everything and we have to come as a proper place to tell you how can you do something like this when antigovernment protests erupted in venice way into the u.s. was quick to recognize the opposition as legitimate and to impose sanctions on caracas and the case of the state department to saying issued a travel security let's kma if they have to if the haitian newspaper haiti liberte thinks the u.s. is pursuing a hypocritical foreign policy. he is benefited over the past decade from a tremendous support from venezuela to the tune of four billion dollars worth of oil which was provided to the haitians instead of this money was largely embezzled
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in this huge but it should be said that the venezuelan oil was essentially cut the petrol career was cut by the trump administration posing sanctions on venezuela back in october two thousand and seventeen thereby india to cheap oil that was cheap the teachers are going to be a flow so the haitian people are fed up they want this government out not only are they hungry inflation is double digit unemployment is double digit the economy is in a freefall b. us is complete double standard they are reluctant to. sanction the haitian government because the haitian government is. giving them the service of its vote in the organization of american states. you know now today to the latest twelve nice now programs on take continue in just
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a few moments. after the previous stage of my career was over everyone wondered what i was going to do next the boat the boat different clubs on one hand it is logical to sit in the home fields where everything is familiar on the other i wanted a new challenge and the fresh perspective i'm used to surprising people and i saw one on t.v. . i'm going to talk about football not the or else i just think i was going to the. by the way ways of that slide here. after
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a rather bumpy rollout the new green deal is upon us co-sponsored by democratic firebrand alexandria ocasio cortez the plan for sees a radical restructuring of the american economy and how people will live but the plan does not address is how much it cost how much will we have to go into the red become green. reading sell you taishan. contrary to popular book popular belief among chickenhawk politicians and government all military leaders there is no such thing as a civilian safe war war is how wars especially hell for the innocent civilians caught in it. crossfire and it appears my hawk watchers that the pentagon might finally be waking up to that very fact yes the u.s.
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military is quietly after years and years of ignoring criticism actually launching a major examination of civilian deaths as a result of its military operations i i kid you not i swear according to missy ryan of the washington post the far reaching initiative was to create the military ever policy and civilian casualties seeks to answer the central question why is the military's estimate of civilian deaths so much smaller than outside tally's a great example of this kind of discrepancy between the u.s. military's numbers on civilian deaths and outside tallies can be found in the pentagon's recent adventures fighting isis in syria and iraq according to the u.s. department of defense the united states has only killed approximately one thousand one hundred ninety civilians and the us led by against isis started back in two thousand and fourteen however air wars the nonprofit group who specifically
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monitors civilian casualties in war zones like iraq syria and libya well they've found the actual numbers to be roughly between seven to eleven thousand deaths that is quite the difference and the pentagon's new initiative speaking under their favorite of media monikers and anonymous former white house official told the washington post that quote this is a massive undertaking and it's about freaking time this should have happened in two thousand and two thank you mr anonymous well i guess you know hades better late than never so let's just see how serious the pentagon is about claiming civilian casualties while bombing the hell out of poor people in foreign lands as we start watching the hawks.


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