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weight. of the floor looking for the fifty pound is bill frist woody allen or that you have a whole movie about a lot of them. but i think is this is the found that is a constant. thank you. in a long awaited court decision a french former boxing champ in a sense just three years in prison for striking a police officer at a yellow vers protest in january. at least prime ministers branded a puppet at a heated debate in the e.u.
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parliament where he lambasted the blog for being out of touch with its people. europe faced with an economic crisis without precedent has withdrawn fear for me to procedure of this and it has progressively lost contact with its people my question for you mr conti is how much longer will you continue to be the puppet on salvini and to my street. and an iranian photojournalist slams donald trump a-z. bashes iran on twitter using a photo that she had taken a video to see roughly speaks exclusively to. me we. know there's a man being we might protest against the street can be defined as social. good evening and thanks for joining us this is r.t. international. a french former boxing champion has been sentenced to three years in prison after hitting a policeman at a yellow vers protest in january christopher debtor has expressed regret over his
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actions bring in our correspondent in france or do i want more details about this case schulte. well yes that's why he was told he would have a sentence of three years two of those he's expected to spend in prison and one year has been dead now the former boxer christopher death was seeing he was captured on video throwing punches tools to members on. during act eight on january fifth and the video of that incident went absolutely viral when it happened and it led to widespread manhunt looking for the man who had landed those punches on the gendarme and during that protest now back then after that video emerged one woman actually spoke out in his defense saying that he had only acted in response to herself being assaulted. they used tear gas
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against us and then started business with battles i found myself on the ground lying cold up i was then chased by the police who tried to grab me another policeman from the rapid response called in turn up and tried to grab me he punched me in the face right in the teeth and then he keep me have severe lung disease the slightest blow can cause them to tear if that happens i die the books to save my life if he hadn't done what he did i would have died on the spot. well in court today christopher had been described as having brought shame to the world of boxing now the father of three had expressed regret for his actions back on january first and he had indeed the trial was told handed himself into police two days after that video went viral just before handing himself into police he released this video on you tube describing his actions during act eight. i
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saw the repression that was i saw the police gusting us i've seen the police hurt people with flash balls i've seen people hurt acim pensioners get tear gas i've seen a lot of things i was tear gassed on the last day yes i want to dance on the riot police was gassed with my friends and my wife i was gassed and for a moment the anger came up in me yes well i reacted badly i reacted badly but i was defending myself. well after that video was released on you tube it was actually a fundraiser for bet in jail that raised more than one hundred thousand you inspire a fund raising page at that page was later taken down after criticism that some people thought he could speak suggested that it was condoning violence against the police now we know that this is the latest transfer take place in france as a result of people who have been arrested during the yellow best protest to be
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going on now in france since november seventeenth already around one thousand eight hundred individuals have received convictions for various crimes they've been committing during those protests which is turn so violent at times people describe it as being most violent riots in half a century here in france and it remains the prime minister said just a few days ago that another around one thousand one hundred still awaiting their trials to those acts that they've been arrested for in regards to the best movement meanwhile of course we're still waiting for quite a big trial to come up in the next few days is of. this one of the unofficial leaders of the yellow best's he's due to go on trial for organizing an unannounced protest kristie the death danger of course starts now those two years behind prison and one suspended act fourteen of the solutions is set to go ahead
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a saturday. of course want to bring is the latest there live from paris thank you. france is seeing another wave of protests demonstrators have taken to the streets of paris to show their anger over police violence and march was called by several activist groups to show their solidarity with people injured during the protests that have been engulfing front since november they were also there to support one victim in particular a man who had part of his home. blown off by a crowd control grenade the demonstration was held piece for the distillates one without incident. we spoke to fear in a linear who was hit in the head by a grenade in december and she claims she is on the brink of losing an arm because of it here's a story. that is told if we were on the shans allee's a it was comment first and there were very calm yellow vests around us then some who have been started vandalizing the shop on another side of the street trying to
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set fire to it policeman started to shoot to help firefighters to get through and it was the last then that i remember because after that i fell and the grenade hit my head my eyes still in great pain and will be removed in the next operation doctor said it can be saved it is painful to touch it i can't move it and i can't read it was estimated around three thousand people have been injured during the isle of us protests some of them suffering serious injuries fearing a linear i think that the current level of violence between protesters and police is far from normal it is clear. policemen are called to work every saturday i understand that they're tired but fatigue is not an excuse for everything especially for leaving people without eyes hooligans were on the road and i was on the left to explain to me why the policeman fired in my to berkshire it is not normal france is one of the oldest democratic countries in the world it is not normal that this is happening here. u.s.
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special envoy for venezuela elliott abrams is being grilled by the house committee on foreign affairs and given his past mistakes he previously admitted lying to congress about his dealings in nicaragua he face some tough questions at the hearing. questioning also to russia and china and the venezuelan debts that both countries hold abrams and bubs of the committee discussed what's being done by the us to make sure those debts are never repaid. are we discussing with the russians how we can make it plain did the permanent future venezuelan government that they do not have to pay russia the interim government the national somebody has said that they would repay debts some of those debts i think were never approved by the national assembly ultimately it is a decision that they're going to the most of these that they're going to have to make but if we put the russians on notice that we would support and require our
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banks to support a decision by the venezuelan government to offset that by trillions of dollars of claims against russia and that we would prohibit we might choose to prohibit our banks from looking at any credit rating that was impaired by a failure to repay russia don't believe that exact message i hope you will what is china doing now to help the legitimate government of venezuela they aren't doing anything to help mr are they providing any additional funds to know my information is that they won't lend any more money because they're worried about getting back what they've already went in the messages that we've passed to them is you continue to back muro and the economy of venezuela descends further you will never get paid back. down and tiley without a hitch it was interrupted several times by protests from antiwar activists. thank
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you for the opportunity to testify on our efforts to restore democracy venezuela or you know you know you. know you just said let me. write me back because that is what is always. communicable diseases that are easily preventable or resurging and once again. may i remind. you in supporting the struggle for freedom in venezuela your connected criminal you define congress like. you were here when you first read your line again that bridge was closed three years. i'm pleased to say i can speak now to our real gold who's an antiwar activist the national code director of code pink it's could speak to ireland pretty sure we just saw you there on the
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video that we were showing seemed like you were one of those see was dragged out and as i understand you were arrested just if you would take us through what happened. well i think it's really just pick up all that elliot abrams has been appointed to this position he has shown through his record to be deceitful conniving and manipulative so as he started to speak i just couldn't help myself but to stand up and tell congress to tell the foreign affairs committee don't listen to this war criminal elements and what happened when you were dragged out of the hole what kind of warning we given we threaten about your behavior. so i was arrested and taken to the police station and for. and for it was released after just
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a few hours and so here i am now ok longer than you would have appreciated i'm sure . but let's talk a bit more about president trump and the u.s. role in venezuela trump has hinted again of the military solution there let's just listen to some of his latest comments. if you've got a solution for which i think there are a number of solutions a number of different options and we look at all options. goes forward do you have a plan b. we always have will be in c. and the you know i have great flexibility and probably have more flexibility than any man that's ever been in this office so we'll see but there are many plans and we'll see where we go so basically. as always keeping it vague that he doesn't actually say anything but what he doesn't do is he doesn't rule out the possibility of a military intervention which is strange considering that you know on the campaign trail he was criticizing the u.s. campaigns in afghanistan iraq and libya why why you keep hinting that he might use
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the military. well trust administration elliott abrams and john bolton neither of them have ever met a war they didn't like elliott abrams from promoting the disastrous invasion of iraq two opposing the iran nuclear deal to his criminal involvement in the errant cow contra scandal has shown how much he wants to go to war and this is putting venezuela in a really dangerous situation most likely plunging the country into a bloody civil war and it's not what the people of venezuela want the majority of venezuelans do not want u.s. military intervention and yet we're in this dangerous situation where it's a real possibility. what you believe the brought into this and testifying before
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congress is kind of surreal it felt to me a bit like watching an arsonist being employed at the petrol station what do you make of his testimony. you know just repulsive he is completely unqualified for this position given that he's been convicted of lying to congress so he should not have been there at all in the first place i was relieved to hear at later after i had been dragged out of the room that representative omar really grilled him so that gives me a bit of hope that we do have members of the foreign relations the foreign affairs committee that are really taking him to task obviously you don't want to see military intervention what do you think would be the best solution to solve the crisis that we're seeing in venezuela at the moment. well it's so simply
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laid out mexico and erg way offer to facilitate. and negotiations are what the people of venezuela need if there is no circumstance where a u.s. orchestrated coup is a democratic process we need congress to push for an end this that the us for negotiations authoritative mexico earth way the pope. will speak to appreciate your time for coming on r.t. our real gold is my guest antiwar activist national director of code pink thank you . well as we heard during the hearing the u.s. leadership close look at chinese investments in venezuela earlier china had dismissed claims made by the wall street journal that its diplomats had met with the venezuelan opposition that's branded the report fake news the journal reported beijing had met with representatives of one seeking they said to protect investments in the crisis stricken country china has been holding talks we burn as
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well as political opposition to save guard is investments into trouble latin american nation in fact the report is false it's fake news in the pan the political analyst alessandro bruno thinks china is not actually that worried about a change of government to venezuela. i wouldn't be surprised if the chinese had met we represented why doc. nevertheless. the implications of the article from the wall street journal is that china is trying to protect its investments in venezuela that's where i find the issue troubling and perhaps cause for suspicion over the article because china doesn't need to worry about a different government or a right wing government coming in venezuela to protect its investment china has investments throughout south america china is using its soft power trade
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and loans for infrastructure projects in particular to fill in where the west has failed really and what do you notice states in particular has failed. italy's prime minister's fired back at senior european officials and so after he was accused of being a puppet of his hero skeptic government during a tense exchange in e.u. parliament the sceptic on tape delivered a scathing assessment of brussels saying its no longer in touch with its citizens. the european project seems to have lost its momentum but we have seen the transfer of power is increasingly from countries to the union my question for you mr conti is how much longer will you continue to be the puppet on salvini and in my own strings. europe faced with an economic crisis without precedent has withdrawn fifa lead to procedural ism and it is progressive lost contact with its people it is so painful for me to see italy's political degeneration. progressively in this
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policy has lost its representative justification and become an oligarchy system where the real needs of society are ignored it is your government that is openly spiteful against other member states who are members of our european family it is the italian government that is start the european union from being united against madeira and you know why it's come under pressure from the kremlin under pressure from putin that is the truth it was quite the debut speech at the european parliament in strasburg by the italian prime minister just seppi conti outlining the future of the european union as italy sees it and also looking at the challenges to the goals that rome wants to achieve his speech caused consternation in the chamber we heard from. the senior european parliamentarians and certainly no shrinking violet going as far as calling prime minister come to a puppet there was some support for the italian prime minister in the chamber from
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british m.e.p. mr concert the determination of your government to resist the privileged power access of merkel and macron and indeed to resist the pressures of the european union elites on show here today you deserve applause for that the european union top brass and rome have been going back and forward for a while now big arguments last year over the budget that was put forward by the italian government it included things. like tax breaks for low in middle income earners a lowering of the retirement age and a multi-billion euro universal income plan all of the good stuff big problem is italy is broke its debt stands at one hundred thirty one percent of g.d.p. trying to put forward a budget this provided these things well it's just against the rules of being part of the european union rome eventually did cave in to brussels but they got to come back and back for more we've heard from the deputy prime minister. he's also the
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interior minister of italy he described it mr comments as shameful and he said that at the upcoming european elections those that have supported brussels bureaucracy well they may well find themselves ousted by the people at the ballot box but spare a thought though for some of those at the upper echelons of the european union structure at the moment they've got poland and hungary certainly not playing the game the way they would like it to be played in brussels italy i think we can definitely say are in that group as well and with all of that there's a little thing called break that going on as well political activists the billionaire george soros has also weighed in suggesting the e.u. could collapse just like the soviet union sources pro e.u. forces to unite before the upcoming parliamentary elections before it's too late for an answer compared the current european leadership to the us as us politburo
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saying it's been issuing irrelevant directives you also gave a stark warning suggesting euro skeptic parties might emerge victorious in may's ballot but an adviser to the league party which is a part of italy's ruling coalition believe the europeans are eager for change. it only is not there anymore dog that someone green get put on the ball in the g seven and the just the steel that believes that don't don't speak don't see anything because you are like a dog that just stay on the cheer now dolly is speaking it only is same it only has a brain as a wheel as a saw it only is a power any europe but we are an example for the new europe the europe of the people although we looked at people and not the europe of the europe or. the europe of the elite now they are very angry about that the government of the people they are very scared about that a new election in europe and in this case we are assured that the people of europe
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will change the government of europe that now is. keep in the hands of few people. and if any photographer has lashed down to donald trump after he allegedly used her photograph of a protest in an iran bashing tweet yell them or yeti said that the photo was used without permission and that it was a great shame for the u.s. president published a tweet in both farsi and english on monday as iranians were marking the fortieth anniversary of the overthrow of the u.s. bank char the elder moira condemned trump saying a photo shows shouldn't be abused by quote men in washington that you wait to see roughly spoke exclusively with the photojournalist at. a new i have no twitter account and someone sent a picture to me i wanted to react at that time because i'm a patient it took a long time i did not expect this picture to become viral because i was thinking
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that i had taken better pictures wow sometimes things happen in a way that we do not expect. a lengthy instagram post in which she slammed him and his policies saying u.s. sanctions are devastating the lives of ordinary iranians. tourism and intrigued my protest against the street can be defined as social to be more precise there are always people who can travel to iran for different occasions like wedding parties or funerals in our forests years face time in order to be in touch with their families so it is clearly painful to me and it also affects my personal life my family is in us and we haven't seen each other for four years because of the travel ban and you feel like my family was in a prison because we could not even visit each other in another country when you do hand the economic and social impact of the sanctions that affected people including
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those who are not interested in political issues caused me to show a symbolical protest it was not something like a legal complaint or any other thing. league documents are claimed to reveal a u.k. based campaign group was asked to come up with a plan to try to get qatar stripped of the world cup in twenty twenty two the firm allegedly proposed to run a p.r. blitz to spread negative news about the gulf kingdom in return for a hefty fee for groups headed by a prominent u.k. based strategist your own former british pm david cameron's successful election campaign. picks up a story. it's almost a tradition now that every time a major football tournament is to take place scaremongering about the host country gets into full swing unless it's a country like germany of course and less than four years qatar will become the first middle eastern state to host the world cup and everyone's got something to
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say there are even whole books written about it qatar country of qatar may have won the right to host it due to a secret. pain to sabotage rival begins sunday times newspaper is alleging that those involved in katter's world cup bid team ran a kind of secret black ops campaign designed to sabotage its main rivals bits this time however it may have gone beyond just bad headlines newly documents seen only by the guardian newspaper and the spin watch comparing groups suggest that a famous political strategist company c.d.f. partners was speech to a contract to make sure qatar's dream of welcoming the world's best footballers collapsed how by spreading negative stories about qatar in the mainstream media associating dollar with terrorism running fake grassroots campaigns and social media and lobbying friendly politicians journalists and academics we have a chance to talk to professor david miller from the spin watch group to initially
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this is the other techniques of the p.r. world isn't this deception as many puting social media trying to propose the problem with the qatari government is it to support terrorism and extremists in the muslim world now of course this is a set of techniques which they've used and which are based on nothing very much the c.t.f. partners company both a major success in political campaigning it led the u.k.'s conservative party to an unexpected general election victory in twenty fifteen it's found they hear us sir lynton crosby was awarded knighthood from the van prime minister david cameron so there is little surprise that somebody would hire these company for a job probably just as difficult to put direct pressure on thief or to reverse its decision about holding the twenty twenty two world cup in qatar here's a quote from the leaked documents we would identify all potential allies in the media politics industry academia and government should reach out to them going
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a deliberate attempt to inform and motivate them about the need to reconsider cattles hosting of the world count him. twenty twenty two bill so suggested that the c.t.f. partners company was interested in that job not only given it and name project ball detailing the concrete plans to fulfill it but even putting a price tag on it three hundred thousand pounds a month with the overall price for the contract exceeding five million however in a statement to the guardian it denied and tearing into that contract it is legitimate for one party to use the services of people or entities or clients to put important information into the public domain and in fact two men are the big question is who was the client both the guardian and spin watch point at qatari opposition figure. who is based in london and has a history of organizing events against the ruling powers of three hundred thousand
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pounds a month for a p.r. contract for this client to is some kind of a clue a boy want to be qatari prince who lives in london. it's kind of weird we have reached out to hollywood all hail for comment but we haven't heard from him yet according to the lawyers for cross protect never took up the contract so that's what we're led to believe is the case so it's not entirely clear whether the coroner. involved the court because part of not so we're still unsure but there is no direct evidence that such a legit attempts to hire political strategists to discredit host countries of a major tournament have existed before but ask yourself would you be surprised if it ever surfaces considering that every time the world is about to enjoy a feast of football the media and politicians are having a field day. reporting from moscow. well we did make contact with c.t.f.
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partners about the matter their response they felt to shed much light we have asked them for further clarification we've also contacted faith of their reaction they told us they have no comment on the story. although plenty of comments latest headlines and updates in our top story see you in half an hour. after a rather bumpy rollout the new green deal is upon us co-sponsored by democratic firebrand alexandria ocasio what does the plan foresees a radical restructuring of the american economy and how people will live but the
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plan does not address is how much it cost how much will we have to go into the red become green. we'll show you the move. for instance so that. you can go to the jetsons to. do most instill some good. sense to ensure. no i'm still most of those who choose to shoot your goods in your garage or to solicit you but will so those with the distance to do was move in small. groups local and slowly.


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