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i make it out of. hand i'm not playing. the. line without international in the headlines this lunchtime pakistan says it shot
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down two indian air force jets today over disputed kashmir capturing its disputed to be confirmed two pilots thirty one maybe two we'll tell you all about it also ahead of the rising tensions of the venezuela colombia border the crisis reaches the u.n. security council now another story we're following. through and his cronies and some in this body claim that delivering humanitarian assistance is a political show like let's call a spade s.p. washington soul is not resolving the problems of the people for regime change tracking this to that highly anticipated second summit between donald trump and north korean leader kim jong un set to get under way in vietnam and in the u.k. in the landmark case for one british police forces were found guilty of discrimination after it rejected a white heterosexual male applicant who got the story.
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good afternoon just after midday in moscow the twenty seventh of february this wednesday morning is kevin zero in for me the rest of the team think you have as much for joining us here in moscow today busy news day around the world shaping up first off and a dramatic escalation to tell you about in tension between india and pakistan it's been brewing for the last couple of days but there's more developments islam about now claims it shot two indian air force jets in its airspace over kashmir and arrested seventy one maybe two pilots it depends which news was you looking at nicaea and i correspond course this has a say great deal of conflicting information but no matter how you look at it culturally at the bug with conflict at the moment it's getting quite serious and it absolutely whichever way you look at it these tensions between india and pakistan are reaching dangerous unprecedented levels even let's not forget that what we're dealing with they are not just two very powerful countries but nuclear armed photos
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so whatever happens it doesn't as threatened at this region or those two countries but the rest of the world as well kashmir has always been hotly contested between india and pakistan even before they won their independence from britain in one nine hundred forty seven and both sides have laid claim to the territory which is how it ended up being partition so we have the the india controlled side and then the pakistan controlled side let's just take a look back and remind ourselves of the significance of kashmir.
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now spikes in tensions over kashmir despite previous peace talks have been up and down over the years and however a fresh wave of violence really so cold in the summer of twenty sixteen and since then it's really snowballed last year more than five hundred people were killed were killed which was the highest toll in a decade and things are clearly following that downward spiral we had that suicide attack on indian troops in february and what we have now are the first aerial attacks across the line of control which is the delicate border line in kashmir since the war between the two countries and nine hundred seventy one pakistanis now claiming to have shot down two indian air force jets not just on a military spokesman has that one of the planes had fallen inside pakistani territory and two pilots have been captured but the foreign ministry saying that
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pakistani jets have now been launched have now launched air strikes across the line of control so things are really happening thick and fast and an increasingly worrying direction now this comes one day after india said it could it had conducted in a strike on a training camp belonging to the kashmir based terror group claiming that one of its warplanes had killed a large number of fighters new delhi justified that strike twice a day it was done to prevent the hardest from being armed in pakistan for the last or did nothing so this strike was preventative what's interesting is that in a bizarre twist pakistan rejected india's claim saying that no infrastructure was hit no casualties were reported so not only are we dealing with two powerful countries here but also two conflicting media campaigns two meanwhile what is very clear is that the rhetoric between the leaders of both countries has really ramped up with both sides both sides engaging. excuse me in
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a war of words or well let's get the view from islamabad a political analyst joining us on the line. time today so just last hour i was talking to sort of highly retired group commander of the pakistani air force a guy that knows his guns if you like knows how things work there. i put it to him has diplomacy run out after all these years and is this just a tit for tat is it going to come and he gave a really alarming potential outline that know it could flare up and could potentially lead to a nuclear conflagration do you share that view as well well first of all thank you very much for having me on the show. i would. like to start with the you know what i were happening between pakistan and india right now the tensions are rising. and it was actually started off by india and box money nation all together have jelled on this kind of tension and that's kind of in korean from
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indian sign so oxfam military park or any nation park you know meant they're all on one page. had to retaliate which box landed today it was a matter of getting into and on our pakistan not only for examination but with the internet what will cause india's scene as well as a lot of it just sees it very differently which is why you've been fighting on and off since one nine hundred forty seven the big question is now is this going to flare up is it going to come down to what what what what your gut instinct on it. well you see all the options are lies with india's hand at the moment because india is the one which started this. conflict all despite all the tension india has been doing that even in the past as well as far as the. indian claims are concerned they have killed around three hundred people and there's nothing of that sort i can assure you that i have seen the rally myself and it's only less for like their own
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kind of the trees which have been bruised or hurt other than that there is nothing of that sort. as far as the tension is concerned i would like to mention that it's it's it's not just this kind of bizarre kind of tactics which is being used by the indian government at the moment it has a whole history of it and i would like to mention and go to the current government of india which is the media be it has or has mentoring or the r.s.s. or they believe in him to handle two up and that what it means is that everybody leaving the teddy to india belongs to him give him the religion as far as our islamic ideology concerned we do not impose war we do not desire for more but once but if it is imposed then there is no coming back there is no other choice left for the muslims so this is an islamic ideology. i believe that all the options are
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lies in india and at the moment india has to act wisely and rationally at the moment. as well as mark and i know we can do to do on the path you study side this is going on for so long what physically would you like them to do to try and calm things down. well first of all our concern is that you know india started it off and all these claims or gesture are the terrorist organizations reeling in this when emir there have been a surgical strike. we do not have this kind of. military. in this way new york or elsewhere in pakistan what we like to do from india is that at the moment india becoming a problem i think currently for the whole region have acted responsibly and pakistan has been thinking i moral grounds as far as. far as diplomacy is concerned i would like to take you back or work for the last five years or a full package that has been pleading for the peace talks pakistan has been going
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wincing the india whether it be it this government or even the previous government time and again and it's not less than a sham now that what pakistan has been asked for the peace. and stability in that region but every now and then india is in is the one running out of the look you got in army just just just letting you know remember two thousand and eight coordinated attacks on mumbai his main railway station the looks on the tel we all remember the the jewish cultural center india blade pakistan the group cheryl tired but january twenty sixth full day attack on lyndon airbase leaves of seven indian soldiers and six militants dead i mean there's another side to this if you are on the indian side of it do you think diplomacy still has a big part to play here considering that this is been brewing for such a long time a final question do you think briefly this is going to be sorted out politically any time soon. well for particular politically to sort this out i think pakistan
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has leaned. reading it for the door work between your otherwise lot of nations but i think at the moment in the national and international community they need to come up to. you to bring this. message and give this message to get loud and clear that india at the moment is doing some kind of creating more tension so i believe that international community is a platform where to focus on is already engaged diplomatically and politically i believe that it's not the focus on the side which believe me to be blamed because even yesterday it was done by and even today it was in the wee wee shot of the indian plains but it was in fact sunset italy where we haven't done any kind of international and we haven't crossed the limit as far as what a political and diplomatic of these concerned i think. the doors are open we have
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been. you know giving this message to india and to the rest of the water loud and clear that fucking side wants peace walkathons does not want to be water can be imposed on pakistan so i think that international community and diplomatic of the i believe and this is my instinct that things will be sorted out all right yes political analyst with a view the from the pakistani capital islamabad going to give us your thoughts on where where where this is coming from where it's going to go pre-show it's on today so thank you one hot spot to another violence has flared again at the venezuelan colombia border over the blockade of humanitarian aid venezuela's government says it's taking preventative action against foreign intervention is it seize it.
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loads of this aid have been amassed on the border with colombia present but there are those blocked the deliveries of it fearing those vehicles could also be carrying weapons the situation spots a fiery discussion at the u.n. security council. it is no perfectly clear that washington so aims was not resolving the problems of venezuela these are no caring for its people what for regime change including threats to do so by military intervention by the united states and the international community must support the venezuelan people as they strive to reclaim their de vocht recy what let's call a spade a spade but we have served our london and washington are blatantly robbing a sovereign country trying to bring it to poverty in order to act within the framework of the concept of humanitarian intervention which isn't recognized by international laws to change them desirable regime there and his cronies and some in this body claim that delivering humanitarian assistance is
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a political show and the cover for military intervention. but it is very clear only the madeira regime is using violence only the regime has called in both it's secure the forces and armed gangs the man speaking on behalf of washington there is a c previously served on the ronald reagan and george w. bush abrams was twice convicted of unlawfully withholding information from congress over the covert sale of weapons to iran to fund nicaraguan rebels back of the nineteen eighties as a potted history there and the issue of using humanitarian aid to provide weapons was brought up as a un security council meeting by venezuela's foreign minister to here's what george had to say. in here we also have trucks and let me tell you that when the truck was inspected there wasn't just food and medicine in the truck there was a quip and for barricades there was nails. this is what was in the truck nails wire
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when security forces inspected this is what they found we have information from friendly countries like cuba and russia that weapons are being bought in eastern europe to be given to the opposition with the aim of seizing an armed intervention in venezuela meantime also chipping into this the foreign ministers of russia india and china held a joint news briefing where among other issues they discussed the crisis in venezuela covering the with a bit more background. whatever someone important in the west behind them as well as self-proclaimed leader tries to give you an impression the whole world is supporting him you should remember these three countries two prominent members of the u.n. security council and another agent or actually global powerhouse india for them nothing has changed for them the elected government of nicolas maduro is still the legitimate power in venezuela so while the top diplomats of russia india and china are together and the chinese city of jenin i couldn't miss the opportunity to ask
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them for an update on their take on the latest stage of the crisis. but in. terms to artificially create a pretext for military intervention but if the us is assuming the right to use force wherever it wants to talk all regimes which for whatever reason this satisfies them the us is trying to substitute international law with those rules so rich your own conclusions which rules have the americans prepared for the latin american region. shifa health minister well as problems are purely domestic in nature and this should be resold based on the country's constitution and law everyone should refrain from interfering in domestic affairs should. when it comes to important venezuela's neighbors believes that they should follow the example and approach of russia india and china and he believes some countries
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have already done so the switch or the locals the brazil has announced it's not going to participate or provide its territory for american aggression towards venezuela not from a single latin american country including members of the loom a group of i heard words of support for military intervention so it looks like we'll keep hearing a strong united voice from moscow new delhi and beijing when it comes to venezuela both when the officials come together and talk and also when their diplomats make it work at the u.n. . a british police force is guilty of discrimination after it rejected an applicant who was white heterosexual and male that decision was reached by an employment tribunal in northwest england cheshire police were in the middle of a diversity drive at the time when they turned down twenty five year old matthew furlong who simply wanted he says to follow in his father's footsteps he was already in the force. it is completely south that my confidence in the police force
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recruitment system had i why don't my interview form and said i was bisexual for instance there's a strong possibility i would be working for cheshire police now based on a lie which i should police say they're aware of the tribunals decision they've agreed to review the results matthew's lawyer says it's the first discrimination case of its kind in the u.k. you put this issue up for debate with stephen morrison these democrats and political and social commentator mohammed. what they're doing is they are blatantly discriminating against people so any trust people have in the police is going to be gone you know how can you trust them when you know full well that they are not looking to recruit the best people for the job they are just recruited based on ticking a box so in fact what we see steven and the others who might think like him is that discrimination and treating people less favorably but for their race or their protective characteristics has been going on for decades and pretty. sad to say by
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white heterosexual men and they have had the jobs they've had the lion's share of income even though we monitor equal pay they will still have the lion's share and so positive action is about redressing a balance about saying that when things are in mono not a positive. result that we all feel to discrimination no no no sorry steve stephen i'm sorry i'll correct you in a matter of fact and a matter of law having taken race discrimination cases although it's the wrong course of justice no offense to stephen but this is now i do it well i'm not sure tribune official. relations committees. as a try to you know implement role as a trade union. but i don't use racism to positive about it discriminate you discriminate against. these races and we've seen racism in the police force now racism is wrong it should be done on nothing else right now if you're saying positive action that's just annoyed with a blatant racism and even steven when we look at positive action we're talking
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about underrepresented minorities whether they are black whether they're muslim jewish gay bisexual transgender older people we need policies which are fair in society and absolutely you are right and the appropriate trouble potentially is right and it's finding if they have treated him less badly but for his sex nor to doing this to. him that i was in question he was saying if he was he well let's see i mean appeal to things happened but at the minute the finding we have is that but for the fact of his right. and if he'd been bisexual he'd been he'd been more like to got a job i agree we cannot discriminate even against which is wrong be sure i mean i should heterosexual men it's all about freedom of choice and if people do not want to go on the police then fine but find out the reasons why it's not purely down to the recruitment process the. people from the pain groups or the gay groups. trumping kim jong un of north korea or vietnam as capitol hill noise for a highly anticipated summit it's hoped they can reach some sort of compromise on
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the denuclearization of the korean peninsula as well as the lifting of those crippling sanctions imposed on pyongyang from annoying. subsists reporting. and susie essman hopefulness with second summit with kim jong un on the horizon trump feels like he's on top of the world i hope that very positive things are going to happen i think that it will be a very exciting couple of days but are the feelings beautiful we're north korea seems to be excited and no wonder after all our historic peace opportunity is on the table some media reports even claim north korean leader kim said this to us top diplomat mike. i'm a father and husband and i have children and i don't want my children to carry the nuclear weapon on their back their whole life still considering criticism donald trump face over the summit from opposition at home north korea through its own state media war and the skeptics to not let this is sturrock opportunity be shattered but the summit does not only concern just washington in pyongyang so how
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do the other regional neighbors feeling about it. despite the fact japan's also over a north korean test missiles flying over it the concern over the outcome of the talks after all if a deal is struck it's unclear whether japan's concerns will be addressed what made the situation worse with the allegations that japanese prime minister abby officially requested for trump to be nominated for the nobel peace price in fact i think i can say this prime minister robbie of japan gave me the most beautiful. copy of the letter that he sent to the people who give out a thing called a nobel price he said i have nominated you or respectfully in behalf of japan i am asking them to give you the nobel peace price that did not go over well for the opposition especially after prime minister's office refused to comment on the allegations abduction new quinn sought to mid range missile issues not to solved all i'm concerned that it would give the wrong message to north korea and the
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international community if we accept that the current situation deserves the nobel peace prize. south korean president named just like his ally in washington that has also said that he is expecting great things coming out of the summit. i expect it to be a turning point that advances completed denuclearization of the korean peninsula new u.s. north korean relations and a peace regime on the korean peninsula president mood might come out as the biggest winner of these talks and in a way it seems that he's risking more than anyone else if these talks lead to a dead end after all this country that will be among the point targets for the nuclear capable north korean missiles south korean foreign minister said his country is looking forward to a quote tangible and substantial results with all the hopes skepticism and fears involved coming to a specific results by trail to be a very tough challenge for everyone involved in the situation but considering that the idea of i.q.'s fourth korean summit saturday absent just two years ago maybe
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there's still a chance for a happy conclusion. ok let's sort of from back in national coordinator of the young people around soko nation joining us live yet what came out of singapore last time it was positive was the detail i'm going to get the detail this time. well what we got was a commitment on both the north korean and the american side can genuine and president trump to go forward to establish a new day to instead bush new relations between the u.s. and north korea as the precondition for the denuclearization of the korean peninsula whatever that means what we have here right now in hanoi i think is the possibility of the united states government and the north korean government declaring for the first time that the korean war has ended the korean war began sixty nine years ago now it's an opportunity to end that war once and for all will they sign a peace declaration tomorrow maybe not a peace treaty but a peace declaration that's what we're hearing and to clarify and of all this is the
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eventually that north korea will have no nuclear weapons even stockpiled stored away even if there's no testing because north korea has not she said it will do that and get rid of all the weapons as if i mean that's is mind boggling chip. well it's not just that i mean no country disarms itself on its ally or with another especially a more powerful adversary so what the north what the north koreans are saying is let's have peace and then we can finish the process of at least defining what denuclearization is i think they will get rid of nuclear weapons if there is a guarantee that there's a new peace regime on the cony korean peninsula deaths the missing piece here and that's what they expect to have the american government come forward and say yes we pledge to end this war once and for all that that becomes the catalyst for the new day i mean so i would like donald trump with the like them on the low the here is a second meeting with the north korean leader is doing well yes izzie. yeah i mean i'm an opponent of donald trump on almost all things but i have to say that if it
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wasn't for donald trump i don't see this process going forward donald trump has been the most invested political figure in washington saying yes let's have a new day let's end the korean war once and for all let's have normalized relations between the u.s. and north korea to the extent that he can oppose the headwinds that he faces succeed in overcoming them yes there could be a new day we're in vietnam there was a new day for vietnam that you were in the united states i have been once again just thirty seconds of you know to be a fly on the wall here what is it between these two men these two leaders where they seem to be able to communicate on the face of it in front of the cameras anyway. well i don't think it's just really personal i think north korea changed the relationship of forces when they acquired. a list that missile technology such that it could reach the mainland i think wise heads in washington realize better to have a cap nuclear program than a war with north korea again i think trump saw the ending perhaps he does want the nobel peace prize kim jong un i think wants
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a new day from north korea brian back in national coordinator of the insurance a coalition love to see on the program have a good day sir now before we leave you let me bring you up to date on the. tensions between india and pakistan we've got video that submerged we can't independently verify but want to show anyway this is said to base just in one of the. indian to downed mig twenty one fighter jets that claimed it shot down the warplanes in its airspace over kashmir and arrested initially one but now we think two pilots it's been a real ramp up of the escalation there today you can keep track of that store and everything else especially because of all those headlines as they happen straight to your mobile device i'm kevin owen here in moscow this wednesday whatever you're up to have a great afternoon and thank you for watching. the
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trump in ministrations attempts to impose regime change in venezuela appear to be faltering the self-proclaimed interim president. hasn't gain much traction this me explain the administration's escalating rhetoric after all we're told a military option is still on the table. time after time say we're going on the ground and as supremely of north korea kim jong un and u.s. president all trump attempt to forge peace nuclear armed india uses french warplanes to bomb nuclear armed pakistan coming up with a show time called an ally former mayor of london ken livingstone on why british media have suddenly learned of the bricks and policies of jeremy corbin's labor party and as parliament gets evidence of a britain on course for wreck or child poverty
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a member of the government's social mobility commission reveals the ukase plus feeling plus in the headline is the indian that strikes bordering on war on the venezuelan music promotion which could be a billion as self promotion all this more coming up in today's going underground but first the british government may have long forgotten its ambition to overthrow the government of syria today london is walking to sort out and support each defacto coup attempts in venezuela but according to the latest murdoch's sunday times british ground troops have been sent to syria despite elected m.p.'s voting against but aside from the russians turks and iranians one force has been key in battling isis and al-qaeda lebanese party has bulla even time warner c.n.n. used to accept this yes it's just a man on a hill but that even let us film it was pretty remarkable hezbollah are the most secretive of militants but the u.s. government still lists as a terrorist organization taking journalists on a victory lap they say they've routed hundreds of al qaeda linked syrian militants
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nusra front yes u.s. mainstream media covering as well as victory against the al qaeda linked al nusra front which the u.k. state mandated b.b.c. expose is linked to british funding yet what happened this week to reward has been a defacto fighting with britain against terrorism now. and all when's that the lebanese group has a level being what it describes a terrorist organization to the news surprise qatar funded al-jazeera qatar after all sponsors meetings with hezbollah as a strategic partner for stability in the middle east many in the region wonder how juries make a designate democratically elected lebanese members of parliament as terrorists this after hezbollah did well that elections have on the political and large made significant gains. for just over half of all the parliamentary seats according to some u.k. politicians as buller is anti semitic but it's a valid aim is to create a one state by.


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