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do you. mean a little. this hour's headlines stories. indian air force jets over a disputed kashmir account. one of the most anticipated summits of the year is a way that u.s. and north korean leaders try and make headway. in ending their decades long korean war. capital. and sources tell the washington post the u.s. military disrupted internet access in russia to prevent alleged election meddling
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during the term of. around the clock across the world this is r t international from the team myself you know neal hello and welcome to our top story there's been a dramatic escalation in tensions between india and pakistan this video has emerged which we cannot independently verify but to show one of india's two dollars twenty one fighter jets that's according to pakistan which claims it shot in the war planes in the space over kashmir and arrested two pilots. lines that discrepancy between the two science. what we have absolutely so we see now is the culmination of tensions that have been building with more regular. in recent years and
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essentially things have now come to a head to the importance and consequence of how things play out from here is very significant not just because these are two very powerful countries but because they are nuclear armed enemies so if this does continue to spiral downwards this doesn't just impact the region this could have an effect on the whole world pakistan is claiming claiming to have shot down two indian air force jets and captured two pilots and says that it's jets have launched air strikes in the indian territory a move that they claimed was in self-defense pakistan is a responsible country and we don't want to endanger lives of masses we have you know retaliated to india all being done is just what irresponsible country does for its defense our message use peace and not the war now india however claims that these those pakistani jets had been pushed back. there was was to do. and of course this fall isn't. in their.
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well. go work for the. group. or they can do. this in. real unfortunately. we're going to go. is missing in action. because. he is in the custody this comes just one day after india claims it hit a militant training camp and killed a very large number of fighters from the militant group jayashri mohamad which took responsibility for that suicide bombing earlier this month which killed forty indian troops now in a bizarre twist pakistan rejected india's claim saying that indian fighters were confronted before they conducted those strikes on the training camp and actually just dropped four or five bombs in an empty field and then fled back across the border so what's making the situation all the more hard to follow is how the two sides have these conflicting media campaigns both sides are pushing their own
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narrative and so a single source of contradictory information online and in the news but at the core of it what is very clear is what we're seeing is the first of the first aerial attacks across that line of control across that delicate kashmir border since the two countries were at war in one nine hundred seventy one now speaking in the past hour the pakistani prime minister imran khan has called for a responsible approach he said noting how both of them are nuclear powers they really couldn't afford a miscalculation love spikes in tensions over kashmir they have been up and down over the years a fresh wave of violence really took hold in the summer of twenty sixteen but kashmir has always been contested territory even before india and pakistan won their independence from britain in one thousand nine hundred forty seven let's have a reminder of the significance of kashmir.
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well we have been getting reaction from experts on both sides here's just some of what they told us. i'm from the box on air force but i would like to see peace in the region because both india and pakistan are nuclear weapons equipped we do not want this to escalate to have mutually assured destruction because that is what will happen it would not remain if for production it wouldn't definitely escalate into a full scale of all it would be norms barred but you see india took an action yesterday
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and pakistan going to action today and retaliation and no shutdown of the aircraft i'm hoping that we let it go our back and have you sit down and talk to each other and if india has actionable intelligence ah prime minister has a cure or even a big different action i don't know where there will be no response from india because there was a response and this is like a counter response which is oh it was part of the pakistani body see that if there is an attack on their three d. it will have to respond and sent to order a nuclear powers country and leaders notice to serve very high we just can't afford a full fledged gone truly so the hope is that things will not spin out of control and most of science will sort of come dead last is sort of silly and decided. let's murray distractor i'm going to look forward to some other means we are going
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to do in the war of my own means maybe to reduce them and do you could create economic going on because. there are no winners and the military don't know who are as we have seen so far. a landmark meeting taking place between the us president and the north korean leader double trump and kim jong un are meeting in the vietnamese capital on the way the key issues on the agenda or a potential compromise on the denuclearize ation of the korean peninsula as well as the lifting of crippling sanctions imposed on teens a bunch of low subsites on the latest from there. this is president trump second attempt of making peace with north korea the two leaders met briefly for the cameras and are now having close discussions behind closed doors the talks are made up of two rounds one formal dinner and one on one talks but before coming to vietnam prison trump was under severe pressure to make a deal at the summit that came after criticism from opposition back home that said
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not enough was made through the last summit between the two leaders in singapore but the first summit was a great success and i think this one hopefully will be equal or greater than the first we made a lot of progress and i think the biggest progress was our relationship is really a good one i think that your country has tremendous economic potential unbelievable unlimited and i think that you will have a familiar future your country a great leader and i look forward to watching it happen and helping it to happen and we will help with that trumper to read it in a tweet that the potential for a deal is quote awesome both countries to sign a piece the collaboration to symbolically end the korean war the conflict ended in the arms that is not actually a peace treaty back in one nine hundred fifty three which means the war is technically still ongoing north korea would agree to return more the remains of troops who died in the korean war also the u.s.
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is considering to opening up diplomatic office in north korea. could show the relations between washington are actually getting warmer north korea will agree to stop producing nuclear materials. facility and perhaps of the other ones as well in exchange the u.s. will push to lift some of the sanctions on pyongyang and will pursue a joint economic project with south korea but again it's not clear what the deal exactly we can expect from this meeting but the summit does that actually only concern washington in pyongyang so let's actually have a little look and see what are the other regional neighbors feeling about it. despite the fact japan's also over a north korean test missiles flying over it. concern over the outcome of the talks after all if a deal is struck it's unclear whether japan's concerns will be addressed what made the situation worse with the allegations that japanese prime minister abby officially requested for trump to be nominated for the nobel peace price in fact i think i can say this prime minister robbie of japan gave me the most beautiful
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copy of a letter that he sent to the people who give out a thing called a nobel price he said i have nominated you or we specially in behalf of japan. i am asking them to give you the nobel peace prize that did not go over well for the opposition especially after prime minister's office refused to comment on the allegations abduction to mid range missile issues though i'm concerned that it would give the wrong message to north korea and the international community if we accept that the current situation deserves the nobel peace prize. south korean president named just like his ally in washington that has also said that he is expecting great things coming out of the summit. i expect it to be a turning point that advances completed denuclearization of the korean peninsula new u.s. north korean relations and a peace regime on the korean peninsula president moonlight come out as the biggest
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winner of these talks and in a way it seems that he's risking more than anyone else if these talks lead to a dead end after all this country that will be among the prime targets for the nuclear capable north korean missiles south korean foreign minister said his country is looking forward to a quote tangible and substantial results with all the hopes skepticism and fears involved coming to a specific results might turn out to be a very tough challenge for everyone involved in this situation but considering that the idea of i.q. west north korean summit started absolutely impossible just two years ago maybe there's still a chance for a happy conclusion live and direct to vietnam and we can talk more on what to expect with our t. americas scotty now at hughes who is in noise scott what is the feeling where you are are the two leaders are they ready to make concrete progress doesn't seem like that. well it's interesting because it is all about the two leaders
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and how they're feeling at the exact moment now reports that we're getting from the very limited pool that has been allowed to follow the two leaders into their dinner say that they've been getting along quite cordial both of them having their major advisers including secretary of state my comp aoe and mick mulvaney sitting close to the president as well as. leaders and the translators and it seems to have a very cordial conversation that is going on that is reflective though however on the atmosphere as obviously there are lots of other factors that are going in to this summit this weekend on whether or not this is going to be successful or it's just going to be a repeat as one as many felt singapore was all just one big photo op and not a lot of details if don't mix headway where you are. back home for instance would you get a considerable boost in his rating. well that's one of the things we have to consider because coming out of singapore president trump and is a ministration touted listen we're not in a nuclear war something that just the weeks and months prior to the singapore
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summit had been actually an option that was on the table in a year that was lurking around the global markets however that he was still criticized for not having more details come out of it now you're looking at this event so what candidate president donald trump come out of this in actually considered to be a successful a lot of people say the fact if you can get a signing at the end of the korean war after six or seven years that would be a success if he can actually get be able to find true transparency in north korea with details over a lot of their different nuclear sites allowing inspectors in that will be successful more important if they will actually continue to see a relationship continue to build between north korea and south korea that the entire peninsula unification that will be successful but its president trump noted in his tweet before going into the dinner tonight he knows that it will only be helpful with the countries like china i call russia that this will be attainable and i outing of the twenty billion that was made today and trade between vietnam
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and the u.s. and the building of planes and manufacture i think that looks very appealing to kim jong un something that he and his father and his grandfather were not able to successfully be able to accomplish on the peninsula piece and that i think is where the attitudes going to be coming out of. all right the host of the best in program and current a first of a news views hughes our team earth is no hughes live in hanoi thank you. the u.s. military has carried out its first offensive cyber operation against russian sources tell the washington post that the u.s. cyber command blocked internet access overseas to what they called a russian troll factory during the twenty eight thousand midterm elections breaking done the story for us reaffirmation of. what we basically have is a washington post article claiming that the u.s. military managed to block internet access to one russian group known as internet research agency on the day of the country's meat turns november last year some in
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america believe that this group might be informed in the alleged aim to fear reigns in the country's presidential elections back in two thousand and sixteen washington post a site in a number of officials all of whom spoke to the paper on the condition of anonymity has also added in the article that that attack in two thousand and eighteen was just the beginning of what is supposed to be a massive cyber campaign against russia the operation merged the first muscle flexing by u.s. cyber command with intelligence from the national security agency under new authorities it was granted by president trump and congress last year to bolster offensive capabilities if it was true it simply shows how in secure a cyber wise russia can be interested enough they snooze came at the time when this topic is highly debated here in february russia's state duma adopted the first reading of
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a draft floor requiring all russia's i p's to ensure it can operate in the situation when russia's unplugged by foreign companies by foreign forces from the global network many refer to this document as internet isolation and there are critics of course. saying that this is just the government's attempt to put some control on online life but their russian authorities keep saying that this is a measure to protect the country's security. so i think this will bring huge damage to the u.s. itself not only economic but also political damage but it is also bad for the special services sitting there and gathering all the information about you but don't be afraid i suppose they will think a hundred times before doing something theoretically anything is possible so we should create such segments that won't be dependent on anybody on wednesday following the washington post article claiming that russia's darkest fear is and concerns over internet security may already be
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a reality we asked russia's president spokesperson dmitri pissed off to comment that. the management of the internet is defrocked carried out by certain companies but that potential threat led is to consider a sovereign internet it's not the isolation no closure country it's connected to protection against illegal action it isn't an issue with the report after the break here in our t.v. british poll east kreutz refused the job for being a heterosexual white.
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what politicians do you should. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. some want to. have to go right to be cross this is what the korean people. interested in the. question.
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welcome back to the program a british police force has been found guilty of discrimination after it rejected an applicant who is a white heterosexual meal. is the decision reached by an employment tribunal in north west england cheshire police were in the middle of a diversity drive when they turned twenty five year old matthew for along who wanted to follow his father into the force it's completely sucked into my confidence in the police force recruitment system how do i don't mind to view form and said i was bisexual for instance there's a strong possibility i would be working for cheshire police now based on the law i . police say they are aware of the tribunals decision and have agreed to review the results matthew's lawyer say's it is the first the scrim anation case of its kind in the united kingdom we put the issue off for debates with stephen ours from the
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english democrats party but first political and social commentator moments are. what they're doing is they are blatantly discriminating against people so any trust people have in the police is going to be gone you know how can you trust them when you know full well that they are not looking to recruit the best people for the job they are just recruited based on ticking a box so in fact what we see steven and the others who might think like him is that discrimination and treating people less favorably but for their race or their protective characteristic has been going on for decades and pretty. sad to say by white heterosexual men and they have had the jobs they've had the lion's share of income even though we monitor equal pay they will still have the lion's share and so positive action is about redressing a balance about saying that when things that him oh no no no no positive. results that let me. know sorry steve stephen i'm sorry i'll correct you in
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a matter of fact and a matter of law having taken race discrimination cases although it's the wrong course of justice no offense to stephen but this is now i do it well you know official. relations committees on the nasa try to you know implement role as a trade union. but i don't use racism to. discriminate you discriminate against. these races and we've seen racism in the police force now racism is wrong it should be done on nothing else you know if you're seeing positive action that's just annoyed with related immigration and stephen when we look at positive action we're talking about underrepresented minorities whether they are black whether they're muslim jewish gay bisexual transgender all the people we need policies which are in society and absolutely you are right and the trouble potentially is right and it's finding if they have treated him less badly but for his sex nor to doing this to. him that i was in question he was saying if he was he well let's see i mean appeal
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to things happened but at the minute the fighting we have is that but for the fact of his right. and if it been bisexual he had been he had been more likely to have got a job i agree we cannot discriminate even against which is wrong because you're going to shoot heterosexual men it's all about freedom of choice if people do not want to go join the police then fine but find out the reasons why it's not purely down to the recruitment process that. people from the pain groups or the gay groups. ok before we go this news hour a quick look ahead to a program we have lined up for you today we think you'll find informative every year hundreds of children in the poverty stricken philippines are sold off by their families to traffickers many end up in the hands of isel affiliated groups where they're going to kill and fight of course our t. has been following the plight of filipino child soldiers in our latest documentary crisis childhood.
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oh my no phone are sixteen metal months honestly did you know. nothing about that. kinda. just foreign. isis fighters and no boarding a philippine naval ship. just aren't abdulla still don't know what's waiting for them and i do not feel.
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up to get out of. the. program run next hour but next year an art international a former mayor of london ken livingstone is among the guests on today's going on the ground talking whether the new force in british politics the independent group . that's coming up. the trump administration's attempts to impose regime change in venezuela appear to be faltering. interim present. one hasn't gain much traction this me explain the
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administration's escalating rhetoric after all we're told a military option is still on the table. we came here where you were before you came here when you live. in many u.s. states capital punishment is still practiced conflicts they are very much in favor of the death penalty there are some people because of what they do have given up the right to live among us somebody even proven innocent dr years on death row and how many more exonerations is it going to take before we as a society realize that this is not working and we actually do something about. it. not after
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a time when we're going on the ground and as supremely to north korea kim jong un and u.s. president all trump attempt to forge peace nuclear armed india uses french warplanes to bomb nuclear armed pakistan coming up with a show time called an ally for the mayor of london ken livingstone or why british media have suddenly learned of the bricks and policies of jeremy corbin's labor party and us bottom and gets evidence of a britain on course for wreck or child poverty a member of the government social mobility commission reveals the ukase ceiling plus in the headlines the indian strikes bordering on war on the venezuela news a commotion which could be a billion as self promotion all this is all coming up in today's going underground but first the british government may have long forgotten its ambition to overthrow the government of syria today london is walking to sort of bricks and support each defacto coup attempts in venezuela but according to the latest murdoch sunday times british ground troops have been sent to syria despite elected m.p.'s voting against but it's. from the russians jokes and arabians one force has been key in battling
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isis deshaun al qaeda lebanese party has bulla even time want to c.n.n. used to accept this yes it's just a man on a hill but the dead even let us film it was pretty remarkable hezbollah are the most secretive of militants but the u.s. government still lists as a terrorist organization taking journalists on a victory lap they say they've routed hundreds of al qaeda linked syrian militants the al qaeda linked al nusra front which the u.k. state mandated b.b.c. expose is linked to british funding yet what happened this week to reward has been a defacto fighting with britain against terrorism now russian government is moving to ban all when's of the lebanese group has being what it describes a terrorist organization to the news surprise qatar funded al-jazeera qatar after all sponsors meetings with hezbollah as a strategic partner for stability in the middle east many in the region wonder how juries make a designate democratically elected lebanese members of parliament as terrorists this after hezbollah did well that elections have
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a lot on the political and large made significant gains. for just over half of all parliamentary seats according to some u.k. politicians as buller is anti semitic but it's a valid aim is to create a one state palestine israel solution that embraces jews christians and muslims at least that's according to as well the leader when interviewed by wiki leaks is julian a son john the u.k. object tension in london as determined by the un the only solution is the establishment of one of the one states on the land of palestine and this is the magic muslims and jews and the christians. in a democratic state senator skeptical even asked whether hezbollah the name meaning party of god except to those who did not believe in one god as a freedom fighter also you seek to liberate people from the totalitarian concept. god. but
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there's willingly they did more than smile you don't try to impose and religious belief on anyone. abraham non profit abraham with money was always in favor of he was anyhow dialogue mentioning africans and we're all we're all followers of that well the e.u. does not agree with resumes decision to call democratically elected politicians terrorists nor does it appear to agree with her on an irish border meanwhile the u.k. media seem to have suddenly discovered policies agreed by britain's labor party on bracks it so what does it all mean for the corbett project joining me now is the man who once had the largest individual mandate in europe former mayor of london ken livingstone ken thanks for coming back on before we get to these weighty issues the president mayor of london issued a warning about not jogging and walking fast in london the british capital because of the degree of air pollution this week because of the warm weather where it's catastrophic i've worked in central london fifty years all my life my lungs for
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according to someone five years older and so we've got to tackle this problem we've got to get rid of these so we've got a massively improve our equality act let's get on to this business about the mainstream media suddenly discovering a compazine from last year's labor conference why do you think there's been such a hollow ballou about repeating the that there could be a second referendum if different stages of this process were read it was there in the tea party labor's preference is they want a general election if they don't get rid of trees that might be if he can be a general election.


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