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tv   News  RT  March 6, 2019 8:00pm-8:31pm EST

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it was it was and. it was. president trump reverses an obama era rule which required officials to disclose the number of civilian deaths from drone strikes in. washington councils the u.s. visas of seventy seven officials lengths of the job to the venezuelan president and the latest round of sanctions against cola. and that's where families in war torn yemen are marrying off their children as young as three in exchange for food that's according to a new report by the charity oxfam. this is the one leaving the family i mean. they can marry up their daughters and they can bring some dowry and that just can't protect the families of.
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a very warm welcome you're watching r.t. international with me nicky aaron president trump has revoked and obama era rules requiring u.s. intelligence to publicly reports the number of civilians killed in drone strikes more pain has the story. a new executive order from the white house is reducing the amount of transparency when it comes to u.s. drone strikes now the executive order basically revokes regulations made by the obama administration in twenty sixteen essentially the director of national intelligence will no longer be required to release information regarding un classified u.s. strikes and the non civilian deaths that are associated with them and that would be in areas outside of active hostility the pentagon will still have an obligation to report on civilian casualties in compliance with the national defense authorization
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act of twenty eighteen and twenty nineteen that was very clear and trumps executive order now this is certainly not the first time that donald trump has indicated frustration with the level of information related to military activities that has been made public with fighting wars and they're doing reports and releasing it to the public the public believes the enemy the enemy reach those reports are still going to learn those reports you've heard the reports let him do a report. but they should be private reports it's also important to note that that we have a statement that is reportedly coming from a spokes person for the white house security council now it was given on the condition of anonymity it's being widely reported we cannot confirm it what it is saying is that apparently this was the activity of the the intent of this executive order is minimizing to the greatest extent possible civilian casualties and acknowledging the responsibility when they unfortunately occurred during the military actions but the same time getting rid of what they're calling supreme flew
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us reporting and requirements that don't actually improve government transparency but rather distract intelligence professionals from their primary mission the history of drone strikes is quite shocking there have been a number of rather tragic incidents that have taken place over the years. he's activist kathy kelly believes the decision is a way of protecting the arms industry from scrutiny i think it's an excuse i think that they want to make sure that lockheed martin raytheon and bellowing in other major defense contractors can can continue to sell the germans in to sell their weapons when u.s. people are under educated about the consequences of u.s.
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military strikes to kill civilians it doesn't enhance anybody's security in fact when other people feel enraged or just completely confused and frightened this is something us people need to understand and if anything we need to understand a whole lot more i mean a imagine if it's a home in your neighborhood ted you didn't know why where were the women right with the children killed so. is it proper to deny more information to the united states in a country where democracy is supposedly based on education. the u.s. is tightening the pressure on the venezuelan government u.s. fines president mike pence has announced the seventy seven officials linked to president my dear i will have a u.s. visa revoked that's off the forty nine venezuelans were added to a sanctions blacklist back on friday r.t. correspondent don cohen has more. the u.s.
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is threatening to impose sanctions on foreign banks if they deal with the venezuelan government national security adviser john bolton issued a statement this morning saying quote the united states is putting four in the financial institutions on notice that they will face sanctions for being involved in facilitating illegitimate transactions that benefit nicolas maduro and his corrupt network he also said the u.s. is quote pursuing several economic diplomatic and economic initiatives in support of that transition but he did not specify what they are and this comes a day after a special envoy for venezuela elliott abrams threatened what he called secondary sanctions that would target third party countries saying that would quote depend on the conduct of the regime over time the u.s. has also begun to increase pressure on cuba which it claims is controlling venezuelan president nicolas maduro both wrote in a tweet that the u.s.
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will continue to tighten financial restrictions on cuba's military and intelligence services venezuelan authorities in turn have declared the german ambassador daniel creamer persona non grata after what it called interference into its internal affairs he became the first european diplomat to be expelled from the latin american state however during his tuesday address to the national assembly one goh i dos says it's not the german ambassador who is the real persona non-grata. everyone in venezuela knows who the persona non-grata is and he's the only one who is known in the region in the world because in the old accounts of the two they recognize the venezuelan fight for democracy as a constitutional right duro responded by saying neither the opposition nor the united states wants to help venezuela and have their own interests like venezuela's natural resources russia's foreign minister sergei laugh. also condemn u.s.
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sanctions against those who support saying quote it is another evidence that the american diplomacy is quickly losing that sense and its ability to use diplomatic instrument and there are fears over military intervention the trumpet ministration continues to say all options are on the table but elliott abrams says the u.s. will use other ways to push for what he called democratic transition in venezuela nobody is talking about american military steps except the regime and the russians actually. made it clear repeatedly our policy is as i just stated diplomatic political economic financial pressure. moving toward a peaceful democratic transition in venezuela that's what we want now we've just learned that the attempted delivery of so-called humanitarian aid on the bridge
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crossing at the border of colombia and venezuela nearly turned into a bloodbath according to a report in bloomberg news two hundred exiled soldiers were preparing to clear the way for the aid trucks but the current plan was actually scrapped by the colombian government why do we also learned was planning to tour european capitals after finishing his tour of latin america but the united states told him to return to venezuela for fears that the that his movement was losing momentum so this suggests that it is not go i don't know who's calling the shots so much but it's actually the white house by simply recognizing opposition leader. as venezuela's interim president the u.s. seems to think it as well it has a little ready succeeded in affecting regime change with the state department going say five super rate journalists who think otherwise. we have noticed in news
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coverage that some outlets are incorrectly referring to one white go as the opposition leader or the self-proclaimed president neither is corrects relying on venezuela's constitution one guy joe became interim president of venezuela on january twenty third and millions of americans and more than fifty countries recognize why go as interim president of venezuela and get this for your complaining because it means our lives are part of the but you don't think he made a complaint pointing out just trying to correct well it's almost like a complaint to me in a scene from weeks he's the is the interim president well and we don't want to consider him to be the interim president and as you say fifty other countries including recognize him as the interim president but they're all more than a hundred ninety members of the united nations so they're fifty countries is not
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even close to half. the time to act in support of democracy and some news coverage of calling them the legitimate leader the president is going to inter is more function is to look we don't want to feed into rhetoric of of the current their gender. u.s. senator marco rubio made a similar point criticizing c.n.n. for using the term self-proclaimed while referring to kwaito suppose that interim presidency is that the phrase was used by russia to undermine the legitimacy of dos claim will be zero even jokingly hinted at possible collusion between c.n.n. and moscow let's gauge the state of world opinion on the matter of quiet legitimacy fifty four countries recognize him as venezuela's leader the rest of the world either supports nicolas maduro is neutral or backs the opposition or run national assembly without recognizing go i don't choose day migiro took part in a ceremony commemorating the sixth anniversary of the death of his predecessor hugo
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chavez matures rival quiet on meanwhile met with public sector unions in them to take strike action to help bring down the government's journalist max blumenthal gave us his views on the latest u.s. measures against caracas. seventy seven new officials having their visas revoked is not necessarily going to change the situation in venezuela however there is a concern within the venezuelan foreign ministry that this could affect their ability to represent and as well at the u.n. which is supposed to be a neutral body i don't know if that will be the case but it would be an unprecedented escalation from the u.s. and in an attempt to completely disrupt diplomacy. after four years of devastating conflict in yemen much of the population is on the brink of starvation and some desperate families have resorted to marrying off their daughters some of
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them as young as three years old just to get food. my mother in law keeps beating me and when i run away back to my father's house my father beats me again for a new way i don't want to get married i just want to go back to school son family as they did think that i mean this is no one really where they can marry their daughters and they can bring some dowry and that just can't protect the whole families and also their extended members so it is really unfortunate that this is going after some of them have received an emergency support but you know you wouldn't support are also even limited so they wouldn't and try and find a way what are their immediate what are the means to this is the one leaving the family i mean. it is very difficult to read the whole family with this small little support and often the humidity isn't seized
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a trace the safety or security concerns. are so aid also we are not able to deliver aid on un timely according to the oxfam report girls in yemen are usually expected to consummate their marriages as around the age of eleven and still then they live with their husbands and typically do the housework but being forced into relationships at a very early age is only one of the traumas faced by children in yemen. according to humanitarian organizations yemen is one of the worst countries for children to live and more than eleven million are in need of aids and almost half a million suffer from malnutrition the director of oxfam's yemen office say's the current situation in the country is cancerous traffic. what is really really. deteriorating and even alarming that almost one third of the total population is basically ten million just at the brink of fame mean and children are
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malnourished and we all were due to this four years of war and conflict and also. the two thousand and eighteen the cholera carstens that was the worst cholera first century if. the human approach and even assistance on not provided a timely and eat the pulte been listened nonfunctional even for a day meaningful to the food will in the humanitarian community just there'll be much more protest of the situation. russia and syria the u.s. military to stop blocking the evacuation of a refugee camp we'll see what's going on that after the break.
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you know world a big part of new things. and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smart we need to stop slamming the door on the bad and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. make this manufactured consensus stick to the public well. when the ruling classes protect themselves. in the final merry go round this doesn't mean that one percent. nor middle of the room see. the real news is.
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welcome about the u.k.'s departure from the european union is proving to be full of unknown's the u.k. government doesn't seem to know the best way out on the british papal don't know how europe's top brass to even get that job according to a leading but. i couldn't tell you who they are or what they do or how they came by their jobs or how they may be removed from office i have no idea how to kick those particular. well the e.u. is currently going through the process of choosing its new leaders for example the commission president is nominated by the e.u. council with the candidate then approved by members of the e.u. parliament we took to the streets of paris and berlin to find out whether europeans
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are any more aware than boris johnson. i think it will be in their pull something like that and yes i going to vote i never vote. maybe two three years done i see i don't have a clue about that. yes votes of course but. i don't know really. i think i will go to very sort of course it's important for me to take part i'm for a federal europe this year would you go to court or you go to court yes i will i don't know i don't know what do i have to order but i don't know i don't know i am not sure for the date but i would go to vote the lectures on the twenty sixth of may and i'm planning to vote. for a british born man who has been working in syria has accused the u.k. of racism afterward stripped him of his citizenship over alleged ties to jihad it's
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to kish a reef describes himself as an aid worker and denies any wrongdoing but admits to previously engaging in armed combat and as the situation has the details. to care sharif has spent years in syria as a prominent aid worker described as one of the most high profile for nationals in ablett series appearances on prominent news networks as well as dispatches via his live updates from syria blog posts left his political preferences no secret the rebels why do they do it the problem is is that the broad of of of the syrian regime is a force women and children and civilians are facing the rest he's now speaking out against what he's dubbed a racist and unfair system of citizenship stripping laws i mean k. i came out here to help the innocent people that were being massacred by the bashar regime i'm an aid worker the stories come to light following the lifting of the
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man's anonymity in a case that saw the u.k. government stripped him of his british citizenship back in twenty seventeen he was informed of the decision with this letter it is assessed that you are a british pakistani jewel national whose travel to syria and is aligned to an al qaeda aligned group your return to the u.k. would present a risk to the national security over the united kingdom sharif's lawyer has been seeking evidence from the home office to find out what exactly his client was deemed a threat what is it the british government is so frightened of that they don't want these individuals in a court of law and they want to quickly shut them of their citizenship and export them somewhere else i do think that some of these individuals kylee some very sensitive information that will be deeply embarrassing to the british state given the british government's role in the conflict in syria over these past three years i.e. how much support has a british government various points along we've been given the so-called rebel groups and to which development has been supporting them in terms of the atrocities
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are being committed by these rebel groups to exculpate themselves of any criminal offense because you know that they've lost the war has been lost the conflict has been won by the sitting government and its allies and no they're thinking about how they're going. surviving. the. world and so they're trying to put together some kind of the stranger tragically to be understood that the aid workers who were there are humanitarian the issue of british citizenship being revoked has been in the spotlight in the u.k. recently due to a spike in terrorism and crime according to official figures more than one hundred people were stripped of their nationality and twenty seven thousand compared to just fourteen the year before as sharif's appeal continues he maintains his innocence but the home office seems to have already made up its mind and start to trickle out reporting for r.t. on monday responding to other media the u.k. home office refused to comment on the case saying only that every decision is well
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substantiated r.t. has also requested a comment and is waiting for pli. now police in london have investigated this is specious package left at an entrance to the houses of parliament it's now being confirms the object was not dangerous tensions are high sent at the moment over three letter bombs which were sent to separate locations in the capital on cheers day r.t. as isa ali has more details. this is just really a pattern of incidents we've seen in the u.k. over the last few days that incident being deemed suspicious and a false alarm but just yesterday we've seen reports of three packages containing explosive devices found at city airport heathrow airport and also at waterloo train station now police have deemed that those packages weren't aiming to kill but. explosives they were upon being opened by staff at those
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locations they caught fire and it's thought that they at least two of them had stamps or some kind of indication that they were sent from ireland but police are keeping an open mind and they're not concluding in any way that this is linked to any irish groups or anything to do with the well now finish conflict back but of course that remains one of the possibilities and also two universities the university of glasgow up in scotland the university of essex also having some of their buildings and faculties being evacuated as well as a result of suspicious items so all of these seemingly to come together we've heard from the mayor of london that car and he says that authorities are treating them as a linked series and although again the motive is unknown but it will only really heighten the sense of security here we saw two years ago
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a number of terrorist attacks in the u.k. and ever since then the terror alert or the terror threat level has always remained at a very high level with authorities say that's an imminent terrorist attack that could be just around the corner at any point so this will do nothing to length lessen those fears and also do nothing to ease the worries of the towel storage fees here . the russian and syrian military is having. just statement accusing american forces in syria of the railing to evacuate people from the infamous rick. artie's maria phenomena breaks down the story dramatic humanitarian and security situation in a little bun camp in southeastern syria has been constantly trigger numerous concerns from the russian side that blame america that is currently controlling this area along the militarized between syria and jordan for severe living conditions of the refugees inside the camp that were among other things were portably openly
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threatened by jihad is that not only had managed to settle in that camp believes not without some help from the u.s. military on the ground but also to take control over some territories and also over human uteri in a traffic scene in the area basically taking people inside the camp hostage both moscow and washington officials have repeatedly confirmed in fact that indeed some former or current islam is probably manage their way to one camp russia has constantly been calling on some kind of rescue vaccination operation to take people out of the zone supporting this idea with the polls show in that most of the people are willing to leave this area and has constantly been calling on america to join the effort by damascus to help improve rather than deteriorate the situation
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of syrians inside these zone according to different estimates it is right now home to around forty thousand people eighty percent of them women and children and earlier on wednesday we heard the statement from russia's defense ministry saying that america remains deaf america does not want to support any evacuation and rescue efforts the american stationed in the eye. zone fails to take responsibility for ensuring a safe and unhindered passage of humanitarian convoys through the fifty five kilometers own they are controlling this is essentially derailed the implementation of a highly important humanitarian operation aimed at rescuing syrian citizens trapped in the rueben camp and while the sides are blaming each other for what's going on inside the ragavan camp in southeastern syria we have to admit that poor people trapped there continue to suffer and their fate remains quite unclear we've
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contacted the u.s. led operation inherent resolve for its response and will let you know what they say earlier washington insisted it's ready for coordinated efforts with the u.n. to organize safe passage for refugees from the rock band camp russia's efforts the white house claims do not meet security standards un coordinated mohamad circle food is there could be dangerous consequences if refugees on evacuated. we should divert from the political issue that the american have with the syrian government or the syrian people and look at the human side aspect of the people living in the camps. they can't by law they should not you know the should not prevent any humanitarian assistance to that comes is not just the call is the way they live in the camps you have a family of. ten people living in one tent with their mother and kids and children
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and one of the sad stories that also we came across where they came across two is the dead we don't have a place to bury them and only comes outside syria will see a similar disaster that we've seen the flooding and the suffering of the children on those refugee camps we might expect disease and we all saw would be. would be harboring extremism because when you when you don't provide dignity this is when you have extremism and you see the issue would be increasing using you know the children. as a power weapon to take revenge. and also docs christian charity forum has been launched in southern moscow at bedside start thinking oh a state is dedicated to the legacy of empress elizabeth who rules russia in the mid eighteenth century and it's part of a series of events marking one hundred years since the end of the roman of dynasty
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the opening of the forum was attended by historians along with museum and church workers. there's all the headlines for us this hour be back in thirty minutes with the latest will see that. traditionally in the foreign policy blog with the assistance of the legacy media defining immediate threat for a foreign military intervention or coup amos been to manufacture public support today it's different with virtually no public debate in his way what is the target of a forced regime change the problem is force regime change as a deplorable record.
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