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step-daughter nor cutter so it gets less and less and less powerful so by the time it gets to the street level and certain towns it's nowhere near as potent as it was when it was certainly you know just brought in the trafficking goes on all the time and there are so many different ways people putting it in their anus in a condom putting it in a wooden figure that might be a souvenir you could cut it in half hollowed out fill it with a bag of cocaine or whatever and then seal it back up varnish it as a souvenir from wherever you went to people having it run for them by through what's called a mule so you have somebody running it in so the person who's buying it has somebody who's basically going to get in trouble for trafficking it in on a plane or whatever so a lot of this brought in that way and again it gets stepped on more and more and more as as it goes but the thing is you can't stop it as long as people want it i mean now people in america are taking tied to the laundry detergent and back in the
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one nine hundred fifty s. they started glue i mean they still do that but anything that changes your perception and it's such a problem all the time and it isn't always just the drugs are going to mess you up it's that it's all the dangerous things that go on around. the violence because this is money it's business and if you mess with it you can get in the. marijuana is probably the least offensive it's going to affect people different ways some people get paranoid like the guy was stopped six times at one stop sign some people get just get he and giggly and happy and hungry. cocaine gives
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you a great burst of energy and you just you just feel powerful and you can do anything in your confidence goes up and all that i could understand why people would take cocaine but other people take downers like i used to buy quail is cancer medication to stop pain so people take way lubes. he just. gone you just you just tired you just zone out heroin has that same effect and i always wondered about heroin why do why would you take something that takes you so far out but i knew somebody took heroin i asked and they said because when you take heroin. you have no problem everything's ok. you just sit in the corner and draw on yourself and maybe you don't worry about anything and everything is just fine everything's ok and again it all goes back to changing your mental and emotional state why do people do this and it's the change
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their mental state they're not happy. there's drugs everywhere and if you would walk into it most bars and just ask if you want some heroin you want some cocaine it was some crack you want anything like that you want pills for money you got it you'll find people pretty quickly. it's
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ubiquitous it's it's everywhere you know. and i can get i can get any drug telling you like you know you know. i don't know so drugs because of my daughter no i'm not hustling for her i also for my so i mess with legit bars people in order to people understand me because you know. i'm not like i'm trying to improve on how much i was i could be. told you're here some lose the first rule never underestimate the second remember that every action there will be a reaction. will allow the never let you
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know what you want for a number twelve only made who should be free it is go. what they say maybe have a laugh at the wolfgang's that's what they are but i wouldn't own up rather the gang activity they give them a as youngest saying. that i know not really will last and they get. quite a time if i'm a family. even a what output of. a mob that is so a good hope i have to some to way that because they want to fam they want they want some way way they feel that they saw. the fact that when you get into a gang you feel like the pot a sign that. a lot of times to with oh that's what be the problem with that they don't have no food. they don't have no room for what's happened so that's why they call him a big. hand all schools aware what they want to steal they want. you know the chap
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you know. drugs will be a we got a jab at them it's a way though i lot of young people is out here popping appeals patent pills take my so that's that got a lot to do for this wabbit take a day they meet some more positive omagh they need more man more men that come out to show them show them and what they don't do not show them how to sound just show them how to get up and go get a job mom and want to get a diverse a stand that want to call on me more leave this to get out there the happy that. the systems. individuals i'm not made to fight against systems even a company even a city government if you rule want to make a movie world you have to make new people the same people that do the old stuff cannot make a new transition unless they change their mind and their hearts so that's what
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we mean we call it evolution over revolution see evolution takes over all known period of time decades and centuries so the human being has to evolve in order to make a better world. i don't rather. they feel that they. are they you from among with a macuser ok ok so. i mean neutrons are going to our daughter and. you know sean i'm going away for myself to. be you are want to be am i you know is that a good place to start. or it should raise that is it what
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is race me she want everything in a. snack as accurate as accurate which i would guess would be nice of you would agree she reaches have a certain amount of money they always have to be a certain amount of money i mean rich the way that we i mean you have to have. everything you've got to be like you know. you know everything kind made there can be no mistake it is a lot of money and you know take care my daughter. so would you tell me what you're year the way you think you will get there it's. a long day doesn't is it would does it just to have rush from one arab i want to extra money and keep gaining money every minute of the day but i mean going to i mean you can go to joe right thus the only thing that you know i mean is the only thing that's the only thing that is basically. an away this is that the only thing in the way
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here i love this is in the grave. you said you daughter to it daughter so if you was in jail you just did it would leave your daughter in the she's like the biggest piece of the puzzle you know machine wrong i mean from day i mean there's most and i and i mean i thought a lot if i do die she's won't be smart a lot of. it is she knows to lie she knows a lot as you say she knows enough now to live her life what else she for the rest of her what i mean she had our hmong game right now you work for the game right now there's a one hundred other cast of the same mentality you had the same thing that you're trying to do the same way trying to do it you feel me you know you all came with me i know you feel he will be the one that when i'm not mad at you for that you know you got if you don't win if you're the game say to you if you need to flip the game . this was
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some of my crew this is one of my god this is he's serving a life plus twenty in a maximum security prison underneath the ground he's on something this called no human contact this is my main two big team he was big too while he was gunned down this was. he was one of my personal bodyguard he had the kind of leave the city to really not combat this is one of my dad he was like one of my pitbulls he was one of my fighters this is a little now he ended up fighting this guy and the guy got the drop on pulled out a three eighty shadow one time and he was paralyzed from the neck down but all of these guys on here except for two. this was me you know in this was me you know saying so this is me will i nineteen this was me i'd like twenty one i was known as crazy because one is that i was known for carrying big you know weapons and i one was a sawed off shotgun which is
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a little bit unrealistic to carry on a day to day basis because it's just so big i needed for people to think that i was going to go as far as anybody would take me it's funny because i'm known as dr. but if you google crazy to my face is going to come in is same like it was something that was good to get into you know we were popular people knew all of these things are things that happen to us at a young age and so i hade a change to live the lie. as old a person at a young age i actually carried these pictures or when i wouldn't because you know sometimes i have to be reminded you know that i was given a second chance. i
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do think the numbers mean something they've matter us with over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crime families each day. eighty five percent of global wealth he longs to be ultra rich eight point six percent of the world market goes thirty percent some with four hundred to five hundred three per second per second and when he rose to twenty thousand dollars. china's building two point one billion dollars a i industrial park but don't let the numbers over. the only number you need to remember in one one business show you know board the mint one and only boom box. before you came here where did you work before you came here when you live. in many us states capital punishment is still practiced convicted prisoners can spend years
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waiting for execution but most of the time the victims' families they are very much in favor of the death penalty there are some people because of what they did have given up their rights as live among us some even proven innocent up to years on death row and how many more exonerations is it going to take before we as a society realize that this is not working and we actually do something about. montes khalid al hotep international memorial awards twenty nineteen are now open for entries. media professionals are eligible whether you are a freelance journalist work for alternative media or part of a global news conference to participate send us your published works and video all written for much go to award dot altie dot com and into now.
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most of the cases i deal with involved. in things of that nature and that and because the money is the purpose of the drug business you've got a lot of individuals who a compromise as a result for example of a correctional officer of this charged with bringing drugs into the facility these paid by individuals on the street to bring the drugs in and other contraband into into the system he was arrested as a result of a wide path and that's in the state court you also have the federal system which is more feared by those who on the street involved in criminal behavior because in the federal system they have a great deal more investigations as opposed to just the beat cop running around kids and a guy on the street so they have the wide taps they have the competence to informants
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with the federal cases the penalties also far greater and so most individuals are fearful of becoming involved in the in the federal system well there's a lot of injustice in the system to get it right and so you do have a lot of innocent people who happened to be convicted at the being given their due process sometimes unfortunately that conviction comes as a result of illegal prosecutorial work or police actions and in baltimore we have seen recently a number of police officers who were involved in criminal behavior that led to other people being convicted and sent to prison that is a big problem because the community loses in the little trust they have in the a system they definitely work wants to test thinks it's a matter of how good a police officer you all that is how many arrests you made and if you can before a gun in the logic. narcotics even the better there is in the sense of to arrest
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people even if they're not guilty. since freddie gray a few years ago we have seen somewhat of a reversal of that because the offices feeling is the head they themselves could be prosecuted for making a risk that they deemed legitimate so when officers many of them used to be proactive many of them now just sit back put in eight hours and go on home and so bold when you see kind of a retrenchment in terms of the rest when it comes in drug guns they get pats on the back and so those arrests all ways it's always. so if you know that most of the people in this neighborhood who are dealing drugs
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are black and that's just happens to be a fact because of the arrest records it would be silly to say i'm going to ignore that because i don't want to be racially prejudiced and so it's always the it's always like what can you see if you stop somebody had any he's got a trunk full of heroin he's going to be probably armed dangerous and really not want to be going to jail for this very well might want to kill you they may be very well armed better armed than you are so you may have a forty five and he's got an a k forty seven assault rifle that could. blow your car apart. you can't get rid of anything that's illegal anything that is made illegal just it's still out there to be purchased. chances are if there's twenty cars going it's probably a shooting it could be our fight that's really got. not of had but if you're seeing that many cars there could be
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a shooting and knifing. anywhere but into any time so that when you put yourself as it were at higher risk is more likely to happen to you to somebody else if you have anybody but you can't recognise which is so fascinating if you have anybody right because they can't but if you if you hustlin and you want to corner is a might want to rob you likely you get a shot where the media's word was ten times are you are you i do it or why i got the know what they want. so i was you. i was eighteen nineteen you know me and my gang we did our thing i'm saying. i was more muscle i was in the. state of mind he was my master leslie but it came to a place to where my crew has gone. you know i'm really in this you feel me to a place to where you know i had to decide what i wanted and what will give me what i wanted and then whether one do it it was only give me two i got not the next you
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feel me it's also my robby the next you know me to my money was down there always had a plan. oh i mean you shouldn't you feel me i've taken two different paths to get there you know i'm saying one has had a risky one has low risk you know you do me so my thing is for you you need to find a path of least resistance you know i'm saying this will get you where you want to be without this much risk is the last thing you want to be i'm on the going out of you. i started hanging with some of these guys when i was life fifteen playing basketball you know down in the projects lafayette cause being in the area. projects the real problem was that when you surround yourself with people who think oh i put everybody's kind of i think is some crazy stuff it doesn't seem as common normalizes the use sanity because everybody else is thinking the same thing as we were comparing guns what kind of gun you go we're going to go on you've got this i got the desert eagle today nothing man i got the glock this
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was the laser dot it is so it normalize the insanity with somebody would say maybe this is crazy and we will save crazy like not this is tuesday so i will good parents that would cause the parents that would you know the church but then when i went to school so for eight hours i dealt with people that didn't think that way and then when i left home from school i dealt with the more i was there so we in the projects you know we. he you know some i say somewhat you look at me you know what you look at mitt to be honest with you for me everybody looked at it is more protection you don't really want to come to a gun fight with a knife we will put the gun down if the next mayor was go put the gun so there's kind of like the mentality that we had with it so it may have been some of the gang some other crews out there some of the neighborhoods here in baltimore it was split east baltimore and west off the muscle and i had guys you know up in their.
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mail is seems to that the game has definitely changed rule has been money for use paypal over everything so as long as i'm making paper. today a girl is pregnant i go so too to the children best of the middle school you know saying i can do certain things and i ask them i'm like you know tell me what your number is they say what's your number is what you mean and i said tell me when you get to this number as a drug deal when you are he is lying in whatever money you would have you don't want to make your paper streets tell me when you get today are you going to quit like is it ten thousand dollars fifteen thousand dollars fifty thousand dollars one hundred thousand what is your exit point because see if you don't that means you don't have no exit play that means that you wait for the jump the stick go boys or you're waiting for somebody to you know extract you out of this so that means you
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have a way to get locked up or get killed. so that definitely me something definitely just you know all of us a little fresh to so they only ever had a tape out yet this was definitely a crime scene a shooting. that had a home and i would the school with what the colleges. he's a doctor he makes more anyhow so you know he hustle. i mean if you come down to the paper that's i mean there's jobs i can get you the paper you want this you don't have to hustle but you have to hustle to get that job before meeting he grew up in families like we did when the college ate raman noodles every day filmy they were his residency i mean he worked his way up. to fifty year is freely gee i made more incivility i don't know that but i you want to double that here's where most of us
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would make mistakes i write you flip to eat the day if you make two and if it thousand a year you get nothing in the year that was a bad investment those who are us with this is the problem gamble or new you don't lose out on us there will be a hustler and make it and this was in my destination i'm just scared this is what i care for like this and was ever so crazy so based on here let like you let life happen to you you take goods or clothing grab ahold of life you live have you basically how you described the coming to me you read in a wave that's a bad place to be in bro you ran away but you knew going to saddle what you could this at was making money if you got nothing at in the day you know if your whole life was a gamble you know to me in you're always looking for that for the next big lick to get the flip you know me like you know flipping into nothing that's a dozen number if you're a hustler you will make someone but that's the corner mistake of a hustler is you just live for the moment. and that ended a huge room you that you had in the day you live up with nothing like it in the flesh you don't have last seen in you but you're never happy you're still saying
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you can never jump out and you can't you can never achieve happiness that way to be his you never have nothing you always you always slip and you always slip in are you always on your next you are looking for your next lick you feel me you know you never to a place where you can say let's go on vacation you feel me let's go lay on the beach can't do that because guess what you always in the most you always a flip you came that you can think about i wanted the rest of what if i got to stay in place where. i don't want to go nowhere and live nowhere i had this is the base where like i want to be in place where and you can hustle just as hard legally it's . some kind of a way ok maybe they drug life into it and that's what i know nobody's hygene anything like it just being what else is you know is i'm talking about forget the drugs like george first of all drugs destroyed him all. drugs do we have family members in the community so forget the drugs but doesn't help in that the way you or nobody else this is who i am this is what i need to do this for what i'm on my way to i lost forty cats from i'm forty or forty years old i lost forty cats from
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the time i was twelve till now it's gone you know me some have big money so i was a lot of he was a lot of close close friend read my piece where you sang in the herd down a zero because you can't trust him because you can you can make a decision today sam i could but i'm not it right make me aggravated to the do what i want i'd like calm what i'm saying like walk in to do what you want what i don't want to be. yes as you're there in the street you know it's i'm still won't get the house and the gangs or whatever but i only get so why i. keep going on they keep going until. i being jailed for life.
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we like to show you can call you up if you want well it was like the whole second message from the last miner joiners with me a call back when mrs riley was heard there is a message using your prayers in the illinois i love in rashad we love it i'll be here and white but our first message we're miles wide listeners will know for your joy when you're always going to want to give me a call that i live now or is missing so i just wanted to say to you guys that i love your organization i think you guys agree things wise down at this this is fine my name is jennifer i remember.
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that. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy foundation let it be an arms race off and spearing dramatic development only really i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk. my body told me that i belong with the board. my thoughts my mind was in that along with the girls. under the surgery stubs to be of any particular.
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person's doctor. i was born a male had a sex change when i was thirty years old. i've now been living as a woman for twenty eight years and i fully regret this. problem should have gone away from by now but they hadn't so these surgeries are nothing more than plastic surgery i've had several female to male friends and you look at it and you just go oh god you paid for that it's horrible nobody can change genders is impossible. is delusional it's a mental illness. this is no one of mine from flesh or from my flesh she shall be called woman because she was taken from a. good
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politicians do something to. put themselves on the line begin. little reject. so when you want to be present and. want to be rich. but you want to be close it's like before three of them or can't be good. i'm interested always in the water. there should. be made. good really. love.
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you were. under. lock. province's in shock after firing. because the drill in paris badly damaging the iconic structure. of france which is burned. out of a well we are losing tonight and it's really suck well he does express condolences saying it's not just part of french identity but a world heritage. and prominent european politicians the e.u. not to follow the us as example when it comes to the middle east.


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