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days. plectrum 1000000 on top of the. problem familiar to have come from some separate i mean if you sway what you're headed toward one form dissident who for anyone can tell. you that a kook without a straw than it would have business like. this one for why is that wonderful. we
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actually looked at the about we're actually there who really go close they are driving in a murder because they are using you know it's cheap mints i know that is bad enough but they. separated the blacks and the whites. in buses and public facilities the reason why it was like that was because of the. different cultures when you stand in line they have a very small. living space while we have the think the living space and it is really difficult to stand with them in line because they brace against you. they don't have what they call a civilized way of life but i'm not saying we did this you may just understand that we are different. if you are the white man to be so bad now that riad racist this
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is the racism this is the racism this is the racism you understand what i mean it was developed what's your definition of racism from a biblical point of view is that god created the different races. they believe he gave every. place to stay apart they defended the diversity that god made according to. i'm different than i am at east going to the definitions of methodist. church and now. i'm going to visit some freights there and some fish. there that's very good that is a big company wide. spread
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on the. community west farm the 99 to one. at the end of the. today 27 years sniped and we have a population of $1500.00 plus minus mostly limited by our infrastructure by housing in the us the crime rate is pretty close to see it or maybe one truth knocks at the door as if to public but. my phone now says those that cannot be looked at that's the 1st full fulfillment i was receiving that are now put on the open seats palms and invites people who she's the most freak on this for the people who are not the freak on this who do not share the idea of
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a freak on the self determination of freedom. would know it's add value to this project. people who live in or do you know you did. this is. what the. that age to a pursed lips people in this country. who do no one can live with less people who don't want to be contaminated by plate that's one of them created that includes if a black person would show up in red on here and would indicate that he or she or interested in joining the afrique on the culture. but dissipating in this project. there's nothing to prohibit them from it then why in your opinion. no one of black color or live in an iranian because you know because of. the story please
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white people of european descent which does not race in that with the every black person we don't want any interaction with black people. we subscribe to the us the government culture and we don't want to let people that's how clear that this is we live in what i knew do you have white people your party. we don't allow white members to get a centrist don't you think this is also racism no it's not. the sky today if it is a bull. but i. think that black people. think lisa is. the
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. i. i. i i.
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not. the freak on this getting the 20th century. not so much used to doing manual labor it was just normally accepted that black people would be good to lay bricks and that white people would be good at looking at black people laying bricks we beyond that we moved beyond that we are training young people to do many of those kinds and levels of manual labor in what on earth do that as if it's the most
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normal thing to do. in this instance it's exactly the be. followed up at the foot. of the. car the bunch of wood for the floor of the commercial so on. in like of in front on. devens mean so. hard to be on the other much like give us sycamores acquaintance copious me for sale to you can i think you'd applaud the need to trade old and also get a group we haven't even been with that overall come we're going to be a little. different the dull feel a little bit the delta. in the 6 may lack of a little money off one of my. blog and i'm going to going to still sell them with these it's only me and i can means and mike is just fine if.
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at all spiral it was a significant major flaw to me if you have to share a little local crew almost a box of them about a good really long. model. i really do stuff out of the blue with your side with me so you so you don't have to fold didn't respond for them as i was a bit of group pool in one form here on the philosophical. and when miss a linux will be asian with all compensation we could do it on you in fact when you take it and it's the least me i'm going to tell you so. you tell us self into your own house because these no or doubts are there's a very good question why the they i was this kind of charles. we live neurotic lives we have become inured to people we are paranoid you can see it all eyes. on our fall we have the feelings 6 different things around our house.
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i carry a weapon for 20 years already because we are murdered brutally on the farms every evening. when i get home from work all our goals we have coal the neighbors. on the radio to jake if everything is alright. well you don't play your player. as elsewhere nobody left. fielder for the. shotgun it's got a lot of other fish go to school with me. for the darn getting
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and i think gore is nice. but awful was limited anyway between $100.50 out of $1000.00 people that is 90 times the risk of a will that is absolutely ridiculous what we have now. and there are. a lot of concrete factors that has caused this wave of attacks. on white farmers one of the most important reasons is radical leftist politicians are instigating this. truth to. power.
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what politicians do you should. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to read 1st. and she. wanted. me to go on to be closer this is what i'm up for 3 in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters in the house. there's sydney. facebook and google started with a great idea and great ideals unfortunately it was also a very dark side. they are constructing a profile of you and that profile is
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a real it's detailed and it never goes away turns out that google is manipulating your opinions from the very 1st character that you type into the search bar it will always favor one dog food over another one comparative shopping service over another and one candidate over another they can suppress certain types of results deiced on what they think you should be seen if they have this kind of power then democracy is an illusion the free and fair election doesn't exist for the more growth we give them the sooner we are all hand. in a world of big part of the new lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door. and shouting past each
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other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. my grandfather was murdered on our family form. 2 days off for i was
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baptized in 1809. he wasn't by 2 black mean he and his wife was sitting watching television in this room and. he had a knock on the door we opened a window to almost what it was a bell they just started shooting him they shot him. 6 times in the chest. and to feel down then they forced my stepmother. into this room or actually they say they want their guns and money and. over a year they were still cabinet and. she was beginning to look for guns and money and that stage my neighbor. front door window and he jumped through in the sure shot them and the. wounded the one seriously and he fell down and the other one he had just
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a fish ruined and hearing and. through the window and he got away. but i didn't know by that time my father was the. and i rushed in the i saw the wounds but i. thought maybe he wasn't. in. ready a blue from pain to the city to the hospital on the way i made to the ambulance and they told me this is the. my father. was my idol was the set full many years off there was i would just drive through the. hall men just start crying a long time to get over. my ground for i believe made a very deep emotional impact on my phone it motivated him.
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actively against this program that causes white people on fall to be. killed on a daily basis. we're preparing for a war we're preparing for in the. in the lead of the sake we are preparing with food stuffs and. you know infrastructure oh is saying it's perhaps a concern to be involved with. a group like this say. as they say it's rather safe than sorry but now we're hearing see. the leadership of the say plunders movement. cycle induced was
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a bounce 18 years ago. in the year 2000 we do have many members particularly when to start and we secretly from the national you meet so we have an idea. around about 130000 we say clone does believe that a civil war in south africa is inevitable oh of preparations include what we call a national emergency plan and the goal of the national. emergency plan is to remove people as far as possible from the greatest streets which are always in the most densely populated areas. and. one of our senior members has a caravan over the for his family to go in one direction and
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something for himself to go in another direction this. cold. cereal. is. fuel cans. you notice a good time of great danger in not eating mark a king this is maize meal in a 2 liter coke bottle if you are using approximately 75 to 80 grams of maize meal for a meal. or so he has 30 meals in. the. u.i. here in this social collapse there is no. there is no level for know from the. distance social cohesion in this country the rates of murder of
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white farmers depending on which source you want to use according to our free form is $97.00 per 100000 per annum according to dr yuan burgo of the institute of security studies it's $145.00 per 100000 per annum it is mischievous but complain that there is a target for middle class of white people in the farms like any white horse will find themselves affected. and also affected what really angers me. when i see the photos of people being tortured to death expression the elderly people and children. like this mock the complicity of the un followed from the blast deisel cigarettes from the. ask for. mark.
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my. interest on the live from involved humming along and the like. and in that process. i mean the upright that. trusts and took my call. my v.a.r. met. office at work and my b.n. dealer asked the cons to be in the in the my speed office. in the. mania somebody. somebody. took from the. cia from my. dad for.
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me. to act with my back i will install blood on the hunt to make do with. a slight them with my sleeve. but any ice. and. no means to vote for my. sister. said i want to cry or. i really. don't want to cry. we were just 2 kids one brother is. was. 2 years have been months older than me. and he was killed in the snow from a tech. shot 3 times
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and all these organs was there mitch to accept his hauke when i saw him. he was in a coma already. so i never got the chance to speak to my brother that i missed. the brother. i dealt with it. how about that. call me crazy put. the funeral. i was stating on one of the greatest like this an. adult. a complex mix. and state before long. to me that was
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a sign of them i got stung on my knees and i see this load i understood. its foreign. get around to me 28 business 3232 but if you will not obey the voice of the lord your god will be careful to do all these commandments and the statutes which i
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command you this day then all these curses shall come upon you and overtake you you shall build a house and you shall not dwell in it. and you shall not use the truth of. your ox shall be slain before your eyes and you shall not eat of it. shall be violently taken away before your face and shall not be restored to you no sheep shall be given to your enemies and they shall be done to help you your sons and your daughters shall be given to another people while you are as you look on and file with longing for them all the day and he shall not be in the power of your hands to pleasing to. the borders of the bible. if you value you have to fight if you don't. god will punish you. it says that i will make a father know your king. what are. the main
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reasons but the revolution is. a full court. we need to do it. and. this. which. how do you clean solve it takes all the new heated up to that specific point. trick moment in that moment that the did comes to the top and you can scrape it away but if everything has to go through that heat. the fitting with the ticking time bomb in.
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accordingly the will through the powder mentor process finalize the proposed amendment to the constitution that outlines more clearly the conditions under which expropriation of land without compensation can be effected.
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so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race in this on off and spearing dramatic development only personally i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time time to sit down and talk. this footage is unique because the zoe tribal lands are normally off limits to the public erik's allowed in because he's listened to his personal doctor. people here know him simply as dr eric he's rich famous some always on the move
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sailing yacht some flying aircraft that just sits on. top. of all. he's considered one of the best neurosurgeons in brazil. that's happening amazon and. our associates going to busy doing math is going to do the population nothing much is going to people from mama's own . cult. knows who else and all of the.
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other. stuff. along with the greens. is expected to win. the contest to replace is already well up and running.


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