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some want to be. too great to be close this is what before 3 of the more people. interested always in the waters. there should. the u.s. formally request the extradition of julian assange says the wiki leaks co-founder continue serving his prison sentence in the united kingdom. invest because journalist. has just been freed with charges against him dropped forty's also say those responsible for his case have been suspended. messages just the corruption case against brazil's former president lula da silva was in fact a stitch designed to destroy his reelection bid. as we look at the controversial figure whose death in syria is being mourned by parts of the brain streaming media
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outlets adopting the man who condone this force against president assad and praised the $911.00 attacks as a rebel i call. for joining us this evening this is. u.s. prosecutors have made a formal request to the u.k. for the extradition of wiki leaks co-founder julian assange just slapped with a team charges by the u.s. department of justice including conspiracy to commit hacking violation of the espionage act. correspondent charlotte is in love and joins me live on the line that charlotte bring us the latest. well that's why it's confirmation today that the u.s. has formally request this extradition of julian saw on those charges including
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charges under the espionage act and also conspiracy to hack a government it was filed with the british authorities some reports suggesting as far back as last thursday and also reports suggesting that there will be a coup tearing later on this week of course julian assange is serving a 50 week prison sentence in belmarsh prison in london after he failed to appear full of bail hearing around 7 years ago well i'm out in the event tonight where organizes a trying to keep julian assange was here in the u.k. hoping to fight off that extradition request and also to keep julian assault case high profile in the media joining me is one of the guests this evening it's patrick henningsen from 21st century wife dot com patrick thank you so much for joining us what do you hope to achieve by this event tonight the main point of this event is is to raise public awareness and so activists journalists politicians political
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public figures who've been brought together to sort of speak on behalf of this issue in this is not just a single issue this is about obviously julie sanji individual but it's about freedom of the press freedom of speech it's about one of the fundamental pillars of our democracy in the west how much we do when steve think these events can actually make given that we now have these formal extradition charges. that's just in terms of the public wider public awareness it's growing incrementally i think ever since the arrest from the growing embassy at the beginning of april but in terms of this event it's not how many are attending per se but who is. watching and who is listening and i know from the previous events that has a strong a lot of people into action in america and in other countries in europe as well and they've also had people come over from the continent to attend this event and even from further afield so the message is getting out and people are understanding the different nuances of this this case and why
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a staunch is where he is right now and what it means going forward we've been expecting for some time that extradition from the u.s. to people many requests if it has what do you make of it and the fact that this is a bit of a cane changer in the sense that it means that no more charges can be brought against assaults by the u.s. government certainly no new charges can be brought according to agreement between the u.s. and britain but we do have an administration in washington right now that doesn't always keep to its international agreements and treaties so that this is somewhat of a worry but in terms of the charges that are stacked right now 18 plus superseding indictment so they d.o.j. is really really stacked high and so i think a lot of people believe this is also a strategy there is not a guarantee that joyce andro actually be extradited to the united states so right now we have a hearing on friday which is going to be a belmarsh for the courthouse outside belmarsh prison that's an extradition hearing
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then it's going to also go to the government as well and effectively you could have a situation where the home secretary would be charged with making that final call now does britain want that on its legacy that's a historic lined across not only for the united states to charge a publisher a journalist on the espionage act but for the british government to hand over a journalist an award winning journalist to the united states where the u.n. and other bodies have ruled pretty clearly that you will not get a fair trial it's a highly politicized case we also know julian's health has been a question of recent weeks of video appearing to show him looking frail and coolant in the. in the last week how much more pressure will the fact that this extradition request has be made put on to you and on his health. the biggest problem for julius andre now is probably not knowing not knowing what's going on not knowing
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how long he's going to be incarcerated psychologically physically as well but a lot of it is just the not knowing part so it's really going to be up to his defense team he's absolutely depending on his legal team but i think a lot of people believe that this this is going to be one this this battle for free press and free speech for julius on just life will be also won in the public sphere of public opinion and so building awareness is absolutely essential and we're already seeing high profile people in america who were previously against joyous ron for various reasons and now or basically behind him on this issue because they do realize how serious this is historically the every journalist that's going to be potentially compromised in this particular case goes in the wrong direction and that's something that's going to be discussed it's not just one final question this is been a long running so in the 70s in the ecuadorian embassy and the years before that
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this case was in the public what you think is the next step in this saga this is very difficult to say because listen if he doesn't get extradited to the united states the charges will still remain the indictments will still be there the department just as well be like the sword of damocles hanging over his neck but not just joyous songes had every other journalist globally basically is potentially under the the wrath of these indictments for the united states if he's indicted if he's extradited to the u.s. then he will be the 1st person of of serious standing to challenge the espionage act the 1st publisher the 1st journalist to be charged in that and really put this 1917 espionage act to the test is high. piece of legislation that a lot of people say is very antiquated in this will be a chance to test it doesn't us really want to put it to the test or a lot. that's made to be seen patrick thank you very much for joining us patrick henningsen this week interest at this event to raise awareness for cheeriness song
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and also the ticket sales to this event going to his sense of fees we know that there are going to be individuals such as dana get in westwood speaking tonight and many others who have been vocal in the chorus of julian assange and many people concerned that if he is extradited to the u.s. they're not could be deafening the fruit in the press interesting discussion now many thanks to our correspondent and guess that i was charlotte do the skit live from london. russian investigative journalist north has just walked free russian officials announced earlier that they had dropped the criminal case against him over the illegal possession of drugs evidence gathered against him was said to have been reexamined and found invalid is more his auntie's my guest here. the head of russia's narcotics police has been fired the police officers who carried out the arrest there they've been suspended
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they're under investigation by internal affairs over how they carried out the arrest whether they use too much force whether it's is an evil itself they're also investigating the investigation which led to the arrests to see whether the police went beyond the scope of their powers where they were whether they had legitimate evidence proved to carry out those arrests and i'm sure they'll be many more people fired because in this was this was a huge scandal especially in russia very very resonant nevertheless for him the traffic is now over with it's approved in a complex enough according to the results of forensic biological. fingerprints and genetic testing we made a decision to stop the criminal prosecution of event go in of due to the lack of evidence of his participation in a crime the charges are dropped all charges dropped he's been released from house arrest the investigation is now over the investigation has switched to the
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investigators whether what they did was lawful and whether the went beyond the scope of their powers abused. their powers slits non-committed i said russian investigative committee will analyze the material sent by the interior ministry own security service in connection with the police officers involved in the criminal prosecution of a van gogh now the investigation will trace all circumstances related to chronicle and of detention over the illegal circulation of narcotic drugs if the print is to give should prompt shots there are grounds for concern a lawful and reasonable decision will be taken in this case of course has been good average both in the media and among the public but it all start when he was arrested in on friday that's when the news went public 1st police said that during the arrest they found 5 packages containers with methadone
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a drug inside them this is all coming from the police the investigators that have now been suspended immediately after his arrest the controversy began because he said that they had been planted the drugs had been planted on him and add his house urine tests other tests carried out by medics showed that he had no drugs in his system nevertheless police tried to charge him with the accusation was that he was part of a drug ring his colleagues reacted straight to it the ones that work at medusa the outlet the publication where he works they didn't believe the charges they believed that they were falsified they know him they didn't believe that he could do such a thing. sell drugs he's respected journalist there was a lot of outrage over the arrested self because apparently he said he was salted by a police officer he was taken to hospital the released with the doctor saying that there was nothing serious and. the scandal exploded every day it got bigger
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and bigger and bigger went global really do we have politicians on the other you know in the western hemisphere talking about this 1st began with russian journalists they came out in solidarity russia's 3 biggest newspapers running with the same headline front page saying we are ivan so in total solidarity with and then it was the t.v. channels the joint in our editor in chief margarita simonyan she came out and supported him eventually reached even the politicians we had like me a putin spokesperson come out in support of him and you know with the pressure building the building perhaps. that is what pushed the ministry of interior to start looking at things seriously to see whether something's gone wrong because we would had protests public protests journalists and politicians public protests in
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front of the ministry of interior that really got things go in. the scandal has erupted in brazil after leaked messages just that a corruption case against the country's former president lula da silva was politically motivated the messages published by investigative news side the intercepts appear to show a judge discussing the probe with prosecutors supporters of little the service say that the leak confirms their fears the case was a stitcher designed to prevent him from winning reelection last year now the progress part of brazil biggest anti corruption crusade known as operation car washes dozens of high level politicians imprisoned lula da silva was sent. almost a decade behind bars for corruption and money laundering including for accepting a luxury apartment in exchange for state contracts but he denies ever owning the land and the league messages suggest prosecutors themselves question the strength of the evidence against him one of the journalists behind the revelation said that they made sure those messages were genuine. we waited and waited for
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a response from the prosecutors for them to prove that the messages were genuine that's a very cautious and scrupulous recipe when you work with explosive material like this you need to be absolutely certain that what you publish is true the prosecutors and the judge haven't publicly expressed doubts about the messages they know they're genuine as do we the links of also lead to accusations the judge gave biased advice to prosecutors with details is credible lula da silva who served as president of brazil from 2003 until 2010 is still wildly popular in the country brazilians associate him with good economic times when living standards were rising now a newly leaked conversation sheds some light on why he is serving a 12 year prison sentence for corruption it turns out that his trial the judge and the prosecutor were in cahoots these are some of the private conversations that
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took place during the trial with judge mauro seemingly instructing the prosecutor about how to proceed with the case. hasn't it been a long time without an operation you cannot make that kind of mistake now the thing called with a that's a good idea and a prosecutor asking the judge for advice what do you think of these crazy statements from the workers' party national board should with fish to rebut well into silver has long maintained his innocence he says the entire case was a set up he has named names. on how to political life and all of a sudden i was convicted for money laundering and organized crime it was all a law i settled on when i was by the federal police the public prosecutor's office someone more of them who took on the investigation with more i didn't need any proof of crimes committed because they all had a plan in mind you know the plan was to paint the workers' party is a criminal organization with a criminal boss who happens to be made well it seems the new leaks show that will
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lead to civil was right here is an extract where the judge is seemingly directing the prosecutor and the prosecutor himself isn't moving his case is a weak. source and for me the contact person is annoyed at having to be nice to see dr property transfer deeds for one of the x. president's children apparently the person would be willing to provide the information and therefore passing it along the source is serious they will say that they were accusing basan newspaper articles and for gyal evidence and here is what makes it even more scandalous linda silva's imprisonment is what prevented him from running for president last year and take a look at the polls just silva had a pretty solid lead so then also narrow who won the election after his main opponent was blocked from running actually promoted judge morrow after he took office i salute. the elderly man in brazil who's proving that we can do politics different theory now the judge seems to think he didn't do anything wrong
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he says that the real crime is that these conversations have been made public it is regrettable that the person responsible for the criminal hacking of the prosecutor's cell phones has not be. identified as the source there is no sign of any abnormality or providing directions as a magistrate despite information being taken out of context and the sensational as of the articles known as of course those accusations published by the intercept are not true and their origin is linked to a criminal hack even though i don't acknowledge the trustworthiness of the messages to realize that they can create some discomfort for some people who are deeply sorry about that the leak telegram conversations give the impression that the silver was railroaded in order to keep him off the ballot and there is more to come from me and we are continuing our work on the case as we said these are just our 1st reports we have a lot of information we have analyzed i think only one percent of the conversations we will publish materials from these messages are. part of the mainstream media
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in the syrian opposition a morning a controversial figure they've branded a rebel icon who died in a battle against syrian government forces in homs province according to his rebel faction find his role in syria's uprising was the subject of an award winning documentary a goalkeeper for the country's youth football team and gained prominence for staging street protests against president assad of the singing songs praising the revolution some of those songs the whole values that seem to go completely against those of western countries fighting islamic state in the country auntie's down a quarter explains and a warning his report does contain scenes of an execution. he became the poster boy of the syrian uprising or shall we say the voice ringback. you're. showing.
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and his death in battle against government forces apparently made him a fallen hero in the eyes of the media syrian footballer and singer of revolution killed in conflict. syrian soccer goalie who became rebel i can dies in battle syrian soccer star symbol of free vault dies after battle. that also route was a former syrian footballer who turned rebel fighter and not just any rebel fighter all know he became an icon of the fight against bashar al assad so he wasn't shying away from speaking the truth here's one of the so-called singer of the revolutions greatest hits judge for yourself.
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perhaps the lyrics don't exactly communicate the artist's intended message that's all right though also it was much more articulate about his political beliefs in this 2014 interview that our vision of what we do blame islamic state. but that blame comes with love because we know that these 2 groups and not politicized and have the same goals as us they are working for god and they care about islam and muslims no you didn't hear that wrong the same goals as islamic state and apparently 911 was a great accomplishment to. was good yet. there are those in the media who acknowledge it's problematic characteristics but for them a little elbow rubbing with terrorist groups shouldn't stand between him and his rightful page in the history books. some individuals celebrated as heroes make you
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doubt all stories of heroes in history books others like abdul basset also root not inspire of but despite his flaws make those stories highly plausible he's a true legend and his story is well documented may his soul rest in peace so if these guys got an oscar. abdul deserves a grammy no less as in other. kovar western operations it becomes important to to maintain this sense of plausible deniability it's clearly been useful for for the us and the us media to maintain. this whole idea of there being moderate democratic forces among
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the rebels in syria but clearly most of the groups fighting the government were really extreme islamist groups that's the reality and they're these were the groups that the cia and and its allies its british and french and saudi and qatari and turkish allies were supporting and arming from the very early stages of this conflict. the new york times sounds officially stopped publishing political cartoons the move comes just over a month since there was a strong backlash against the controversial cartoon the feature the blind president trump led by a seeing israeli prime minister the newspaper made the announcement of the one of its cartoonists leaked the plants. the new york times all and all political cartoons are just learned we saw through
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a publisher syndicated new to new yorker to their cause the scandal for me this is the end of an adventure begin to him 2 years ago signs announcing the newspaper's decision cartoonist patrick sharp parts complained about the moralistic mobs influence in the newsroom however he also slammed the image saying that it should never of run in the best newspaper in the world new york times issued an apology soon after the cartoon was published. the cartoonist responsible for the image fired back about the controversy claiming the backlash was fabricated by quote jewish propaganda he also emphasized his arts have a political and not religious meaning the decision of the new york times to abandon political cartoons completely caused an uproar on twitter. the n.y.t. really did fail this time decision not to run political cartoons by n.y.t. opinion is spineless we need political humor now more than ever 4 years ago the new york times was all just see surely now they're no longer publishing cartoons
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new york times are not throughout to be with the bathwater yes there was a terrible lapse in judgment to print that cartoon so polit gys and have a keener i free readers flea offensive cartoons john and art from completely political cartoonist and author ted rall believes that not being able to laugh at political leaders creates a serious problem for society. this is a pretty despicable series of events i mean 1st of all i don't think we need to throw an tonio portuguese cartoonist under the bus there really is but it's highly debatable whether his cartoon was anti-semitic or not and i think this portray him as an anti-semite despite the fact that he repeatedly has denied it is really egregious and something that many of my colleagues probably should have spoken out against months ago and now you have the new york times firing its own syndicate i mean the editors who ran the cartoons are still working at the new york times and the and now they're firing to cartoonist who had nothing to do with the cartoon in
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question so i mean i've never heard of a political cartoonist getting fired over a cartoon that he did not draw so the new york times has literally declared nuclear war against my art form they've decided that all the traditional editorial cartoons that depict a strong opinion about the events of the day will no longer appear there when we can't laugh at ourselves when we can't poke fun at our political leaders we've got a major problem on our hands politically. mobile phone networks in the calling of the government to clarify its stance on wall way that's according to the b.b.c. which says it's obtained a draft letter from industry leader to the british cabinet secretary that apparently concerned whether the chinese tech giant will be allowed to supply the new 5 g. network explains. they're concerned over the lack of clarity on walk away they've asked for an agent meeting with the government in order to discuss those concerns
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essentially there's a sense that they've been left sort of hanging over the government's indecision over whether or not to greenlights the use of huawei technology in the rollout of the 5 g. network here in the u.k. so as a result these industry bosses con to invest in vital infrastructure going forward for the government they've stressed the importance of security above all else take a lesson the security and resilience of the key still to come snap works is of paramount importance we have robust procedures in place to manage critics to national security and are committed to the highest possible security standards while the industry has questions for the government over while away the government's got questions to walk away and it was actually one ways cyber security officer who was. was giving on says in front of a committee of m.p.'s publicly yesterday and the politicians repeatedly asked him
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about wild ways alleged links to the chinese states and about alleged human rights abuses as well and his repeated was that while way works within the framework of the nor should we do business with a company that's complicity and you go to pieces if you should business with all companies that stick to the there's a lot of the order in china isn't there just like there was a lot of law in nazi germany some laws are good little some moves some companies to tell the press that one party states nothing to communist china doesn't that put you see. who it would be for. your company is it you for putting whomever your son should. be your soldiers or the german government your research. the rule. means a different picture and of course there are strong arguments on both sides on the
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one hand you've got the u.s. pressuring the u.k. to reject qual way technologies saying that it presents a danger to national security and on the other hand there's the opinion that in measured doses only on certain parts of the fires gene network using wrong way can be perfectly safe and moreover is actually vital for the future of britain as sort of a front runner in the lead technologically and so far this debate has been very political but now we're seeing industry step in and say actually we need clarity on what happens with wall way. political economy professor jack resume says the u.s. china trade war will decides who gains technological dominance this attack. while way and all of the chinese companies are actually here is really about this big fight between the u.s. and china over who's going to dominate technology in the next decade the u.s.
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trade war is really about chinese technology the trade war is beginning to slide into an economic war as the u.s. goes globally to try to wean its allies away from any kind of economic relationships what china is kind of an absurd comment because you know i.g. farben product was designed to kill people whereas you know our ways product is designed for people to communicate i don't know how you kill people whether with with the phone network you can take somebody by association you say i mean you know you don't say that huawei kills people but by associating them with a company that whose product did do that you know you make it sound like well you're guilty by association this is a national appreciate your company they same thing i'll be back with that thanks for your help see you in half an hour.
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join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics business i'm show business i'll see that. he really has a cell you take. to tell a great story he's an equally great messenger auk watchers and according to a new investigation by the intercept in the rain in group an opposition to to iran has done just that created the perfect messenger in order to push for regime change in western media so perfect in fact even the white house used the messengers work as a source back in 2018 his name is has met
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a lobby and he is according to his bio an arabian activist with a passion for equal rights.


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