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tv   News  RT  August 16, 2019 11:00am-11:31am EDT

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and get away with it because the people have less political. headline stories this hour of. russian pilots with the title hero of russia for saving the lives of hundreds of passengers they executed a perfect emergency landing near moscow after both the plane's engines feel. it would like to express my gratitude to the pilot who was flying the plane i think we all know life thanks to him pilots did a great job and landed the plane. also coming up india. using nuclear weapons 1st in warfare but warns that up may change the statement comes as hostilities continue to escalate with pakistan over the territory of
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kashmir. accuses the us of a piracy attempt after the justice department tried to block the release of an iranian oil tanker impounded. around the clock across the world this is r.t. international from the team myself you know neal hello and welcome. we were putin has awarded 2 pilots with the title hero russia after they have had potential this thursday morning their plane lost the use of both engines after striking a flock of birds while taking off from moscow international airport forced them to make an emergency landing all 226 passengers on board the crimea and your
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flight survived video agency has managed to get hold of exclusive video of the evacuation. i don't mean about. the studio but each to. their. but as you leave this. i let's go through what happened all really took place so quickly that the pilots weren't able to return to the airport as they had barely got are born reaching an altitude of around 260 meters but they acted decisively opting to land the plane on its belly in a cornfield just over a kilometer from the runway and without emptying the fuel tanks the pilot in command 41 year old demure. previously been a lawyer before training as
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a pilot he'd been flying with your royal airline since 2030 becoming a captain last year his copilot was 23 year old georg merson he obtained his license just 2 years ago while they were putin has awarded as we said both pilots with the title hero of russia well the country's health ministry house stated 76 people sought medical assistance after the incident one woman is still in hospital her condition is not believed to be life threatening or mana cost of reports now for us from the crash sites inside a small school. 226 passengers and 7 crew members of ural airlines flight bound for crimea from moscow are celebrating their 2nd birthday the air bus a 321 collided with a flock of birds just shortly after takeoff from the capital's zuckoff ski airport's the captain mir yusupov had just seconds to make the right decision when
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he discovered the strike caused engine failure with 16 tons of fuel on board no ability to make it back to the runway he knew that an emergency landing could result in a catastrophe to show you a little but all after we to call the engines became unstable 1st the left one and then the right one we usually simulate the situations when one or 2 engines are off despite all our efforts the plane was going down we realized that we didn't have much time just one or 2 minutes to make a decision in a blink of an eye this man with nerves of steel decided still land the aircraft in a nearby cornfield without using the landing gear and shutting off all power to prevent an explosion and various officials praised the crew for their professionalism during the spine chilling landing as well as for a well organized evacuation that is something we acted in line with our training with similar situations like this before so there were no surprises the passengers
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were disciplined listen to our instructions and evacuated very quickly they did as we expected there was no panic on board even though the landing was rough the pilot did a great job he landed the plane really kathleen just cook tell us please how do you feel now did you hurt your leg. you know it's better than if i was there lying on the field so everything is rather good the landing was good the pilots did a great job landed the plane on the belly everything he's fine the media was quick to make connections with the another's. such incidents when loss of life was a virgin thanks to pilot the miracle on the hudson involving a u.s. airways the aircraft flown by captain chesley sullenberger and jeffrey skiles hit a flock of geese after takeoff from new york city's la guardia airport and lost all engine power i'm able to land at any available airport they had to ditch the jet in
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the hudson river just outside of manhattan with all of the 155 passengers a risk used by nearby ferries and boats thanks to the heroic solve for the captain and his crew their relatives and loved ones self all the people involved will get to see them again ramana koester of artsy moscow region. i spoke earlier to aviation safety advocate on pilot gideon you were as he told us birds are the most common problem facing reports on pilots in the uk london plane will skill and result. people describe it as a miracle i don't prefer i don't call america i prefer to call it a shiny example of the professionalism and skill of the 2 pilots to interview support for an angry mood and thankfully those events are incredibly rare. but a lot of those here engines it is such these days that you know the idea of getting you some particular entire career without even having one to tell and learn to do
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at the same time engines are designed to accept the impact of one or 2 unfortunately birds tend to find the area around our fields quite attractive it's supposed to the environment. as a speeding up issues they feel safe from their ports spend an awful lot of energy trying to keep birds off the airfield that's vices like scaring some some out of court suv used predatory birds to frighten off the other birds they do have entire teams who work exclusively keeping birds as way from the affluent as much as possible of course if the birds are just outside they have to hold there's not a lot the outward so can do. amid escalating hostilities between pakistan and india the indian defense minister has stressed that new delhi will continue to abide by the no 1st use policy when it comes to nuclear weapons however he did this warning it just through the till now india has to clean it he
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had to the no 1st use policy what happens in the future depends on the sake of stances. while the current tensions are over kashmir the region at the northern tip of india and pakistan both countries lay claim to kashmir with the united nations describing it as a disputed territory now the so-called line of control here in red that's the border and the countries maintain their own administrations within the territory now in august new delhi stripped kashmir of its special autonomy status pakistan says' doubt the station has destabilized the status quo in the region the un prohibits changes to the status of any speeded state it's also feared that kashmir is majority muslim population could be targeted by people of other faiths in the region with a conflict already into its 72nd year without
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a solution. but . i know i talked a little earlier to a pakistan based geo strategic issues expert who say is that the international community needs to take a more active role in kashmir. from august. one specter which is not of learning but it should be rewarding from the from the perspective of the
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international community because in the broader picture then they have duties of war between 2 countries and member the situation arises where one particular currently can use it you could have it up when they are not going to consider the option there since they had to declare all see to have and most india has blown apart all the by little agreement and 17 u.n. security council resolutions which calls are the lead on me so india has left more room for their dialogue but if when the mission given indeed does not intervene. there is this see india as a big market and that is why it didn't want to jeopardize the evolution with them and that is why the politics isn't being driven by the hard economic realities and not by them would only be. ok let's move the program on the tearooms top diplomat jeff found zarif has sharply criticized the u.s. for attempting to block the release of an iranian oil tanker this is the tanker
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right now as it stands waiting in the waters it's assumed to be moving off pretty shortly the vessel was seized by british royal marines off the course of her last month. having field to accomplish its objectives through its economic terrorism including depriving cancer patients of medicine the us attempted to abuse the legal system to steal our property and the high seas this piracy attempt is indicative of trumpet ministrations contempt for the law well this is what we know on thursday the u.s. justice department made a last minute up location to gibraltar asking it not to release the grace one which was accused of attempting to illegally ship oil to syria but the supreme court on the british overseas territory decided to release the vessel and 4 of its crew members gibraltar's 1st minister sais that attention was lifted after receiving formal written assurances from tehran. the grace one is therefore now
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released from detention under the sanctions act by operation of law on the 30th of august i received assurances from the republic of iran that if we leased the destination of the grace one would not be an entity that is subject to european union sanctions i welcome that assurance. but really an authority some of the nie the charge that the grace one was shipping oil to syria in breach of e.u. sanctions 2 weeks after the vessel was in ponded iran sees the british flag in the strait of hormuz claiming it had violated international law the us then later announced its intention to create a naval coalition to combat so named there rini an aggression in the strait but political analyst shabbir razvi told us america's pressure campaign against tehran is faltering. really it's very clear that the policy that the hawks or what mr zarif calls the b.
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team appears to be losing on all fronts mr pompei or recently wrote an op pad on the 8th of august saying that you know the extreme pressure that's being applied on iran economic warfare that is taking place is bearing fruit but the reality is that all of the 12 points that mr compeer listed in his speech earlier this year iran is not abiding by any of those and has no intention of really succumbing to the pressure from washington and it is continuing to operate quite effectively albeit with lots of pressure and the economic situation becoming very difficult in iran. to a story getting a lot of attention today the u.k. home office has launched a new initiative aimed at tackling soaring rates of knife crime it's announced it will be printing warnings on real life stories on takeaway chicken boxes the move has drawn criticism from the public politicians are like tells us what we need to
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know. he'd be forgiven for thinking the u.k.'s only current battle is with brussels but on the streets of britain doesn't move bloody fight unfolding rising knife crime has of rapidly become a plague with $86.00 fatalities in london alone since january and in the past 12 months there have been over 43000 knife related offenses across the u.k. and with no sign of the violence abating the home office is getting creative to try to tackle the problem we're rolling out our knife free chicken boxes in over 210 chicken chops in england and wales including morley's dixie chicken and chicken cottage he is real life stories to show people how they can go knife free that's right when you pay is going to wing it when it comes to fighting knife crime the hash tag night free campaign includes digital posters as well as outreach programs
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where people face at local communities to talk about the risks of carrying weapons it will also see over 300000 boxes and fried chicken shop is just like this across the country redesigned now that the campaigns hash tag nights free and when you open it up on the inside you'll be able to read the stories of young people who shunned a life of crime in favor of school or music nothing better than a snap and a good read write low 7 it seems not everyone agrees other than accusations of mismanaging fun the choice of chicken shops for the campaigns target space has hit us full code with some people is this some kind of joke why have you chosen chicken shops what's next my free watermelons instead of investing in a public health approach to violent crime the home office have opted for yet another crude offensive and probably expensive complain they would do better to invest in our communities not demonize them think it's 30 degrees idea you know
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because most of the people are using the my for are you the young people with so little. talking about quite often because we don't talk about the will. to do anything different it's a great idea because we need to educate people. to afford to crime special night crime i think they could maybe a you know public money into more important things critics that may bring the campaign who want to lie grey fit saying it no i need a few that fried chicken is the black community's choice of food but that knife in the back community's choice of what put the marketing company behind the campaign is confident it will bring myself and has defended its choice of location saying it's a democratic space where the message will reach a wide range of people it was already kind of like a new kind of opportunity really just the 2 screens where you talk to the young one of the 1000016 to face 4 year olds who has an effect on one person one person can see this message and you know it can have that ripple effects and it can change
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many people's lives so for us it has an impact to one person is to the reason i took actions against all the stuff in my forty's because there was an unfortunate was that an outside one of the 43 betting on but i was a stopping if you got the opportunity to raise awareness in spite of my face then of course you can add to that now that well you all those kind of well as the old song says it clones to the left of me jokers to the right stuck in the middle with you the left the liberal identity politics crowd throw up their hands and cry racism the last time i looked at chicken shop all kinds of young people were eating it and on the right you have people who are similar to knisley running down our police force by 21000 officers can you believe that since 2000 and then imagining that you can solve the consequent crime problems by writing messages on cardboard these messages are not what the cardboard they are being
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written on. we need more police with more resources and more power to get to grips with what is a mob epidemic london last year over to new york can you believe that somebody has to do something about this much more effective than writing messages on cardboard. plenty to bring you the program including accusations against voice of america persia we look at the reasons behind all the moment. seemed wrong. why don't we just don't. let me. get to seep out just to become educated and engagement equals betrayal.
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when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. you know world big partisan. and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smart we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks.
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just approaching 20 minutes past 6 pm here in moscow this trying to welcome back journalists a voice of america's persian language service has been accused of adopting a staunchly government line most recently a view a journalist launched a blistering. services former employees the spike the fight she complained to the networks editors the tweets being deleted came up and felt a little deeper. the an american journalist who covers u.s. iran relations has found herself being targeted online this woman who lives in comfort in the us and enjoys all the privileges of free society affords her has misused her privilege of freedom of expression by supporting the corrupt terrorist supporting the islamic republic of iran that oppresses and murders its own citizens particularly its women she was terminated when her true mission became known
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freedom loving people of iran look at this treasonous criminal type of a person as a spy and an enemy of the people now the person calling her a treasonous criminal works for voice of america persia that's a u.s. government funded outlet directed at iranians it's overseen by the broadcast board of governors shrill words for a u.s. government employee right now the irony is that mortaza the is herself a former voice of america persian reporter but this points to a bigger issue which is that in recent years the voice of america persian has shifted its tone very dramatically to the point that its hosts are now attacking those who don't support current policy toward iran and 2017 the broadcast board chairman asked the conservative think tank foreign policy council to review the government funded programs directed at iran they concluded that u.s. government broadcasts were overly sympathetic to the iran nuclear deal and the
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proceeding negotiations that took place in 2015 significant coverage of the state of u.s. iranian relations reflected the mistaken notion that the reunion regime is now friendlier to the united states but later the senate appropriations committee passed legislation giving the broadcasting board a green light to counter iranian influence the secretary of state in consultation with the heads of other relevant federal agencies including broadcasting board of governors show coordinate iran car influence programs funded by the act such programs shoot counter. unfolds assertions made by the government of iran against the united states and other democratic countries described the support such government provides to terrorist proxies and assess and describe the impact this support to such proxies causes to the people of syria yemen and other areas where the operate since that time voice of america persian has shifted from being a vehicle for presenting an american perspective to iranians and perhaps
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a somewhat even handed way apparently being a vehicle for straight up anti-government agitation iran is another example it's a country that never really made the key decision the iranian regime was spending a ton of money on its nuclear program and wanted to halt that a noble objective a good goal worthy one but the threat that iran presents is so much greater than that well let's not forget iran too or china has been a major purchaser of iranian oil avoided america insists that it is not highly partisan and describes itself as free and open all voices american journalists be federal government employees or contractors are expected to adhere to voice of america's social media policy as do we need to clearly in its best practices guide voice of america pursues its mission by produce an accurate balanced and comprehensive reporting program and as well as all mine and social media content for a global audience particularly for those who are denied access to open and free media
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i want to be a journalist with a person who has been accused of smearing his former colleague house described the courage of the story 1st published by the intercept biased but political analyst stuff a question give us his thoughts on the controversy. most of their journalists they all are supporting sanctions against you radiance why is it more or donald trump and bolt films by little approaches against the islamic they find their play the hierarchy in the way persia. russia is a defense ministry house released footage of its new strategic drone the hunter flying in tandem with a sukhoi fighter jet the fully autonomy a surreal vehicle is said to weigh 20 tons when fully loaded and is believed to have a range of 5000 kilometers it's designed for surveillance operations on cound avoid
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detection by radar a few other details about the trolls performance been officially the slowest at this stage. right that is our lot for knowledge but next death row itself on trial in r.t. as we delve into the personal stories of 3 people sentenced to die in the u.s. the ultimate penalty begins in a moment. join me everything.
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around. ground experimentation field the agricultural chemicals we know that these chemicals have consequences they are major irritants there's no question otherwise why would the chemical company workers themselves be. locals attempt to regulate it experiments. you have many of these people one foot into the biotech pharma and the other foot in the government regulatory bodies this kind of collusion is reprehensible. the chemicals continue to poison hawaii and its people so one has to ask the question whether there is a form of environmental research going on in whether these companies feel they can get away with this because the people have less political power.
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it was. there. in the lawn.
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we're learning new details about the killing of a metro p.c.s. employee who was murdered on the job this past saturday evening police say they have caught the man who did it the sheriff's office says he goes by the nickname. 21 year old james rhodes is charged with the murder of 20 year old shelby farah. you still don't know if. she's in the news right here in the chair in the wrist in the thigh with a 40 glock and every bullet exiting. the video shows her standing and then she collapsed to her knees she was reaching for the. she fought for over 20 minutes before she died. i think about that every day where she reaches for the phone to call you know what . struggle to take even
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a few steps towards her daughter's vigil she says tonight the pain of shelby's loss is real i'm going to make sure if it takes the last breath that he needs to get the death penalty. we begin today show with a look at the chaos surrounding executions in the united states now that many of the drugs use release the injections are no longer available the execution drugs scarcity stems from the receipt of manufacturers in europe and united states to live to be used to people. i think the job of defending. the most unpopular amongst our society is absolutely indispensable part of our society. all of my clients have already been tried
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convicted and sentenced to death in ohio state court system. basically every execution it's been scheduled is going back to june 3rd of 2009 really slagle he ended up committing suicide 3 days before the execution very midst jr on september 25th was executed wrong phillips was next on nov 14th 2013. but it's more. of the attorneys for an ohio inmate scheduled to die through an experimental execution method say their client will suffer a terrifying and agonizing death according to his lawyers the untested injection method it will not properly statement which will cause him to feel the pain of suffocation before he dies and his mcquire is on death row for the 989 rape and murder of pregnant woman joy stewart.


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