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tv   News  RT  August 16, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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to you. if. putting pressure on congress the u.s. intelligence chief calls for the n.s.a. surveillance powers to be renewed into 2020 with the program set to expire at the end of this year. india stresses its pledge to not use nuclear weapons 1st in warfare but warns that may change as hostilities escalate with pakistan over the disputed kashmir region. president putin awards 2 pilots with the highest state award to the hero of russia for saving hundreds of lives with a perfect emergency landing in moscow after both of the plane's engines failed. there was no plan you can board even though the landing was about the pilots did
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a great job landed the plane on the down. local news live from moscow this is to the us then where the intelligence chief is none too keen on the fully relinquishing the power to monitor americans' phone calls and text messages he's putting early pressure on congress to reauthorize the national security agency's surveillance program which is set to expire at the end of this year reporting next his kind of open. while the trump white house as well as dan coats the outgoing director of national intelligence are urging congress to renew the freedom act of 2015 and this ability of the national security agency of the united states to conduct spying on individual citizens now essentially dan coats in his letter argued that even though the program is no longer in effect it's
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necessary or could be necessary at some point to reinstate it and that it would be in the interest of the country overall for congress to renew the freedom act this is what dan coats said as technology changes. and communications habits will continue to evolve and adapt in light of these dynamic. environment the administration supports reauthorization of this provision as well now civil liberties groups have argued that it is necessary for congress to not renew the freedom act of 2015 they argue that there are sections in the act specifically the spying and surveillance section of the law that put the privacy and civil liberties of millions of americans into jeopardy the government's implementation of the cool detail records program further demonstrates both the privacy threats posed by the program and the lack of use and it is highly concerning that it's 3 years to detect the fact that the n.s.a. was collecting records even beyond the broad authorization provided under the c.d.o. program the n.s.a.
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should not be permitted to resume this program now prior to the freedom act of 2015 the n.s.a. spying program collected billions of records and the freedom act of 2015 reduced the amount of data the n.s.a. was collecting under the freedom act the n.s.a. has the ability to collect data and phone records of suspects as well as those suspects contacts even if those contacts have different phone companies however there was a concerning revelation in june of 2018 when it was revealed that under the freedom act the n.s.a. had collected data on millions of americans that it did not legally have authority to oversee they said this was due to a technical irregularity so there are many concerns now but at this point the white house and the outgoing director of national intelligence are urging congress to renew the the freedom act of 2015 a controversial surveillance law. amid escalating hostilities between india and
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pakistan india defense minister has stressed that his country will continue to abide by the no 1st use policy when it comes to nuclear weapons however he did have this warning. it just through the till now india has strictly adhered to the no 1st use policy what happens in the future depends on the circumstances they were there says the region in question kashmir the northern tip of india and pakistan both countries lay claim to kashmir which the united nations describes as disputed territory now this so-called line of control remains the defacto border and each country maintains its own administration within that territories but earlier this month india revoked kashmir as a special autonomy status and pakistan says that that decision has destabilized the status quo in the region the united nations prohibits any changes of the status of any disputed state but it's also fair that kashmir is muslim majority population could be targeted by people of other faiths in the region with the conflict already
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into its 72nd year without a solution. but. we have been hearing from political and strategic analysts in both pakistan and india how more might be next for the kashmir crisis. it is something the nuclear blackmail which some has been using against india which they see that looks nuclear
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so we cannot afford an escalation or full scale war and so you have to be with the disturbed terrorism that this sponsor across our border in indian country saw india is trying to carve the nuclear bluff of france on basing looks not for us to see is not set in stone if the circumstances change as our defense minister saying by which he means if our son had doubts in a large scale terrorism wonderful meant you know an uprising against india a new country we are priced to you know do incursions into india did reach me after reading certain even if it is not a good teacher signalling not to or conduct any military misadventures from august some bright spark but specter which is not of worrying but it should be rewarding from the from the perspective of the international community because in the broader picture then there is a war between 2 countries and never to situation arises where one particular currently can use a nuclear weapon they are not going to consider the option that since they are in
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a declared all see to have or not india has blown apart all the biological agreements and 17 u.n. support constant resolutions which calls for the. so has left more room for their dialogue but different commercial given indeed does not intervene. there is this see india as a big market and that is why they don't want to jeopardize the evolution with them and that is why the doing well in politics isn't being driven by the hard economic realities paranoid by them what only. the 2 russian pilots who averted potential disaster on thursday morning have been given the country's highest state honor the hero of russia award for president putin there are lost both engines after a bird strike while taking off from moscow should coffee international airport force them to make an emergency landing but all 233 people on board the crimea bound your airlines flight survived r.t.
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for up even a wait and see managed to get hold of exclusive video of the evacuation. i think about. all of this. because. of those that student that each student does lose immediately. but his english. let's take you through what happened it all took place so quickly that the pilots were unable to return to the airport because they'd already barely got airborne reaching an altitude of roughly 260 meters but they acted decisively opting to land the plane on its belly in a cornfield just over a kilometer from the runway but without being able to empty the fuel tanks the pilot in command of 41 year old dummy you saw part of had been previously a lawyer before retraining to be a pilot he's been flying with the line since 2013 and became a captain last year his copilot 23 year old got his pilot's license just
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2 years ago. the russian health ministry says that 76 people sought medical assistance after the incident one woman is still in hospital but her condition isn't believed to be life threatening reports from the crash site in southeast moscow. 226 passengers and 7 crew members of ural airlines flight bound for crimea from moscow are celebrating their 2nd birthday the air bus a 321 collided with a flock of birds just shortly after takeoff from the capital's zuckoff ski airport's the captain mir yusupov had just seconds to make the right decision when he discovered the strike caused engine failure with 16 tons of fuel on board no ability to make it back to the runway he knew that an emergency landing could result in a catastrophe to show you a little but all after we to call the engines became unstable 1st the left one and
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then the right one we usually simulate the situations when one or 2 engines are off despite all our efforts the plane was going down we realized that we didn't have much time just one or 2 minutes to make a decision in a blink of an eye this man with nerves of steel decided still land the aircraft in a nearby cornfield without using the landing gear and shutting off all power to prevent an explosion and various officials praised the crew for their professionalism during the spine chilling landing as well as for a well organized evacuation but is something we acted in line with our training with similar situations like this before so there were no surprises the passengers were disciplined listen to our instructions and evacuated very quickly they did as we expected there was no panic on board even though the landing was rough the pilot did a great job he landed the plane really kathleen koch tell us please how do you feel
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now did you hurt your leg. you know it's better than if i was there lying on the field. so everything is rather good the landing was good the pilots did a great job landed the plane on the balcony everything is fine the media was quick to make connections with the another such incidents when the loss of life was a virgin thanks to pilot the miracle on the hudson involving a u.s. airways an aircraft flown by captain chesley sullenberger and jeffrey skiles hit a flock of geese after takeoff from new york city's like guardia airport and lost all engine power and they able to land at any available airport they had to ditch the jet in the hudson river just outside of manhattan with all of the 155 passengers a rescued by nearby ferries and boats thanks to the heroic solved by the captain and his crew their relatives and loved ones self all the people involved will get
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to see them again ramana koester of artsy moscow region aviation safety advocate and pilots getting in you is told us that the most common problem facing airports and pilots landed the plane with skill and result. people described as a miracle i don't call a miracle i would prefer to call it shawnee example will do you know professionalism and skill of the 2 pilots to interview support for and. financially those events are incredibly risky. do a lot who's your engines. these days that you know reality are going to do some particular an entire career without even having one in jerusalem learn to do it the 2nd time engines are designed to accept the impact of one will too i'm totally buds tend to find the area around feels quite attractive and sort of supposed to be roman. as a speeding up and she was used for the whole spend a lot of energy trying to keep birds free and that's. scaring
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some some have reports of used. true true bros to strike not to be on the blows they are good how to entire team work exclusively keeping birds as well. as much as possible of course if it goes just outside the house rules there is no law. iran's top diplomat is shopping criticize the united states for attempting to block the release of its oil tanker which was seized by british more roman reigns off the coast of gibraltar last month. having failed to accomplish its objectives through its economic terrorism including depriving cancer patients of medicine the us attempted to abuse the legal system to steal our property and the high seas this piracy attempt is indicative of trumpet ministrations contempt for the law on thursday the u.s. justice department made a last minute application to gibraltar asking it not to release the grace one which
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was accused of attempting to illegally ship oil to syria but the supreme court of the british overseas territory decided to release the vessel and 4 of its crew members the tanker is expected to set sail soon to drop his chief minister says the detention was lifted after receiving formal written assurances from iran. the grace one is there for now released from detention under the sanctions act by operation of law on the 30th of august i received assurances from the republic of iran that if we leased the destination of the grace one would not be an entity that is subject to european union sanctions i welcome that assures the iranian authorities deny the grace was shipping oil to syria which would be in breach of e.u. sanctions 2 weeks after the vessel was impounded iran seized a british flag tanker in the strait of hormuz claiming that it had violated international law the us then later announced its intention to create a naval coalition to combat so named iranian aggression in the strait but political
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analysts shabbir razvi believes that america's pressure campaign against tehran is faltering. really it's very clear that the policy that the hawks all what mr zarif calls the b. team appears to be losing on all fronts mr pompei o recently wrote an op pad on the 8th of all guest saying that you know the extreme pressure that's being applied on tehran economic warfare that is taking place is bearing fruit but the reality is that all of the 12 points that mr pompei listed in his speech earlier this year iran is not abiding by any of those and has no intention of really coming to the pressure from washington and it is continuing to operate quite effectively albeit with lots of pressure and the economic situation becoming very difficult in iran this is a say britain's taking a novel approach to tackling knife crime but it's leaving a sour taste among campaigners on the public and we'll tell you why in
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a couple of minutes. most people think just stand out in this business you need to be the 1st one on top of the story or the person with the loudest voice or the biggest raid in truth to stand out of the news business you just need as the right questions and demand the right answers. question. mood. when i was a child small seemed wrong on one old rule just all. the world to get to shape our disdain you can't get educated and engagement equals betrayal.
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when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. truth. a new campaign to tackle britain's soaring rates of knife crime is seeing the home office target the take away warnings from real life stories will be printed on boxes of chicken but the move drawing criticism from the public and politicians alike. reports next from south london. he'd be forgiven for thinking ukase only current battle is with brussels but on the streets of britain doesn't move bloody fight unfolding rising knife crime has of rapidly the comet plagued with
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$86.00 fatalities in london alone since january and in the past 12 months there have been over 43000 knife related offenses across the u.k. and with no sign of the violence abating the home office is getting creative to try to tackle the problem we're rolling out our knife free chicken boxes in over 210 chicken chops in england and wales including morley's dixie chicken and chicken cottage he is real life stories to show people how they can go night free that's right when you pay is going to wing it when it comes to fighting knife crime the hash tag night 3 campaigning pits digital posters as well as outreach programs where people think that local communities to talk about the risks of carrying weapons and we also see over 300000 boxes and fried chicken shops just like this across the country redesigned now that the campaign's hash tag night free and when you open it up on the inside you'll be able to read the stories of young people who
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shunned a life of crime in favor of school lucic nothing better than a snap and a good lead right low 7 it seems not everyone agrees other than accusations of mismanaging fun the choice of chicken shops for the campaigns target space has hit us full with some people is this some kind of joke why have you chosen chicken shops were. next knife 3 watermelons instead of investing in a public house approach to violent crime the home office have opted for yet another crude offensive and probably expensive campaign they would do better to invest in our communities not demonize them because it's a degree idea you know because most of the people are using the knife are you young people so that when talking about why don't those who don't talk about will. to do anything different is a great idea because you need to decode people. to afford the crime special night
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right i think they could maybe aim you know public money into more important things critics by labeling the campaign for too long gray fit saying it no i need a few that fried chicken is the black community's choice of food but that knife 0 that communities choice of what put the marketing company behind the campaign is that it will bring results and has defended its choice of location saying it's a democratic space where the message will reach a wide range of people it was already kind of like it's kind of a new kind of opportunity really just the 2 screens where you talk to the young one of the 1000016 to fight a 4 year olds that has an effect on one person one person can see this message and you know put down and i think it can have that ripple effects and it can change many people's lives so for us it has an impact to one person is to the reason i took actions against all the stuff in my forty's because there was an unfortunate incident outside one of the 43 but again when i was a stepping in if you got the opportunity to raise awareness and spread the message then of course we're going to choose an outlet where you all reach and that kind of
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those kind of people well as the old song says the clones to the left of me jokers to the right here i'm stuck in the middle with the you the left the liberal identity politics crowd throw up their hands and cry racism the last time i looked at chicken shop all kinds of young people were eating it and on the right you. i have people who are similar to knisley of running down our police force by 21000 officers can you believe that since 2000 and then imagining that you can solve the consequent crime problems by writing messages on cardboard these messages are not worth the cardboard they are being written on we need more police with more resources and more power to get to grips with what is a modern epidemic london last year over to new york can you believe that somebody
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has to do something about this much more effective than writing messages on cardboard. u.s. congresswoman has refused to travel to the west bank to see her grandmother if she has to do so under israel's conditions rushing to was initially banned from entering the country was then given last minute permission along with another u.s. lawmaker by israel that situation has drawn fierce condemnation back on capitol hill. israel doesn't advance its case as a tolerant democracy or unfavorite a u.s. ally by barring elected members of congress from a visit in because of their political views banning congresswomen amar and from entering israel and palestine is a sign of enormous disrespect to these elected leaders to the united states congress and to the principles of democracy. israel's analysis entry to congresswoman tea leaves and omar is beneath the dignity of the great state of
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israel. on 1st television i was there would block visits by the congresswoman over their support for palestinian led boycott movement in the united states and israel since said that russia could enter the country on humanitarian grounds to visit her 90 year old grandmother defending his earlier stance prime minister benjamin netanyahu cited israeli laws prohibiting entry to anyone supporting boycotts of israel the decision came hours after donald trump encouraged burning the u.s. lawmakers. he was sure great weakness if israel allowed representative omar and representative to leave to visit they hate israel a new jewish people and there is nothing that can be said or done to change their minds minnesota or michigan will have a hard time putting him back in office there disgrace. being critical of israel in the u.s. commander in trouble as well after the anti boycott act was introduced 2 years ago individuals or companies wanting to do business with us state government
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a band if they boycott trade with israel but some are calling it a violation of free speech right let's get more on that now we've got a politician funny enough so he's running as the great count of new york city council welcome to the program there are another lot of facets to this a lot of twists are not so where to start really which surprises you more israel seem to be bowing to a tweet from president trump or the president trying volved at all. i mean. you know i think was actually very interesting about this is that. israel and it took a step back and said to themselves oh it was. a stance of self-preservation is that they had to let the congresswoman this is a policy maker and. i think because they need or. or aid i will this was. they had a back to basics and say you know we need to allow the congress to come and they
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said. it just looked bad it looked like if there wasn't a market. and i think they had to act yes we had to learn this for russia and i think they made the right decision but i think they also look at it in what really looks so good because they look like they're happy they don't sound i mean i didn't realize that not that nothing is a fancy i thought and i think that's not really the book. equally though that the rules regarding the boycott like them or not they exist they're known about so has donald trump overstepped the mark as a lot of his critics saying. i mean listen. this is the 1st time that a sitting president has actually pulled a foreign country to not accept members of his own government so in that sense i think it's very unprecedented in this uprising at the same time i think many of us in the united states that if you really observe and. this isn't a final i mean this is the ministration of all of us. finally it's the us
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constitution every day every day care is jailing migrant children at the border the rights of. the story the power of the federal government really both lives so this is something that a lot of us it's that it's almost like it's a stunt and it's traction. and of course i mean this is what he does this is what is a big inspiration does it's who he is what about the difficulty that this puts israel ignored at least prime minister netanyahu if they make a decision they change their decision they change it back again seems to be a hell of a presidential tweet but you know the united states is israel's biggest ally and that is bigger than just one president. right right well i i did i don't think their decision the fact that they had to backtrack i think it makes them look really bad. but i think they did do the right thing. but they kind of use that loophole in order to allow her to visit her the congressman to visit with her
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mother. but i think the larger issue that i see is that there is really this schism in the democratic party you see this century of democrats in the progressive democrats kind of battling it out and i think what you see is you see you see. you know the 4 in the great progress and women. and men coming together and shedding light on a lot of israel's abuses you know whether it's the david and goliath. situation with the military when they're killing palestinian teenager for iraq. whether it's . the retaliation. yes well. you know the the rampant and spearman agent that that happens every day i mean really what's happening to the palestinian people is that because they have no freedom to move. and their land has been taken they don't have even water rights or pablo you know there are absence to good
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education but there would be israelis have been in power as well as all sensual creating this under. you know where the palestinians don't have that right to self-determination they never get strong enough to actually have their own state so i think that's tragic and i think that's immoral and i think that's the product question that the over the democratic party really has to do has to look up look at it really is the stand up against ok i really appreciate your time talking to a small house a green party candidate for new york city council thanks for your time thank you. now your next update from me in the politicking. a lot of people talk about ponzi scam but to people a known upon just came in. we came here
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where did you work before you came here when you lived. death row and in many us states capital punishment is still practiced convicted prisoners can spend he is waiting for execution but most of the time the victims' families they are very much in favor the death penalty there are some people because of what they did have given up the right to live among us somebody even proven innocent is on death row and i'm more exonerations is it going to take before we as a society realize that this is not working and we actually do something about. one on one with the always outspoken ron paul on this edition of. politicking on larry king this week president delayed his from his tariffs on
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chinese goods and seemingly admitted that it's the american consumer and not china that would pay the cost it was ongoing terror of battle with that country what does this mean for our economy and what if any effect might this have on the presidential race let's talk about that with the always outspoken ron paul former republican congresswoman from texas he made 3 bids for the white house twice as a republican and once as the libertarian party's presidential nominee he's the host of the ron paul liberty report and he joins us from lake jackson texas ok ron president tom de lay is laziness and these tariffs go away until around christmas just in case a bite have an impact impact on people you think. well it was the right.


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