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tv   News  RT  September 17, 2019 1:00am-1:31am EDT

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that was the. purpose of. the. tensions rise in hong kong as anti-government protests turned violent once again one man's been seriously injured and remains unconscious and i find some of these images coming up but you can see now. that i don't know why. but i don't refute. meantime a leading activists in the hong kong protests is now in america for hearings on a bill to provide support to the pro-democracy movement in hong kong another twist to it. another big story across this tuesday israel goes to the polls in an unprecedented repeat of parliamentary elections that will decide the fate of incumbent prime minister benjamin netanyahu look at how donald trump has lent his weight to the campaign.
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good morning 8 am here must go to shoes day is kevin or any of those 30 minute world is round up for marty international 1st then an hour named man and an armed man rather has been seriously injured by anti-government protesters in hong kong during the latest round of demonstrations the man reportedly tried to confront a segment of the rally at the weekend before being viciously attacked it was left unconscious and required treatment at the scene video that instance going viral online we should warn you you may find the following images upsetting. how do you and i don't yet know how you come to hate. it that i don't know. what i don't want you to call my. teasing early man cheating out. of the protest mood in hong kong marked a 100 days over the weekend and once again they clashed with police the demonstrations were initially sparked by a controversial extradition. do since then the demands of the protesters be much
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broader and of attracted support from the west increasing world mittal one of the protest leaders has arrived in the u.s. joshua warm has already met with several major news outlets in new york there's no expected to attend congressional hearings in washington joshua warner's a prominent student activist he organizes protests against the chinese government in support of hong kong's independence he's also the leader of the pro-democracy party demo system needs already served several jail terms results of a tease the u.s. is not the 1st destination it was recent overseas trip either he was recently in germany where he met prominent politicians including the foreign minister heiko must see also met with the leader of the tories what elements group organization over staging you may recall those chemical attacks in syria were the allegations sara flounders from international action center thinks that won't doesn't represent the interests of ordinary people in hong kong. and that says exactly who joshua
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is and all of these protesters 1 may carry us flag and british flags and kalani your flags that they want the active intervention of the us against china not just against hong kong they want rules passed and congressional legislation passed that will be used as part of the trade war against china they want to in polls are very rigid and and they are really the spokespeople for this so i think they're not a legitimate force i think they're an extremely well funded well organized force by their not representing the crying needs of the people of hong kong. for a future and for a better life and instead they're trying to create hatred for the very fact that there are chinese. well just she was exposed to those who question the hearings later today senator marco rubio's chipped in to is used to bill that proposes
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support for hong kong from the u.s. to guarantee his autonomy he goes down off report. they are many they've won the fight with the authorities by early submission but they are anything but done the american flag waving taskforce among the hong kong protesters are sending their poster boy to convince us legislators to do something big on autonomy. well for those of you having difficulty making out the essence of this boilerplate script it's that human rights and democracy act and it's meant to show beijing that the u.s. is serious about fighting for hong kong's rights the united states must make clear to china that its interference in hong kong affairs will have consequences this month we must possibly cameron bipartisan on consumer rights and democracy act the
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bill was devised in response to what the u.s. has been calling a chinese infringement on the region's autonomy and requires for america to review own homes special status annually and if that status is ever revoked the region's autonomy would not so much be infringed but rather new to dust since the early ninety's hong kong has been enjoying huge advantages for wearing washington's special status badge. and some believe that a small yet vocal group of protesters is laying an explosive tripwire for the whole region which will not enjoy the. konami chain reaction if it's ever triggered in
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a way this leverage is sitting whole the ready biggest economy in the world in a lot of states and city hall is just ordered it was going to hold a great deal but it's not just the whole portly there are thousands of dollars they still believe in ready old gold and it would likewise be affected of course it's a political war because. it calls only or percent of china's economy he was so scared of the deal years ago in me a call to all more as far as equality is also. but low is always sent but on the other hand of course we law i would wish the one country to see so as to help trial or with the internationalization that really with the. whole american legislators say the bill is designed to punish mainland china specifically as protesters want sean not to but while the end goal may very well be
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punishing beijing in pursuit of a geo political supremacy washington my just overlook the collateral damage. israel ceasar afraid of incumbent prime minister putin and yahoo interim president and repaint set of parliamentary elections he's locked in a tight contest with his rival let's go live to polish live at least on this one paula can but he may not know pull this off and stay in office to think. well that essentially is the question and will know in around 24 hours essentially you're going to have and this is the speculation 9 parties forming the next israeli parliament or the next israeli knesset and the competition really boils down to 2 men the one is the incumbent israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and his right when he could party and the other is his former i.d.f. chief benny guns and his center left blue and white party now it was the same son arya 6 months ago during april elections where you had these 2 men fighting for the
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majority netanyahu won the most number of seats but he was unable to form a majority coalition he needed $61.00 out of $120.00 parliamentary seats and the person who blocked him that time around was a former israeli defense force a minister avigdor lieberman and the whole issue over what was over whether or not orthodox jews should serve in the israeli army this is an issue that has not been resolved so it is likely we could see the same scenario playing itself out again and really despite whichever of the 2 leaders wins the focus is going to be on who can actually form that majority coalition and the latest indications are that neither actually can so what we've seen in the last few weeks is a lot of energizing of support base as we've seen the parties trying to grab support from smaller parties to try to maximize their numbers. poor so give me some more ideas that have. been doing to boost the support base of
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. well like any politician that's fighting for his political survival which is essentially the position that netanyahu finds himself in he's been making a lot of promises the most recent of which was that should he be reelected he will and makes the west bank settlements and also the jordan valley and for anyone who thought that the peace process between israelis and palestinians was not a way he did that so it was the last nail in the coffin here. also started negotiating a us israel defense treaty. i had a call with prime minister netanyahu to discuss the possibility of moving forward with a mutual defense treaty between the united states and israel that would further the tremendous alliance between our 2 countries thank you my dear friend president trump the jewish state has never had a greater friend in the white house or look forward to our meeting at the un to advance
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a historic difference treaty between the united states and israel. now the american president donald trump has been playing an enormous role in the israeli elections back in april just before those elections he made the bold statement that the americans recognize the israeli hold over the golan heights and this is despite international law which says otherwise and despite the fact that this remains a contentious issue and has been ever since 1967. in a moment i will sign a presidential proclamation recognizing israel's sovereign right over the golan heights now at no time now who has been using the american president's image in his election posters if you drive around the country you can see that on yahoo and trump smiling from any number of boards what's interesting is that in this country if you are a political analyst you charge something like $180000.00 a year but here in a town yahoo is getting priceless support from the american president and it's only
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been benefiting him for nothing so the question is whether or not they need to be a 30 lection and just what kind of promises trump is going to make to the israeli prime minister should that eventuality unfold. polo world also will follow more will know what's holding you so with the next 24 hours we'll let you get across the bridges the latest as the updates come through policy in jerusalem from . but more background is that the israeli parliament was dissolved in april in a dispute over the growing influence of the ultra orthodox jewish minority the country's former defense and foreign minister as refused to join it because coalition of it all lieberman is an outspoken opponent of the military draft privileges handed out to the ultra orthodox community where they can avoid compulsory army service if it rolled in religious studies.
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leaver accuses the ultra religious minority of seeking to impose jewish religious law on the secular majority they've imposed bans on public transport on the sabbath strict marriage laws and gender segregation we asked people in jerusalem if this affects their daily lives. the ultra orthodox establishment have a very strong hold of the israeli politics in israeli government i think it affects our lives. that the orthodox make their own rules. they want to make themselves different from the other people i don't think they're affected too much except from things like.
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public transportation in israel. in saturday i don't have buses instead on saturdays i want to go to the beach and the laws that they try to pass not. according to my opinions but we should accept them as well as much as we accept our the laws from other communities i truly believe in diversity but still i think they should live their lives and we should we supposed to live our lives. it was democratically joe biden was pushing his campaign with a focus on the fight against racism on sunday he delivered a speech or to the african-american church just days earlier during presidential debates when pressed on segregation and the leg asli of slavery he decided to lecture african-americans on their parenting abilities reports. joe biden formally the vice president is now running in the democratic primary enjoys a huge amount of support from the african-american voters and he wants them to know he really cares about them we bring social workers into homes and parents to help
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them deal with how to raise their children it's not that they don't want to help they don't want they don't know quite what to do play the radio make sure the television the scrutiny make sure you have the record player on the phone make sure the kids hear words a kid coming from a very poor school or a very poor background who hear 4000000 words fewer spoken by the time they get there the record player now he seems a couple decades behind on modern technology but it's also a tad bit condescending don't you think now some are calling it parent shaming biden is a liberal racist why dems better start calling this because black women are watching if joe biden isn't forced out of the running now i give up 1st who looks into the camera and loves at the mention the racial inequality in us then he describes back home life better in thing in the way it is done in the government and insulting drew biden's son on how to address the literacy of slavery was appalling and
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discord now this isn't the 1st time that joe is flubbed an answer when it comes to a racial issue he made some remarks when barack obama was selected as the democratic party candidate in 2008 that he probably meant to sound like a compliment i mean you got the 1st mainstream african-american who's articulate and bright and clean and a nice looking guy joe biden's comments point to an increasing phenomenon in us society being referred to as liberal racism joe biden is not burning across or arguing that non-whites are inferior but he does seem to have a touch of a white savior complex he comes across as condescending to those he thinks he's helping a study refers to it as a competence downshift and joe biden is not. only one white liberals may unwittingly drawn negative stereotypes demean themselves down in a likely well meaning folksy but ultimately patronizing attempt to connect with the outgroup there is
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a particular approach to black americans by so-called liberals which reflects the so-called savior complex that's why he's suggesting that the problem with black americans it that they're not good parents the need to have access to social workers that is obviously insulting the problem the united states is that you cannot run 2 horses going in different directions at the same time and inevitably what happens is that mr biden winds up riding the races with us and so given all of the burdens that mr biden is facing that is to say trying to appeal to races in n.c. races it's no accident that he is crumbling under the pressure for decades the democratic party has been promising to help minorities in the united states but do party leaders actually see them as it will members of society well joe biden's recent comments have got plenty of people asking that question. are see new york. and
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succinct take 17 tuesday morning good morning from us say here to international thanks for taking the time to watch coming up after the break just one of the stories that a muslim teen website is covertly funded it turns out by british antiques treatments and program we're going to follow from that little revelation after the break.
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were you. 2009. that's a question they'll be asking kids grandkids for years to come now as the 1st episode of the report yes 10 years ago the report began broadcasting all over the world under the country. a. good morning well as mentions it just for the break there in the u.k. a lifestyle website for muslim teens has become an unlikely flashpoint it's been revealed that the home office has been covertly funding it as part of a country stream in some strategy a move this infuriated the muslim community that. got the story. if you're
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a young muslim woman living in the u.k. then this is the website for you at least that's what the creators want you to believe. this is a global media platform for young muslim ours in the east london and beyond to share and create inspiring and empowering content with positivity at its core inspiring but now it's been exposed after it was revealed that the site is being funded covertly by the u.k. home office in an attempt to tackle radicalization and now 2 employees have resigned over the controversial funding one of them says working believes. in my neighbors here so that through this opportunity our super assistance i really could help to make real change pushing forward a different narrative from muslim women themselves sure when though we are empowered and multifaceted are realized now there with the home office funding the project at the root there was no way i could do this regardless of the content i was pushing out while the project was set up in 2015 in direct response to 3
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approaches schoolgirls including the baker running away to syria and whether they flee from london the very same place super sisters is targeting now it's made up of 9 staff members from jayco media and they secured their funding from something called build a stronger britain together which is an arm of the controversial terrorism. which has been accused of targeting and spying on lists and communities in the u.k. now while many see that as a fundamental infringement of rights the home office has always defended its efficiency while super says this has like knowledge and apologize for their wrongdoing they insist that they have full control over their content. we want to emphasize that even the b s b c may funders they do not have any creative control over super systems content where we acknowledge we were wrong and we apologize for it is not more clearly stating the source of funding on the super system instagram a blog not just our website we have always been clear and transparent to the interview stage on how we are funded including at sub hours interview at least
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that's what they say but so by us mail a former employee says that there were no female muslims on the creative or editorial team plus she was only recently made aware of the controversial funding well it's left some people very angry and hurt by the revelations well suppose this is just the latest platform to be embroiled in a transparency route just a few weeks ago a social media network team called this is woke a page claiming to engage in critical thinking emerson traditions was found to be receiving funding from you guessed it the home office or the problem is 1st of all the home office seems to the only thing is seized in the muslim community is extremism in many ways this is really. the engine hearing of trying to say that there is something fundamentally wrong with muslims in the mainstream and we need to socially engineer to sort of changed so they will not be problematic living in
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our society it really is sort of extension of seeing the whole muslims as possible terrorist and so therefore we should have these projects to changed into something more acceptable so perhaps young muslim women in the u.k. right now be slightly more hopeful the new home secretary pretty patel who herself is from minority background might now be slightly more sisterly she added stash to r t u k london. there's a footnote to this we asked the home office to comment on the story as when we go to be later on today when office opens who will tell you what to say. coyle scott has called on the serbian people to look at the bigger picture and put the nato bombings in 1909 behind them we don't ask the serbs to forget the recent history but we are asking you to look at the bigger picture. in
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1999 to launch the bombing operation against the federal republic of yugoslavia during the kosovo conflict the alliance leadership claimed that it was carried out to prevent the genocide of the albanian population kosovo the operation lasted for $78.00 they both of them said they what they thought about the ambassador's comments these days the. bombing campaign was not justified in any way it was a terrible crime and government should sue for compensation not all but the un security council never approved the nato bombing can only be considered an act of aggression it is impossible for several in america to be on good terms because the us government will always be serbia is a little version of russia and america says they are for the americans everything they do is justified vietnam hiroshima and nagasaki and native american genocide and so on and they did not just bone loss they took part of our territory then you
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feel you cannot justify one day how can you defend them down the many nations whatever you did for day to day. serbian canadian filmmaker boris mother gursky says the bombing still affects serbians today. don't use depleted uranium in bombing serbia and we are feeling the effects to date there is a parliamentary commission that. released its findings in serbia claiming that the uranium that was used in the bombing is still affecting the cancer rate in serbia that is skyrocketing since 1994 it did in $99.00 i is attacking us to date and honestly searching for get that especially because u.s. policy towards serbia has not changed from 1958 yes they're not dropping bombs but the whole reason for the leader bombing was to illegally take over our serbia that is the province of course to vote so this is the united states recognizes the independence of course what they are pushing for serbia to recognize it's
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a balance so if the united states really. want it so get over the past and everything troubles that's then they will be the ones to change its policy. around the world in brief haiti 1st protest over fuel shortages has reportedly left one person dead demonstrators were saved barricading streets and selling tires alike it comes as haiti faces shortages from the government's failure to pay on 100 $1000000.00 to fuel supplies the country's leading crisis since the collapse of an agreement with venezuela last year which allowed haiti along with other caribbean countries to purchase subsidized fuel. big time over mexico the country celebrating a 209th anniversary of independence from spain mexico's president watched on as troops including top military commanders marched through the capitol thousands of gathered in mexico city for the parade which reportedly stretched calamities. 26 minutes past a that's it so far thanks for watching out international standby boom bust after this break.
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the tense situation in venezuela is still all over the news the problem in venezuela is not that socialism has been poorly implemented but that socialism has been frayed only implement inside venezuela things look different we're going to announce sanctions against the troll to venezuela so if you. have a son of a moment to think that person that political battle so on the people of the moment the focus of the whose story isn't new nixon called in henry kissinger to tell him that it would not be tolerated that in latin america. an alternative economic and social system could take hold and therefore the policy would be to make. the chilean economy scream so wants and making the economy of
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venezuela screed. when lawmakers manufacture consent instinctive public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. when the financial merry go round lifts only the one percent. we can all middle of the room signals. from the real news group. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see that.
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politicians do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected . so when you want to be president or injury. or something want to. have to go right to the press this is what before 3 in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters of my college. there should be a. little buzz you live but if she warn you posted by you than i do the dishes at the bazemore those jeans nudist beach and you see me you blew true she's. close and about that come up and when you guys e.q.'s. you mean is i mean guys are that infants involved. a lot of you will see sawing during fuzzy fights about 2 kids each other both sides. as in the adams to me as if i touch.
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him. i. pad that they've been doing it so that. you can do something new to let anybody in. this is boom bust broadcasting around the world and covering covering all the angles of our 21st century global economy and daniel britto in washington
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christiane i is on assignment we've got a lot to get to today but 1st we start in the united states. produce farm has filed for bankruptcy but it's certainly not the end of the journey a bankruptcy can take months or even years even without serious objections. varos contributors to america's lawyer was on hand to break down purdue pharmacy declarations and what it could mean going forward for the fight over who will pay for the opioid prices and how much grieving families will get. plus a little price and shot up on the news of a drone attack on saudi oil facilities horwitz above the trading is standing by can begin to oil prices and whether the incident is a $1.00 off or the start of a trend. i love with happen with the growth in facebook getting regulators around the world to set up a little straighter in their chair and actually pay attention to the space. and current currencies continue to.


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