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that's russia which is sort of one of the biggest markets. the last couple years of . exporting a lot so you know it's big it's going to northern europe. us democrats intensify their efforts to topple donald trump now giving the president abused his powers by soliciting help from a foreign state until 20 election. human 2.0 the pentagon says it's exploring ways of altering the genetic makeup of troops to protect them from chemical and biological attacks we asked people in new york what they think of super soldiers. i think i think how god created them is not good enough for me. because there's got to be consequences so that the most outrageous thing i've ever heard. and rights campaigners accuse the u.k. government of failing in its commitment to protect young girls from female genital
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mutilation and it's off to britain's high court accepted it was powerless to prevent the home office from deporting a 10 year old deemed to be at risk of being forced to undergo a procedure. see in moscow this is news update with me bryant will welcome to the program for you this friday evening at 8 in moscow to the u.s. 1st week there's an impeachment inquiry into double trumpets gaining momentum right now is democratic party leaders claim the president has betrayed his country and is no longer fit for office. this occupant occupant of the oval office poses a clear and present danger to our future to our democracy he's in date. by putting his personal and political interests ahead of the interests of the american people place that i hope we would never be and never thought. we see.
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the actions that he has it's not about politics it's not about party since you know it's bad patriotism on tuesday the house of representatives launched a formal impeachment inquiry into donald trump it came after a whistleblower claimed wrongdoing during a phone call between the president and his ukrainian counterpart but he has events it's the latest in a slew of impeachment attempts that mr trump's faced since he took office in january 27th being the walls feel like they're closing in on the truth administrator right now and i'm not sure they could hold them off for much longer the walls are closing in and everyone is freaking out the walls are closing the wheels are coming off. the walls are closing in on president trump the walls are closing it with trump on the walls are closing in on the trump white house. all of the walls are closing in at this point the walls are closing in fast and back then those you'll remember the democrats onslaught was mostly dominated by a russian collusion probe senior correspondent but i guess the it takes
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a closer look at the moves against president trouble now. if you're a democrat the hard cool liberal type you knew in your heart the trump would be brought down the only question was how long it would take just needed a reason and come on there were plenty new people put their money on the trump russia collusion story treason collusion between the trunk team and the russians and trump knew about it that would truly be impeachable it's miss prison of treason and so far his response has been exploding and unfortunately proved entirely fabricated but to hell with it obstruction of justice federal seen in the united states that ought to do it to president trump trying to block the f.b.i.'s rush investigation committed impeachable offense are we getting closer and closer
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to the possibility of yet another impeachment process no dodges that to come on let's go in on the guys slept with the porn star media told us and paid a hush money to keep it silent no way he'd survive that bicycle you see the trump team stepping into every trap that she and her lawyer set for them having the president knowledge that he was actually meant to be a party to the nondisclosure agreement and now of course she's got a an avenue and a way to fire back at it cohen what is going on how many get out of jail free cards does trump have you can keep this up surely every excuse to get rid of trump was brought up the sky just dissected in this guarded nothing would stake until now it seems like ukraine is the 1st nail in trumps political
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coffin blood hounds democrats smell blood weakness at long last. trump is vulnerable i think focusing on the c. crean scandal singularly is important i think we have to act quickly but not with haste of the more able to speak with one voice on that subject than on some of the other we've got to go narrow no question about it i would hope within a 6 week frame we could get the evidence on the table so the american people can see it just one phone conversation and trump signed his political death warrant and if you thought it was about russia you thought wrong even a russia was discussed in that very call i would like to find out what happened with this whole situation with the ukraine they say crowd strike i guess you have one of your wealthy people the server they say ukraine has it that sounds crazy the democrat servers hacked by the russians allegedly somehow ending up in ukraine
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what these things are so secure crowd strike the d.n.c. as computer security squad wouldn't let the f.b.i. look at them would threaten their security if the f.b.i. investigated they claimed all that the agents received were redacted draft reports all the information about russian hacking was pushed amongst others by crowd strike and the f.b.i. putting him politely said this isn't how things easily done it's not the way we would prefer to do the investigation 2 years have passed than trump still hasn't been able to fire in those servers trump may or may not have reason to think that the servers are in ukraine it is trumbo after all whatever they know in washington it's clear that the democrats won't let go of this whole ukraine business they finally got
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a solid ground for their long awaited impeachment oh and russia. forget it all when cares anymore the democrats are desperate. they're terrified of losing the election joe biden. is a disaster as a candidate if if he is the nominee he will i'm almost certain he will lose to trump and the democrats are hoping to bring trump down through this whole impeachment process this idea of. finding a scandal and running around hysterically where 'd there really is no criminal offense so they're hoping to bring trump down but i just can't imagine it will work . donald trump has dismissed a claim from the iranian president that the united states offered to lift all sanctions against him in exchange for talks the comment appeared on hassan rouhani official website after he returned from the u.n. general assembly in new york on friday. iran wanted me to leave the sanctions
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imposed on them in order to meet i said of course no. u.s. has been pursuing a maximum pressure campaign against iran last week donald trump order that sanctions be imposed on iran central bank penalties that he characterized as the toughest ever to be imposed on a foreign country upon returning to teheran rouhani and stress that no negotiations can take place under current conditions are. more common than almost the same but it was like we are ready for negotiations but not under sanctions and pressure only of a free and phantoms fears created even at the un with european leaders asking me whether we would be ready for the p 5 plus one session and i told them within an hour you should fix this poisonous atmosphere and then i would be ready to participate in the p 5 plus one session in one hour. let's get to the bottom of all this them live to resale a who's author and columnist and author of the book iran agenda out welcome to the
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program mr erlich you know a lot more about what's going on in that part of the world this is going to be confusing to a lot of people the u.s. piling on the sanctions in mr rouhani seems confident that he said that the sanctions are going to be lifted wes's confidence coming from or is this to do with the back door wheeling that we never really hear about it's very hard to know because when diplomats contradicted by other diplomats you know it's very difficult to know what's really going on except that we know that the u.s. pulled out of the nuclear core there was an agreement with 7 countries passed unanimously by the u.n. security council and seems at this point unwilling to lift the sanctions and that's the key element without that talks would go nowhere so much surprised at all the talks did not take place in the u.n. and in new york does the u.s. need to be making concessions to iran at this point doesn't it for absolutely that iran absolutely the u.s. is in violation of international law a violation of u.n.
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security council resolution it's one of the more blatant examples of u.s. aggression in modern world. the track that's what started all this and led to the various fights and tanker takeovers in the mediterranean and the attack on the saudi oil facility all of this is a direct result of what the u.s. position has taken so far despite its economic and military strength the u.s. is actually losing so far in this battle with iran but at the moment we've got both parties here by saying we want peace we're open to talks that both issuing that list of conditions that has to happen for us so what's the realistic chance of any talks taking place between washington tehran any time soon which conditions have to be met 1st well i think the u.s. has to blink and it may it may happen because as a term gets closer to the election he needs some kind of victory something he can point to a foreign policy that works well and so it's conceivable that he'll just make
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something up and say aha we won and then drop they say sanctions or reduce them and allow. iran's economy to improve that's a possibility i don't see at this moment. in the next few days or short term that happen but i could conceive of that happening as long as a raw kind of hangs in there it is suffering from the sanctions particularly the civilians and lack of medical care and so on medicines etc but the people of iran are back in their government at least for now and that's what's going that's what's critical foreign minister zarif stake in new york for a few days talks and to present his plan could anything come of that well if anything is possible but i don't see any indications in the administration at this point that they would take that seriously then they know what the terms are they know what it would take to start talks rolling and it means cutting back on the sanctions right now they just add sanctions every time they feel like if they put
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some new group some new individuals some new institution under sanctions really should be. the opposite ok thanks for that research author of the iran agenda today really appreciate talking to us on r.t. international very few. next move it sounds straight from a piece of the pentagon says it's seeking to boost the immunity of u.s. soldiers against chemical and biological attacks by gene editing but there are fears that the defensive human upgrade could be weaponized more pain reports. this soldier of the future won't just be battle trained and ready to kill they'll be genetically engineered to withstand a biological attack the pentagon has a plan for editing the d.n.a. and creating super soldiers why is defense advanced research projects agency doing this to protect a soldier on the battlefield from chemical weapons and biological weapons by controlling their genome have in the genome produced proteins that would
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automatically protect the soldier from the inside out so far this sounds a little bit closer to science fiction perhaps a bit more fantasy than fact he will be the 1st. person. earlier this year a chinese scientist announced that 2 girls were born with edited genomes genomes that were edited to be a child be resistant so with potentially boundless possibilities the question now is what altered genes would a u.s. soldier need probably put some brains in them so they can question the policies they're already good soldiers i think i think how god created them is enough good enough for me are you kidding me no no well i'm asking you that the most outrageous thing i've ever heard you do a better fix of d.n.a. could be could be used to live longer. maybe mitt be less going on things like
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waste why what do we use this with soldiers who don't like the idea no i don't that's sad because there's got to be consequences to the oh i change you know their strength their vision their it's you know anything's the end anything that would make them a better. soldier asbos but before you let your imagination run too wild remember the u.s. military says there is no need to worry it's all for a good cause all these technologies they were dual use. you can use them for good and you can use them for evil defense advanced research projects agency is about using them for good to protect our war fighters these fantasies of the super soldier again that they tie into these fantasies of arsenal i'm dip the superhero fantasies. better been with us for a long time and it relates to any myths of the hero the champion that doesn't mean
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that some of them might not be be realizable to some extent. but there are many reasons why we should not go in that direction really it's very dangerous you don't know what kind of. what kind of sex will occur from a genetic change because interacts and they can often interact in unexpected ways. as well as the fact that their ability to targets. certain cells is still far from perfect the potential of genetic engineering should not be underestimated there's a lot that could be done beyond simply fire breathing always on fully weaponized more years and keep your eyes out for the genetically modified soldiers of the future unlike g.m.o. foods they may not always be labeled kaleb up and hard to see new york however evolutionary biologist leroy has told the chef at non-so that breeding people for specific tasks is
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a long way off so i think full show if you want to catch it it's on i write it in just over 2 hours from now. at the moment we still have a very poor understanding of the genetic variation that allows people to become one to excel in one kind of profession and another the notion that you can breed people for particular aspects. although in principle is possible in practice it's very far away what we do is we what i'm suggesting will happen soon is selection for such an attribute. but the number of choices that you get are relatively few what i simply mean is that you've only got a handful of eggs in embryos in a petri dish and you can only make a limited number of choices between them and the choices that you're going to make of them is basically to eliminate the bad things you're not going to be breeding
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soldiers or super and super intelligent kids out of their. u.k. courts says it's unable to prevent the home office from deporting a 10 year old sudanese girl at risk of female genital mutilation her mother's asylum application was rejected he has the story. putting aside his enthusiasm for war and its cozy relationships with that's apart from the taters the british government style the self other staunch defender of human rights around the world the latest crusade they've taken up in the fight against of g.m. in other countries they've pledged 50000000 pounds by 2030 to combat the issue. of the bible and it's free there isn't any requirement it doesn't make.
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sense to more understand of god but the british home office is pushed. ahead with deporting a woman and her 10 year old daughter to bahrain from where lawyers fear they'll then be deported on to done but the mother is originally from the country has one of the highest rates of conducting f.g.s. in the world and the girl risks being another victim they are happy to prosecute female genital mutilation they're happy to give money abroad to stamp it out but they're failing to protect women who are at risk if deported a british family court earlier ruled that the girl face the risk of being circumcised against her will if censor board but it was a move by the home office which said immigration issues the court's business perhaps the most high profile attempt by the u.k. to deport someone it was the case of. a radical cleric the u.k. accused of having ties to al qaeda it took 12 years and 1700000 pounds to remove him and was a victory for the british government yet since his departure britain has spent
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almost 200000 pounds protecting his wealth in jordan and the question now is whether the mother and her little girl would also get that much protection from u.k. authorities if she ends up back in. the u.k. home office for comments on the case was awaiting a response from them but we also spoke to dr shah a proud man who's a lawyer for the girl's mother she told us that the british government isn't doing enough to protect young women at risk of. her mother says that her little girl is a high risk of a g.m. so her mother was cut and she suffered type 3 f g m which is the most physically severe type of f.p.m. that any woman or child can undergo and in fact the mother says her sisters also died whilst enjoying this most brutal practice so she certainly has a high risk of f g m and we know from the social services who took this application to court to stop this little girl from being deported that they also believe there's
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a high risk of f g m and also the national center here an expert organization working with families in this country who are at risk if she had also believed that this little girl is at risk so there's a wealth of expertise here that says she is at risk but unfortunately the home secretary and also the immigration authorities so the immigration courts don't feel that the risk is this is high my real concern here is that we have a government that appears to be committed to prosecuting cases of f.g.s. and throwing the book at ethnic minority families when this f.d.m. in this country but when it comes to protecting girls the terrorist abroad and legitimately claim asylum the government's all too ready to refuse that claim because in my view if a so-called hostile immigration environment and they're not given the status that they so desperately need so i see this real contradiction in the government's approach time and time again played out a numerous cases sadly. the swedish daily newspaper has burned all
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advertisement of fossil fuel based products and services with the media to the paper's editors cited environmental concerns for his decision week after the biggest mass climate protest in history serp really a 3rd of the world's banks have signed up to a un initiative on efforts to tackle climate change such as cutting back on investing in fossil fuel projects among women major players like citi group and barclays in total one $130.00 financial institutions and $49.00 come. trees have signaled that they're on board but notably 7 of the world's 10 biggest banks are missing from that list the un initiative calls on banks to harmonize their strategies with the paris climate agreement and work towards a sustainable future from being seen as an overdue move to mobilize the influential finance sector to a fad little cause more problems than it will solve we put it up for discussion here on r.t. . what we really need to be looking out looking at is eliminating the funding of fossil fuels as quickly as possible and the key thing here is not to focus too much
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on the banks they will do whatever they can within what is profitable and legal key thing is to put pressure on governments to utterly change the rules in terms of what banks do to get rid of anything that is destroying the future for our children the green technologies that are presented as growing are not at all in many instances in the energy sector today say no to nuclear energy there is no reason to say no to say no because nuclear energy doesn't emit in the c o 2 and they say yes the electric car is an awful and see life cycle analysis if you look at their environmental footprint it is much worse than my diesel car today and it will be for the next 50 years so because of the production of the batteries so this is solve rubbish this is perfect rubbish frankly and it is enough you know having 16 year old girls like the one we had a system at the united nations explaining to adults that they are stupid i mean
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this is not fun you know she's supported by the person's family of billionaires that have invested in the green technologies i mean this is who writes her texts this is a disgrace really it's time to stop and the gulf numbs progress of course in the reduction of c o 2 emissions but they should do it normally at a normal pace and for bidding that use of coal of few or gas is stupid especially for example in germany because of their choice for supposedly renewable energy such as wind energy they need coal plants to to produce the energy when there is no went so crazy identified you know perhaps correctly perceived problem to some of what is being pushed forward is green at the moment as a reason for carrying on burning fossil fuels when we know it is who eddie a crime against humanity in the form of catastrophic drought. blood's typhoons like clones hurricanes you know and the strength of these things is absolutely vastly greater than before and you know so so to try and identify some of the problems
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with what's being put forward by you know the mainstream green narrative as a reason to carry on destroying ourselves is just madness that we need to do the right thing at the right time it's not people why are extreme extreme activists that need to decide governments cannot allow this and the united nations should not allow this the only reason that the solutions required to deal with these problems are now so extreme is that well we've had 30 years of people like luke saying oh well we need to wait till we know more until the technology is about or what has happened over that period is that we have produced more emissions in the last 30 years than the entirety of human history before so the very very tempting rationale which is that anything that looks greener than before is a step in the right direction we must go at the normal pace we cannot stop planes from flying from today on because that's what the extremists want to paraphrase god given to explode progress with your question i would say when obviously like
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progress on this. the polish defense ministers announce that the united states is to create a new divisional command in his country which will be used to oversee the operations of american troops in eastern europe he also acknowledged that washington's authorized the sale of dozens of f. 35 fighter jets to warsaw. from bosun and the use commander in chief general will conduct the american military both in poland and in our part of europe mean in the eastern when u.s. forces will be conducted not from germany as it is now but from poland. well earlier this week donald trump of the polish president signed a joint declaration on advancing defense cooperation under that agreement washington will send an additional $1000.00 troops to poland which will build a number of new military bases now already 4 and a half 1000 u.s. troops stationed in poland on a revolving basis during a visit to washington in the summer the polish president expressed concern over neighboring russia donald trump though to stress that his latest decision has nothing to do with the supposed kremlin aggression. of the.
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u.s. military involved it is because the russian you know i don't think sort of i think it's just because we have the president of poland why why why respect and hears whether or not we'd be willing to do that and they said well you know there will have to be installations really in this is they're willing to do this we were going to you know and i think it's great for colin that is very good for us meanwhile nato to take resolve military exercises are due to start in the baltic state of lithuania next month the maneuvers by western allies were launched in the wake of crimea voting to rejoin russia in 2014 of these latest war games involving around $6000.00 troops from 17 countries and rotated between member states on a 9 month basis rayna brought in from the international peace bureau believes that the removal of troops from germany to poland won't in the long run be beneficial to the new host. germany will spend the 2 percent for nato you know that we are only
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go a little bit slower because it is not possible to make to get these 2 percent in such a quick way like charmed ones because of the opposition of the german people the german people don't want to spend more money for military purposes it is definitely a reaction but it is in general reaction that germany is trying on one side of follow the confrontation politics see again supporting the sanctions against russia but on the other side tried to keep relations to russia and that is definitely what trump and the united states government does not want you know their poll we'll see what they have from these troops they were suffering from them they are destroying the environment their aggressions against woman and all the consequences for the military base in other countries means so it is definitely another aggression against russia it is enlarging the confrontation to russia and this is definitely
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the opposite of a politics of common security which we need in europe so it is a deep deep step in the wrong direction. etc landmark ruling the e.u.'s highest court has said that the right to be forgotten online only applies within the blocks boundaries that means that google is under no obligation to take down embarrassing or outdated information contained about people on non european versions of its pages. currently the reason obligation on the you're for search engine operator who grants the request food dereferencing made by data subject to carry out such a dereferencing on all the versions of its search and the so-called right to be forgotten was in try and back in 2014 it allows e.u. citizens to demand that personal data about them get deleted on request and 2015 the french privacy regulator try to find the search giant 100000 euros and ordered it to globally delete links to pages that it found damaging however the following
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year google simply chose to hide those delisted links from users inside europe social media lawyer cohen explains why the right to be forgotten would have taken root outside europe. we have to bear in mind date the right to be forgotten is a european right and what they call deidre could now is the fact that every country in every jurisdiction might have a different approach towards the shore that up with dates and so for example in the united state defers amendment is a very powerful piece of legislation and it grants almost an absolute right for free speech so so indeed united states free speech outweighs a much much heavier than for example a right of individual to a private life and that's the news for now on the way a parent's worst nightmare the story of a young girl killed after wandering into a gangland shoot out in one of america's poorest neighborhoods stray bullet is next
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