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tv   News  RT  October 10, 2019 8:00pm-8:31pm EDT

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stirrers defrauding an abuse in the poor insect that i've seen in a couple years you know we've introduced you to many instances of bankers preying on folks and this is this is really happening. the german interior minister pledges to boost security for all synagogues in the wake of wednesday's attacks adding it's the country's duty to never again allow the rise of anti-semitism. environmental action group extinction rebellion rallies around the world for a 4th day but their efforts to block infrastructure squawks of backlash from locals . the think it might like to. live in them feeling he. didn't even know what the one of them what he's in for it's for the environment. he's military operation against the kurds in northeast syria rages for a 2nd day. now offering u.s.
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mediation in the conflict just days after all during the withdrawal of american troops from the region. from moscow you what's your team's anational with me daniel hawkins revue tuning in from the knights thanks for joining us on the program. and the german interior minister has promised to boost security in all the countries synagogue saying it's germany judy to never again and now the growth of anti semitism he made a statement at a news conference and hollow where 2 people were shot dead at a synagogue on wednesday. us has more. or earlier today germany's federal prosecutor mentioned the perpetrator stefan p. who killed 2 people and how they germany was preparing a massacre we also know about the vigil that he had a manifesto and he posted it online with many anti jewish comments and that he also
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lifestream the incident to encourage other people to follow is that earlier today though germany's interior minister see a whole for spoke to the media saying that this event is quote shame to our nation he also mentioned that at the semitic attacks have been on the rise in germany and extremism is very high but he also mentioned that islamist terror is a central challenge for germany he also mentioned that he is working closely with germany's law enforcement agencies to make it more difficult for individuals to buy materials online to create weapons at their house just like the ones we saw at the attack yesterday german chancellor angela merkel shot meyer and see a whole for all out rage with the rise of extremism in germany. hate racism and anti-semitism must not be present in our country and apart from the
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consistency of our constitutional state nothing can serve this goal better than a multifaceted civic commitment because to stand up against prejudices and hatred to stand up for respect and tolerance to participate in. monterey services and other initiatives that makes us stronger as a society. germany made a promise to the whole world after world war 2 never again i feel deeply committed to this right now this federal government must do everything so the jews in our country can live without threats and fear about. it is not enough to condemn such a cowardly attack it must be clear that the state takes responsibility for jewish life for the security of jewish life in germany it must be equally clear that society society as a whole must show an attitude a clear. of solidarity with the jewish people in our country but this shooting incident that took place here said it did not go on notice on the world stage prime
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minister benjamin netanyahu condemned the attacks saying that the rise of extremism and semitic extremism in europe is on the rise but not only him here in germany jewish german leader also said that he was very shocked with the lack of police presence at the synagogue on the whole the estate of the jewish calendar what i cannot understand the tool is why the synagogue had no police protection on the most important jewish day of celebration had there been the shooter would with all likelihood have been prevented from committing a 2nd attack politicians and community leaders will be holding sabbath tomorrow as well as a candlelight vigil in how late but there are many more they are going to be taking place in cities across germany. environmental action group extinction rebellion have been running in central london for a 4th day as part of a global campaign against climate change since monday more than 800 people have
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been arrested were just as trying to shut down london's city airport one activist even climb on a british airways plane it was detained by airport security and several arrests were made and officers pulled away demonstrators who grew themselves to the floor. meanwhile extinction of. times square in new york with protesters grew. themselves to a boat and after activists in melbourne australia blocked roads a woman broke into tears when she couldn't get to the home of her mother passed away on sunday. it was good to know what it's like instead of organizing all the cleanup and getting in on seating he. just i don't even know what they are rather than what he's in for it's for the environment. or thought and sociology professor frank furedi says many activists don't seem to care about the effect their actions are having on other people. thinking about this kind of protest is that it appeals to a certain section of society. british politics is divided into different bubbles and
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people who identified with the exposure bill you will not care if there are destruction of the people's lives or do an upside down. you know you will still put up with this even though it might be a good media i think a lot of people you know the rest of society is very irritated at the often feel that they have to censor themselves or talk to a lot of people saying don't leave demonstrators are a bunch of children. who are who demand a lot of attention but constructive but they're almost a free concern is they are denounced for not caring about their argument and i think what happens now is are you going to mention the word and. nobody rolls over it's almost like seeing the devil you know sort of hell and people just react as if it was some kind of religious cause that you can. criticize. in case you missed
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it some of the right question is whether the extinction rebellion group wants to save the world rather is trying to ruin your journey to work. the extinction rebellion hordes are back on the streets to save the world and your souls through a new journey to 1st will take you to melbourne where stephanie anderson is standing by intense things there they are blocking roads. absolutely divine or in fact the intensity is just rattling off of the contents of them swearing at. wellington madrid paris and new york they bring news of apocalyptic death and destruction for all but the using tactics which are not personally popular like the truth 1 may go by why do you read what i'm doing that you are scared to think i'll go to feeding hell is going to freeze over before these guys give it up and then again that is climate change. in the event that you actually want to talk to one of these activists more likely to
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avoid one how do you support them well. you know what. in fact british prime minister brown stones and on his own will to win them on co-operative crusties he knows they can vote right there's plenty of people out there wondering whether constantly antagonizing the general public is going to be successful. it's worked on me i'm annoyed me so much my she went to find out what they're demanding demand number one the demonstrators are demanding the government tells the truth kids got to love them perhaps we can get flying piggies to eat all the carbon and turn it into rainbows too. but
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the government must act now to hold boiler diversity loss and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2020. ok well as pretty ambitious but you know no out of they want to do it they want to cut down on the amount of flying enough one less hold every year they want to cut down on the amount of dairy being produced by coffee for the grandkids and they want to cut down on the amount of meat will eat as a grand kids anyway. and demand 3 we have a national citizen family on climate ecological just only the idea is this citizens assembly is going to be made up of a cross-section of society and they probably know this guy let me. be honest i'm not sure democracy in a load. is going to work on this one i think they need to start thinking differently. the books refused to give. the future of humanity. is at stake. account though they've gone so you know new d.n.a.
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jones on their side. but all trump i suggest that the u.s. could mediate between turkey and the kurds comes ankara continues its military offensive in northeastern syria follows trumps for the system to withdraw u.s. troops from the area i think joyce are bringing in the military and defeating everybody again or you have a choice of where they're actually doing some very strong things. or we can mediate i hope we can mediate. turkey's military operation is called peace springs it looks then turkey's existing buffer zone in the country and intends to evict kurdish fighters from the area and group turkey classes as terrorists the kurdish forces accused of targeting civilians and 9 have already been killed. the 1st phase of the operation began with air strikes on the 2 kurdish controlled
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border towns of. the kurds have ordered the general mobilization along the border with turkey valley and to confront the attack the operation is now in its 2nd phase a ground offensive international community has condemned the operation was also warned the e.u. it will open the gates and allow millions of syrian refugees into turkey to head to the e.u. of the block all of this move an invasion of russia's u.n. ambassador blamed the situation on demographic engineering by members of the u.s. led coalition against isis. all sides should should or should exercise maximum restraint. in that position but. another thing is that this position is it is ultimate for demographic engineering that some of the coalition partners did in the northeast of syria we wanted them a long time not to experiment with that we were calling upon in syria to engage in the league and while at the same time in the u.s. dozens of republican representatives are planning to introduce
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a bill to impose fresh sanctions on turkey over its operation this is wild turkey itself claims the us has abandoned its nato allies is justice and development party m.p. yes and actor. turkey did not break any rules or norms of nato that it is the united states which is breaking the rules this is why we have to ask the question about the us and that alliance of friendship this alliance pledges to protect any of its members if they are in danger and today turkey is in danger but we don't see the us cooperating with us that ally on the contrary they are part of the threat it is the us who is breaking the rules of the alliance turkey maintains its position if all the members of nato agree with this violation everyone will be infringing the rights of other members of the broader i don't even want to talk about it the. gulf states. bruno says the current situation demonstrates the disunity inside the us government and discontent from all sides of
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the conflict. most of turks and the kurds are saying or suggesting that they've been betrayed. the kurds have been betrayed many times and this is the standard. policy of the west in fact but it's not just the kurds were betrayed this is been the policy in. the western policy in the middle east for a long time there have all there's also always been this unity between this president and his own republican party. particularly on issues regarding the middle east and. u.s. involvement trump wants to appeal to his base and deliver on his promises literal promises as the debate for the 2020 election intensifies so the idea that he knows that
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a lot of his supporters are strong supporters agree with him on getting out. of the middle east and wars american led wars in the middle east. to government protests in ecuador have descended into a week of violence 5 people have reportedly been killed during unrest according to the public defender's office and indigenous leader was among those who died and straightest took at least 8 police officers captive in the capital cuter the morning writing got underway on tuesday indigenous leaders gathered for a conference to condemn president lenin moreno and his the sit on last week to cut all subsidies our correspondent nicholas a lot of reports from the unrest in quito. this is ground 0 digits resistance thousands and thousands of people came to all the bells in the selecting the building behind me that's a big deal out of the building with also kidnapped 8 policemen one of those officers came on stage to say that he was being treated well but the government was
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clear for any negotiations to carry on these. offices have to be released the indigenous people on the other hand have their own conditions to come to the table they want both the minister of defense and the interior minister to resign and they're also still pushing for fuel subsidies to be back in place then there's a disagreement about the number of people that have died during these days of protests the indigenous leaders say that it was 6 while the government is still say in one is the official figure also a t's in ecuador who have arrested over 750 people in a week of unrest and dozens of police officers have been injured also hundreds of protesters have suffered injuries during these violent clashes so the situation here in ecuador still tense in the negotiations between the government and the digits people are still blocked or still far off from the result because they don't
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have the politics. coming next assume the french interior minister is warning of how to spot radicalization raises question is the issue not international. brain does know it. in the way. he said when you really believe you're trying to. conquer the brain you damage it in a way that comes up and secondly the brain is incredibly sent delegates. can damage some balls of the brain you can kill the patient does by damaging one of 2 millimeters of brain tissue. what politicians do something that. they put themselves on the line to get accepted
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or rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. somehow i want to be. at it like to be close it's like the 4th tree in the morning can't be good that i'm interested always in the waters about how. things should. come back to the program t.v. shows well i have to meet strict ethnic gender and sexual minority diversity standards to win any awards britain's top small screen ceremony the best as. we are delighted to be a pilot and the introduction of the be a fire diversity standers with plentiful introduce diverse dissenters for $20.21
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our aim is to bring the industry together to improve diversity and inclusion through share and best practice the shows must meet at least 2 of 4 diversity standards including at least one main character from one on the represented social group are also requirements for gender ethnic and sexual minority balances among the whole cast and crew working on the show we discuss the story with media and legal analyst who fears it will hurt creativity in the industry. if i'm trying to do a story about a group of men in the war or students or whatever sometimes the subject matter lends itself to a particular demographic not because i am bi is not because i'm hateful not because i want to exclude but sometimes in the scheme of the imagine doing the godfather with more swedes or asians represented i mean it doesn't make any sense they're doing this gratuitously i respectfully submit because it is posh it is the
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neck tattoo the stud the the it or so to speak it is what is hip what is new and what it is it's falling it is taking the free exercise of unbridled creativity and saying you may do this but if you would like to win awards which of course your commercial success is dependent upon this you must comprise your particular creativity in this particular framework it is intellectually disingenuous it's modern day blacklisting horrible. after last week's attack at a paris police headquarters that left 4 officers dead officials have since admitted they missed warning signs about the killers radicalisation the french interior minister's ideas on how to recognise such people have caused the controller see. explains. it's being a rocky week for france's interior minister christopher kasten a founder of self blindsided after telling the world the man who murdered 4
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colleagues at the paris police h.q. hadn't shown the slightest cause for alarm calls for his resignation followed when it emerged that they had indeed been much to cause concern now it appears he's trying to show he has things under control but they hear it from his national assembly he outlined how the sewing islam missed radicalization could be spotted so in the words just another how do you spot a radical by mrs senior in the sun that must be noted a rigorous religious practice especially at ramadan is a sign that should trigger an alert in the same way does the individual agree to team up with a woman or not does he have a regular and ostentatious practice of ritual and also note a female civil servant wearing a veil in public. well that's an interesting list to start with but perhaps is most illuminating suggestion of how to spot somebody who's been
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radicalized is this tidbit. these signs of them become more or more obvious and related to behavioral changes such as having a beard. do you think that he owns a mirror. and that point certainly wasn't lost on one of france's m.p.'s reported on was that you mentioned having a beard can be problematic i see that you have a beard yourself come to think of it having a beer could be a bit of a problem for the others in the government too.
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so as the being did men over for all c's ruling elites are all probably running off to buy raises as we speak we thought we'd ask people in paris what they make of the interior minister's top tips on how to spot an islamist radical i think having a beer today in france can be. a bit solve a problem because you can you can get. more attention than you desire from the police. i know bearded people who go out in the evening and they are not radical at all about. is a fashion for me hair and beard does not make you radical. i do not think that a beard is a sign of radicalization it does not make any sense to me and people should not be judged by their appearance so we have advice like that i doubt this idiot's guide is going to be on sale anytime soon charlotte r.t.
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paris. russia has moved one step closer to qualifying for next year's european football championship after beating scotland 4 nil in moscow r.t. is that actually a chef he was at luzhniki stadium in moscow to watch russia's win. the russian national football team or as it's commonly known as board there is one step closer to the euro 2020 championship to be held next summer. not just beating demolishing the scottish national team here at luzhniki is obviously a very special venue for the russian team because the last time it played on this stadium it was against spain in the last 16 of the world cup. and beating spain he meant that russia was progressing to the quarterfinals an absolutely unprecedented. for the national team so today a lot was a stake especially since cyprus unexpectedly beat kazakhstan and russia just had to win win against scotland to be the away side they really held on to the but in the
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2nd. goal scored a brace. and also a 4th goal by. now all russia has to do is get one point from the remaining 3 games 1st of which will be against cyprus away and that would mean russia would automatically qualify for you know 2020 now a fortnight ago i spoke to the president. exclusively and he told me just how much it means for the home side to be part of the special euros tournament held in 12 cities across the continent whenever the home team doesn't qualify take some of the competition but. you have to know the. people who have to be in the stadium. so everything will be sold out for sure i would love as many. teams
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to qualify but we cannot influence that. you will be able to see the full interview with the president on monday on my blog as well as the match from here also on the you tube channel called rock. reporting from stadium in moscow. because when you use come up next in boom bust the team and i'm back in 30 minutes to bring you the latest global news outlets that. talk about one of the worst cases of predatory banks toure's defrauding and abusing the poor insect that i've seen in a couple years you know we've introduced you to many instances of bankers preying on folks and this is this is a this is really happening. in
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this community there are people who believe that it's ok to sell for action if you don't like it's really hard there are no jobs and you see that i've got kids that ask and as a parent. i can come up with lots of arguments there's a lot of conflict within the game and between the teams most of the conflicts i would say are over most rahmani and most of them is made. close one on the children's clothes he knows each other is good business the state of california alone makes 6000000000 dollars you have to prison complex just to get some point in your life where. you don't care anymore no i cares about you so you don't care might anything.
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this is boom bust broadcasting around the world and covering all aspects of our global economy in the 21st century. christiane is on assignment in new york today we've got a bundle of big stories to get to but we start right down the road here in washington where chinese officials are back in the states as negotiations are underway to reach a mill ground and perhaps a trade deal in the terror fight today bringing coverage of the event with our correspondent alex mahela bitch and ceremony to we also will speak with david mccallum of the macau many financial to break down the moves in the market and so much more plus just a week after the collapse of the story british problems giant thomas is hope for some workers who were thought to be laid off before which of the british american
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business association is on hand today to give us the aerial view of the buyout and much more in the u.k. travel sachar. we're told with a brain can we do it all in 27 minutes let's find out let's go. to meetings between top officials from the united states and china lead our global report today as both sides work to end the 15 month trade war as tensions continue to ask a late at the office of the u.s. united states trade representative chinese vice premier luke met with u.s. treasury secretaries to newton and u.s.t.r. robert white highs are the 2 sides hope to make strides as the south china morning morning post reports that deputy level talks were fruitless the trade war has heated up this week that with the u.s. blacklisting 28 chinese public security bureau is tight and surveillance firms. the u.s. also impose restrictions on chinese officials over alleged abuses of weaker muslims in the region of that country sources familiar with situation claim beijing is
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planning to retaliate with visa restrictions of their own on u.s. nationals with ties to china groups meanwhile china's walkway which has been placed at the center of the ongoing disputes between the 2 countries may be getting a bit of a reprieve in new york times reports that the trump administration is planning to issue licenses allowing american companies to supply non-sensitive goods to wall way according to sources u.s. president donald trump said he was willing to begin approving the license is this last week this will allow you specific specific american companies to circumvent a ban the white house placed on while way earlier this year. there is a lot on packers so to do so we are joined by our america correspondent alex milledge in toronto and serve the here in the studio in washington d.c. sarah let's start with you we're seeing a lot of conflicting reports on how the meetings went exactly what's the latest well let's just say we are definitely hearing some conflicting reports the south
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china post morning post reported that chinese ice from here was going to be leaving earlier than expected leaving at this thursday this to evening but the white house officials have confirmed that talks are scheduled through friday now stocks went up and jumped up on president trying 20 did that big it's a big day of negotiations with china they want to make a deal but do i meet with vice premier tomorrow at the white house now it remains unclear whether or not this meeting law actually take place but stocks went up people are optimistic and hopeful that president trump meeting with vice premier league is a good sign of some sort of move forward and you know this has been lingering on for some time so i know our viewers might be getting antsy about this but this is actually a critical time in this process since next week another set of tariffs on another $250000000000.00 of chinese goods are scheduled to take effect the chinese have said that they were making willing to make a deal on condition that no more to be imposed what's going on there what is a very critical time because.


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