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tv   Worlds Apart  RT  December 1, 2019 2:30am-3:00am EST

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and we try to persuade people that business unusual in the world is over and trump is just a symptom is that when we take a saying is that these quote unquote joyous celebration is not about your personal sympathy that you did not through them the slightest bit for him or what he may represent in global politics yes i did that you actually like. what he represents for the present to change so i don't see that chomp as a victory of all good or all bad that stuff the point that's not that's not about expertise but the change in the world he's a symptom and the thing that we predicted it and we made a certain traditions that one predictions had one that was the main thing about that celebrity now as far as i understand this was you with your friends having time not of your friends from what i understand as the. russian government official in the yellow c.n.n. and many other western that played that video making that appear as if it was
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almost the official russian reaction from what your remember back then how did the kremlin react to the election of don chimed and was it just as ecstatic as you appear to be well i never been to the kremlin actually so i'm sure you are watching not only the american political scene but also the russian what i can see about russian expertise which is really close to kremlin not like me but the really close to kremlin they war just so appalled you know they didn't know what to say because they were writing analysis who not only in newspapers and outlets but also a closed memo to kremlin they were all writing that hillary clinton will win and so we should supreme our politics these this way and that way and one all this all this charm thing came out of course 1st they were just astonished surprised. and
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they didn't know what to do this was the 1st reaction of the program and the expertise i think it's fair to say that at the time they were and many clinton fans in this city and madame clinton usually likes to say that you know putin hates her because she supported democracy and all the other. things i wonder if you believe that's factually correct do you think the kremlin's beef with madame clinton was ultimately about her meddling in russia's domestic affairs or was it primarily because of her legacy on the international arena well i don't think that was a special attitude any sort of a life. that's that's. apparent but for a politician especially for high rank by the titian and russia to like somebody or to dislike somebody is not the way how the the the politics is shaped so they were quite ready to work with her. of course she personally representative of the kind
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of business in washington that nobody like that that's of course but this was known business but i mean was it about the business in washington was it about her support for as you put in protests in moscow back in 2000. or maybe the 3rd thing was it her policy in libya which is sad i mean if you believe the rumor mill in moscow it was a major thing that influenced by the who put his decision to come back into politics in 2000 that's a fair point the 3rd point is this is a very fair war because you know all these protests 20112000 well that was already over. and considered itself the winner complete with. so numb but i think that the middle east thing it what was very important because not only libya but also syria. in my personal opinion well i mean for syria she wasn't there i mean she. donna secretary of state what happened what happened in libya when one
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because you've been ghazi was unfolding actually the the cia facility in benghazi was actually was governing the so-called program ocracy opposition in syria and it was raised by. state department madam clinton so this this she she had her hand in that in that game also now these shows that we saw before a few any are france celebrating were part of a march longer c.n.n. packaged about a week ago about how everything. is benefiting russia and some people may may have forgotten that this idea of tying trom directly to the kremlin was actually it actually originated with the clinton camp we know from the weekend leaks e-mails that it was mike but asked there her the chairman of her campaign who came up with this idea why do you think 3 years later after the miller probe after everything that didn't stick to dylan why are they still running away with this
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narrative i think they just don't have anything else they have nothing else to put it if they if they if they have something broadly they would have come with something something else but you know what can you say about it's a person yes he's nonstandard. economy is roaring. and look and he's and he's think humans normally in this situation. this president goes for the 2nd term such kind of president goes for the 2nd term how can you pull him down these impeachment talks is it is really very funny a says it's a scene from the from anywhere outside united united states. i think many presidents and many political leaders did something like tom de to tool to selenski but awfully stupid to apply political pressure to get the result that you want i mean it is simply. i mean that's how politics international politics is being done
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and i mean we don't need to go far you know there are lots of diplomatic cables that show that american officials do that all the time in fact that's the main way the operate both the officials and the diplomats yes exactly and so also democratic politicians in congress they also try to pressure ukraine not to investigate very small for instance oldest things out as a well known it is old it's obvious seen from here that it's a very duty political fights with no rules so in 3 years all these things like due process democracy rule of law etc etc it is all destroyed they just fighting with no rules now going back to that the search. is the kremlin's puppet if we take it at face value do you think we'll fully on nog has indeed been beneficial to moscow because i can understand how pleasing it may be to some people in this city to see these you know global american. had tammany crumble but that it started on
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president obama where this one when it comes to domestic affairs i think russia is still paying a very having prize both in terms of sanctions and in terms of lost economic opportunities for having these whatever you know fictional association of it donald trump well i don't think so because 80 percent of sanctions were imposed on the under my under obama as and so the columns are section sanctions that russia has imposed on some food products from europe and united states it's made in 3 years it made in the russian economy and russian for the action a little bit stronger he's predecessors he did not start any war because bush sr bush jr mr clinton mr obama the old start of the war in the 1st 3 years john did not so probably it is it is a little bit safer and more predictable in these. prospectus on the other hand the
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world is changing it is a turbulent world and. it's not personally mr trump who is making the world the dangerous place he is just the symptom of the change that's it now i mentioned the expression opportunity costs and in his latest interview with fox president trump vantive he's frustration about how much these i'm healed being afeard on the part of the democrats is costing the country and he seemed to be very genuinely unearthed by that and yes i know that you claimed at all to mislead the whole impeachment proceeding is playing very handsome only into his own hands how come well look. until now all these hearings. are looking like great great offensive using very big resources spent on this offensive this offensive fails so of course it's playing into the hands of the of the other side so.
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as far as the polls are concerned a little there are a lot of disagreements about where the americans are looking after the impeachment but the in the metro effect is that nothing changed dramatically which means as if nothing happened in congress and therefore he just he's standing where he stood before the impeachment hearing started no nixon moment nothing no no no even clinton moments so easy is i think even much stronger now so they're really playing in his hands. i don't know if you would agree with me but i think the democrats are becoming increasingly slopped fear in the way they go about it take for example the latest letter by house speaker nancy pelosi in which she made all on the record remark that leaving the issue off trump in the white house to the elections would be a weak and dangerous choice i mean we are hearing all the it's various soviet sounding
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to my ear yeah but i mean exactly that's what i was going to ask you i think which ever way you interpret that that's a hair raising statement from an election elected official in a constitutional democracy yes exactly and it for a person born in a soviet union that sounds exactly like party leader would speak to let's say you know in a big city with his comrades don't do that that's a weak position it's not how the party should think. in that same letter madame madame pelosi also mentioned that. there was it was hard to reach and the duty of her colleagues to defend the constitution from all adam mayes both domestic and foreign and i'm sure you would agree with me that the democrats have already started casting the 2020 vote as either compromised or
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perhaps sam illegitimate do you think we have seen the worst of this squabble or do you think divorce does he have to come i think that now the fight will proceed that's that's for sure nobody is going to step back and that's the most dangerous think about about all this this is becoming very we're done a very scary because it's really a civil conflict it's not just conflict around donald trump it's a civil conflict in nuclear power and that's scary and it involves another in nuclear power as supposedly waging that. conflict exactly exactly so we're told that just that just think it's becoming from fan it from funny to scary is going is going in this direction or as we like to say here and rush it would have been great fun if it wasn't so sad yeah exactly well we have to take a very short break now but we will be back in just a few moments stay tuned. to
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the. program. you. could we're going to get by getting out a. little bit in the cold. war next time you don't come.
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the world is driven by a dream shaped by our own personal those words those are. the dares thinks. we dare to ask. thinking of getting a new book on the ones we got in your shoes from now why he didn't know until he
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from agricultural groups many mysteries. to deal with dogs don't buy don't want to. welcome back to worlds apart with nietzsche the russian journalist put a focus on american politics. and off about trump let's talk about the other candidates just as the impeachment proceedings were gathering steam the democratic field god even wider former new york city mayor and one of the world's richest man mike bloomberg had the race and. i wonder if you take that as an indication at least in some corners that joe biden who was thought to be the sort of the
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democratic frontrunner in the bass hope of defeating trump that he star may be fading while he sees his star started to fade in 2015 when he refused to run democrats well he has been adamantly reasons at that time he said to have family reasons i think that party just persuaded him not to run and even now there are rumors that obama is now persuading him not to run. all though i think that the democratic party the main thing for them is not just weaning back the white house i think. the experts understand that that is that is unreachable that is beyond reach so what are they doing now it's the main problem is inside the democratic party who is the power new socialists or the old liberal establishment that's that's the point that's the that's the that's the name of the fight you just mentioned president obama and he has been surprisingly absent from all of this i mean i would
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never see him on talib. vision to be never see him criticizing. of he is. a period you know that there were some indirect statements about impropriety or propriety of certain gestures but overall he is he seems to be out of politics do you think that's the case how much influence do you think he still has within the democratic party i think he has enough influence at least that that's that's the one of the reasons why she's he's so quiet because. if he if he says something in favor of the candidates that will be that will be a bombshell but the he speaks so some closed events lately some use came out of that he was asking the democratic donors to pay more attention to the centrists to be more to the center that's american people are not yet rebelution or in nation all the things came out but for the press t.v.
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you know he's he's silent because he has too much influence and now speaking about the centrist this is definitely how mike bloomberg would like to position himself pretty much like trump he ran for office as a republican as an independent as a democrat he is a businessman he's pouring his own money into the complaint ovo in much bigger numbers do you think trump has any reason to be concerned about bloomberg i don't think so i don't think so although michael bloomberg looks like you know the mirror brother all 4 of the trump to be had to be a donald trump on the democratic side but i think what michael bloomberg bloomberg is doing wisely is that he's saying let's bring america back to normality a little i think the world is already moved away far away from the from so-called normality of the old years and but the main thing why bloomberg is inside the as you make radical primaries is to make i think that's that's my that's my that's my
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point that he's trying to make. the democratic national convention a contested one you know one of the things that struck me about the coverage of bloomberg antrim to the race was the fact that the republicans even the trump ists seem to be far more respectful of him than some of the democrats i mean i was watching steve valens interview on on fox and he was very gracious about bloomberg he didn't think that bloomberg has the charisma to be trump but he said that he's sophisticated he's resourceful and off to change the color versation to change the the flow of the democratic campaign do believe that to be the case and it will be well could be the case at least who we have no reason not to not to not to believe mr ben-ami because mr bannon is is a very you know wolf person about about what is going on in washington what what bennett said actually was that bloomberg invested into 25 come things in 2018 and he was 23 of them so he knows how the how the how this game is played he. said is
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that bloomberg knows how to apply money to politics but he also said money in and of itself is not enough you have to have the charisma and one of the criticisms of mike bloomberg is that he is clever he has a lot of resources but he lacks the. communicative style that you need these days to reach out to the ordinary voter well i think the let's say the idea of his image makers of mr bloomberg is just to bring back the now not at the let's go to the very dull times will everything was just quiet nothing happens no trump nothing of this no populist no socialist just back to business that could that could play out in some and some hearts of democrats well i i may disagree with you partially of this because i think the funny thing about bloomberg is that on the one hand he tries to position himself as an alternative to the leftist wing of beth
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warrant and bernie sanders for the way out ahead when you look at his policy agenda it is if not cleft is then left to fish and i think that says a lot about what the democratic party has become this union of super rich with the socialist slash anarchists do you think that's a sustainable coupling is that a sustainable arrangement out and where do you see the damps moving ideologically as they deal with the challenge of donald trump well i don't think they will produce a serious challenge to donald trump in 2020 but as far as. what i what i mean is that donald trump is giving them a substantial challenge and they have to come up with some ideological agenda that will and that's and then also the social order you cannot defeat with the old old style dribble as you can try to defeat him with socialism but that's that's americans will to american voters to decide whether they buy socialism or not but
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socialism was politically would say the very if to say new idea for americans and it's very popular among younger people but in general the they should couple with the with the reach people that's that's should happen because this is the united states of america where politics is big money. what are you essentially saying is that the democratic party is becoming the old republican party that was supported by big corporate donors but claims you appeal to the average republican party over there was appealing to the creator of the socialists in the in the democratic party the destructors they try to disrupt the the society disrupt the family disrupt everything so this is more like you know some rich people in the old saddam structure that were supporting bolsheviks this is more or less resembling the times that's an interesting and now since we mentioned bloomberg let
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me ask you about another child of the democratic party and i'm talking about to see galbraith who is now presented as yet another kremlin puppet and i think it's true that her and she war rhetoric makes her popular in russia but that certainly doesn't justify calling her a putin's girl. why do you think the democrats are so persistent in calling him playing doc card is that because as you said before perhaps that they cannot come up with anything else or maybe that's because they still believe it could be a fact. i don't think they even even they believe that this is the case but it's it's a convenient talking points like he didn't work with trump i mean what chance there is of it working with a 90. 6 they had courage to acknowledge that some things did not work let's not start it once again then after iraq they would not start to
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leave they're not trying to do the same thing with syria and iran but at least there were there were there was different context here the context is the same and the allegations of the save the i mean they awarded in the exact same war yes and that by the way have voiced by the way by the very same people because one of the people propagating this smear is none other than hillary clinton again yes and by the way if you if you remember republican rand paul was also questioned whether he works for putin so i think that it's also comes up to trump to pull and to to suggest you cannot question the 2 party consensus about foreign policy if you challenge the consensus this militaristic consensus then you are the enemy of the nation that's what they're trying to say the easiest way to say this is to say that you're real assets of tremont because otherwise it will be too artsy too complicated for american people just see all this is the russian game now this
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russian agent smear presupposes that whatever russia aspires to is automatically bad and i'm american and clearly that's the you know the the most primitive primitive form of bigotry but i think what's ironic is that it's being propagated by the wing of the democratic party that has had the most extensive contacts with the kremlin i mean both of the bidens of the clintons they have dealt with russia and those interactions were not always the. that negative if you know what i mean and to deny that ride to the trumpet ministration to have any sort of relationship with moscow isn't that ultimately a betrayal of american national interest because whatever you think about russia i think everybody would understand of washington and moscow as 2 nuclear powers a bound to have some sort of a relationship and hopefully. adversarial one well i say this
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it's exactly right and you know good experts. people who think. they see the same thing in the united states i can i can name a couple of full colleagues of yours. the cable television in the united states that are just putting the same point but the problem is with this with this establishment is it is still there you know it is the problem is here is that they're trying to. preserve their power and their power is just rooted in militaristic foreign policy and in the policy of tearing russia over there is nothing to deter anymore but these roots in this cold war. ideology if you put away the cold war. the establishment is gone and so they
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understand that a soon as the cold war is gone and the dialogue or whatever begins between the great powers they lose their power and that's a problem for them that's why that's why they're still sticks to this old narrative well that's the problem not only for them but for has as well but we have to leave it there thank you very much for sharing your insights with us it's been a pleasure i encourage our viewers to keep this conversation going in our social media pages as for me and the team we hope to syria same place same time on worlds apart.
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you know world a big part of the new law and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the bad and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. young elephants have come to. myspace leap through so pledging incidents because
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sadly the baby elephants often do see their mother as. killed but also. i do believe the elephants smile i see it's a new system once they are home based on experience and change says. it's.
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terror group islamic state says it carried out friday stunning it's happening in london which left 2 people dead set up a trace oh whoa. known to authorities. some democrats are calling for the program public on fox news t.v. network to register as a foreign agent. and in france residents are still demanding action from the government 2 months after a massive chemical factory left a toxic cloud over their city. welcome to weekly raw.


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