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tv   News  RT  December 6, 2019 1:00am-1:31am EST

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prison complex gets a life where. you don't care and. so your care might. nationwide strike up a pension reform plans with protests in paris to the violence a more unrest expected over the next few days a correspondent was at the city. and. you see it was. the rules on twitter raise concern that platforms could implement so-called shadow hiding users without them knowing. the u.s. off the man acquitted of murdering an unarmed black teenager and 2012 launches a lawsuit
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a $100000000.00 in damages the killing of trayvon martin sparked the black movement . good morning just this friday 6th of december international world news center it's kevin owen here for the update with you you can stay with me to 1st focus on france has been there the last 24 hours the biggest strike in years has brought france to a standstill workers have been venting their anger against government plans to overhaul the pension system one of the largest trade unions in france says 1500000 people marched in support of the protests while the interior ministry puts that number lowered around 800000.
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massive demonstrations held right across the country on thursday with more unrest expected over the next few days. or so clashes between what place protesters officers used to a gas and buttons to disperse the crowds most violent rallies the predicate khaled events he was there for us throughout the day. this strike has been planned for many months now and this is against a proposed changes by the french government to the pension system here in france the idea here is that they want to amalgamate number of different systems around 42 different systems into a universal system but people say that i will have a massive impact on their pensions because it will mean that their pensions perhaps could be lower in the feature or in fact that they might have to work even longer and that has caused a huge fury here in france a hero plasterer public but i can tell you that the crimes go all the way back more than a close to god do nor which is where this process was originally due to start off with what was come for many hours has turned to
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a huge tensions with clashes between the police and the protest as you might be able to hear some of those posturing off behind us that's tear gas that's being thrown into the protesters the taxes have set light to several hour parts of the streets around me including some of the electric scooters they've been bringing items to put on fire we saw a van. and on fire and they got tear gas really coming quite close to us and you might get a sense of it just down that you can see there more tear gas come into the protesters shariah and move people away from the area and certainly the fire crews can get on with their job which is to try and put out that fire incredible as fame. just kidding and as you can hear you know we're seeing protests is smashing shops in front of us tear gas is bringing down and those crews are battling.
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battling to half contain this fire they've also been tensions elsewhere in fronts not just here tensions in places like. other cities across from reality is the people here are angry the suggestion now is that this one day strike that was initially planned by transport workers and is now encompassed teachers health workers the firefighters and even the police could now start a ruling striking in the lead up to christmas and going on until the new year as the strike is attempt to make the french government rethink these pension reforms if that happens it will be the 1st time that france is seeing such massive paralyzing strikes across the country since the french government backing 9095 try to do exactly the same and tried to reform the pensions for the moment here in france people are adamant that they want to have their voices heard this come out
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to the streets to make sure that's happening. will spoke to some of the protesters a belief that if the new pension reforms do come into force they want to have enough to live on when they retire. selfish you want to serve you know where you've been annoyed for 6 months 6 months that we're on strike so it's logical that we are annoyed but we have a public service mission to do but we are here now. but this is not a strike by railway employees only but a national white strike by all the employees who don't want to have their pensions count and don't want to work more while earning less than $3.00 that i'm 28 years old i've been working for 10 years and as things are it's clear to me i won't be able to retire it will be impossible to survive until then nobody cares about our working conditions at all because this affects us all we the working teeth have to work for us for the unemployed and the pensioners it all falls on us and we work
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poor jobs we want to fight against it. too it is of dated terms a service sale no be able to put limits on content raising fears the social platform could apply so-called shadow that effectively means suppressing publicly posted content without the user's knowledge that the posts are not visible to followers it's not his ation to his face before but if he goes down off reports it could become the norm for next year. twitter is coming out of the shadows remember all these media figures accusing these social platform of sneakily hiding their posts from their followers feeds what big brother hides from us what is referred to as shadow banding maybe even more pernicious if you're on the left maybe you're ok with this but if you're not on the left or even if you are and you revere the 1st amendment you should be concerned that's actually been well substantiated vice news which is not a right wing outlet says that this is happening on our own team basis to
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a lot of folks on the right side of the aisle but almost never people on the left side of the aisle do not know our silent people free speech that's why is that is that you got to be balanced house leader kevin mccarthy wrote our chairman a letter and said hey this is going on and we think your committee should investigate it and how the twitter boss made a surprise an innocent face saying that oh no no no they're definitely not going behind anyone's backs to quietly hide their opinions twitter undertook no behavior to selectively censor conservative republicans or conservative voices on your platform correct correct. well apparently all those assurances were just a big pile of nonsense now for those of you not too tech savvy i'm talking about a thing called shadow banning to the shuttle banned user everything looks just fine they can log into their account follow calm and like even post tweets but crucially
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their posts are simply not shown in other people's feeds even if they are subscribed to the user twitter had been adamantly denying that it does this until it slipped this one small change into their constitution we may also remove or refuse to distribute any content on the services limit distribution of visibility of any content on the service suspended terminate users and reclaim usernames without mobility to you it's a case where just a couple of words make all the difference the part about limiting tweet visibility was not in the previous edition of the document here it is nothing of the sort there and one can only wonder why twitter has decided to come clean all of a sudden perhaps because after all the outcry from the users wronged by the platform it simply made no sense in denying it anymore or and maybe because the
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twitter star had previously outright confessed to shadow banning already on hidden camera one. that someone you know. what you should. there's even a lawsuit against twitter accusing it of discriminating against conservative voices by your employing its shadow banning tactic but now that it's in the terms of service some users will just have to accept that they are talking to themselves. it's not so much that twitter or facebook or any other social media platform have influence what they have is the power to promote certain people's opinion and d. promote tell of the people's influence on twitter that is the critical thing and what we need to do is have a fair platform we need to have
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a free and open discourse and we need to allow everybody to have a similar right to say what they've got to say i don't agree with absolutely everything that he said on twitter not even the conservative stuff that we're talking about but actually it shouldn't be for these big tech companies to decide our discourse our discussion our debate in our own country that is manifestly unfair and it's not a business decision actually it's a public utility and that's a critical point. because this part about lives not a movement in the u.s. is back in the spotlight of the man acquitted of shooting dead trayvon martin a unarmed black teenager in 2012 launched a lawsuit asking for one $100000000.00 in damages it seems even 7 years on the case that polarized the nation is just as wrong as caleb maupin reports. it was one of the most resonant criminal cases in recent u.s. history the 2012 shooting of an unarmed african-american teenager
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a stark reminder of america's racial problems the vigilante george zimmerman saw the unarmed african-american teenager trayvon martin while patrolling in his neighborhood he then shot him dead. in the morning room. today we found information charging see george zimmerman murder in the 2nd degree today in information charging see george zimmerman with murder in the 2nd degree. trayvon martin's name trended on twitter more than 2000000 times in just 30 days and the president of the united states at the time barack obama said trayvon martin could
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have been me. 35 years ago songs and a documentary series follow the case even spawn the phrase black lives matter now an international movement against violence and racism. lack lives matter movement which started with a hash tag has turned into a rallying cry by clive's matters protest raising questions about what it will take to bridge the divide the family of trayvon martin has always maintained that this was a case of murder but george zimmerman's claim of self-defense got him a verdict of not guilty in court. now george zimmerman is going back to court he's going to say to the martin family as well as the prosecutors claiming they did
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irreparable psychological damage to him because of their arrest charges prosecution and federal investigation zimmerman lives in constant fear of physical harm due to regular death threats which often are expressed in rap music as well as online social media commentary this move has got the black community serious many calling a zimmerman's a move. this is why we will never be silent and continue to fight fully aeration and justice george zimmerman has spawned through the bottom and sunk lower throne scum. i don't care how specific the allegations are he deserves nothing except prison time i fail to understand the logic i mean how absurd can americans legal system be now the attorney representing trayvon martin's parents says that this lawsuit is reckless and unfounded i have every confidence that this
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unfounded and the richesse lawsuit will be revealed for what it is another failed attempt to defend the indefensible and a shameless attempt to profit off the lives and grief of those 7 years on from the death of trayvon martin and the woes seem on heal for martin's family and from george zimmerman and us society also as wounds that are sore and open the divide is getting wider with those of the both who are waiting with these roses nature us resort lation this tasteless no surprise we all know that there has been a virtual reign here on. the white population of united states not least during the battle day to slavery while the decade your star party this reign of terror have clearly proserpine if this were human watch which is ripping but then
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they are all. it's certainly infuriating the white population of warka were free upon martin was slain it would not surprise me at all if there were massive profits brought in florida in coming days and weeks in a direct response in a direct route so this government lots i hope that we remind martin family are of very good surety and more than that hold their rate of massive movement against this law. it's on 50 moscow time now for breaking stories ahead the disney cuts read before all 2020 democratic candidates on social media clicks want to find out more it's coming out. in a world of big part of the lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to
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dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smart we need to stop slamming the door. and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. this is cancer report coming to you from an undisclosed bunker in the middle of nowhere so get ready for the apocalypse and the zombie infestation. on moscow how does this all tied together.
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for some u.s. presidential election campaign as with the run is already stumbling at the 1st hurdles and while many seem to have everything it takes for the top job is still not exactly clear what makes the perfect candidate as more guys to report. in this imperfect world of ours the hooli grail is finding something perfect it is of course impossible but goodness do they really try every 4 years in america elections the eternal search for the perfect candidate a smallish chink in there who we are than that our armor is enough to sink him or
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her and i really mean the smallest chink for example pete booted judge currently ranked 4th in the democrat candidate polls he's a darling a mayor a family guy openly gay and he even has a disabled dog i mean what an angel but then now i see he went too far he helped the homeless participated in salvation army charity events and that's a christian organization which is sometimes accused of homophobia you know hardcore christians and all apparently race issues aren't the only thing. is slow to grasp what is his excuse for not realizing the salvation army is homophobic hard to imagine a more succinct original metaphor for i will group who work for the act of destruction of my people if it makes me and i you want a more electable than british for their own people with an interest in thai queer
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salvation army these activists are literally accusing an openly gay man of supporting homophobia just just let it sink in he hasn't dropped out of the race yet unlike camelot harris and one of her crimes as a half black half tamil indian woman was that she just wasn't black enough skin pigmentation seems to really really matter for a presidential candidate then you have. bernie sanders spent his life trying to power the poor and for his troubles had the d.n.c. election rigged against him last time around but bernie just doesn't get it america doesn't want someone who cares so much for the poor sanders just doesn't understand that a $15.00 minimum wage will heard the job market and that there is no way we can
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afford to make education free for everyone and on top of bernie's you know principles and decency he's just ancient. novel good ideas. get on. much like former vice president and controller see magnate joe biden e's neck deep in just the weirdest stuff begin getting really close and taking the nice sniff of people's hair now embroiled in ukraine gate he got his little boy a nice cushy job that pays a standing amounts in ukraine the poorest nation in europe and modern civil war to boot are sure he can remember all that stuff them ages getting the better of him to his memory isn't what it was then we have elizabeth warren who hasn't quite yet figured out who she is in case you missed that she tried to pass yourself off as
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part native american which was an exaggeration by which i mean it was entirely made up bashing. no one it seems is good enough homosexual whole move up a black woman who isn't black enough an old man that's obsessed with helping the people that need help biden in his hair sniffing and seriously what the hell then again perhaps people wouldn't need pics so much if you know they had something else to talk about if these people had their plan beyond beating trump a clear plan for america and americans but hey maybe not i mean seriously hair sniffing stuff. because if the only time as his character from a star wars spin off on disney plus could be called a successful candidate if it through its name in the 2020 presidential race
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according to a survey baby yoda no less gets more recognition on social media than any 2020 democratic hopeful including from well as joe biden and bernie sanders. madrid their delegates are merely told to countries have gathered for the 25th u.n. climate change conference and while the conference looks to try to find a solution to the huge climate crisis some eco warriors are accused of taking things just a bit too far. colonial racist and patriarchal systems of oppression have created and fueled it people who are producing climate change the folks that are responsible for the largest amount of a myth and or communities are corporations they tend to be predominantly white white
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white correct. that pointedly religion has never been about ecology or cared about the planet it deals with personal life and i don't see a reason to talk about something as an echo since if i were a catholic i would confess my a sense yes. about confessing to harming nature i think it doesn't have much value.
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yeah lots of things looking so far from oscar this morning much more r.t. dot com a social media for me kevin 0 in this friday morning have a great day or of course you can watch as might where you are in your part of the world have a good night to wherever you are this is r.t. the national. economic system known as capitalism has generated more wealth than any other system in history in many ways it has defined maternity itself hundreds of millions have been lifted out of poverty however capitalism has also witnessed growing income inequality bust the appeal of socialism currently on the rise in countless i'm.
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going to arizona's johnson. and i just got out of prison for. 41 years. i'm 73 and so. i got arrested for to some my. own life just everything was taken out of. my working moms i think it was. meant to snow man it looks a little bit about me. i. want to.
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work otto for this. man so you're going. to go. to the moon on a friday try to give. us no good something right. so right now we're driving through both neighborhoods and you can see time and distance from each gang. so this is jordan. this is the territory claimed by the great street crips during war time bonnie hunt is now less likely to come in here
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because there's one way in and often one way out so once you come in and do a shooting you're trapped in their neighborhood and they can return fire so it's not the safest way to to avenge a shooting so often they'll go on the outskirts of the neighborhood hoping to get a great street kripke that's a lot of times when innocent people get shot. so in the next couple of days someone from this development most likely will go over towards nickerson like they have the last couple of days and commit a shooting and vice versa so all these neighborhoods now are in play. for him. several months ago. a gentleman with the moniker of menace from 15 hill was caught inside the gang territory of the village voice a couple of the village boys. went outside jumped on menace beat him down and stuck
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to mr ashby you. and. they took the trash day and brought him back behind another house and tortured him they sodomized him they sliced him up with a machete and when they sliced him up they put at the end his chest the village voice. and then they continued to torture and then they wrapped him up in a rug burned and dumped him in long beach there's one thing about beating a guy down or killing them but the torture of the sodomy all that stuff that's that's just what gang members do so they fall menace right around here beat him down put him in the trash can and then they will hammer. to this location here. where they. assault them. and torture. they're not concerned with people watching them commit crimes or being prosecuted because of that. they'll go after witnesses they'll intimidate them and if they have to the old even try to
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kill them you can see how they're marking up their neighborhood as village voice. my personal opinion is a lot of gangs get a sympathetic ear to the general public and when the public 6 posed to exactly what these guys do. and then everyone agrees that we don't want to in our neighborhood.
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we. made it easy. obviously it's been challenging for you and. hard you know to lose a family member is very hard. he was a little bit drunk. and then the next morning hear from him and i was. really mad at me and i didn't hear from him i didn't know what was going on and then they come up to me that. and then ok what's going on why i mean what the.


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