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equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart when she's to look for common ground. a member of the populist alternative to germany policy says extremists and threaten to assassinate claiming they've left the process for the predicted time of her death. also this. is largest as a character in a new disney series baby yoga is proving more popular than any of the us 2020 democratic oh it was trending online. outrage of the united states after the man acquitted of murdering an unarmed black teenager and 2012 launches a lawsuit demanding $100000000.00 in damages the killing of trayvon martin sparks the black life masson move.
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either friday evening at 11 here in moscow my name's colleen bright warm welcome for me in the team with your world news this hour a 1st for you a member of the anti mass migration alternative for germany party has said extremists have threatened to assassinate her because of her political beliefs christina baum urged the media and other political parties to stop and words that hate campaign against her party reporting from berlin here's a bunch of those it says. the i if the politician christina house posted a picture on social media of a cross with number of insults written on it but also a very serious threat towards her the cross was this covered by the if there politician near her office where she works as a dentist on wednesday evening the police do not know who the perpetrators are but since this is a threat towards a local politician they have passed on the investigation to the domestic intelligence services office the alternative for germany party has quick to condemn
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the attack and urged the media and political parties to stop spreading their hatred against the ai if the. threat to christine was just the tip of the. attacks on i have to officials are becoming more and more common at 1st officers and events of the f.t. were attacked and now it's apparently against the law and the health of all politicians while many politicians have come out to condemn this threat towards christine about the greens who have seen a fair share of threats towards him in the past say that these types of incidents should not be tolerated but a social democrat politician has called out kristina as being a liar and all this comes as pressure has been a mounted on a of the politicians by the sea the u n c s hue calling to boycott them and impose a blanket ban of anybody cooperated with them they even went as far as saying that even having a cup of tea or coffee with them should be prohibited we have made clear again that
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we reject any form of cooperation with the dea even if it is just but if we go back a little bit from the beginning of this year there's been a number of threats and attacks towards politicians from many sides of the political spectrum. while it seems that the political landscape in germany has been changing with
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a decrease of popularity form the c.d.u. and their speed to the increase of popularity for the specially in the eastern states of this country while while these attacks are becoming more dominant in politics in germany critics are hoping that this will not turn into a disturbing trend. i got reaction earlier from alternative for germany euro m.p. going are back he blames the coverage given to the f.t. for making it an easy target there's a little doubt there my party is the principal victim of this political violence what's triggered it well it's a combination of relentless media portrayal of our party. as a little aged right wing or perhaps even freshest organization in fact none of our policies would have shocked c.d.u. voters about 50 years ago it's important to bear in mind that germany in many
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respects is not the society that it is betrayed as many people are dissatisfied with the extreme consensus politics people are now beginning to realize that despite the fact that mrs merkel is telling them that they've never had it so good living standards for well over 2 thirds of the population have not risen in the last 25 years. it's been a rocky start for some u.s. presidential election campaigns with several runners already stumbling in the 1st hurdle and dropping out but it seems the baby yoda character from a star wars spin off could be quite a successful candidate if it through its name into the 2020 presidential race according to a recent poll baby yoda is outrunning all democratic hopefuls on social media including front runners joe biden and bernie sanders but that's not going to stop those 2 and the many others still up for consideration striving to be called the
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perfect candidate more on that now from what i've gathered if. in this imperfect world of ours the hooli grail is finding something perfect it is of course impossible but goodness there they really try every 4 years in america elections the eternal search for the perfect candidate a smallish chink in there who we are than that our armor is enough to sink him or her and i really mean the smallest chink for example pete booted judge currently ranked 4th in the democrat candidate polls he's a darling a mayor a family guy openly gay and he even has a disabled dog i mean what an angel but then i see he went too far he helped the homeless participated in salvation army charity events
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and that's a christian organization which is sometimes accused of homophobia you know hard core christians and all apparently race issues aren't the only thing. is slow to grasp what is his excuse for not realizing the salvation army is homophobic hard to imagine a more succinct visual metaphor for i will gleefully work for the active destruction of my people if it makes me seem in a yacht or more electable than booted shorter within a seriously antic with salvation army these activists are literally accusing an openly gay man of supporting homophobia just just let it sink in you haven't dropped out of the race yet unlike camelot harris and one of her crimes as a half black half tamil indian woman was that she just wasn't black enough skin pigmentation seems to really really matter for
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a presidential candidate then you. have bernie sanders spent his life trying to power the poor and for his troubles had the d.n.c. election rigged against him last time around but bernie just doesn't get it america doesn't want someone who cares so much for the poor sanders just does not understand that a $15.00 minimum wage will hurt the job market and there's no way we can afford to make education free for everyone and on top of bernie's you know principles and decency he's just ancient. get on how much like former vice president and controller see magnate joe biden e's neck deep in just the we had this stuff begin getting really close and taking the nice sniff of people's hair now embroiled in ukraine gate he got his little boy
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a nice cushy job that pays a standing amounts in ukraine the poorest nation in europe and modern civil war to boot are sure he can remember all that stuff them ages getting the better of him to his memory isn't what it was then we have elizabeth warren who hasn't quite yet figured out who she is in case you missed it she tried to pass a self off as part native american which was an exaggeration by which i mean it was entirely made up bashing. no one it seems is good enough homosexual whole move a black woman who isn't black enough an old man that's obsessed with helping the people that need help biden and his has sniffing and seriously what the hell then again perhaps people wouldn't need pics so much if you know they had something else
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to talk about if these people had a plan beyond beating trump a clear plan for america and americans but hey maybe not i mean seriously and. living stuff. as u.s. presidential hopefuls look to divide and conquer the polls ahead of the 2020 election a public policy survey for failed insight into how americans view division in society or the 90 percent of people who responded to the poll said the division should be a key policy issue for the presidential candidates on the campaign trail describing it as a huge problem staggering made any one in 5 americans thought that the issue wasn't a big problem going into the vote in 2020 who had a fair a from the reactionary times dot com believes that the democrats are exacerbating tensions in us society. i think that there is a real detachment from reality with this party because you know i think today
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really you hate everything that you know the the right stand for at this point i've never seen in my life and i mean i'm only 42 years old but i don't remember a time where you know in america you know there was quite a division based on party lines i mean i remember when republicans and democrats got along a lot better than they do now and on the parties were so different and in some ways there was a lot of overlap i do a lot of the policy issues now it seems that the left has gone for it into you know the socialism direction while the right is fighting for limited government limited taxation and in all those important things that the country was supposedly built on i mean i think that you know maybe if the democrats can produce some so-called blue dogs you know some of you know people that are a reasonable moderate democrats maybe they do a lot better. u.s. authorities are now reportedly investigating friday's shooting at a naval base in florida for possible terror related motives the attack left 3
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people dead and 8 others injured u.s. officials revealed that the suspect was a saudi air force officer it's believed that he opened fire in one of the bases classrooms before being shot dead president trumps expressed his condolences to the victims' families and said those condolences were echoed by the saudi arabia. the site where the incident happened in the city of pensacola and is used by military from all around the world for training the base which holds more than 16000 military personnel is still currently on lockdown. the man acquitted of murdering unarmed black teenager trayvon martin in 2012 lawsuits asking for $100000000.00 in damages the original case sparked the black lives matter movement in the united states.
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this traces back to february 2012 trayvon martin was returning from a trip to the grocery store neighborhood watch volunteer george zimmerman thought he was acting suspiciously but then during an altercation mr zimmerman fatally shot the 17 year old claiming it was an act of self-defense he was later cleared of 2nd degree murder and it seems the division over that verdict remains a role. it was one of the most resonant criminal cases in recent u.s. history the 2012 shooting of an unarmed african-american teenager a stark reminder of america's racial problems the vigilante george zimmerman saw
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the unarmed african-american teenager trayvon martin while patrolling in his neighborhood he then shot him dead family of trayvon martin has always maintained that this was a case of murder but george zimmerman's claim of self-defense got him a verdict of not guilty in court but now george zimmerman is going back to court he's going to sue the martin family as well as the prosecutors claiming they did irreparable psychological damage to him because of their arrest charges prosecution and federal investigation zimmerman lives in constant fear of physical harm due to regular death threats which often are expressed in rap music as well as online social media commentary this move has got the black community theorists many calling zimmerman's move obnoxious this is why we will never be silent and continue to fight fully variation in justice. george zimmerman has punched through the bottom and sunk lower than scum i don't care how specific the allegations are he
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deserves nothing except prison time i fail to understand the logic i mean how absurd can american legal system be now the attorney representing trayvon martin's parents says that this lawsuit is reckless and unfounded i have every confidence that this unfounded under richesse lawsuit will be revealed for what it is another failed attempt to defend the indefensible and a shameless attempt to profit off the lives and grief of those 7 years on from the death of trayvon martin and the same on heels for martin's family and from george zimmerman and us society also as wounds that are sore and open the divide is getting wider well those of us who are waiting with these protests in nature us resort laces this tasteless no surprise we all know that there has been
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a virtual reign that. the white population of united states now at least during the battle day to slavery well look at the decade your star party this reign of 0 have been exacerbated but this your government was which is ripping but band-aid. it's certainly infuriating the white population at large were 3 on martin slain it would not surprise me at all if there were massive protests grow up in florida in coming days and weeks and it was far less in a direct you so it was still a lot so i hope that 3 months more and family are a very good story and more than that cold generate a massive movement against this one. it is in hong kong we've given the go ahead to what could be the 1st major balli in the chinese
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territory since its pro-democracy camps call that landslide victory in last month's local elections the police are warning though that they will not tolerate any violence from demonstrators saying they will intervene if necessary in an illustration of the dangers officers have faced in recent months the city's bomb disposal squad released this video on friday. it shows police carrying out controlled explosions on homemade devices seized during the 6 months of unrest that have rocked the territory they say that as little as one gram of the compounds known as t. 80 paper which is used in the crude bombs can cause life changing injuries it sources say they've seen them regularly used during the protests. when history rewrites this. but there's a review of. my watch and the officers day after day night after night month after month going i hold in the light. the families of. being attacked by
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explosives. i mean hold the line for more self-control the face of radical boils. last month the police claim to have discovered around $4000.00 molotov cocktails in the hong kong polytechnic university which had become a focal point of the unrest a further $1000.00 explosive devices were found as well as hundreds of other weapons. hong kong's protest campaign began every sponsor to a proposed extradition law but gradually morphed into a movement calling for universal suffrage demonstrators have also been demanding an inquiry into allegations of police brutality last hour political commentator told us that though that he believes that officers have been exercising restraint. punggol police has. been much much stronger really because. protests recovering riots recall that are becoming life threatening earle some people died all of it and i don't really believe in one of the police brutality and i'm talking
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to you from some go to the chiller and i bought 2 hours ago either through bolivia so i saw what the real violence is homegrown police is actually receiving this the rioters were using experience violence this is all getting played it's basically the us is trying to harm china as well so little chinese authorities are very cautious because they know that all this is done in order to grow older ones they have provoked once they interfere that there will be enormous backlash from the united states from the european union. china that will crowd well if this political game and these protests are basically it will be you know ejected to go supported by the west's. floating launch platform for spacecraft has to be redeployed from american waters to russia's raced after the move was
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given the green light by the u.s. state department because it has the details of the space race pitted moscow against washington for decades but now it's bringing more than just 2 countries closer it's a relationship that's proving a catalyst for learning to gather as russia breathes new life into a cutting edge launch site in the middle of the ocean. because. it's made in mission was in 1999 since then 36 launches 32 of them
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successful rockets flown from sea launch were produced in ukraine and equipped with a russian made engine after 2014 launches from the pad were indefinitely candy as relations between the countries hit rock bottom 7 space the company that starts the itself with reviving the platform plans on bringing it to the shores of russia's far east next year and it will take another 12 months to get it operational it is expected see launch will continue to fly ukraine made rockets until 2023 when it is shed yule to make a switch to so use fife a russian rocket still in development everything from the pacific ocean the man steering a 7 space is no stranger to orbital exploration his military background makes him a bishops so much so he's been dubbed the russian elan musk but for this love feel love says there's a key difference but you must he's
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a talented guy but mr mosque is always trying to sell the future well here in russia we're living in our current economic reality and sell exactly what we have now. there's tough competition before 7 space to become number one in the industry but russia's government has already said it will aid its cause blood is love filio is a big space enthusiasts it is in his blood i hope the. it will last for a long time i will offer to cooperate fully with him we are interested in supporting private russian companies and we are ready to share risks now it's too early to say with confidence if space x. has reason to worry but there's a new team with a big vision. ok all from moscow for this our next our perception of luxury and comfort is shifting in the march of modern technology so here goes all the way.
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in this community there are people who believe that it's ok. it's really hard there are no jobs and you see that i've got kids that ask and as a parent. i can come up with lots of arguments there's a lot of conflict in the game between the most of the conflict i would say. that money is made. close one on each of those he knows each other is good business the state of california alone makes $6000000000.00 a year of prison complexes gets a 20 year life where. you don't care anymore nobody cares about your so you don't
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care mind anything. and there was only johnson. and i just got out of prison for. 41 years. i'm 72 years old. i got arrested for to my son my. go on life just everything was taken out of. my working moms hope it was. meant to snow man it looks a little bit about me. about. homicide want to. now.
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work otto from the. us so you're going. to go. to the moon on a friday try to give. us no good something about due to. the economic system known as capitalism has generated more wealth than any other system in history in many ways it is defined maternity itself hundreds of millions have been lifted out of poverty however capitalism has also witnessed growing income inequality thus the appeal of socialism currently on the rise can count to lose him .
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visionaries. improving our lives every day. the design of today's about comfort and function and today my guest is one of the most prolific designers iconic designers of our time. artists do all they are hi great to have you with us today you look wonderful thank you so do you agree moscow the day of the year old pink and serious side of the ray of sunshine well in the winter moscow gets a bit gray but you know most cities around the world get quite great so then they have you talking with. us all right so i want to start over with one of your motos which is you should grasp the luxury of freedom. instead of luxury of the physical
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world but then i know that you are super famous and super in demand and you do all kinds of designs for a high end 5 star hotels. where does that fit what i think that's a luxury and freedom to call you know you made a mistake there most of the hotels i do are 2 star 3 star and more democratic in fact i did a hotel i don't know about 7 years ago in germany and it was 2 star so when you go and stay for get the stars when you go stay with 39 you're always certain you're at the stay and the host tell basically almost by private you know room something super designed a very high design very comfortable casual experience full hotel is beautiful. and i con it to prove to the world that it's not about money it's a lot of developers and people think that design means high budget just for example for many years we always saw design as an elite subject or
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a high art but it's actually not a high art at all design is should be like industrialization tatas for the mass market it's for accessibility so wants to do stuff that you do if it's not for hotels but like designer pieces how much would it cost because yes you're absolutely right anything that is a design or piece of tornadoes or anything is like having a piece of art you know the latest thing you cannot be democratic and for everybody but that's changed now look at look at a good comparison of what's going on. now in the design world is what's already happened in the fashion world the very high in. fashion brands luxury brands are a lot of them are having trouble. meaning financial trouble but also just trouble in the sense of vision a lot of them don't really even know where to go anymore and there was a time when if you went back 3040 years that every fashion house had a very different sensibility vision style right so it was and they took ownership
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you know so for example coco chanel was very very different then i don't know gucci and gucci was very different than product of the it was on and on today there's such because everybody is following trends which this has to do with digital age too but also as if they're running out of vision or ideas so what happens is the only way they can compete is the name so i'm always amazed at this like you open up a spread of a magazine and you see i don't know a track pants for a woman with a big stripe down the side and on the stripe you see busking you know or prada or and because the name is the only thing this differentiating now now in the design world the same thing is starting to happen because you have the and the competition there is that you have the asian m's and the mangoes and you know all the mass market is powerful and it's really giving in a way you could argue good design now you could say and design same thing the ikea's of the world and the mass market of the world is showing the world that are
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beautiful contemporary couch could be 110th the price of the luxury couch so it's more accessible and i think this is a beautiful thing i've always been a big believer in this notion of i call it design ocracy democratic design where we all can have a better life. all of this that it's for a majority and was taught is this is the digital age i read the other day that there's. a many one and a half 1000000000 smartphones in the world. i have a whole block prepared for the digital age i just want to talk a little bit about the concept and the design so talked a little bit more about the luxury of freedom and the luxury of the physical world what is a luxury of freedom well you know when in history in our analog 100000 years of humanity we defined luxury through materiality so precious stones or precious materials for certain crossman ship these sorts of things so 40
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