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one of the most notorious addresses on the planet. like his famous neighbor central has made his place in the imagination and. beyond the fiction the reality of this residence lives seldom touches the t.v. screens 'd in movie theaters of the one. 'd on the afternoon of december called 2012 police chase an armed robbery suspect across the city. i am the driver and carjack the mob is following the mob and shooting at a. wild pursuit be an expert in the field. since. i am heading from cover to the chase continued into the neighboring district of the os. i am the suspects destination is the imperial court builders temporary
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housing of the 2nd world war the project and those around it survived and became synonymous with the origins of that mystery games of civil unrest and home to one of america's most neglected ultimate os 00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 because i'm not an infamous psycho. but as the suspect abandoned his car that they were particularly plentiful as the color sponsored by the l.a. i am the city's chief of police charlie beck today where our oil giveaway where president. ford's. centricity. i am. happy. to a comment. monisha we ran across there were people
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screaming to a wrist or a spirit or grabbing kids and i am going to scare you. to see i'm going to. the store. for some american is still the land of opportunity for running out of options get into trouble is a recurring theme in the area of the us well expectancy in los angeles county missouri and find her. body still. missing after. last hollywood often looks to south central for inspiration those that live. from so.
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'd sets are made. like 3 generations. you got the old gee you got the homey good you got the little home you know it's there. for us to like there's a little homey right here in me. unama how many it being
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you got the old geezers order to me you know to me. so. i got 3 generation to hang on to me as mater. right now we're in the imperial course housing projects you know and so p.j. cripps on the east side of. you know what i mean is based in watts which is cool going to the name will. put out any given said anything can happen. you know it might be on laughing again right now for a game. in 5 minutes later and i'm going to. some people from. the gang of. some people you know really don't have family
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that i can count on to whatever so again give them that support you know stability to make you feel like you know they got. down on. me you've joined again it's like. everybody else on the bus where come from so it's like if i hang with you and somebody hurt you. and i know what a front we got a little good didn't know saying this will make people join a good family that you can relate to you know people that you can trust you know what i mean but you have to earn everything and again. i get in a couple of dallas whom i hate them all and come back but it's nice to get in dollars mean i'm saying i'm watching your back burner and you make sure nobody for me no nobody come over there we don't know trying to hurt nobody over here you know as i would go every day i see your body know everybody so i will know you don't come away. so i believe that. time of the day for me it's
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a story. you know i'm on to check a few traps. for food places. i'm sure everything is very. well you. will in a long. time . and if. you move. every day you never know what you'll get out to you can wake up and say you going to check in school but end up shooting somebody so every day is a different day and every day as a struggle for
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a lot of people that don't have it so we try to get it by any means necessary. this place is so if you go. in alone the way of saying. i was going there you could . crack cocaine deal. one of the number one drug. you got. close to 1st place is crystal meth. you know that's. taking away a lot of people right about you know. courts jordan downs nickerson gardens along gardens and guns out of. the larger. $10.00 are going to be jordan downs nickerson and imperial courts basically
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there's a different gang and each one of them nickerson gardens has bounty hunter bloods it's a it's a really large gang a couple 1000 members i'm sure in imperial they've got some some pretty good names they've got i think funny side till side i'm not sure where all these names come from grape street which is in jordan downs you're going to have things like pita roll and different gangs are in there different subsets of the same game they're all great street crips and they're there's a lot of conflict within the gangs and. in between the games most of the conflict i would say revolves around money and most of that money is made through dope sales they do have other activities but that's that's the main source of most of their income. and that's what drives a lot of the violence that's out here we have. we're way down in murders historically for this area but we're still i think we're up to 40 for this year and
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i am not sure but i think this division is only 10 square miles and you've had 40 murders and that's that's the lowest amount of murders we've had in decades and it's virtually all gang related there are some that aren't and you have some domestic violence but most of it's gang related and a lot of it's doper than we're going to go eat. a lot of boys you know average up to a towel and out of the day every day. as an average corner war on avoiding really got it together we can you know make a living more tonight. bring your own life back. so we do. not totally need a thing like a good thing every day. i get paid every day every day i do a good count for you barry. please
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in a large amount of. you have to be a large amount of anything is money to be made you can make money off of marijuana crack christo anyone but you if you got a large amount that's when you make enough money. i said. they don't have a. right . to move up to you he's going to. supply him making those dollars you know him saying. you know how you get him and you got to get it or you know i'm saying it's
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a lot of people we don't know mom and dad so you know he has had a screeching look forward to the streets and they say you got it you know be a thing and then get on from there you know looking back. you know it was probably going to. be i hear. enough to know right. now. it's just a few moments when. we game and we represent this project live and always do it out but at the same time as still something else out there bigger than this i'm not i'll never stop playing now this model that i lead as pays to devils this want to see some beer for all of us to grow and succeed often got be that counted up to wait for the bot.
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everything. what a lot of every day when i try to get everybody i did the good. china stuff recognized. i have been pretty. peeved a wasp it was day one. of.
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so. thinking of getting a new gun the ones we got in here shows no problem was he didn't know until he was trapped in this tiny little wired how much are you going near the crate with him he will stir freaking out and she will want to spray him anywhere near and thousands of breeding dogs are caged in the into lane conditions on puppy farm i mean 67 years you know they've been locked up in a cage outside you see no protection from the weather the heat you know the courtier the rain the snow the funder nothing they have no protection. to get what you. get through kid. across the u.s. cruel puppy mills are supported by dog shows and pet stores most of the puppies that are coming from these large scale factory farming kind of operations are being sold in stores even joined a good businesses are involved like agoa mom son to there has been
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a shocking amount of organized opposition to adverts to increase the standards of care for dogs bred in commercial breeding for so many most of that opposition is coming from huge agricultural groups and industries that have nothing to do with jobs don't buy dog on o.t. . moved up into the big time they know me more wrong. and it's. only through the surveillance photos that we got it was.
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in this community there are people who believe that it's ok to to sell marijuana to put food on the table it's ok to sell practical food on my table and it's i got a tail it's really hard when you get into the community and you see how some people live and you see that there are no jobs and you see that i've got kids that have to eat and as a parent. i can't come up with a logical argument to say that if i were in that situation and that's the only option i had that i wouldn't do the same thing and so it's been really important to me to try and build some understanding in the police officers in the realities of the community and that doesn't mean by any. any sense that i condone it or i will let it go on especially since the other reality is that almost all the homicides that we do have are directly wrapped around narcotics and narcotics sales and so
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you might have people that will claim it's a victimless crime it's not there are people dying over it several years ago in the early sixty's this community was predominantly white and you had the steel mills and you had a lot of economic growth and then the riots came out a lot of those folks and a lot of those businesses left the community one big. because of fear too because of the folks within the community destroyed it themselves and it was hard to get economic growth and development back into this community because of the fear and i feel like south los angeles has just been left and pushed to the side since the 1965 riots and that i don't believe there's been enough time and dedication and passion income compassion and a fight for equality to build this community we need to get past the riots kind of a weird thing to say because that happened a long time ago it's been 20 years since the last one but the riots the 65 riots of
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92 riots left a huge scar in this community they left a scar in this community that has caused the business not to be able to come back. until we can bring business back to this community it can thrive there isn't a sit down restaurant in watts there isn't a movie theater in watts we do not have a y.m.c.a. or a boys and girls club or a large community center where a child can go after school to receive tutoring in sports and afterschool program on a larger scale and every other store on any given street in watts is either a liquor store or a funeral home or in a church. you
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might. know. that i was going to. have one good look at me like if you don't let. you know if you were to go there yeah you medalling could see you want to lie in state hustling you know saying stay hustling real before felon bros was really all i know rather than this day and one day where i know i'm not going to you just like i'm not going to change that i'll believe you and now say i'll be here with nobody to tell you i'm even by being you you'll be in a failing army you know santa feel like you can't make it you know saying there's a way you can make it all me programs you would get into how many you can get you a job or a legitimate job homie and at the worry about all that man but the good the people got to help me get a job they got right now i've been looking for 5 months bro. me 5 months
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i'm tired i'm ready to give up so you've been. access to good ground they're out here on the streets you get hangin in life for you know assault rifle that bag for less than a $1000.00. you know do. you keep this honest announcement not hard but do it man and i had to go here work you know so because you know. you know gave me a damn do you know got to be college right my route you know no hammer no right. to going to meet you that's all that you can't do try to play the game go where you can see the street oh i'm going to stay right here we call this out of not really going south. it is really going to. look at it go they just got to.
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the cliff. i love me for any of them my life time but the passing of my brother. would be the most. and i was a big toll on the passing of my brother but i deal with him every day leaving reed . yeah the last plaintiff before you out of a so it had heard me but. not to the extent that i lost my brother. i mean and in a few years later i lose my sister my sister getting killed. so i still haven't recovered from all that like the saddest feel taken oh you know toll on me to where i haven't found a way to cope yet. i am. i am.
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i and. there's been a great number of shooting incidents which have occurred right outside. right outside between the church and a liquor store as a matter of fact a few years ago i was told by the sheriff's department there there were more shooting incidents that have occurred right outside our church than anywhere else in south l.a. . and try to be open to all different types of people because we're in an area where people who are constantly hurting and costly in need so we have to look beyond ourself in the boards helping people we have so many people that don't have a father so i can serve as our role model and that image and to give a positive right or many people who haven't seen productive african-american males
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. matter we. only. my older brother was a gang member and my young brother was a gang member so i understand what happens where gangs and often times when people are trying to find them so they'll search and search and then they'll find again. some of the gangs they give them a sense of worth they feel important they feel like they are someone. however we try to do is really to let them know you don't need a game you have
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a sense of self-worth. with the lord. that you can have a different sense of self-worth and you don't have to depend on anyone and besides that you can get involved in something this on. gritty you can be more. good news mason we started like this we will look up in the sky and surveying l.a. we saw a lot of helicopters in the sky we knew something was going on so we want to track that down and more is something going now my guess what is no yellow tape but. we will find out what happened. to cameras and very powerful weapon and once you have that camera on the camera doesn't lie on action you know you don't have to walk out the test you know and do any of that stuff your camera is your house is not going to live the l.a.p.d. murdered an unarmed teenager in the imperial courts housing projects thursday
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afternoon to teenager identified as james davis dislodged his weapon began to run witnesses say police retrieved his weapon and fired a fatal shot into the teenager's back after james davis was shot he was handcuffed and then denied medical attention from a nurse who happen to be on site as he lay dying when i shot to the back and. this was on the same who actually lives in imperial forces she was visiting there will be able to start before to secure. the ship that we're going. to get. ready to cry with me. to get me to try to describe to you our little know what i was very much just trying to try my c.p.r. certified it may still be all the time. i could've been down here to fix are you trying. to police i shot somebody in broad daylight in front of everybody stand over him while he died i covered that story and then just another sad story.
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this body here is 115th street one of the busiest rock cocaine spots by far and ones but i would say even in the country. my experience nobody does more on cocaine than the bombing on the bloods and i mean the money is huge it's probably $30.00 to $50000.00 if you can in sales just in this developed would be biased. their rival gang raping you creeps in the same problem they do make money and seals narcotics and the motivation to stay within the gang is means a lot of the meeting is an ongoing feud between the great tree crips and the money kind of blood we've had 4 murders in the last week and i think into the murders were 847 so when they go out on what they call a mission that they were murdered they were
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a high powered rifles. and usually when you see a group like that hanging out they were going to spot. just places what you call the mothership. the bloods. originated here if you're going to western movies they had to bounty hunters. and during that time they used to. always talk about the. same piece. that took place. outside. a few results from the. violent gang is the more respect it has. the more successful the gang is the more
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the community feels that they. can't do anything about it and that's how they run the streets. so. you.
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lists lists lists. licked. and a very warm welcome to you watching on since last. it's
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a let me. ask i would be more. quick i would not predict that did not trouble getting. to show more than. you love lose your mother. trying to make it a she but you don't want to. do what they were all of the kook on the standards of the hour now as you have done. a lot of the people talking to you. on your own from the old to the snooze through learning one to you for not. to when you hire tried to use in to do. the job. learned the hard and then. the new one and the media has on the net. see them.
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in france violent clashes blocked roads and disrupted transport services as a nationwide strike against the government's pension reform spills into days of protests we saw. the certain find they got tickets really coming quickly and you might get a sense of it just down the hatch you can see that more cheer gas coming down into the protests to try and move people away. nato 70th anniversary summit so exposes new divisions within the blog with a viral hot mike video from the event showing world leaders apparently mocking president donald trump. a new investigation reveals that brit debt free dating app such as tender don't say sky.


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