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one outside jumped on menace beat him down and stuck to mr ashby you. and. they took the trash and brought him back behind another house and tortured him they sodomized him they sliced him up with a machete and when they sliced him up they put in the end his chest for village boys. and then they continued to torture him then they wrapped him up in a rug burned and dumped him in long beach there's one thing about beating a guy down or killing them but the torture of the sodomy all that stuff that's that's just what gang members do so they found menace right around here beat them down put them in the trash can and then they will am. to this location here. where they murder and assault them sodomized them and torture i'm. not concerned with people watching them commit crimes or being prosecuted because of that.
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they'll go after witnesses still intimidate them and if they have to the old will even try to kill them you can see how they're marking up their neighborhood village voice. my personal opinion is a lot of gangs get a sympathetic ear to the general public and when the public's posed to exactly what these guys do. then everyone agrees that we don't want to in our neighborhood.
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if. you. you know to lose a family member. is very hard. he was a little bit drunk he drank that night and then the next morning me i didn't hear from him and i was a will and that's weird and i'm like you must be really mad at me and i didn't hear from him i didn't know what was going on and then they come up to me that and then
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ok what's going on why i mean what i do and then i'm like thinking like in my head like ok i haven't done anything bad and i haven't done anything that i can think of anything and asking all where we got last night and the 1st thing that pops into my head what's going on what's wrong with what you know i told him that he was he came is he in jail is he like her what's wrong with that like the last thing i thought of him was what was wrong with him you know the last thing and then towards the end they tell me ok we're going to meet up and. who did we found his body. dolphin after i heard was that i didn't hear anything else like that they were lying they just like to really make no more yes or no it's not true. you. know and then i just don't remember anything after that after that i remember i was crying crying and not believing it i still and i don't really believe it's going to combat that can be truly cannot be true but. they say it gets better i
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don't think that those are the ones rosie king's i was at for as we just everyone would say old he was young he wasn't even 21 year and eventually we're going to move out on our own we have plans really hope and she's awesome she looks like her which is what. i thought and i think when i look around i see him with a little bit of peace in him but it's hard at the same time because i don't know why it's just when we're trying to get to throw the life we were never so much ready for her like not to grow up here because you know we don't because it was raised here for him does was it for him this was basically like that said he never got out of here and i want was he to get out and i do her who is going. yes tell her that he's in a little until her that's what's left of this. crime
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. like. a back.
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up in a basketball game a large crowd hanging around the parking lot so we were just there to disperse the crowd because when you get large crowds like that drinking nothing good ever happens from that so we were sent down there to make jodi gets home safely. we only want to. so that's where. they are trying to make. his life they're covering it up it's a more noble thing with the government good. to stop it.
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just really rough treatment of the street children. in nursing there was want to rescue the world one individual who didn't want to go along with the program so we had to rest i'm. sure my little one is known as. the cia doing. the c.r.a. joining. us from not. just look at taking it all it doesn't look at this but i got a. good look at it look at it they think they tell us they came in a scuffle. took him down because he was talking. you can say what you want to say and all right to put their hand on him you know as will go down around his son tom some time ago.
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as a black police officer it's definitely different. than again i am going to be off rather than you know a black police officer but it's definitely different it works both ways some people some citizens are more comfortable talking to me because i'm black and some people think that i should give people a lot of breaks because i'm black you know i get down to tom think oh not at me so it is my pain a little more stressful being a black police officer down here but. i don't know why but i actually like it i don't want to work on the other team is more like you know. working in this area. are you prepared to give up on the andre was on a rhyme. he had got into a domestic dispute with the child's mother she knew he was on the run she still
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called the police are. not taking anything the same thing negative about her so he fled to the house that was down the street so he gets into a standoff what i would say about. 1520 sheriff's officers if you feel you 7 are bad bad bad. bad you bad. that one of those nannies you know you know what you did where you are you can let you. know. that if. you get. the police are to my right i'm behind a small gang but i can see the camera lens and focus on the andre on the porch it's dark. i don't know if he hasn't gone thank you yet it may be. that i don't know what's going to come out that this is the situation i know i have
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a lot of aggressive people that's on the scene so we're all just trying to figure fill it out know what's going on that knowing nothing about it you know you are going to leave me no no no. no no no words is this big long dialogue talking back and forth with the sheriff there saying give yourself up you say look i want to run i'm free to do for ever in a penitentiary just grant me the chance to see my girl i'm not going to hurt or i just want to see my girl and we can all be fair peacefully they will i know give yourself a listen in the dog so he's a gang member in a league we've got a tough mentality so he's like not having met you know i'm going to die right here now stasi. it is a mystery to me. to . be. with
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you right you. know. you would hope you get some point in your life where. you don't care anymore nobody cares about you so you don't care about anything on the given him his aggression cantars of aggression and i've given him any sympathy like you know what just cause maybe mother knowing that his baby mother isn't a cop car there was an argument on a hospital so he's thinking like i'm going to lose my baby life so he's want to want top of anxiety is right now. i told you you'd never have to suck but yes it was really. now i'm just wondering. do you believe. you are right here this. is the time to. hear nothing but the. camera. at least. you know i met you both for your book
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that you can give. me that you're that you know you already so we're planning now we're just we're just listen to knock i can feel the tension oh i feel like something's from apple you know something's going to happen you don't know to what extent is going to happen but you can fill it and was right and i'm getting goals bombs in this dialogue is going on and in the middle of a dialogue it's like a dance science. we're going to fulfill the focus is politics to the people you know we've all but the you tube. pretty.
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pretty good. that you want to work correct that. you know. paul. graham a special can somebody we can benefit citizen of the minute of. the book to get us to the gulf where. you thought the whole doping in russia think was over for get it . through or completely sure we have lost the some of the models and we do have. russian outlets eligibility for the international competition says that stake this
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includes events like the to kill him picks and the fee for world cup and qatar if i am in the early as last. year when you come in you know just as it was 4 years ago moscow anti-doping plavix at the center of this scandal so who tampered with the duping samples database and one does greegor you want you just have to do with it and you know. what is restartable mean you could. use the push on the machine you will ship might expose me in the ocean touch a little to the pollution and in usenet. when it got to go no no no no. no no. no no no. not really you know.
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i mean how much you know how much you know maybe i'm here when you. come here. so as we wait out the tension increases it goes from silas to the cops turn back on give up yourself come on right now you're not seeing your baby mother now period you not seen or you give up yourself right now we're standing in a dog's. name a man with no options so is very very very tense dog want her he's round up bring in a dog we're going to dog if you bring in a dog i will blast on it with you know you. like. your kind of a go. where. you are so. good. they released the dog when they released the dog. he jumps up to protect itself
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from getting bit like anybody would to shield themselves from getting bit so he gets up with a shoe in his hand he throws it if you. know. when this motion happens going to pop pop pop pop pop. it was a sure. you. got the commander in a bag i didn't tell any. by to sure i never gave that order to go. oh oh oh i love you know. they go pick up the dog they send a medal back for the dog and all sentimental back for that the kid has shaken on to ground they still come out with their guns pointed at him like as if he's going to
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get up he's not going to get up after that nobody's going to get up out again shot $88.00 times they reported $23.00 shots he was shot $88.00 times in his body but you're.
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right now there's a small little war. in which we in the bounty hunters great story. we could be eating as minor as a girl because somebody took somebody else's girl so. somebody gets shot in a war breaks out. you know in the past the gang members would do was no they committed drive by they would ask you where you're from and if you gave out the wrong answer . they kill you now. want to gang member going to drive by or a walk up and well someone where you're from doesn't. what your answer is you can get killed anyway there is no correct answer and i don't know why that started or where that came from but. nowadays in. a gang member asked where you're from boston do is run because going to shot. the gangs are in the schools and there's not
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a lot of police presence in the school so they basically have free reign there. and it starts off when they're young you know you get the little youngsters out there fighting in the schools. and it spills onto the streets and you know the teachers are out there trying to do the best job they can but it's just a it's a tough environment and you have the good kids that are actually trying to get education they've got to deal with all the gang feuds that are going on. in the schools.
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a lot of our students come from single family homes and a large majority of our students around 70 percent of my kids are actually coming from foster homes every kid wants to learn and i don't think that any one of our kids comes with the intention to gangbang every single day that's not part of their agenda. this is to make sure that my kids exit to get home avalon boulevard is the street that they have to cross over any of the crossover walk down to get to the train station to get down to their homes across avalon boulevard and sometimes kids go. and see. what high schools run about 7 to 20 years gangs. that we face that kids come in to and from school so we have a safe passage program which consist of law enforcement c.r.'s the public safety within our pipes cuniform that actually do security on campus and off campus and
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our community gang of into wreckers former gang members that change their lives and they kind of help us with the safe passage safe passage is a 1000 feet from the school so our jurisdiction far has been the security on campus we could at least 1000 feet from the school. we work in concert with l.a.p.d. and a loss as county sheriff on a side track campus. we are security officers or allowed to carry handguns pepper spray and firearms if we was a see somebody attacking a kid we will definitely jump out and stop that person from attacking a kid and yes we can detain him in holding the l.a.p.d. gets. we have had kids get shot you know come to school the 1st that was the 2nd year that we was here with green dot kids walking the school and. guys walked up to him. and shot him he was a former gay member that was trying to get his life together he was trying to you
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know. get a good education and but you know what you already been tagged as a gang member and you know even though you try to turn your life around and try to do right ok look at it like that so much. the chase the guy that actually shot him cornered him in a back yard l.a.p.d. came to the perimeter and they was actually because we saw the guy that l.a.p.d. was actually able to make an arrest. right here in l.a. you never know something's going to happen his. days have this period a moment so some days days be real cool and nothing happened and then some days you know it's as soon i guess war 3 out here. so starting going into high school i went to morningstar high school and in all california. i can remember being around the age of 15 or 16 or we started becoming active gang members after high school i've experienced dayton
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a so-called enemy and 97 was about 18 and experiencing that situation and having a revealed in front of my homeboys. almost cost me my life. and saying that i remember was 97 maybe 2 weeks before my graduation one of my homeboys close to me. wanted to kill me and it was like a dark night i just remember it was kind of dark and it was one light twitching and within that light that was to you know twitching liked i remember looking across the street and it was one of my homeboys from my neighborhood at a trench coat on and he walked up towards me and i remember him telling me i was him and i said well was sub you here to see me and he pulled out the 45 and he put it to my face and. with that within that quick 2nd i snooped the gun very smooth i seen all the bullets and the barrel.
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and he start talking crazy he was on the start talking crazy talking about you know i should be smoke because i'm dana enemy and i understand i know the protocol for females you know like you don't date enemies you don't date other fools from other neighborhoods i think the guys can probably get away with it but for females no and so because i did date somebody from another neighborhood it almost cost my life. he pulled the trigger but it was like a spiritual thing that happened that i can't explain till this day i mean for me i think it was god that was my transition of changing because when he pulled the trigger the barrel moved but no bullets didn't come out and i blacked out and when i blacked out i remember fallen in his black tunnel i thought i was shot in the hit i thought i was going to hell because i was i was in this black tunnel falling and then finally i was just looking back and i'm like where am i like i did all radio was going on i'm going to hell and i remember start i started to pray the off father to hell mary because this is things that i kind of remember from catechism
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and i said you know what i've said a lot but it's better to go on and pray and just hope that the lord you know forgive me for my sins and i move forward and i remember looking back as i fall in this tunnel it was the virgin mary's hands and i accepted my death and when i accepted my dad i was back and i'm still standing up the person still pull in the trigger and the bullets are not even coming out and it's clicking. and then my mom comes finally he runs and my mom just pulls up and i'm just shocked like oh my god i could have my brains landed on the floor 2 weeks before graduation. you know it's difficult to get in and out of south central los angeles and it's
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it's just a violent area that the level of violence that people live with is unacceptable entirely unacceptable and when i was a little girl my parents took me to vietnam when i was in saigon during the tet offensive i was not as afraid inside down with bombs dropping every day from dusk till dawn as i was when i came back to los angeles because i was the victim in los angeles i didn't feel like i was a victim in vietnam and the level of violence i feel is just the same really even though they don't declare it to be a war zone it is a war zone. cameras in the public housing developments there was great distain in the community didn't want the cameras there there's already bars on the windows and some of the developments and the community perspective was already living in a prison when you drive by our community it looks like a prison and now you're adding video cameras and now you're watching us and being brothers always watching us we just want to live for a normal community but on the other hand the cameras have been extremely successful as it relates to long for some and
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a witness intimidation we've had some murders occur inside jordan downs and caught them on video where we didn't have to ask a community member to put their life in danger and testify because we got it all on video so i think now that it's grown on the community and they realize that we're utilizing it not to suppress them but to help them it's been extremely successful. so.
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the name is only johnson. and i just got out of prison for. 41 years. i'm 73 and so now i got arrested for too many for some of them did. it feel like just everything was taken out of. my work in the hospital but it was. meant to snow man that looks a little bit like me. because about. homicide on 2 cars. now.
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work hard tough in the. midst of battle so you're going. to go to still do the crime. and i didn't do none afraid to try to frighten kids right give. me a good something i didn't. france
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violent clashes blocked roads and disruptive transport services as a nationwide strike against the government's pension reform spills into days of process. we saw. the sort of on fire and they got to the gas really coming quite quickly and you might get a sense of it just down the line so you can see that more cheer gas coming to an end to the protesters trying to move people away you. know so 70th anniversary some might say exposes new divisions within the block with a viral hot mike video from the event showing world leaders of power only mocking president donald trump. a new investigation reveals that free dating apps such as tender don't save.


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