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tv   Cross Talk  RT  December 20, 2019 4:30pm-5:01pm EST

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chicken's treatment in the area and in the underlying u.s. u.s. our foreign policy the united states chooses who it's going to condemn and who whose human rights violations it's going to ignore so what we see is that the united states says nothing about human brutal human rights violations and for instance hunters in saudi arabia in believe the since the coup d'etat and now in india and yet it condemns human rights violations in china in venezuela and bolivia before the coup because that's what determines who gets condemned for human rights violations whether that country is strategic and alight with u.s. interests or not. saying without international this evening told me for updates on our top stories inhofe and i was time. let's geysers financial survival they say money to develop. close to these this is
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a central plank support diadem and kind of problem right now so you stop to. most people think to stand out in this business you need to be the 1st one on top of the story or the person with the loudest voice or the biggest raid in truth to stand down the news business you just need dance the right questions demand the right answer. questions.
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hello and welcome the cross-talk were all things considered i'm peter lavelle well and finally happened donald trump has been impeached by the house of representatives in complete opposition to what the founders had in vision the articles voted on were along party lines it is highly unlikely the senate will vote to remove the president from office so what is the point of this entire exercise. talking trump's impeachment i'm joined by my guest david. he is a cultural critic and host of the radio show a neighbor's choice in washington we cross to richard goodstein he is a democratic strategist and former campaign adviser to bill and hillary clinton right gentlemen crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciate david i asked a very simple question at the end of my introduction it seems very unlikely that
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the republican and republican controlled senate is going to vote on these articles of impeachment that is if nancy eventually gives it to them which we can actually talk about that right now as well i mean what is the point of this exercise outside of the exercise itself because it's doomed to failure from what we understand about the members of the g.o.p. caucus in the senate go ahead david. well i think it's christmas time in d.c. nursing a lot of guilt for their various sins around this country the things they've done to the american people or the things they do to the people abroad and they need a little scapegoat they need someone to cast their sins are into this christmas they need a christ figure apparently and that's what donald trump is serving for the vessel of their wrath or they can try to pent up and cast on his back look they've been doing this since ancient times this is not something that started with the impeachment process this is
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a process that communities do since thousands of years of my studies of anthropology whenever there's times of tension whenever there's stewing envy in a community they need to find a scapegoat someone that they can say hey look you know i don't like each other here but at least we're not that guy but the problem is it's not going to work and it's going to backfire ok reaching i mean i know your politics very well and i always like having you on the program but i mean what is the point of this exercise if the goal that they want to achieve is not going to be achieved go ahead richard . so the most recent fox news poll that you saw peter had 54 percent of the american public saying donald trump should be impeached 50 percent peach and removed again he only got 46 percent of the vote so you now have people who voted for him who think he should be thrown out of office over what he did and the answer your question why are we doing this because it goes to the question of do we want
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fair elections or not because if we don't lend let's just call it a day let trump put the arm not just on the lenski but maybe because of his friend bibi netanyahu says hey bibi you know i love you man but i've got $3000000000.00 of aid here but do me this favor you got a lot of smart guys here how about if you help me on the internet or he goes to president xi in china and says we're going to make a great trade deal i'm actually give you much better that we agreed to but do me a favor but if you guys just put about a $1000000000.00 worth on to facebook that helps me in back of my opponent because if we let this go that will happen ok ok but you know rick that will happen we can just go on to that no we don't what we i guess from the get go here i mean i know you read the telephone conversation with the ukrainian president i read it as well actually many times and you know what i'm going to show my sense of fairness here i can see how it can be read in a number of ways you know because that's very stream of consciousness i think it
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was inappropriate in some places it wasn't really kind of diplomatic talk that we would more expect but nonetheless again this doesn't rise to the occasion of impeachment here david i mean it seems to me when you know we went from a quid pro quo to bribery to. obstruction of congress whatever that means we do have a judiciary i mean it seems to me this is a process for the process itself it is to humiliate from it's to humiliate his followers of course liberal media loves a show this has its bread and circuses. what is the result how is that it be a good result you put all of this effort into it it goes from russia gate to ukraine gate and now we have we're all up to the finish line and it that we don't get a goal here and it looks like everybody loses and i think the country loses going through this process go ahead do it right. well look they want to project their sins on him and i'm not
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a truck guy that's not my thing i look at this and try to be as independent as possible but you know is that what the attorney john durham is investigating is this idea that the previous administration could have been working with other foreign country yeah you know they're looking at australia and wait a 2nd what are they doing there they're colluding with foreign powers against their rival tromp to see if perhaps they can find some dirt on them so maybe just maybe knowing what they know they've done and might be revealed by der they needed to get a head of the curve and say hey look look look we're going to impeach trial and we're going to give him a little black eye pitches a little bit give peter mark because that will soften the blow for the public perception is richard jump in go ahead could i can i actually can i bring that up down to fact in reality we had
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a republican led senate intelligence committee that said the russians interfered the ukrainians didn't we had a republican special prosecutor moeller who prosecuted dozens of russians and said the republican russians interfered and the ukrainians didn't we had the and we had the inspector general we've had authority after authority in the intelligence community in the us to say what what david just talked about is pure fantasy now i understand why it's useful fantasy as a kind of deflecting right but deflect from the notion. that you could hear you brought up i would have to loaded gun he gave it hang on just for saying it richard did you see the komi interview with chris wallace did you see that. did you see that it is well i actually did it to bits of pride out of radio you know i mean this is this is a corrupt person ok i mean he can even answer of course here i mean i think he
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betrayed what was wrong in the in the justice community jim comi ok and what david hassel say does have some veracity here let me ask you a question richard ok straightforward one here yet and then hang on you know we do have the horowitz report durham is coming out here and it seems to me and again i'm trying to be kind of fair here ok in the middle is that they want to the democrats and liberals they want to avoid they want to control this narrative so the impeachment narrative is number one because it's a spectacle but i mean if you look at horowitz you look at is testimony i mean the obama administration's justice department looks pathetically bad if not criminally culpable richard react to that. what you call a narrative is what some of us actually would refer to as facts and here are the facts at harwich reported there was no political bias that gave route to the investigate the rush the investigation of the trunk campaign there was no political
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no spying there was no bugging of the trump towers peter struck had no influence over the decisions he was not a decision maker those are facts now then the narrative yes and that can also be cruel same times i may or that they were just cia agents that are that well that they were f.b.i. agents that made mistakes and didn't know the rules need to be getting better each day they're little teacher of the year by having very charitable mistakes ok who really did not have subpoena power horowitz yeah horowitz did not have subpoena power so you're what you're doing right now is your spin you're spinning this because we know that john did has way more power to go deeper and look into the cia look into what's going on in italy with miffs should look this is a story that has all kinds of tentacles apparently in australia. and italy and who else who knows where else so horowitz had lived and i just power and so what we're looking at why why did they go to italy multiple times because there's something
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that they're looking at that serious and when you have durham and bill bargirl over their food it needs to be investigated now here's the thing here's the thing there's a lot of places to go besides going all the way to italy so they must have something that we need to know about it it's in the public's interest for us to find out whether the previous administration and their democratic political partisan friends of the d.n.c. may have been using and abusing the cia and other assets around the world to try to look for her or try to manufacture a criminal investigation to harm their political rivals so isn't that perfect to go ahead and get ahead of the curve and get a little dirt that mirror. it projects the same thing that we might find out with durham that's the investigation to look at that's the elephant in the room i don't care who wins the election i care about the truth and let's not spin it horowitz is not nearly as important as he does not have nearly as much investigative power as
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durham so let's see what happens you know richard i mean again you know we were talking before we started our program here and i'm very i'm more concerned i don't care who wins the next election to ok let's be clear i don't care ok i want the american people to make their decision here ok but the process here with me and you and you and i remember and you are always sleep much closer to it than i was the clinton impeachment would you compare the process of the clinton impeachment to what's going on right now because up until this point it's run by one party ok and it seems from the outside looking in it looks and very very unfair and i know that bill clinton was given his fair do ok and i and the people who went after him and you member a very very well they were quite vicious but at least he had a side they protected him go ahead richard. so he there's a big difference between the clinton impeachment and this one which is that ken
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starr the independent counsel spent months and months and months interviewing to pose in people behind closed doors today in contrast with the intelligence community here a 100 different members of congress equally split between democrats and republicans could have been in every single one of those depositions that adam schiff and his staff held in the house of representatives there were 100 people who were eligible to go and the republicans had every minute that the democrats had to cross-examine witnesses so the notion that somehow or other there was this well i started. to see i watch a lot of the hearings i saw that adam shift was in. very unfair pyar he was very biased very rude and he acted stupid most of the time you're right hang on gentlemen we're going to go to our break and we're after that short break we'll continue our discussion on impeachment stay with heart.
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join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics or business i'm show business i'll see you then. welcome back to crossfire where all things are considered i'm peter lawwell to remind you we're discussing trump's impeachment. and now in chattanooga we're joined by our guest anthony bryan logan he is a conservative political commentator and tony welcome to the program here the 1st part of the program we were doing delving into the impeachment process the process of that's the most important word here but let's i want to kind of spread it out a little bit here i am a huge huge fan of the federalist papers i have
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a copy with me on my desk and at home ok because i think it's some of the best political writing ever ever in any language at any time and i've looked over the impeachment parts of the federalist papers and the the the founders their worst dream is come true this is a partisan impeachment process ok and that is something they wanted to and they grappled with it read the federalist papers and we've come to this in 2019 we've the u.s. congress has failed them go ahead. oh yeah this whole thing is just definitely become a partisan prices initially and be that way like you say in a federalist papers a few days we come here we are today pretty much a party line vote and there's not much there it's actually a piece to president on i think at this point democrats are using it as a weapon to get their political opponents out of office and they should be used for their obviously it should be used if the president is actually. crimes misdemeanors
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trees in bribery which of course the president is now is not use in a career way and i think this may say a very dangerous precedent for the future you know you know you know it let me go back to richard you know richard it may be. i think the good people of good faith can look at facts and come to different conclusions and i think that's the essence of having an honest political. conversation but let's reflect upon what anthony just said there they just don't like the guy and they want him out and they feel that they were cheated in 2016 and this is a grudge match and it's easy to. trump's temperament as president to know he's he is a unique quantity here i'm trying to be neutral but i mean this is a power play richard that's all it is isn't it go ahead. you know look you know after charlottesville when trump was so divisive and so welcoming about american nazis in some people's minds the indication to proceed with impeachment went on
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when he when he took babies from mother's arms across the border people thought that might have been but nancy pelosi said sorry no even after mohler but obama did o.b.l. a man did that and i was that obama was. great so what here is that here to the thing i'm glad you mentioned the dinner with paper obama because hang on hang on guys hang on richard go ahead go ahead richard right so i'm glad you mentioned the federalist papers goes read alexander hamilton and federalist paper 65 where there he talks about the abuse of power which far supersedes anything having to do with a high crime and misdemeanor certainly it is when he talks about there which is using the office to your personal political advantage almost literally matches up with what trump did here and as i said earlier that you were not on the discussion if trouble to put the arm on say the head of israel to say we got you through
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$3000000000.00 in aid annually but do me this favor or to she and china we've got a good trade deal for you but do me this favor that's exactly what happens in your head i mean right again richard one company going in a cul de sac here i mean again all of us have read the transcript and i come to a very different conclusion ok and i actually know a lot about ukraine i'm just of iran so no i don't know but you know the let me go to david hang on or no no no no that was really good everybody and i got to get everybody in here i'm so into it david ok i'm just going to i'm just going to use what richard just said there you know charlottesville taking babies away from their parents at the border and with all due respect to richard this this is this shows they're looking for a way to impeach him it doesn't matter what it is as long as it sticks i mean richard richard just proved that. ok because because they don't because i again this is where the do great divide is here i think that it was the obama administration but they were the ones that committed this these acts against the
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law and against carter page and george papadopoulos they're never mentioned ok their people their lives have been destroyed other people's lives have been destroyed through process crimes ok not even having to do with any of this here and so it seems to me this is a power play i wish people would be more honest about it go ahead david. well that's the nature of d.c. it's all about dishonesty it's all about political theater performance are it's pro wrestling gets the best way to learn about d.c. of the talking points coming out of it but look you know mansi palosi and donald trump are closer politically than i am to either of them ok so i don't have a dog in that fight but i see what's clearly in front of us and the democrats you're right there are scapegoating they're projecting their own guilt are the terms so when they tell all we should have a pizza because of he tore babies apart it was obama's cages that were putting kids in these cages it was 3000000 that's right 3000000 adults and children d. ported i'm sure some of them were torn apart and guess what that pairs up democrats
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and those who voted for obama terrorism up inside and they need to they need to find someone they can say well how do i get rid of this whoa look at this fall it's his fault he's the one that tore the children part because it bothers this eat them up that when you play this political game and you you get in league with you get in connections with people like obama and so forth and then they disappoint you and they keep the steady status quo going and it's it's a disappointing thing but look the founders would be outraged at the idea that a sitting vice president remember george washington warned about 7 entangling a law and tango i have to stay out of them stay out of there the idea that a vice president would have the purview and the power to choose the political administrations of a far off country like ukraine and that he could withhold taxpayer money to the tune of a 1000000000 on the condition that he admitted to that is on fire in there that in
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saw security grades and so you talked about every head of a nation of quid pro quo that's a dictionary definition of it here it's a as any and any i want it is other fish out there is not is a god or fiction ok you know it i don't know that i love you richard i just before i give you a hug if you. here but ok we just simply disagree on what the facts are and i and i respect that i respect that ok let me go to anthony here anthony i obviously the most important question as we go through this 3 ring circus here. is normalizing impeachment ok it's easy to go after tom trump because of his the way he behaves his usage of twitter which i think you heard some self others would disagree with me on that but it invites a lot of things a sloppy telephone call that you know it's brought it on to himself here but that the i'm talking about protecting institutions here and the institutions are there
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are 3 branch of government are at stake here right now particularly the executive branch go ahead anthony. oh yeah definitely i mean the way he behaves always with her there's one thing people can say i don't like a more i do like you know that's not really the point here the point is a cycle about the facts let's talk about the evidence you can't say i'm going to impeach him and used this particular tool they really should be used except for extreme circumstances because i don't like the president that should be the way this thing goes and i'm seeing a whole lot of it people are bringing up a child those who was going to do what did you create a phone call i mean we should be focused on the facts of the phone call and i see i mean russia should be brought up here though borders should be brought up here nothing else here except for ukraine and if there's nothing near which quite frankly there isn't anything near so i may say that a phone call was kind of sloppy but it didn't really matter where is it they're there it is death in there and we should just move boiling it really and let me down this road you know anthony i think it would be
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a very interesting exercise if we could see that the transcripts of telephone calls that bill clinton had. george w. bush. brock obama i think that we would probably find those telephone conversations not much different than trump's but no no they's 0 weight on that one right there is 0 in on it. ok ok same question to you richard i mean i know you care about the republic i know you care about the constitution you care about your political party which is your right your prerogative here but don't you think the going down this path here you have more to lose than win go ahead richard you know this shows how twisted the debate gets i specifically said they were going after charlottesville they were going after stealing babies and yet your guest basically say that's exactly what i'm talking about and that's bill whatever the reason i bring it up and it is i don't know that exact no well i was originally with the richard reid question and i was saying that's what they chose ok that's what we're what did we
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can we actually it was my and we're agreeing what i'm just saying they were looking for something for impeachment not because something impeachable happened but they were looking for something to do hang on impeachment that's all i'm trying to say i'm not trying to pin anything on you keep going richard. ok so here's you asked the question politically what's the upshot of this and the answer is we don't know but what history do we have yes in 1908 the democrats picked up 5 seats in the house against a very unpopular 29 percent favored impeachment for bill clinton the republicans went ahead with it newt got ousted bob livingston out got ousted for an affair and dennis hastert a serial child predator became the longest standing republican speaker of the house that was the upshot for the republicans and george bush got into the white house by talking a 1000 times about restoring honor and dignity to the white house against a good economy but that's what he wrote on so i'm not at all sure and you ask matt bevin the defeated governor in kentucky who asked any response to the defeated
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gubernatorial candidate in louisiana who were pointing to impeachment as a reason to vote for themselves and they lost they had rallies just like trump had last night with trump there and they lost so it's not at all clear to me that this is the winner that trump would tell you it is the gate i don't just attach any weight to anything he says ok let me give david the last word on the program here this is going to be nancy pelosi legacy. and show that she lost control of her caucus she has these you know these red guard that she's afraid of you know the squad and all of that and in a radical base but at the end of the day she's going to lose this and she's and that's going to be what's going to be written on her political biography she failed to go ahead david yeah and there also are her legacy and her side unfortunately is that they bush was in power and he lied us into the iraq war in a 1000000 people died human beings. children the people that we're supposed to care
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about most and their people are still suffering from that war and we're nancy pelosi the democrats had the chance to get power back they did not impeach him fast forward to 2000 and we have a republican president who i guess hesitated a little bit to give violent weapons to ukraine more in the service of the war the perpetual war state that the left is supposed to be on our side together working to end and so when they had that happen they had peach so here's the legacy of mayor sleepless of the democrats they don't impeach when a 1000000 people die for a lie ok i mean 1000 i'm going to jump in and i'm going to do really with regarding if you could impeach presidents for these illegal wars all of them would be impeached that's all the time we have gentlemen many thanks to my guests in tampa while he's over there and in chattanooga and thanks to our viewers for watching us here at r t see you next time and remember crosstalk. during
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the great depression which i'm old enough to remember there was most of my family were unemployed. and it wasn't it was bed you know much worse objectively than today but there was an expectation that things were going to get better. there was a real sense of hopefulness there isn't today today's america was shaped by the 10 principles of concentration of wealth and power. reduced democracy attack solo debt engineer elections manufacture consent and other principle holds according to no i'm chomsky one set of rules for the rich opposite set of rules for
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. that's what happens when you put her into the hands of a narrow sector of wealth which will is dedicated to increasing power for itself just as you'd expect one of the most influential intellectuals of our time speaks about the modern civilization of america. just.
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russian officials revealed the identity of the gunman who killed 2 and injured 5 in a shooting near the federal security service building in central moscow we spoke to the father of the attacker lately he became very secretive and also got some kind of strange eastern accent used to tell me that he liked shooting and even wanted to get right become a more still. more than 3 years of deadlock and numerous rejections u.k. parliament finally backs prime minister boris johnson's breaks it could all agree.


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