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tv   Cross Talk  RT  January 10, 2020 10:30am-11:01am EST

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hello and welcome to crossfire or all things considered i'm peter lavelle over the past week we've heard a lot about escalation deescalation and what is proportionate we've also heard the word war this is how the us ran conflict is describe what is not talked enough about is the necessity of ending the american military presence in the middle east these endless wars must cease. cross talking the u.s. around conflict i'm joined by my guest mohammad marandi until around he's a professor at the university of toronto in washington we have chris for now when
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he is founder of american veterans policy network and in iraq war veteran and in sydney we cross the alley risk he is a middle east expert as well as contributor with monitor all right crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciate well let me go to you 1st here if you were to believe the media things are settling down a little bit after this tumultuous week involving the united states iran and the entire region and we're going to talk a lot about iraq here where do things stand right now because if we look at it from tweets and what not you know a ran his decided to stand down how do you feel about that being interim go ahead. i think iran feels that trump stood down because when the iranians. launch the missiles all of them passed through the the air defenses and hit their targets so they were both accurate and the americans were unable to intercept them.
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so that was a major success and i think that was a signal to washington that all their military bases in the persian gulf region are vulnerable and it also sends a message to the saudis their moralities and the battery any ruling family that the americans cannot defend them against iranian missiles and iran has huge numbers of missiles and huge numbers of underground storage centers from to where they will fire them in case of war so trump who is talking about bombing cultural sites and 52 targets suddenly he became much more. let's say peace loving after after the attack so it's the iranians feel it's the other way around but more importantly i think the iranians believe that the americans have made probably the biggest mistake. that they've made among the many mistakes that they've made over
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the past decade and that is that they've turned the iraqi people against the united states they've turned the iranian people against the united states and they've united iran in iraq in a way which we haven't seen before you know chris that you're in iraq or veteran i mean talk about that because that's essentially what's happened and if you look at what's coming out of the pentagon and other places of power in washington d.c. what where does democracy actually stand now in iraq because it was invaded under the auspices to bring democracy to iraq now they have a parliament in a quorum of the parliament says that's time to go home but washington says i am not so fast so what is the value of the democracy that was forced upon the iraqi people in 2003 go ahead chris. peter you know if i could figure all that out i'd be a genius because it has been on unsolvable since world war one i think this all
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goes back to so i. pico treaty and world war one the middle east has been a carved up in so many power structures and it's never fundamentally been able to come to a resting place where there's been able to be harmony throughout these governments and i would agree with you that it is just completely difficult to have this kind of long term intervention at this point i would i would certainly agree limiting the u.s. footprint but the problem is 2 things one you know that resolution is obviously non-binding it's sort of a sentiment from the legislature we've still got reality on the ground of being able to do things and i think the u.s. doesn't want to have. you know long term iranian influence whether a certain extent sam will have something i would also just but isn't it but isn't that really up to the iraqi people i mean why should someone sitting in washington d.c. determine what kind of friendships a foreign country a sovereign country like iraq should have it seems very heavy handed and i don't see how it adds to american foreign policy interests go ahead. well i think you're
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you are right i mean the fact is that they've already had their opportunity i mean they they would even fight for themselves and with the iraqi defense forces we left in place which is i think the low point of the war but i wouldn't what i would push back a little bit from my colleague is this idea of of the you know this successful iranian strike you hit none of us we just wiped out knocked out one of your key officers i don't think i don't think iran actually really wants to strike back i think they're worried about the same sions i think that this is all really about the economy and i think president trump has learned that's really where the real war is being able to take their economy and they're feeling that so i don't think iran actually wants to strike back i think they want to do 2 things save face and avoid sanctions ok ali let's go to you and in sydney here what has been accomplished here i mean professor marandi did bring up a good point is that actually iran was able to show its strategic flexibility and
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strengths within the region here that is a very strong message and they launch the missiles from iran it wasn't from a proxy so they were actually sending a very clear signal and it is the signal is it's time for foreign military to leave the middle east go ahead ali and sit me. yeah sure answer the question just so i don't need to respond to what your previous guests iran wants to avoid sections of was leagues priority for iran i think that iraq would have wanted to and it made a deal with a drunken ministration from want to meet with president rouhani and general certainly in prison it's hard it was the one who rejects it so i think. iran just wants to relieve it so sanctions it is a huge loss tench now we're going to go to your question. here on yes this is a for certain we see iran actually all responding to american bases and announcing
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it too easily rouge retards actually announce even though it was one. who watched this attack so it appears that we have been indeed entered a new phase in the american iranian confrontation i also have to her a bit if susan just about iran bush the us you have many. non-state actors which shot allied with iran that it will also could respond retaliate example of any you're so radiation. a lot of little like there will be movement to game didn't like the mobilization of forces in iraq a nice place for them. general sharon he was in they don't know i caught him and struck him so that money really there was something which will which had a very big effect on them and soon addition to iranian retaliation it's very possible that iran says no i aspire to respond and all of iraq's non-state to act
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a lot of the red in allies are actors which i mentioned has a lot with its exceptional they've all proven themselves to be i thought to be reckoned with on a military scale ok let's go back to trent professor marandi asylum on the i mean he was he was murdered and he's been mourned but his deputy stepped in immediately so what is really happened how is the needle been moved by taking out quote unquote this. murderous monster whatever you want to say and c.n.n. and all of that because that the policy doesn't change i mean the rhetoric ino and the bluster that you that last for what a few news cycles but we're still back where we were ok i mean that's why i think the assassination was senseless ok because it doesn't affect policy go ahead muhammad. well a couple of myths have been destroyed the in popularity of the sonic republic of iran at home through the enormous funeral between 5 to 7000000 people participated
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in teheran alone even the western media made it that it was extraordinary so it shows the strength of the jet m.s.e. and the and the capability and the anger of the the people of iran and this republic of iran the myth of iraqis hating iran and hating the popular mobilization force because the funerals that were held in iraq are also extraordinary the size the magnitude in the different cities it showed that the iraqis and the iranians were actually both. very respectful for one another the funerals in iraq were for the iranians and the funerals in iran were for the iraqis. as well and then contrary to what your guest in the united states says the americans didn't achieve anything they murdered 2 war heroes at the iraqi at the back the international airport and the iranian commander the iraq the iraqi
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prime minister said he was going to meet me at 8 am he was scheduled to meet him to discuss a letter that the saudis had given because the iraqi prime minister wanted to mediate and he was going to give the iranian response. and the iraqi prime minister said that trump knew about it and he welcomed it so this shows the degree of deception that comes out of washington so murdering war heroes in another country against the will of that country in complete disregard of the government the prime minister and international law and sovereignty is not anything to be proud about or to gloat about or to to say you know to even discuss in public it's something to be ashamed of ok let me let me they're going tonight is let's go to chris is go to chris i want to man hey i just one sentence go ahead to one sentence ok go ahead go ahead i just wanted to say on the
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other hand the iranian missiles all. were hit their targets and they destroyed buildings look at the satellite pictures they destroyed hangars everything inside them but they specifically targeted the hangars and buildings that were full of drones and helicopters and equipment and they didn't target their barracks where the american soldiers were sleeping in so the americans tried to murder you iranians at the international airport but the iranians tried to destroy american equivalent inside of us being ok let's go to which side is humane let's go to court itis let me go to chris chris go ahead before we go to the break here respond go ahead chris. i mean i've had my fair share of america bashing for the day peter i mean look here's the deal he was a combat casualty he wasn't murdered and see i had some experience that war were a rant has been fun funding and pushing out these proxies to blow
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a soldier's eyes out and legs off so do i feel bad that he died absolutely not i might even have a beer later and cheers to it and the fact the matter is this is that more people died at that funeral i mean we could talk all day about the barbaric barbarism in iran i don't think we'd have enough time so i just have to push back on this america bashing we're on with you peter i would love to get out of there ok we're going to we're going to talk about that and they're still going to talk about that in the 2nd half of the program here gentlemen we're going to be murdered we're going to a short break gentlemen and and after that break we'll continue our discussion on the u.s. around complex stayed with our. belief . it was. it will slow settle.
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or so i'm so sorry it lead you. to sleep please. please it would lead. me to sleep .
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lists lists. playing. very well now continue watching on since last. but if she warned you posted by you than i do. at the baltimore. g.'s nudist beach and she me we to you. as and about that moment when you died c.t.'s will be. in the news i mean that so that in football. clock you will see slowing as a fight for the truth of the charitable side most called. it as it is to me as if i
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choose. the. path that. he who is for producing new. tuning in to. welcome back to crossfire all things considered i'm peter lavelle remind you we're discussing the us iran conflict. ok let's go to ali in sydney we have a gordian knot in front of us and we have to cut it somehow in the gordian knot is the following donald trump ran as as
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a candidate in 2016 to end these endless wars ok we bring the troops home now we have a situation we've got in a very bizarre way and tragic way but we've got into a situation where he can have his cake and eat it too the troops can come home they're not wanted in iraq any longer and why hasn't he embraced it it's his campaign promise for good mistake and we know the majority of veterans that fought in those wars in that part of the world thought the wars were useless for. listen in a waste of time and a new and there's also anti-war sentiment across the political spectrum this is an opportunity why doesn't he grasp it go ahead ali. and i would have to comment on what chris regarding ghost story money and the fact that sort of money was a casualty of war this wasn't an operation carried out in warfare this was a diplomatic will assess it have them so they moan he is the is
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a proud member of the or as a member of the senate or office of the military this is like counting the joint chiefs of the country so let's not thing to do with a casualty of war and it's unfortunate and your guest says that you know he was so grateful as a brit after being here it's up to the killing of so many when a celebrity played a pivotal role in defeating isis whether it be a hero in syria or isis which is the most notorious terrorist group in the world now in history your question i think that donald trump has given a lot of ground if you would like to the neoconservatives we haven't before there was you know he was trying to confront the neo cons trying to confront the oregon washington but he appears to have succumbed to certain pressures and regarding to secession attempts it difficult i think. in this particular issue trump respond to the issues or listen to the own party or might point out specifically i
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think that the assassinations the real mind behind the of the brains behind this operation was like going to iowa what don't tell you is an evangelical a why do you logically hate sirhan is supportive of israel at the same time trying also has many muniz ready allies you have so they're not figures who would support him in his campaign donors like children idelson i think that's the angle from which we could look at it but at you know i have to waterton for signs that are and think that the ascension of so many. any broader strategy or i think that it just from pew i drew from some to the american students. the students from the on going and you don't just sit yes you're well in let me go back to chris because i cut him off because we had to go to a hard break here chris you know why doesn't trump and brace this possibility of bringing the troops home troops home because he campaigned on that and
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a lot of people are backing that i mean you have even in the other party pelosi gabbert talking about that and is it doesn't he risk losing part of his base because that's what a lot of people we don't know the certain percentage would vote exactly for that why doesn't he embrace that go ahead chris or i think that that option is still available peter i mean again though like all legislatures in the world they do a lot of talking and a lot of babbling but the executive still have to deal with the actual reality on the ground so i think if that's decisions going to be made they're going to have to be prepared for all of the different logistical realities that will happen if that fully comes to fruition but another thing peter why are we talking about the deaths at the funeral from the crowds and the absolute lunacy over there i mean why do we never actually fully cover what's actually going on in iran again a government where the clergy runs everything every stretch of government is stacked with clergy that runs the entire government this idea of the iranian people are fully united there are many iranian people that have nothing to do with the
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government but they're afraid so i don't think we're really getting a full picture is housing chris you know really all that all of give you this even let's say everything you said is true what business is it of the united states what kind how the government is run in iran what is what is the problem it's their country. i would i would agree i agree with you about limiting our footprint but i'm saying while we're still there having to manage situations there are certain decisions that have to be made and i just have to push back on this complete celebration for military officers that have long been involved in iraq see the trans been very i am is that i am still at their hands i want to possibly off of it and i want to possibly celebrate the end of these endless wars that's most important to me ok let me go to mohammed in i mean. we just had a description from chris here i mean what what how does a rand look at how the region is of because and i think it's only a matter of time before american troops leave iraq that means also syria how does
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that change the geo political reality or i'd like to say that american troops are in syria illegally under international law they were not invited there by the government in damascus so they should even go even faster so how does the political terrain change go ahead in. well ryan well obviously your guest in the united states knows nothing about iran and to call all those millions of people who went to the funeral lunatics is an insult to the nation what i do think is important is that trump himself admitted this is one of the ironies of this whole episode trump himself admitted once upon a time that it was iran and russia that were fighting isis and trump also admitted once upon a time that it was obama who created isis so. the the trump regime has admitted that soleimani because he was the key person who fought
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isis there were from the very beginning when isis was closing in on damascus he went in i don't know why this leader you know would help us and we don't have a right and then we're here and we have as it were divided properly if we have elect lays kris kringle really regime as chris mohamed didn't you know that's why you have a very relatively regime you have a very ugly regime. you have a very ugly regime it is that we are divided on this period in many iraq 2000000 iraqis if it is helped and you're intolerant of opposing views because you keep interrupting me you have destroyed libya you've helped this so these massacre the people of yemen and impose a starvation siege your government has helped create isis according to your own president they have helped the saudis and others create extremist groups that have devastated syria they have destroyed afghanistan the united states helped create al qaeda i mean the list i mean i'm not i'm only talking about this region i'm not
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talking about bolivia or venezuela or africa or u.s. support for apartheid in palestine or south africa but getting back to the point they met one of the problems of the americans is that they treat the people of this region with arrogance. they occupy iraq illegally then they ignore the government for example just recently the americans a contractor was killed americans informed the iraqi prime minister that they were going to bomb the popular popular mobilization force the prime minister told him not to do it they ignored him the prime minister of iraq said give me the intelligence they ignore that this is not the an ally this is an occupier and the u.s. embassy being the size of the vatican is symbolic of an occupier and an empire so they go in kill bin when one contractor is killed they won't give the intelligence but then they go bomb 30 soldiers on the border on syria 500 kilometers away on the
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front line against isis why because they wanted to weaken the iraqi government footprint on the border to strengthen isis because they want to keep syria encircled they don't want trade to take place between syria and iraq because they want to strangle the syrian economy so the united states ignored. iraqi sovereignty they murder people at the airport they lie about it because they said so they might the general saw any money was coming into the country to carry out an active attacks against the united states where in fact he is going to see the prime minister the western media will ignore all of this but at the end of the day when the iraqi resistance the u.s. out ok when i want to get a blame iran i want to get to that point because they cannot accept the fact that people in iraq hate the united states occupation let me go to ali on this here i mean the focus in the media is the conflict between the united states and iran but
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really the story at this point in time is about the fate of iraq what is the fate of iraq here where do we stand right now. well i would have to agree that the u.s. has the big boon to its influence there are by this especially nation we're talking about the sort of money but by the way the assassination of the iraqi commander of the population of forces beyond this he's an extremely important figure as well and so wholesome is something which ship received a very angry reaction from the iraqis so this wasn't just an operation again you have to recall it's not just the oration against soviet money it was an operation which targeted a key here i think amanda played a key role in fighting isis so i think the u.s. doesn't don't insult any favors whatsoever it did have some influence in iraq yes that's true it might still have some income but their influence that i believe is going to be diminished up a same time i think that iran's influence has risen and incidentally i think that
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the u.s. the policies it's pursuing in the middle east i think they stem more from this will the view that there is good and evil as if the u.s. and israel the good guys and iran and its allies are the bad guys and that's not a productive way to strategically does it make sense and it's also even an immoral policy but the u.s. continues with it and i think what we're seeing is basically not just small bankruptcy in u.s. foreign policy but i think we're seeing strategic proxy as well ok chris i'm getting to the last minute on the program go ahead chris. i mean just iran is just a great place it's just the most benevolent nation on earth i mean the bottom line is this i mean the going back to the iran iraq war it's not peaceful over there gentlemen i'm sorry and you know what i would agree i think where we all were going to agree is i would like to limit the u.s. involvement over in the middle east i would i would like to go in the direction
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that peter cited but there is obviously much more complexities there and frankly a lot of the opportunity that's been given with the new government in iraq has been missed and that's that's not the fault of the united states but well i mean it's war i mean there now you have it chris i mean there's the united states is not faultless in all of this would wouldn't you agree. look i think for him and he's running with this is all things are really not absolutely must and weapons they gave to saddam hussein i mean professor marandi is a veteran of that war ok and remembers that very well i'm sorry facebook took your approach because you used the picture from being a veteran i mean i don't know what's going on in the world here all right gentlemen we've run out of time here many thanks to my guests into round washington and in sydney and thanks to our viewers for watching us here are to see you next time and remember.
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this footage is unique because the zoe tribal lands are normally off limits to the public eric's allowed in because he's losing his personal doctor. people here know him simply is dr eric he's rich famous some always on the move saving yachts and flying aircraft that just comments on. his own. he's considered one of the best neurosurgeons in brazil. that's happening amazon an. hour or so since. going out of the busy doing nothing is going to do the population much because he's going to people on
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a zone. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world the politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. trump is a new yorker and you know he looks at the global picture and he sees the tension in the middle east he sees iran doing a dance with the there and back at the neighbors and there's like you know what let's just cut to the chase this is take out a guy in iraq and we're going to get more money printing right away because i want to make my yacht premed this weekend why fuss around this is the new york way of doing things i said it when he 1st got elected it's like i have a new yorker in the white house and i've been in new york around the world i'm a new yorker some of you know my god i am one of the.
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the u.s. u.k. and canada claim a ukrainian on the shutdown by a missile but before it's not like spurts it had a chance to analyze the day's. news like this vote in the midterm trumps all 4 to play for the military action against iran apparently and convinced by his administration's up until all the lack thereof it's fascinating to very mean general custom so the money post the name the new threat. see just need to refrain from preventing foreign media from operating in the country after telling employees that are the sister of the sputnik to sign.


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