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tv   News  RT  January 17, 2020 4:00am-4:31am EST

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always colics even though the president is not coming which i don't know why maybe i'm not going to put him will be there that is why he doesn't want to come but our polish colleagues lee witches are trying to convince the west. i mean us some european leaders to make it part of their. remarks of who they are see to include some of the polish but you know it's a good sort remarks about the russians are all in the 2nd world war this is just graceful this is not decent people and we believe that this attempt will continue. you know but because i asked them to come bar to the channel kazakstan. off for some special operations brought its nationals from syria and recently they have brought it back about for 10 children from iraq proving that they have relatives and catholics down in using d.n.a. so how do us. activities of catholics down the bringing back its nation all those
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from the region. well any sovereign stay with you has the right to do the same and it's. accordingly to. serve its be false and. not sure where you're our military our special service. and the ombudsman for the rights of children they do what they can to help our children come back from iraq and syria we change experience that we have with our neighbors it was done by the way in yesterday where you. also does its best to get its people at least women and children as for the militants it's a separate issue i already touched upon this issue in in the east of syria in the east at least in syria the militants are fleeing the detention but that's with
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fire as. we men and children stands well most of their women they were simply drug works or they came there to the top on their own volition and children of course children just want to come back to normal life we want these children to become. normal people when they grow up and we don't want them to be counterterrorists there's good afternoon mr lavrov happy new year to use your ministry. and all the ballots to translators because they're for. ministry of your presence. who. was the world would be with. you and without your a polish his i would like to ask you. actions so the polish authorities regarding the cemeteries and so on and so forth when they send all those are to destroy monuments there. and left or about when safe we speak polish
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he talking in the intro you did you you would be ready to come to russia to visa trochee. and you do it is not coming so what do you think about it about such kind of replacement wall of the current president with the previous president thinking and all the best. concerning the kind of attitude that we see towards the monuments and cemeteries you could google for talked about this issue. their attitude towards the outcomes for the 2nd world war would you but i think that we need to rely on historic facts your look. at the dialogue that we may have based on the we are always open to have that dialogue with paul and by the way for a very long time we had a separate instrument as part of the bilateral channel of the.
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operation we had a strategic committee had advised the foreign ministers. involved other ministries and agencies as well there was a team of historians and those historians the were doing very difficult things they were digging up the past so on you know getting the facts support and the always always based. on the facts and this team by the way some time ago they came up with the book to tell above the relations that we had much more weren't about our shared history and the historical facts. a number of articles were published. as for the facts situations and periods where the historians could not agree upon records to separate articles or its
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papers were published even publish one of the russian one so we i think we need to we need that mechanism we should not be on hostages to. making our history part of the propaganda efforts important we see monuments being demolished and well the the explain that we they have an explanation a just a big asian for that and there are reasons their arguments are as follows one ball and never signed up to. care for the monuments we are not located at the cemeteries all and on the sign up to care for the monuments which are the places of birrell that seems to be a trifle just a small matter but if we are so data picky then probably we will get lost will lose we will be more than just a sense of dignity and lose some of the people who. are their lives to liberate europe we will eventually forget about them if we go down that road so i
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fully agree with those such as militia leader of. we will say that no monument will can be demolished as for sure you mr violence. used this person's hayes well known for you in your politicians to independent politician he never used. for inches from saying he's. only opinion as swoosh or one of those there with any decision that he make as to who are used to coming to russia well we are ready to accommodate him as for any political meetings well it's not up to me to decide. i'm sorry i when i was standing up there with what i think you can just remain
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seated all of you. obviously i mean. your i've always been russian dorman cooperation up for a recent visit to smirk oh what a breakthrough for not operate 5 year age for the 1st time she came to moscow for all. frankly. i don't think they're regular contacts but when president or russian chancellor of germany in these conditions that we have visited with most of them in the book we need to be a. make or break for you they meet regularly j c have meetings of. various events and conferences they met in paris that was prior to her visit to moscow they also have telephone conversations these are just working. relations conversations no one is trying to convince us of another
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that he or she is ron what's your will to do or no one is saying that we need to store it out of the ideological problems 1st and then we can deal with this no there are sanctions and there is the position that germany. bags from right in this position was formulated right after the coup in ukraine and that coup was you've got a minute will it happen when you write one germany's position was well absolutely neglected. evolutionary is in the ukraine they disregarded germany completely. you remember that germany signed the agreement which was later on that i mean for the for an argument the window by evolution of germany was it said nothing news or didn't complain the just buyouts and do they. you agreed to it. even though it would have been smarter to screen contradictions to the
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agreement germany signed and would use you would in your roots of germany responded to the will of people who live in crimea crimea reunited with russia probably the results of the referendum so it's all about starting point i always think are they saying that there was a starting point do we say that there was that one who had insulated adopted immediately adopted a law that was meant to deprive the russian speaking population of its rights on the and does the river aleutian arises from what the national radical organizations they demanded the russian speaking people to get out of crimea that's what they said and they say because the west say that it wasn't pride doesn't matter. and they see as a starting point the reunification with crimea going for them you have to ask for.
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chancellor merkel's visit that visit works that it was nothing extraordinary it was because of course we're going to do so will work well yes it is true the germany was interested in knowing how the building conference will take place in your view move you these conferences with somebody and you will be on leave. there was about one hour or 2 hour conversation between the leaders and i talked to might sound a little more impelled to that so we discussed that he should discuss the north seem to me and i think ariel feeling everything he was doing the jointer in the garden friends car friends i think this was just a regular visitor and it's. good to see that our relations with germany remain pragmatic.
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and that no question just so not all national. t.v. and i have 2 very short but why should the secret cover you mentioned iran you criticize the united states of those 3 european countries actually but you didn't say that it was russia who. say something to prevent further escalation. and the 2nd question for me these days i know that the government is about to be formed and will you continue to. for many still want to continue on the sort of the list. you already has a journalist for a long time you should understand everyone is laughing now so i was appointed 3 years ago with an entry in ministers and i am in doing that as for iran. it was on the screen so i would be your following. me collaboration's our
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initiatives we think it is i think what is happening with the j c p your way at the moment the plan was for that you ran. its nuclear program with within certain parameters. as for integrating the ball the i'm sorry. we. usually were. we water the research so all of you around. and reached out to 4 priests and so we ran to certain responsibility is. bush and dad demand. bake require more than universal agreements regarding the nonproliferation and their. documents and something that they are going to do. with their obligations so the only thing that the reprise missed in return there that the restrictions trade restrictions paul believed because the way as you
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didn't do anything exert itself to do anything they just promised to leave limitation limitations and they didn't do that the u.s. but everyone's to trade with the ranch told they threaten with sanctions and europeans they were legal bid. and they just got this for you tried to make a good faith they were saying that they are going to create a mechanism to start trade independent from dollar of from the united states and they took about a year to create this mechanism it was created more than a year ago its goal in stagg's is you know and it was created solely for the purpose of. having those kind of deals that they're concerned only humanitarian kind of goods and that there are not even prohibited by the american sanctions and they said that and if you would share when that mechanism starts
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working it will be used for other goods including the oil which is the main thing within this year and more than a year there wasn't a single deal under this mechanism one deal was started and it's not completed yet . and the down the $1000000.00 deal for the medication the you know the just drop water in the ocean kind of thing and when iran says it that they are going to. when you say the butt of all hood is that they're going to suspend their voluntarily obligations of course we being that it's not really helping the cause and it gives the reason to americans to skule the situation in a further. we can see why it happens why iran has to do theirs because they are not the weed growing from the rest of its obligations which is i believe it's really for all the states signatories solve the non proliferation agreement. with us and
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we think that the europeans they can and they must do more yes raise a problem related to the. private businesses decisions you can force a private company ship trade. by damaging itself i'd like company has certainly some investments in the united states or some other locations and that's investments that will depend on dollar and use some of them then the company they must make this season by itself where they work and with whom they were again we understand that but there are companies that have no is that obligations or interacts with. in the locations where american lawmakers can bridge the impact or restrict somehow. which is so i would like to underscore it one more time we have discussed we are discounts take now what will we do next and now
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we're at present they have said the foreign minister deputy is staying contact with european foreign policy services that occurred. on the. way i think in the near future we should have some kind of a meeting. to on the sleeves to deal with the situation in an honest way and to understand who is thinking what because i've already mentioned these. european partners u.k. germany and france they say that their actions that they're a created season call right to ram it it's only aimed at say being chased c.p.o. away but i would like to quote boris johnson once again when you are it's as if it is we should study when's the capitalists were saying that bird johnson said let's cancel the deal made by obama and let's have a new deal that would make that sit there and they were trying to backtrack from
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that but well it was said so it's where it's worst sad so if you were talking about our immediate plans at least i think we should help the meeting go bold the. participants signatories to a european 3 russia china and just in the honest way to talk to each other times of india now. don't forget to. thank you so much. my question is as follows what is your impression about your meeting with promise to maadi. on using national currencies just saddle the accounts and trade. and if i may. just
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a rush is. the name of the polish leave it. at the end. if the in august 29th talks. and your results and also what do you think about the. situation in the a we each have to deal with the status of kashmir. should you do you go would have asked for negotiations in new delhi with prime minister modi in the foreign ministry. and then we would we haven't talked about the currency we have been for a governmental mechanism for where the trade will get its way agencies that are busy with these matters at least here and there is going to be meeting with the. commission so we will be it is working and we have disguised political
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matters rather. we have a vote on their gender. collaboration and asio which reeks especially keeping in mind the drug. abuse in both of organisations and we have also described his general situation. during the huge screw over that including can you that we have now. even the to hike your own school to your in didn't. used to be agent pacific region and now our american counterparts actively promoting the pacific region of the term of the same as rule based order which is now it's part of the. cabbie of the re and now they are talking about shingo pacific region and the we have also discussed. these particular deterrence or the name or a concept we have
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a disguise it was the attitude of russia on how collaboration must be built on multilateral bases regions in our region and there are a brooch is are basically similar but would be india and russia they do not support any attempts to use these kind of concepts like indo-pacific strategies to for better words get you the conflicts forum some confrontational configurations in this region. change in russia the state important to continue collaboration in the multilateral organisation that were already created with. the ages this is station of the southeastern countries. they have the security of war and they have a special magnesium defense minister is somebody else ianthe entrées and that partners still be association and there is such an instrumental cell.
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we can discuss all kind of matters so that the. point of view very useful to a line or a stand that. positions which are. practically identical the other thing that terminology still raises questions and i have a great he ask our american counterparts japanese australia and most would you be. that is probably you we should ask them to because the us those trailers japan the republic of korea these are the main u.s. bush remember if somebody is going to surprise them so we replace. indo-pacific so us which doesn't mean the whole eastern africa is going to be barred those approaches to that part of some new cooperation in the shop for his place said no what it means that the persian god there's going to be a part of please just conscience for all the persian gulf is a part of the indian ocean as they said you know if you're so with me instead it
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has still the same. players as in the agent but if the crazy but it is do it just because someone wants to separate church seems pretty slim as certain divides of lines. so much so i just wanted to make sure that our indian friends understand it clearly. and i listened to it again in. the asia. these images you see to denote is a cut. down and this is. a crisis between iran and. the situation in afghanistan. i haven't answered the previous question regarding the kashmir problem this is a discussion of the security council were always advocating for. resolving the matter. between india and pakistan. and they graham and that leads me to contras you have adopted pieces that our it
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stands for but it looks whenever someone suggests discussing kashmir matter in the un of but it's was could you please repeat your question. for the longest. i've been to. your opinion you know how to do it but it's not going to the crisis between the u.s. and iran will influence the situation you're on the move so sure i think this coalition. between iran and the u.s. is not going to help to settle any kreider single region because the tension is growing you are used and the tragedy we had. with ukrainian airlines is a plane on the. we can consider it gives a single to a star that this will go lading with roads is not on the continuing threat and we have military jets flying around in the region. matters
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we know that the united states. are one of the main. stakeholders of ghana stones so they are how to look at all the troops in afghanistan and they are in negotiation with shelly ben and we've supported that sap for its weight think it's very important to reach an agreement. the imposed order that it would allow me to start at the top was doing all the gani. that was the condition from taliban litel a vessel that was. approved and very trying to help out with something and using our own to convert. that we are trying to urge to reach an agreement and to start direct dialogue we as you saw there are political forces in afghanistan and we have a past and we have a back channels china we. trilateral that channel that was joined
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recently by. being that it would be the right thing to do not say that the u.s. china russia and pakistan for a moment will you have seen these kind of. what you're at there at all being in the sense that regarding settlement rose as before but also to have iran joining there's a forum it was more. it should be possible. that he actually was. moved to say in the united states stands in the way. in situations like these to emerge in the talks with the united states and so help them with any matter it's from old standpoint of relations between the u.s. and iran must be deescalated to do this. for you i think it'll take us in the mood to some wisdom you that was a state wisdom. and those kind of relations and should be useful but we will be
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able to bridge the one way from a dangerous line if washington turned or what have you and the continued blaming everything on iran. the u.s. navy. and everywhere demanding for you people to stop doing stop taking any steps from developing you to do anything in the region it is impossible all of the countries in the region and in all the regions of the world they have their interests and they are promoting that. in the neighboring countries are the main i think is to use legal ways to promote the interests there that's not what always happen. wasn't always happening at the presence of its anti-terrorist coalition in the east of syria. stays equally littles are going to support accused only helps to instigate
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separatist. movements. so the thing is to see that the table of negotiations and around the world and the. schemes that are on the nods goes on our grandchildren for the. hundreds of then around such as it is least initiative to facilitate. these protests in the area. because we are suggesting the concept of the security procedures jeanne the persian gulf and the neighboring regions what we mean is not jazz. they need to sit at the same table all the gulf countries. but country is and iran but also to use some outside stakeholders i mean the arab league they islamic organisation of the calibration organisation by prominent security council members
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of the union i think it's kind of configuration or book or what would help them to start at least some kind of conference security conference and build. in this region beautiful trial process in the future is fit for excess you want to look at some other countries could join the protesters. if we take a wider region will spoke to some middle eastern countries north african countries unfortunately for the time being but if you go to the contradictions you. certain arab countries send the goal of iran are too deep. and so in our conflict in our dogs with saudi arabia and say the united arab emirates and with iran we will advocate for it when you money's starting to get it seems that there is an understanding that that is really a necessary thing bad we haven't managed to convince our friends to start this kind of work. been done by the independent
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a you came you say so we hope that the question will be about the scrape case. that's reason enough and you hear me. so i want to ask you about the ukrainian airlines last we knew we had a lot of them there it's a lot of discussion on. the approach that iran has and there's a one russia has medium age 17 which you can switch accident. so my question is as follows when you would you agree with a lot of money and in this case iran. behaves like a man so properly and some others. and again my question
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also concerns the position of the foreign ministry until recently. the. foreign ministry of finance do so much is up with i've been saying that it's always disinformation coming from the west something while in fact there were facts that there was some on the contrary to the naked eye it was done something still together differ as it was done and the intelligence said that something happened there at the. height of new t.v. or in 5000 meters and we had to fotis going again so that was not true as it turns out forwards so my question yes it's do you think you should you could argue apologize to the people. whose family members died admire i would like to listen to your opinion about what. the. so we don't want people to whom are you.


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