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tv   Documentary  RT  January 18, 2020 8:30pm-9:00pm EST

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people don't know when they look at you and they're really inside left you it's left a scar a better me. you never knew when it will hit you and still i was managing what is inside to me. you know when the wish for anybody to to understand what's happening you don't know what way. and you are there. and it's takes a long time until you get out of it. and this is just i'm talking about it. it's.
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that. you go on. and. i felt every moment missing my mom. first the war she would be going to. how happy she would be and then leading me in what to do i was just like helpless i don't know i was handling this child like a fragile thing. it's cannot be described in the real moser's love and i missed it. i know it's hard for me to call if they ever saw me crying could be. i really tried my best to protect them and. i kept a lot of things away there's something say i didn't want them to know.
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when the time already came when they saw my number and there were designee mother what disease you can imagine and their 2 moment what can you tell him you know used to say well they put this number because you get lost found me go find your mama and that's it enclosed. as older i go out and i look back. and indeed between the lines. that they really held it. so this is something i'd completely forgotten about it's an anthology of poems by children of holocaust survivors and i remembered having a phone published in it but until i just opened it up i remember what paula was the
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poem was called at 32. i don't remember this poem at all that i'll read it for you and i haven't seen it in like a long time. at 32 the lady never shakes free the ashes of the dead. dark clouds dark cauliflower fests i climb the cherry tree for her this year. and carry a 5 gallon jars of fresh clover honey for a kitty backstairs this lady is the witness who never forgets she hangs wet wash on the line in a stiff wind against a background of dust she yells at the dog catcher and cuts chicken to the bone she cries a long distance about this and that about the little man who is her son little son. who is her husband over and over she sings the song her.
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kids. were ringback. you know you. never hear you are. well you know your hair looks good. looking. let it know what is going on. do you gentlemen nation know. the end of the day you know it said do you say there are madam please allow this let there is there was for me no oh
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you least insulation and. if you have any. interest you contact me. it was really a shocking point to me. and i have to prepare myself you don't have to close it. dated. but now well this is what i'm saying to myself a sunday at what's happening now i have to change gears to where i keep larry was sort of. horrible things that i can't believe myself sometimes when a close and. i ways through age. you know i tell you one thing. it's always in my mind. when. you stick your member whenever you are down. no camorra down.
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how many years have you been doing this for many years i cannot even county you know exactly how many years i started to speak up it took it took a long time because i visualized i was very naive. people will literally take with the hate from their hearts and jad respects you for the human mean but i was very very wrong. and this is a very. good talk to me so deeply when i hear and i see we're going back. in the hate to still growing. more than i ever would. so you go warning you but.
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in a way very disappointed to know world in feeling goes a dissing way. here speaking up is not enough. i'll start an ally for. us every day where the life of. ours. in a mature prison. was not a humble person. process. a lot of my life not really. contributing much.
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carnegie. i just really didn't have any use for anything positive i just you know i'm going to be a prisoner. of. misfortune or in your. songs i never know who you're going to be is going to change your line. would shape or form you're going to come here. mining will see what i mean for me. i am to yourself. and i mean in a program and all the kansas presence called reaching out from within. the national recidivism statistics are between 50 and 67 percent of
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all of the many women who are released will return at least once. our program if you attend between 16 more meetings at me and said a little more than a year. it drops to 8 percent. there are some rituals connected with reaching out from within there are very important promise yourself to be so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of modern progress the optimist creed we finish with every night and through every group we finish with that we want to leave with at least a thought or feeling that if we just believe that things are going to be all right that. that's a big majority of things being all right. so here i am and having coffee. in reading a newspaper about the closing of a shopping center and they are interviewing sonia and the interviewer is saying to
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her you've lost so many things in your life you've had so many disappointments how do you face the world every day. and she said if you look up on the wall you will see the optimists creed and when i come in every morning that's the 1st thing that i. and i thought to myself sonia and the optimist create the prisoners and the optimist creed i have to bring them together 2 2.
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the world is driven by dreamers shaped by one person with those words. thinks. we dare to ask. isn't money i'm not. the one.
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of a time about it was it was a bit time that was in a sense as if i'm was more than. one when i was in the side of the. sea in the cartoon you can but i'm before but i caught on to them but. now i'm body i now move on. america no i was really like to be in hell. because he would never believe it what a human can do to have as. when they that i was working in
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to fields one date and can't come said with a problem the. ashes were spreading the ashes i was a fairy tale eyes and i can't tell you may spreading those you know with their soul i could see the little pieces of bones which even in the could of my toria it couldn't completely and this was a very difficult to me till today i still live with this. kicking. in this is your opinion parties and spiritual exterminate through race. maybe that injury was when he was beating me up by her making me a mole now i can make it i can make it out. she got remember to hold on. these numbers on my server. to number 0 are. when i seen.
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it made me say yeah. i never did i will see me somebody like that we have to come to this understanding it is what you are insight not to judge you how you look or you know what is your religion but as a person what a person you. experience is everything. to me it takes people who have been through something to reach people who who are going through something. i mean as some people who go on do crazy things hurt others because they're hard and they don't think things will get better from. and when you say oh. and you look at her as you see. things are good for her now them i gave you the courage to say you know. i'm not going to what i was thinking about i don't.
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know if i forgive. forgiveness is a very important act in normal life but i came to the conclusion myself there are so more there seem forgiveness what i have seen people dying hanging him burning children sometimes from the pile they're burned i would say the people who asked about this burnt i cannot even begin to tell you who am i to say that i forgive you know this has to come from a higher place for a lot different place but forgiveness should be perfect is. to put do love in your heart try to help you become like a different person see the parole board in 6 months or so oh oh. hopefully i'll be getting a chance to you know control me something. and. then
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return to the matter out. i hope that all of you in time will be in freedom but in the free don't never to come back to displace either and like i say still mad the war stayed all that dimension to you and there's. a worry thank you so wonderful come here goes do you trust not only me but a lot of these guys in here that you've given me more strength after 32 years of being here makes me want. to get out here so i appreciate you coming here thank you i really really great. leverage the way. you make out. the
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opposite that you see when i get out on the farm saw you know what it's like my son so had an excuse so he can listen and hopefully be bless. her experience. straight up because i believe he's dead right it would kill me in just a moment the pride was near. this i don't think i could feel. she's alive to offer by. now. or even seriously so you know it's ok it's a very serious. place they're coming to. take your. worship now while you are getting your message no exercise or. if i might make.
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sure all the strong days don't go. with us you can be very small. you know when you're 944 my mom was forced on the desk march from auschwitz to the notorious for going bills and. this brings us to how the war ended for my mom when british troops approached her camp. and what happened between her and then s.s. guard on her last day of captivity. they're relating to it and they're thinking about themselves and their families and so i feel an obligation. and it's an obligation that i'm glad to do now and honestly i feel
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privileged. i really feel privileged. that i can do this you know i mean to me. and it means to me there and i wish that my father. and i wish that he. had enough. when he was. here. if. you and i are speaking on the 70th anniversary of the liberation of one of the camps that you were in bergen belsen so it was a very said it was a happy day. that
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is the secret to challenge the united nations. if. it is here 1st there's still. the reality vibrating it here is coming closer and closer they need this sort of liberation. of course they were starving. kids in the area where my mother was working. there were still a couple guards that were. in the cars for trying to stop the. shooting if. the bullets came. from my house and it came to. a close. and then girls with this from the same wallet but also one that. i was the most
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serious. at the moment when the bullet i did not realize what is happening to me until the blocked will start coming and i knew. this was a terrible experience just to see they have to do that. after so much trauma. but i made it.
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she survived years demo make tests and. they did the spoke to me the strivings blue. little. 11 years old and very little at least i am so glad to have. it in the media to. literally. in an era when the sun will suck. and summer's. coming they're telling their friends about. it. let's head live. to. be.
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so you know obviously facts a lot of people and when she talks people they say they want to do something about it and they want to make it she. said i thought that it was important that i actually density thing instead of just touch me. so my name is caroline kennedy. the same beat and just graduated from high school. so i met sonia when i was in 8th grade. 1st story changed my life
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completely changed my outlook on what i want to do. her one individual story was all it took to inspire me to go and start this organization. that's really the whole idea because one person has the power to impact one person has a power to impact one person and it's a huge chain reaction. i mean if you think about it so and yet coming to my school had an impact on you now and so maybe me coming to your school will have an impact on other people in the future.
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just one magic bullet you could actually come up with some of the top of these baby bonds talking about ways we get access to capital in capitalism couples important so we could actually have programs that actually help folks who want to do that but when you give everybody a $1000.00 i'm a poor person i'm going to consume that and then you're rich you're going to invest that. the spirit is going to grow because you're not using your money you're literally buying more crazy things and then my landlord knowing that i got a $1000.00 and you just go raise my ribs so then you get your inflation going on and they're. just. keep the. one. is just. most of us cringe believe most would nobody.
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really believe in the most. young woman. not if it will change when you don't let us. know what is. in the. congo the kids same compensate all boil to deny that nobody. can see them no proof nothing and they think. it's not. going to. get to the quick.
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move on the list i didn't get showed up to move this because of almost an infant who calls in to be out in show her so it's often we must. it's not so much because of the heists huns it is a constant because you see i'm ideas. is you'll be d.n. a reflection of reality. in a world transformed. what will make you feel safe. isolation little community. are you going the right way or are you being led. directly. what is true was his faith.
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in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. of the shallowness.
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this is a story about what happens auster a stray bullet kills a young girl in the streets. what happens to her family and daughters in florida no mother daughter is buried in a cemetery it really messes with your head what happens to the community the public was screaming for a scapegoat the police needed a scapegoat so why not choose a 19 year old black kid with a criminal record who better to pen this than him and what happens in court be. shocked shocked as far as i feel. we don't know she'll share this truthful. end of this trial unfortunately you truly will still love no chill just.
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over to mark. and dramatic scenes the french president is rushed down to paris theater under a hail of boos as furious protesters chanting mcconnell resign trying to confront him. a russian computer programmer arrested in greece and washington's request pleas for help claiming he's been tortured and tonight his basic rights. and that russia marks a 77 years since the end of the siege of leningrad one of world war 2 years most appalling humanitarian disasters.


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