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it is a constant you must. do things is a bit like figure skating cause it should travel site ways to specific time and it no less than 500 kilometers per hour tried to stop rivals and partners at the same time because most of the circuits mirroring each other's waists in this space are actually speed to place to get. to the thing was born in japan but as a sport it's become incredibly popular in russia the reason is simple it's where cheap grit wheel drive cars are made when it is a long time plentiful ice makes drifting easy safe and so much cheaper than during the summer.
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regionally trained as a nurse field thought of began his drifting career on the streets now he's the only russian pilot who also drives a car like this in the summer too but his ego has been seriously upgraded. so those of cruising users are going. ready to have thought you knew the boss was going to sort. of i should saw a bug. since all pilots use the winter to prepare their cars for the summer meaning winter competitions are a chance to practice and this time the whole family has come along the most one go bust but it will be steve it wasn't even if you were out so if so it was more likely to be in the round of ballot. box.
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if i could see at the post live years with him but here he would have sat down and he asks to chime say yes because you still. want the most stuff more and not the one that just wasn't me after i got told why did not you know what it was lead new global into and used to 15 or was that i answered cocked it up but i'm still sticky was put in the wallace and yes that will bite you if you know it. when i was a plus years old and you're still what i call the sees it now that's yet. you're still vision but you can. see a survey genius. and i have a. clue pull the most of the news i was there did you can you with the severe i was supposed to lead news just go buy a bike or do when you. get the sly and you poor. little ghost but the goal is to keep it all of who do with us and you source and source and source of us that you so he feels ok when you want it you'll get what i don't
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know not the no thanks i. didn't die you might be responding you that's got to be a lot they have to might be. more joy than just guides or lead to thoughts in the guise that it. doesn't want from. me if you leave i will not go by evil thing if you are going to be useful. here here you know that television coming from the beast we see leads to more spending. i still practice you don't know this before but you need to see to me to not someone were the norm i knew someone was no longer of the. seed you could look here as i'm listening to what is quick and what and you know no no i don't want them. to see it but rather just. a mosque with more than
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a. building a car costs at least $3000000.00 rubles or $45000.00 tires alone cost at least $10000.00 each season when you drift at that speed each tire lost for just one race . getting expert alexandra de mint throwing coke can see no point in practicing on ice during the winter to maintain his driving skills he goes to the drifting birthplace japan because as we move from washington. a career in the going rate i don't want. to be noticed you know with york. if. you believe that you know it's already a city road or she's. on. using it you don't think if it's in the city's financial solutions gibraltar would use for you this is smart and move it around that would mean almost.
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on a share in you'll get used to be for sale of those a bicycle but you are just missing what you think they are but i guess i'm going to have a job i hope we don't. molly idea to show the store that i should stick with thank you all. so much. that. we have 5 years that's a big deal you know. if. they can or should mention show us what your. your goal. was was for gulf war but all of us even if they have a little bit of just a little what with this being able to sleep well you see. it. like that it you know we look at it you. know the goods are all typical i mean i do know us again. in london but you know it's true that you know we're my own need us to
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a new outlook on life and do nothing to do great something so that means that the open and i do see the interest on not so much and he got in a bit of. grease pump exploded when fia don't choose his car so he had to reassemble the engine the night before the race literally. when you asked and still i think when. you look at the way we. just thank you. so much for that. doesn't must adjust to the notion of other stimulants along the month but so much to the full circle still photos of.
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this most of you know most of the only a lot of you know i said i was there most of the sunni community. quite sure why should near the near the young muslim possibility to the supermarket or ileum of will be doing with superpower the us call for. some aggressive with was the lesson the more that was approved. come up they'll support you which isn't a good one i mean example asteroid model cover would have been shot so it's one less so volatile washed. is the same as biased isn't it and they do a sport of getting new growth it. be full of the main competition as a qualifying and only city took it to. keep the chance to get if you want to be old conflicts yet again. he was going straight for too long without doing any drifting. well now the judges will
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definitely give him a 0. hour day in fact both bar-b. office attempts to get 0 points. so he now leads out of the tandem races tomorrow. or the ship could be a recent thing i guess that's the 1st sensation of the day both for a builds attempts against 00 who will turn up for the books charge a. new partner who knows what. watching this will. do will be most people get to where you. until tomorrow everyone from a nickel ice with love will see you on sunday. school
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to see what. you. i. thank. the syllabus of good more be. such a good spot simmons up. but the proud city your 1st thought it. showed is that. you know it should a sort of. some sort. of someone is a. 28 the 1st time ever the russian drift c.b.c. says it has been extended cities all over the country from west to east will be hosting a city taking place. in moscow each pack covers the said kid twice and they don't
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just have to cover it they must complete specific standards set out by the officials. to chase cars let me read the lead calls me from and while staying as close as possible and maintaining maximum speed. it can heat the lead and chase a switch places the officials judge how accurately they drive. these while so to speak. over jobs on the surface yet when you do it you really do it. in the distance of a group of officers 1st. the reigning champion against one approaches most experienced drifter and they're the 1st race the jockey for position.
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in the field stunned the 2nd piece with confidence and following india's trajectory they make a synchronised grab assegais get in there just a few metres to the finish line and here it is on. the field they're off last the 1st race about the sun because. it will send the money. that i go side to from japan versus muscovite alexander the retiring. race. and things of that dimitri go ahead straight we'll be right on the circuit. very. close. but they. don't have.
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that last 2 weeks to fix that cause trouble to the audience vote for a 2nd round and try to win the rematch a trace brings new habs new ambitions. this kit is regarded as tricky and technically demanding the slightest mistake could cause a car to crash into the wall at top speed. but the goal of the other side of the it is a little green zone that was a little to see all of us but there was a mile off them i really. almost to believe it was just the work that i'm doing the new moment is up over by the mobiles for the full truth 117 kilometers by now before the turn but the approach was all full and so it didn't really matter much. xander was in for a surprise even before the race began the qualification round showed that despite
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all the lengths he's gone to the call still isn't ready for the real deal alexander is forced to withdraw on technical grounds. or daughter most of all a surly really good sister must also mumble some of the visuals a little stressed about our shift so. far. is that. i'm not sure. i'll get along.
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glenn. glenn. glenn glenn glenn. play. live. plenty live. oh. please. live.
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just split. playing. and very well can see you watching us in such. operations understand that a cost of doing business is buying and building support in washington d.c. and that includes staffing up with former members of congress put them on your payroll you want to hire a chief of staff from a powerful senator or committee. member get their chief of staff put them on your payroll as a lobbyist this is what washington does on a bipartisan basis in fact i think it's the only point of true bipartisanship in d.c. is corporate influence over government. she
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comes on. i i. fear for. what's actually burning. a spike you has got out of the car. really shouldn't open the blown it by himself the most. anyway the rescue teams there with fire extinguishers. claro you. through the mist but does it i suspect the fun might have started
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earlier we just didn't notice it so obvious reasons you did for. almost a hotbed of all. people. want the race was a huge success for. both defeated strong opponents and made it to the semifinals now they're missing for a place in the finals in real life. he wanted to show you and he is the official decision made see you none of us. feel to be a brace it isn't over yet he's still in the running for 3rd place. probably
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it was good because going to the left to live side by side so they got such makes a turn and stays close to his opponents. and field of rb all the hits. you'll. see those pits crew has just 5 minutes to put the call right. field of saburo has a damaged axle most likely the drivers will now take fives. to . help it. the
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deal does go to a slim chance of winning now it muddies loser with the coolest commands a great deal of respect. a. lot. of fun but it really was too good a move to steal it but the idea that video young women of the world are. so competing in the final race of. their off and reigning russian drift series champion tailgate aka. a. bit of what.
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oh yeah but it was a lot of over the. second place in my tandem racing. 6 to find candidates of a good service area if you don't get your chance. to see. that concludes the 2nd round of the. dream thank you very much goodbye everyone. full field thought of vital beyond the round inside she put the highlights of some of mine safety keep the semifinal i can may still want to see it dissolve the world
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title fights on japan. japanese try to close my book field. trip to the front some because. he's about to race in the final with one of the legends of blue drifting. field started drifting with another 2105 will begin like she's doing the engine and now he's here it's the culmination of round 5 until race in the final he made his opponent with the respect. but not the son of god because on the track it's such a all you may feel it's still. in the 1st seat feel finished a little behind the famous japanese try that feeling jumping the 2nd. second leaves you ready. ok.
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look believe they can chop wood. you know. so i just. feel. a little bit. even in the came in 2nd stunning on the podium next to the just existing star is a notable success i thought i made a 2nd place so you would. be was the name when i was. briefed. on the phone what's it been used for soliciting costly beef was an accident that happened before the vote in vos talk around what you feed those plans for the season. if.
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you did 5 years the rules sure the source they're going to be the food she was what she was fighting just those them all those states got just a little bucket but if you on the board with me you look at falkirk our stock should all do a stroke and you just of the one you had to thank you for. or thank the school. that it was in this car because i want to let my friends. know what the rules are so i will bore no sprawl but i will get on with and. the only. thing you're stuck on with the future is the fire so prisons full of cop one stipulation or so they're going to. see every one of the poor folk who didn't go on what we did was in human rights mean. to those who could topple who are going it's just the ukrainians they are more almost more than i do. no we seal morgan knew but i.
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knew what type of the contras most of the corps more stamp righteous cause it was going to deal with something dealing with war bunch of blood in you need deal if you must insist as i'm in the north and it has long been accused of it now and that's where the song far you have that special forces. but more the. combatants is in my view that and expect to go out of our pipedream said the woman is thought of as those themes for new mel the new golden is used in war mushrooms for a while your more. so but when you pull the one you're almost in their. nature by genius. no i want to go and visit.
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at least 3 g.'s. we've been in moscow nizhny novgorod such a krasnoyarsk. it's a challenge to. be a field that often comes from the farming stuff and he knows the circuit inside and out he's $100.00 places he. tell his son told by the coal mining area field obstruct the good of a long. well i don't know if they'll get it ready for drifting in time for the sun placed results but he surrenders like a by rank him loria ollie's a local m.p. at least st.
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louis is costs told during the final. via video got stuck. it's come wouldn't continue. so much for a pleasant homecoming. just as soon as it rose color is towed to the shop 5 minutes to fix it with the manager no cecilia that's it. but we'll still celebrating. the season. ala gay chief janet make a gut check this round. under pressure drip c.m.e. season. i am the
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1st soup this season we've gone clean how the only question was finished. the same stuff which if you would any of that if you're stumbling programmable to go to. the ridiculous is cool with. minimal cool cool cool but nowhere to be seen to be able to do the alexandra de mint throwing only money $24.00 out of 7 races in $28.00. year bull new good numbers do we know what some of that's got lost for the. simple cause i thought for 3 just for the moment i didn't you to cheat his own son the son didn't those i mean it was. just you know who to trust . your words and once it's in that's us and you know evoke about all the love with the boss of the. human is wants it to work shocked.
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e.q. . sometimes that 'd $28.00 team the russian team beat japan in the d. one drifting grand prix at that time. and didn't defend but g.s. champion gale chief john became the world's drifting champion. i am. welcome to max keiser financial survival guide. looking forward to your pension account. yonks this is what happens to pensions in britain don't let
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this happen to you watch kaiser report. this is a story about what happens auster a stray bullet kills a young girl in the streets. what happens to her family and daughters in florida the mother daughter is buried in a cemetery in healing this is with your head what happens to the community the public was screaming for a scapegoat the police needed a scapegoat so why not choose a 19 year old black kid with a criminal record who better to pen this than him and what happens in court be. shocked shocked as far as a side deal. we don't know childress is truthful. and in this trial unfortunately you too will still love no children.
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libya peace talks involving the warring sides and world leaders create new mechanism for a lasting cease fire we'll look at whether the plan can hold. doctors face criminal charges for approving the euthanasia of a woman in psychiatric disorder and the 1st such trial simple procedure was legalized in the country at the start of the country. and the u.s. state of virginia declares a state of emergency and bans weapons ahead of a gun rights rally warning of a credible threat of violence.


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