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charged with cyber crimes in brazil over. the. journalist. he was killed. in the wake of 911. i believe there was a. certain
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. prosecutors in brazil have charged a pulitzer prize winning journalist glenn greenwald with cyber crimes authorities say he coordinated top officials phones to get information on a high profile corruption case last year intercept site in brazil co-founded by greenwald was behind the release of damaging conversations between top figures in the probe. brazil's president has never been a big fan of journalists if you don't go there was a look at you the money we've got the secular go off i fell for that but no money. but what they're doing with them as you are you know what i do i usually have very motivated to do everything in order to be a bit of both of us all thinking i thought you'd normally keep but asked if i
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wasn't going on this so it's no surprise freedom of the press is once again under attack in the country american journalist glenn greenwald is facing cybercrime charges for leaking text messages of government officials glenn greenwald in the free conscious involuntary way directly assisted encourage and guided to criminal group of hackers during a criminal practice acting as a guarantor of said group and also narrow is more than a little defensive he should not be here he says still in brazil where is he he was denounced by the justice system don't you believe in the system at the same time the president's son who is also an m.p. cannot contain his glee. glenn greenwald always said he loved brazil and wanted to get to move the country in depth maybe he will even get to know the inside of a jail the charges come after greenwald's news outlet exposed a possible conspiracy within the judicial system based on the leaked private text
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messages they purported to show that then federal judge colluding with the prosecution in a high profile corruption case the same one that landed both scenarios main rival lula da silva in jail preventing him from running for another presidential term the federal judge denied everything and even went on to head the justice ministry as for the journalist to shed light on the scandal he found himself under investigation even though the federal police and the supreme court told the administration to drop the case in our government president bush norah multiple members of his government simply don't believe in a free press we don't believe in prosper they don't even believe in democracy they've repeatedly and explicitly praised the military dictatorship that ruled the country until they needed 5 years disappear your form of government and this is all about ushering in that level of repression whistleblowers and watchdog organizations are calling the situation a blatant attack on journalistic freedom absolute resolute this is unbelievably
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could retaliation for revealing the extreme corruption at the highest levels of both scenarios administration and the next use then sure threat to investigative journalism in brazil in an outrageous violation of press freedom the brazilian government has ignored a supreme court order in charge journalist glenn greenwald with cyber crimes for the intercepts investigative series on widespread corruption in brazil. how the government must immediately condemned this outrageous assault on the freedom of the press and recognize that its attacks on press freedoms at home have consequences for american journalists doing their jobs abroad leg length going wild the prosecution of glenn greenwald is once again putting the spotlight on the current administration's a legit corrupt dealings it's no wonder balsa naro has no love for journalists this is just what's happening to journalism around the world those who attempt to shine a light on the inner workings of power are being. if at best pushed to the margins
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and often prosecuted under the full extent of the law does it make a difference yes i think it is important to journalists it's vital it's essential to what we do unfortunately the power of journalism to. not only expose abuses of power and crimes fraud and wise of the powerful but to then push away then a system so that people are held accountable has been severely weakened and this is just true everywhere including of course in brazil they have pulled email exchanges a stand simply between julian a son and. then private bradley manning to argue exactly the same thing and it's it's fictitious it's untrue but it's clear that that is the mechanism they want to use to go after greenwald just like the united states is using that mechanism to go after julian assange. un human
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rights experts have called for an immediate probe into allegations that the saudi crown prince hacked to the phone of billionaire jeff bezos of amazon founder also owns the washington post newspaper where dissident journalist and jamal khashoggi worked before being assassinated by a saudi head squad in 2018. the alleged hacking of mr bezos is food m those of others demands immediate investigation by the u.s. and of the relevant authorities including investigation of the continuous munty a direct and personal involvement of the crown prince in efforts to target perceived opponents well it appears according to the information that has been presented that the phone of jeff bezos was hacked via the messenger application known as whatsapp now saudi arabia denies that that's the case now it's important to note that not only is jeff bezos very wealthy a billionaire in the united states but he's also the owner of the washington post
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and the washington post was the employer of jamal khashoggi folks will recall jamal khashoggi was brutal killing so at this point that raises some interesting concerns this is what has been presented about the possible hacking the information we have received suggests the possible involvement of the crown prince in surveillance of mr bezos in an effort to influence if not sign it's the washington post reporting in saudi arabia these allegations are run of and as well to own going evaluation of claims about the chrome prince's involvement in the 2900 muddle of saudi and washington post joining this. now in october of 28 teen jamal khashoggi visited the saudi embassy in istanbul and he never came out of the of the embassy he was dismantled within it cut into pieces and at that point there was a lot of international outrage about the incident now a sense then they came of saudi arabia has declared this was simply a rogue operation 5 individuals have actually been sentenced to death for their
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involvement in it however 3 top officials were cleared of any wrong doing and many observers noted that it took a long time for the trumpet ministration to criticize the actions of saudi arabia or to even give any response to the answer let's review what the response from the trump administration what if i. only came was this is how they responded to the killing of journalist jamal khashoggi employed by the washington post i don't like stopping massive amounts of money that's being poured into our country spending 110000000000 dollars on military equipment and on things that create. and others for this country we have identified at least some of the individuals responsible including those in the intelligence services the royal court the foreign ministry and other saudi ministries who we suspect to have been involved in mr coo show these death now the possible hacking of the phone of jeff bezos the
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billionaire and owner of the washington post adds a new chapter to this case however many observers have noted that the ties between the united states and the king of saudi arabia are not small and the trump an administration in particular has embraced the saudi kingdom trumps 1st international trip after all was to riyadh to meet with the saudi monarchy so it appears that when issues like human rights and the killing of jamal khashoggi or the war in yemen come up the united states seems to prioritize its friendship with saudi arabia over other issues so perhaps this new hacking will be another incident that will that will raise some concerns but many have observed that the usa seems pretty loyal to saudi arabia former u.s. diplomat john trust says it will take more than a killing and a phone hack to spoil u.s. and saudi relations i don't think anything is going to break or anything of the foreseeable on the horizon is going to break these close ties with saudi arabia.
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you know people are had a little momentary loss about. because after all he was part of that he was a local market he was involved with the cia so this was a terrible terrible thing just like however they don't make wouldn't care less that saudi arabia is slaughtering people in yemen and in fact we're helping them doing. it doesn't make any difference for 2016 ran against kind of foreign policy we've had for the last 3 decades but has done nothing with. been in office said that means not putting america's interests 1st but putting israel's in saudi's. and it gets worse at least until we have the steam power and states and i think it's just business as usual. reminds me of when. obama was caught her miracles show after 2 years. a psychologist dubbed the architect of the cia's enhanced interrogation techniques is unapologetic about his
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role in any torture program that admission came during the trial of 5 guantanamo bay detainees on their alleged roles in the $911.00 terrorist attacks. which have a personal consequences i would live with i believe there was a genuine threat of an imminent attack i thought my more obligation to protect american lives outweighed temporary discomforts of terrorists i gets up today and do it again. james mitchell was contracted by the cia in the wake of 911 to create an interrogation program for al qaeda suspects he personally used waterboarding torture technique that simulates drowning on several prisoners later he and another psychologist set up a company that provided support for the interrogations the cia's program includes now illegal coercive measures.
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in the immediate aftermath of $911.00 we tortured some folks lawyers for the 5 detainees are now asking for any statements made under interrogation to be disqualified from the trial on grounds of torture and try war activist sara flounders believes the guantanamo bay court proceedings are deeply flawed well none of this could possibly be a fair trial i mean how can you have a fair trial with people who've been held in total secrecy whose testimony is based on torture. the media isn't allowed in except for conditions so strict that they can't even have a picture of the court room all the testimony is restricted. none of this none of this liars and layers of secrecy is about providing any kind of justice or accountability or even of information it is going through
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a theater in order to once again exert their power their power over people's lives and we should just note that there were juveniles who were a youth who were held for years at guantanamo there were people who had nothing to do who are simply sold for bounty who were kuantan m o $780.00 prisoners and then the thousands who were held in secret rendition or around the world no accounting for them so this was a huge program and its ramifications were still feeling today. the 1st a detainee mr mitchell water boarded was a palestinian man known as abu zubaida he has never been charged with a crime but remains indefinitely in guantanamo he was the 1st known cia prisoner to undergo enhanced interrogation and even lost an eye while being tortured during his time there has attempted to illustrate his experiences and
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a bit of warning you may find some of the following images distress. as soon as they locked me up inside the box i tried my best to sit up but in vain for the box was too short i tried to take a curled position but to no avail for it was too tight the very strong pain made me scream unconsciously.
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they kept pouring water and concentrating on my nose and my mouth until i really felt i was drowning and my chest was just about to explode from the lack of oxygen . the long hours went by while i was standing in that position my hands were tight to the upper bars. it felt like an eternity to the point that i found myself falling asleep despite the water being thrown at me by the guard. there's absolutely no justification that can ever be given or accepted for the horrendous and systematic torture that was used and it was used and authorized from the highest levels from the presidency the f.b.i.
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the cia the top levels of the military the studies were known the conditions were no. this isn't just one or 2 people michel and jennings this was an entire unit set up in order to use torture and to study how to apply the most excruciating cry for mx's of torture of pain of waterboarding of slamming of of packing into tight boxes of stress positions and on and on so how could you justify any of this and none of this torture provided any real information of course not that that that would even be an excuse it was done to hundreds of prisoners there were also hundreds of secret prisons secret rendition and a geisha in centers all of this really has to be exposed and their accounting demanded not only of those who designed the torture but of those who set up these
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torture camps. greek islanders went on strike on wednesday in protest against the influx of migrants and thousands of locals took to the streets businesses and were shut down for 24 hours on 3 greek islands lesbos saw most and kiosks which are all popular tourist resorts local authorities will later be heading to athens to present their demands to the government to some refugee camps on the islands have more than 10 times the number of people they were originally before. we try to give a message around to the whole world that this can go on it can't go on anymore lesbos has had the load on their shoulders for 5 years because these ladies were not we have nothing against the refugees and migrants have shown this solidarity all this time but we are asking for a change to government policy that should lead to the equal distribution of refugees and migrants to this the migrants should go we're not racist simply the
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situation on the island is out of control 100 percent you can see for yourselves what's happening. coming they're not leaving open the borders so they can go to salute bulgaria germany. for the past 5 years the greek islands have become key entry points to the e.u. for migrants and refugees many fleeing war or poverty in sub-saharan africa and the middle east the greek government has promised to toughen asylum laws and deport all illegal migrants who are not entitled to protection. german chancellor angela merkel is calling on western powers to include china in the pursuit of common goals and not return to cold war era exclusion. of course we also have to build up fairness of course we have to practice multilateralism so the rules apply to everyone but i believe for us not to fall into any bipolarity but rather that we try was the result an experience we have to include a country like china multilateralism and treated at least equally it comes as the
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u.s. and china managed to reach a truce in their trade war manufacturers suffered collateral damage from tensions between washington and beijing that mostly hit its car industry another flash point was chinese tech giant wall way and the u.s. is continuing to pressure the european union to ban wall way 5 g. equipment over fears it could spy for beijing and steal intellectual properties the company denies all accusations in germany the question of 5 g. has long been debated by lawmakers with beijing promising a backlash if wall way is banned in order to appease washington. if germany which would make a decision that led to exclusion from the german market will be consequences the chinese government will not stand by. our guest to give us their views on the long running dispute over wall way. for germany and for e.u.
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to maintain its independence to maintain its own judgment on major issues in the world rather than purely passively just to follow the leadership of another major country makes a lot of sense china after all is a permanent member of the security council of the united nations and it is the 2nd largest economy in the world and to marginalize china will not succeed to a large hand and also will bring a lot of economic it is advantage to whichever country which tries to push china down on the ground the e.u. in general is one of the poles on it of no border and china doubtless needs another one so were there would be more collaboration been done but they're not continuous adjourned or and also because of the bad shape is the means dong very soon and there be a new suspects so maybe it is a plan to install a new policy to create a new consensus among the country and for china of course right now is for its own
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critical and for the period of a sign us trade war on shows governments always will engage the european countries as a remote island to kind of kind of balance. automotive and electrical energy giant tesla has divided the residents of a town near the german capital over plans to create its 1st major european factory where dozens of demonstrators have been denouncing possible environmental damage with plans to cut down 300 hectares of forest for the factory but they were met by counter-protest as well who appeared to be enthusiastic over the promise of thousands of jobs it helmeted many people are absolutely not aware of those decisions great fall out our water management agency has already admitted that there is no guarantee the locals will be supplied with enough water after the launch of the factory they have to think about it it is nice but not true either it's good or not i'm worried. the environment having advanced there will be new
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jobs and new transpired it's hard to imagine anything better that's not this nickel it's a good opportunity for our region but electric cars won't solve everything and they manufacture causes environmental damage because it's a money on but i'm in favor of job creation and tesla as a company but wasn't there any other place for this factory. you know would do it again the young graduates haven't been able to find work that fits their skill was hearing growing haida so a lot of them had to move to other cities and i hope this project will provide a boost for the whole region the equivalent of bank of course we're concerned about it on the one hand we're glad that investors are interested in brandenburg on the other hand we're talking about serious interviewer ince natural processes we should
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be carefully considered we should do everything to me to get damage based on the deforestation area the implications will be very grave we're talking about total deforestation and the extinction of all the animal and plant species which once inhabited this rude. doesn't for me i will be back of the top they are with headlines say with the starting fresh.
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seems like 2016 all over again bernie sanders is popular in doing well in the polls and the democratic establishment along with the donor class are nervous their centrist politics is fraying now throw in identity politics the problem for bernie this time around apparently is that he's not inclusive enough is the democratic primary being rigged again. but we've also discovered that there are genes in our bodies that protect us from aging we call these longevity genes and there's a set of genes that we work on in my lab at harvard called the search to ns and for those to work effectively to slow aging and prevent us from getting diseases they need a molecule called in 80. 2 of the kids same companies same go. to 9. people in the group and they
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can. go into. the which i did. showed up to move this because of almost an infant didn't show up and we must. is not so much of a. positive as a tons of a few rough. now
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imagine are tense here we're going underground on day 2 of us president donald trump's impeachment trial in the u.s. senate even as the man himself rubbed shoulders with the billionaires of dallas coming up on the show we often will trump lawyer alan dershowitz what is the actual point of the impeachment trial and we go to some of the 2000 richest to own more than 5000000000 people on earth put together a gathering to talk about poverty in this was a bus from the b.b.c. to the monarchy what's fueling meltdowns in the british establishment we are privy councillor and former u.k. home office minister norman baker both more coming up in today's going underground a 1st let's go straight to donald trump's impeachment trial in the u.s. senate joining me now via skype from miami is one of his lawyers professor alan dershowitz who will be defending the president in the senate thanks so much for joining us again i'm going underground i know you're really busy what with the trial arguably even more important the defending president trump is what's going to be happening in jerusalem tomorrow putin macro rivlin pence pelosi prince of wales
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all gathering in jerusalem headed next week 75th anniversary of the russian liberation of auschwitz what does it mean to you that remember it. well i lost many members of my family. in fact and in other parts of europe i'm very proud of the fact that my grandfather who was very poor helped to rescue 28 members of our family from the czech republic by creating jobs for them in new york and getting them visas just on the eve of the holocaust so it has great great meaning 3 and if i weren't involved in the matter i'm involved in i might very well go on to jerusalem for this commemoration. well on to this trial then of course some democrats are saying why isn't trump being tried for an increasing xenophobia and the semitic attacks are up in the united states for the debilitation is of children increasing the numbers on obama drone killing let alone arming saudi
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arabia against yemen what is this ukrainian case that he's being impeached has been impeached for anyway well be framers of our constitution want to distinguish our system from the british system in britain you can get rid of a prime minister simply by a vote of non-confidence in the united states we have an elected president it's a republic not a parliamentary democracy and there are specified grounds for impeachment treason bribery other high crimes and misdemeanors so even if you think terrible the president sent a terrible job and all the things you listed none of them a grounds for impeachment there are grounds perhaps for not voting for him when he comes up for reelection but impeachment is very specific and the framers were very clear that they wanted to clearly define and very particular criteria before a duly elected president could be. removed and the ukrainian matter is not among impeachable offenses neither is abuse of power obstruction of congress ok well the
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house of representatives obviously disagrees you with you on that but what about these other matters why is it this particular one and i should say it relates to joe biden's son i understand and you want joe biden to be president instead of trump what exactly does the case what what will he be doing in this case because to many around the world arguably in those countries being it by u.s. drones they can't understand why it's this that the house of representatives tried to impeach destroy donald trump's presidency with personal object you know position on who should be the next president i want to wait to hear who gets nominated i've known several of the candidates including joe biden for a long time the reason at the others are not designated as that old. american presidents have done it bill clinton use drones barack obama use drones obviously. george h. george w. bush use drones those are parts of american foreign military ossie that are
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appropriately subject to criticism but not impeachment impeachment requires treason or bribery or other crimes akin to treason bribery which are designated as high crimes and misdemeanors and none of these are high crimes in fact the original the original designate was cry crimes against the united states that was taken out by the committee on style but even hypothetically if a president were to commit war crimes against another country that would raise a very interesting question about whether that would be impeachable had never thought of that before so you deserve kudos for raising that issue but i don't know what the answer is well no doubt you're a big fan of a us mainstream media like m s n b c c.n.n. and right on what do you think of the fact they're playing this clip endlessly of you in 1908 saying that seemingly to contradict what you think that they. know.


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