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i. dozens of wild need to take into trees are in jerusalem for holocaust commemoration and what will be israel's largest diplomatic event the gathering comes just ahead of the 75th anniversary of the red liberating auschwitz infamous nazi death we spoke to a horrible survivor. the i will never forget to me every morning i look at my son and see. part of the members he every day.
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despite the remembrance event in israel being a united nations in the face of tragedy in the need to of poland will not be in attendance all through dispute with russia will survive a say as the fight to destroy what i'm politicize the process. you believe it. is no liberation day really say that. would be no me my mother or other prisoners. and from. washington is on the brink of another global trade war with the e.u. threatening to stop a so-called digital tax on us time giants donald trump looks to sanction the blocks trade. is just on 7 pm here in the russian capital will welcome from everyone here and. dozens of wild antics. trees have gathered in jerusalem to commemorate the
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holocaust and bring attention to a rising wave of until. it's time to mark the 75th anniversary of soviet forces in liberating auschwitz the infamous death count in nazi occupied poland my dear family i'm writing this letter before my death i don't know exactly when me and my relatives are going to die just because we're jews i'm in a concentration camp before all of us will be shot in a shelter thursday 4 am 16942 very well to you all. the other thing i wanted to tell you was that i had several jobs in birkenau in auschwitz one of the jobs was clearing the ashes from where the bug juice through
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a tunnel to a small river. and i worked there together with another guy who was already old he was 32 and i was 16. i didn't know what these ashes were. one day when i saw it in daylight i asked. what is the job we're doing so he told me what it was. not me. blushing. i've never forget it every morning i look at my hands and see well i have the number here and i see it every day time and.
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the ceremony out the holocaust memorial forum is ongoing right now with the world leaders giving speeches about the importance of remembering the horrors of what happened. the international orchestra of wild when i would conduct of led to midst of a cult is playing right down the screens on israel has thanked the red army for its role in the victory over the nazis and in his address president putin described the holocaust as one of the darkest moments the wild. does not promote before my visit to driesell and i look through the official documents reports of red army offices after the liberation of auschwitz concentration camp i must say day colleagues it was impossible to read the details of how the merciless machine of people extermination works if these crimes
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conducted by the nazis were deliberate and well planned util and what they called the resolution of the jewish issue is one of the darkest emotions in full pages in the modern world history jordan. this is the largest foreign gathering that israel has it will denies in its history even had some 45 it's of state and various presidents and kings and prime ministers the national president in addressing the cause stated that it had to be fans to the soviet army that the claims of the nazis were portrayed in that he said it came at a huge high some $27000000.00 a soviet citizen is what killed the russian president say that russia believes in truth and justice and welcome says countries who believe in the same to stand alongside those who also suggested that they be a meeting of the permanent 5 members of the un security council this new to take serious action in making sure that something like what happened in the 2nd world war never happens again. just one of us can blame them the 1st of all it was the
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sort of you people who ended the barbaric plans of the nazi noles as it were ready mentioned here they predicted owned land and liberated europe from not was using it we paid for the sweets and rice that had never commented washed mine is of any nation's national $27000000.00 people killed what we will never forget was less nation beach. but despite the sacrifices of the soviet union not everyone in the scene of the soviet union as a liberator it was caving here and if that was written by the polish prime minister and he said that russia was not a liberator but rather a facilitator of nazi germany is the polish president its client his invitation to come and participate in this world holocaust or if because it is not afforded the opportunity to speak he was quite upset that he is russian president in either case that he said that he was giving a presentation and that question in its defense states has been offered to speak at
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a specific event not moscow has a replied that this is a blatant lie what is being put forward is the russians of course were sponsible for liberating both auschwitz and postage and it is. any foreign minister expressed his agreement. i want to personally thank you for the fight for the right on free. and helped in the victory over the nazis because my mother was one of those detained and was liberated by the red army relatives of those liberated from the county north of whom a free for all pushed out as a peasant leaving the planet says that history is waiting to take a story in which there is a growing concern that one people today are not in many of what happened in the sick as well although many don't even know what the holocaust was you would not have heard of the house for the whole day can i have caught up with a group of young israelis watching the news to try and educate their generation some of the actions of the auschwitz concentration camp emerged to woods never
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again. through the generations as a warning in a few days when it comes from members day will be commemorated around the world the tragedy of $6000000.00 jews who were tortured gassed and burnt in concentration camps will be remembered but for how much longer according to recent reports as many as 66 percent of millennial cannot identify auschwitz and almost hoffa cannot even name one concentration camp some don't even know what the holocaust was these be multiple cases of people disrespecting concentration camps with a sophie's something that so people named and shamed by the controversial your low cost project increasing needs falling on the younger generation to make sure the atrocities of the holocaust are not forgotten now carries over its whose grandfather was a survivor outraged by recent studies showing the ignorance of millennial he set up a project called humans of the holocaust what i'm trying to do this project is actually you know to go on for and to better educate people about what happened in
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the holocaust and i'm trying to do it in a different angle trying to because we're speaking about me larry was you know today you have twitter and you have instagram and you have to talk and you have so much information for you. i have to get the attention of the young generation humans of the holocaust is a project that tells the stories of survivors and the children who speak about the years in camps and how they've lived with this experience off towards some young people have come up with an usual ways of remembering the military my grandfather was. a hero for me he was a very very big part in my life from when i was a baby i asked him before i did that he asked why why there are like you want to do a number of holocaust in your head i thought of him. i want to keep the story. to tell my kids to tell my grandkids don't date
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could move it's wants to expand his project with more human stories so that would remember and never forget i would give for example there's a holocaust survivor named google like you know he told me that the only thing that actually kept him going while he was in the holocaust was a sense of humor and he suggested that we will take a speech or holding your boom in the sheep of the you will badge the jews were forced to put on their sleeves during the holocaust and in the beginning i wasn't sure that this is exactly that picture that i want to portray you know in this exhibition but when we took the picture and when he actually you know to be able to me actually embrace and he was so happy he had the this huge smile the face you know everything connected because his message is that is no matter what is happening actually in your life if you will to use your sense of humor you will find the resilience to actually you know to keep forward i'm sure when stories that people will be able to actually to relate to and my hope is that you know the
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people you know whether they will see that exhibition they will do their own research and they will try to figure out why the holocaust happened and what are the lessons that we're all supposed to learn from you know. history. and running who were dying wish time will tell on monday poland well commemorate the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the auschwitz death camp here is just one story of a man who survived the horrors that this was was actually born in the concentration camp and managed to survive along with his mother we spoke to him about the liberation of auschwitz. people tell us that there was no liberation they say so if there was no red army then there wouldn't be me or other prisoners or my mother i have never questioned the merits of these soldiers i have always been grateful the prime minister and the president criticized the red army
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equally it was the same under previous authority. there was a liberation of auschwitz but at the same time they say there was no liberation of recall that the 2nd occupation. was liberated but that warsaw and other cities will not i don't know maybe the americans liberated them. opening another front in the global trade war washington is now targeting longtime allies in europe and 3 new threats to slap tariffs on the blocks or to trade in response to the wave to impose additional tax on u.s. tech giants china. not being is a beethoven for the idea is give a little here get a lot for global companies it's often a direct line to the heart of power for generations boozy lunches were once the fashion but now it seems did still giants more interested in offering up a cup of joe as it use plans to introduce
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a digital tax take for it seems the big 4 that google amazon facebook and apple are trying their best cozy up to parcells i don't think it's a good idea to talk about politics or policy with a glass of wine in your hand and excellent food offered by a person who has clear interests to represent and then there is a little less transparent lobby because there are members of industry associations well they have consultants working for them so you talk to people and you don't realize if they are representing the interests of google or facebook or silicon valley because the names are different these lobbyists seem to have some very deep pockets according to transparency international in 29000 google. spent some 8000000 euros trying to get into brussels good graces while the lobbying budgets of the big 4 have skyrocketed since 2014 so why is this new digital tax regime causing them such a headache well until recently most digital giants pay their tax bill in the
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country where their h.q. is registered but as they've grown new questions are being asked as to why they were paying tax on income derived in individual countries there france led the charge by imposing the so-called gas attacks causing the trumpet ministration to go into a tailspin. but the companies are now one of the bridge tertian american companies. they're going to be taxed it's going to be. though much corn and from say they're still tooling things through possibly over a free couple from facebook other countries in europe gearing up to take a slice of the profits point even the brits you know the longer agree with the e.u. on anything on the same page plan to go ahead with article services tax if it's really says it to you is gearing up for a digital tax leaving the u.s.
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to throw more threats of tariffs as if they're like a buy one get one free offer we've been pretty clear that we think that the digital discriminatory in nature but it seems with the new terror threat so almost a weekly basis from the trumpet ministration the french are boyd by the idea of safety in numbers what would they do to morrow to go after austria or spain italy the united kingdom all the other countries across the globe to implement additional tax were going to trade which is in nobody's interest and the result is not good it's taken them a while but it does appear that all e.u. countries. and now on the same page all in agreement that they should be turks in digital joints which means if no agreement is made gloopy in the next emotes starting with to see paris next week the us and e.u. the old lies could find themselves going head to head so that you can ski.
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paris but you cannot mix professor steve keen believes america's push for its own national interests is hovering but he does top 5 for one. since trump is in charge he'll do whatever he sees as being a win situation for america and a loss for the rest of the world i think in the case of the because these companies are mainly american and he's going to impose taxes on them and that will continue without english access and he could easily trade to cut access to the guts of the countries if it's just a company he said just as if they were if they were quantify taxes in national jurisdictions like europe probably since they have to pay taxes in america from income then globally and of course that undermines the whole idea of having national succession systems still ahead in the program rights activists say press freedom is in danger in brazil often award winning journalist is accused of cyber
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crimes who jump right into that in just a few moments. we've also discovered that there are genes in our bodies that protect us from a gene we call these longevity genes and there's a set of genes that we work on in my love of harvard called the search to ns and for those to work effectively to slow aging and prevent us from getting diseases they need a molecule called an 80. operations understand that a cost of doing business is buying and building support in washington d.c. and that includes staffing up with former members of congress put them on your payroll you want to hire a chief of staff from a powerful senator or a committee. member get their chief of staff put them on your payroll as
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a lobbyist this is what washington does on a bipartisan basis in fact i think it's the only point of true bipartisanship in d.c. is corporate influence over governor. welcome back the media is on trial in brazil off to federal prosecutors charged award winning john this cleanse greenwald with committing cyber crimes or thirty's have accused him of how king top officials phones to get information on a high profile corruption case last year but john lewis on human rights activists say it's a blatant violation of press freedoms as don't quote explains. brazil's president
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has never been a big fan of journalists if you don't go there was a call to give the money to the secular go off but that was that but the money it will provide still a difficult but i was there with him and you know i was going to write usually you know very well read through everything in order to be a bit of both of us on palm thank you. but as the president goes on this so it's no surprise freedom of the press is once again under attack in the country american journalist glenn greenwald is facing cybercrime charges for leaking text messages of government officials glenn greenwald in the free conscious involuntary way directly assisted encourage and guided to criminal group of hackers during a criminal practice acting as a guarantor of said group and also narrow is more than a little defensive he should not be here he says still in brazil where is he he was denounced by the justice system don't you believe in the system at the same time the president's son who is also an m.p.
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cannot contain his glee. glenn greenwald always said he loved brazil and wanted to get to move the country in depth maybe he will even get to know the inside of a jail the charges come after greenwald's news outlet exposed a possible conspiracy within the judicial system based on the leaked private text messages they purported to show that then federal judge colluding with the prosecution in a high profile corruption case the same one that landed both scenarios main rival lula da silva in jail preventing him from running for another presidential term the federal judge denied everything and even went on to head the justice ministry as for the journalist to shed light on the scandal he found himself under investigation even though the federal police and the supreme court told the administration to drop the case in our government president bush in our own multiple members of his government simply don't believe in a free press we don't believe in prosper they don't even believe in democracy they've repeatedly and explicitly praised the military dictatorship that ruled the
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country until they needed 5 disappear your form of government and this is all about ushering in that level of repression whistleblowers and watchdog organizations are calling the situation a blatant attack on journalistic freedom absolute resolute this is unbelievably could retaliation for revealing the extreme corruption at the highest levels of both scenarios administration and the next threat to investigative journalism in brazil in an outrageous violation of press freedom the brazilian government has ignored a supreme court order in charge journalist glenn greenwald with cyber crimes for the intercepts investigative series on widespread corruption in brazil. well the government must immediately condemned this out rageous assault on the freedom of the press and recognize that its attacks on press freedoms at home have consequences for american journalists doing their jobs abroad leg language in world the prosecution of glenn greenwald is once again putting the spotlight on the
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current administration is a legit corrupt dealings it's no wonder balsa naro has no love for journalists i don't believe len went over the line he didn't go in there and actually act of themselves he tried to protect their identity maybe he suggested they delete a file that's not hacking and this is exactly what they're charged julian assange chelsea manning had legal access to materials all that julian did was to help or hide her identity by trying to log in under an administrative may not her own name and the year we see glenn greenwald worked with people who got these messages from what's up or what's not like system and big revealed unbelievable corruption a collusion between the judge and the prosecutors in a case against the lula da silva this is just a little journalistic behavior and i what's happened to glenn is part of a worldwide really crackdown on free press that isn't in a controlled corporate media this is got to stop this is an important case and i
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hope that glenn gets free and stays in brazil continues to do the job he's been doing. and finally this hour the president of the philippines has exclusively revealed he will decline united states and the patient to attend the southeast asian nation summit that's coming up a lot for dri go to to was speaking to our senior correspondent right guys to have the full interview will be on our team this friday but for now has a sneak preview. i just received. an invitation to go to the united states where there would. have been in the distance i was invited by obama. will you go. didn't you say you wanted to meet friends. yeah but you know one time when i was.
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being. good at this. in the press going for it. you know he sort of realized that there was also a head of software. but with you say it's me in the proper venue. to berber up the case to be united nations. gus the. president of another country and the press corps so i got my. wife that's all from me for today at the top of the hour you know nia will be here at that until then step back and enjoy our documentary straight but. you know world a big partisan movie lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig
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deeper to hit the stories that made stream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the bats and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely for watching the hawks. from the bus laden people by it's no good to the slime to you or smear the focus on domestic abuse that these days to. get what. you see in the film most of us cringe for the most good moment in a. really really. young
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. boy. when you don't let. the little. know the whole in my uncle or the kid seem compensate all boil down to 9 point. 0 and see if i know who think they can. go and. get. you know move on which i didn't get showed up to move this because of what i'm listening to who are going to be out in show who are still soft and i must.
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say i thought it's not so much because i was it is a cause of if he was a few rough among the others. as he should be. one of the people so he'll be in luck because. that's me my point i mean are well me and nothing. but the policy of. whom i was was a. double that who moved me to. the school of. the
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. only industry and john the one that cleared him and said that he said i don't need a watch musical blood coming between the house and. went in with him and is that. and there have been and he moved can you hear michel i. as a minister of the santa muslim. from
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one start to the 4th greenwald on the side of those nation tensions for the u.s. in time best solution was there a patient in search one of the foremost yes was a good judge correct nugent in some her to teach me. through certainty whether. he was in there in the homicide on july the 24th he never possibly be there and i can tell you that. you say this without holding firm to time use consistent coverage of the courage or of a crime scene were you able to establish where the phone was across. the $24.00 to objection sustained poorish you say that just comes with time. and. playing an economy has and i read the reports from scientists from south africa nation state and in fact it's
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well it's. no texas nonsense it's. been to your heart ours and yours until the road you have mr gross of course will. have to testify that part of why there are more is a number of the shrewdness are corrupt and. you don't have any role whatsoever of the investigation of this case that involved the birth of genesis recall right and you have no personal information whatsoever with regard to how this part of the place if. you weren't there where you just you needed cease fire the shots fish no nothing for. a quarter. let's talk about any of your arrested on september 21st 2015 for the distribution interest.


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