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tv   Cross Talk  RT  January 24, 2020 4:30am-5:01am EST

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and just look at those articles of impeachment they are so weak abuse of power obstruction of congress they're absolutely weak they are not crimes and this is going to be a problem for the democrats to your point because they are boring americans the death with a crime list impeachment that's purely political you know in you know irrespective of the side you're on the institutional damage is very real i mean this for example the whistle blower i mean up until this point of something that we listen to we took we thought it was important but the way this whistleblower has been presented to us it's all actually an invention a farce i mean it's water cooler talk and they've even changed the statutes and what it means to be a whistleblower just because of this situation this is the degradation that i'm really worried about what say you in go ahead. well look peter i'm a revolutionary socialist and i'm not a democrat at all and i would like nothing more than
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a see donald trump impeached that would warm my heart but you know impeach him for the right things i mean there's human rights violations going on on the u.s. border still i mean i think it's absolutely insane to impeach him for what's going on with ukraine look at what's also gabbert said she had it dead on censure him do something that could get bipartisan support impeachment in its nature is political it's not necessarily legal it's political so you must have bipartisan support so where we are is exactly where we thought we'd be the house impeaches him they run the house the senate is not going to do it and what's even crazier about all this is that they claim now the democrats that is that they need to get new witnesses out there and say ok our witness of traces of hunter biden and then they say oh no we can't touch the biden family so if this is so important if this is so incredibly important the state of the country feel different solutions at stake why not put the hunter biden on the stand is he germane is he is he that important to running the country hunter biden i don't think so but they're doing. everything they can to
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put biden in the spotlight get all the other outsider democratic candidate it's out of the way and make biden the guy to go up against trump which is going to spell disaster in the selection. well you know now let me go to you and personal here i guess goes back to the institutional degradation i remember i read it in the constitution for a while and you know one of my favorite books of all time in a dusted it off many times in the last couple of years is the federalist papers it's very very clear congress makes the case they give the case to the senate the senate gives a trial i mean what are they talking about and then we have all these people the house managers invoking the founders invoking what's in the federalist papers i mean didn't they haven't read it then they haven't read it and then again now what i have is one of the great political feat treatises of all time of all time the federalist papers and that's being trashed right now go ahead. you know peter i couldn't agree more i would i can assure you that they are not familiar with the
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constitution of the federal so in fact it is pretty amazing to see chuck schumer and other democrats invoking the founders and saying all these things about the constitution the federal papers when just a few months ago these were white slave owning people who had the electoral college put in place and therefore it's an illegitimate process we saw it's funny to watch the irony and the hypocrisy taking place but i want to go back even further peter and how we got to this place and talking about institutions i think there is a massive loss of faith and trust in our surveillance and our law enforcement regime i think the d.o.j. and the f.b.i. are in massive need of reform because i believe firmly believe this and i think there's a lot of evidence based off the i.g. report that they used these institutions were used as political weapons against political opponents over policy differences and that's all we're really talking about at this point peter and even more when adam schiff is on the floor of the senate saying well the 26000 election we. walter illegitimate and donald trump is
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not removed therefore the 2020 a large and might be illegitimate causing us to doubt even our election process the democrats in the house and the senate apparently want to burn down every ns out of to sion in pursuit of removing the big bad man from office it's insane you know tom and it's like this the salem witch trial i mean if the witch a go is thrown into the water and she drowned she's not a witch but if she survives she's a witch and she has to be burned that's exactly the thesis that we're getting from adam shift ok i mean here we have a sitting member of congress calling into doubt the legitimacy of an honest vote in the senate when we all know it is a political process here i mean no one likes e n n n m s n b c no one mentions anything like that they just cheer it on and they're cheering on the division and the destruction of institutions and i'll go to ian after tom here i would agree with you we need to fix our institutions ok but we have to have
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something to survive this go ahead tom. well sometimes you know some some things have to really be disruptive before they can be fixed and i really think on a positive site there were at this point again president trump has really exposed really the dangers of all these institutions before they're we knew they weren't that good but we didn't know how bad they were with respect to the former f.b.i. leadership the antitrust media is really exposing their real the agenda to an amazing degree you mentioned representative adam schiff i mean the man is a known liar he had the complete fabrication of a fake transcript between president trump and president a list of ukraine i mean this is a sitting member of congress in his opening statement doing this but i think the good news here is the american people are watching they're watching really the results were president trump has the livered and i think these people are outraged that the congress is spending so much time playing into. political baseball in some
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ways it's kind of poetic justice to watch only senators just sit there for hours and hours so now the american people can see this is what they do and this is what they're doing with our with our money and time we give them they should be doing bit better things worrying about prescription drugs worrying about national security issues worrying about securing the border but congress because of the house they're playing all politics and it's going to backfire on the democrats you know and in orlando going back to your original answer my 1st question to you you know calling the bidens and boltons and all that you know i tend to think and i think maybe tom and ned will disagree with me on this point here is that it would expose the really the bipartisan corruptness that we see in politics here it's very easy to pointed republican democrat it's really easy to do that but it's opposing the corruption of the establishment itself and and we have the networks that you know make it all black and white you know the good guys bad guys white hat black hat but it's corrupt to it's very very core and they don't want to lift the lid
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they don't want to pull the curtain back because i think that's what's gotten is to this mess ok certainly the disrupter certainly it's easy to dislike him i get that but it's the system that is it's going to protect itself go ahead ian. right i sort of want to get back to that too because you brought up the fires of course which i think is a fantastic thing to bring up which we never should have had in the we should have never had in the 1st place go ahead thank you that's right that that's exactly right civil rights organization so many left wing groups were screaming at these were going to be abused screaming at the top of their lungs centrist democrats along with republicans kind of went along with it and the idea that all of a sudden it's being used against donald trump is laughable to be because it's it's a real it's happening but it's just every left wing activists knew how this was going to end if you look through the cointelpro scandal this is how they process people they lie these prosecutors lie so i mean it's ridiculous to me that they didn't think these were going to be abused you know to hit someone on the right
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just like the beheading people on the left of this kind of stuff for years it's obvious to me getting back to what the corruption is so obvious it's so rampant not even c.-span put on their number one channel the peach hearings last night they left it to the senate channel so i had to watch c.n.n. and i miss n.b.c. on it we're going full bore a guy who can tell you how to tweeting about how. awful it's absolutely all you know what i did seeing. that i didn't say so your rights violation your civil rights your human rights were violated you had to watch c.n.n. oh my god. i did i did but just a week ago here and let's watch it if you want to see the debates and we saw how blatantly unfair c.n.n. was to bernie sanders going after him going after him going after him and that's a collusion between the d.n.c. and the media companies to make sure all the outsider cad that it's told sigebert injury gang and now bernie sanders is going to get mercilessly attacked yang and told he not on the stage and now sanders being mercilessly attacked as
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a massage missed by the moderators not by other candidates by the moderators this is so obviously corrupt and big in out an audience that ourselves out of this well know in all of what you just said works to whose advantage to bite and bite. ok and maybe hillary to buy eluded get through the back door again our gentlemen i'm going to jump in here we're going to go to a short break and after that short break we'll continue our discussion on the impeachment trial stay with art. live.
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live clear. and very well continue watching on since last. from a busted news source but why it's no good keep the slime due or smear the book told us to do so. when you want to get what. you see in the film was not budgeted for the most good movie the.
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away in the spirit john in the prison instead of being safe from the watchman's of blood from a priest who looked. when too timid is it and there have been removed can you hear me show i became a national anthem most i'm. going to. operations
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understand that the cost of doing business is buying and building support in washington d.c. and that includes staffing up with former members of congress put them on your payroll you want to hire a chief of staff from a powerful senator or committee. member get their chief of staff put them on your payroll as a lobbyist this is what washington does on a bipartisan basis in fact i think it's the only point of true bipartisanship in d.c. is corporate influence over government. welcome back to crossfire for all things considered i'm peter we're discussing the impeachment trial. ok let's go back to that and percival you know one of the things that i'm really
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glad we're putting a lot of flesh on these bones in this program is about the institutional corruption and what needs to 1st of all it's being exposed this entire fake rush to get ukraine gate in this impeachment process is exposing it and the media and other forces in power want to tilt a certain message and i'm not buying it looks like you guys are not buying it i can guarantee you our audience isn't buying it talk about that ned go ahead and percival yes no peter i mean this is i love your last question about the fact that donald trump has come in and he's challenging and establishment inside of washington d.c. i write about this in my new book restoring our republic in which i talk about d.c. has become a system of government that is run by the ruling class of both republicans and democrats hip obviously bolstered by their special interest cronies and they've linked the system to benefit themselves not the american people and then lo and behold donald j. trump shows up and goes i was elected by the will of the people by the means laid
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out by the constitution i am coming to represent the american people's interest on foreign policy on domestic policy and this ruling class and their cronies and the administrative state actor said we don't think so we think we're the ones to decide and trump says no i decide i'm the one that won the presidency i decide to mess to conform policy inside the executive branch and i tell people peter this all the time if you really want to have a concise explanation of why the last 3 years have taken place and all of this craziness it's about who decides and in a constitutional republic it's the president that decides these policy issues inside the executive branch this is the the real struggle and people. well don't want to see it actually exposed for what it is because i think the more american people understand how rigged this system is against them and to the benefit of this ruling class i think they'd be horrified and they're just scratching the surface and that's why i say donald trump showed up at just the right time to challenge the status quo and say this is not who we are as a people if we want to get back to
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a republic there are going to be a lot of hard decisions to be made and there are a lot of people in washington d.c. peter that do not want the system to change because they are massively benefiting from it yeah watch embassy in d.c. and c.n.n. and read the new york times those are the people those are the be ok and you want to jump in because you're the odd man out here and i want to be fair go ahead and in orlando. i appreciate that because i can't say i've heard this donald trump instructor argument a lot and i don't think i'd a 100 percent agree with that in fact i know i don't but i will say folks from the democratic side of the aisle i do think there's an argument to be made that the democrats have seen what trump has done to the republican party that either now you're for trump you're you're you're with him and his administration we're getting out of the way you're retiring you're done as a republican and they do not want that to happen the democratic party by i think they are going so hard after sanders i think they see the polls they're doing their internal numbers they know that sanders is going to take this election and i also
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think they saw a rising star in andrew yang and i also think that they saw of clearheaded consciousness and told see gabbert yeah and so they're having all these people out of the way i can so i can praise told more ok and i'm a conservative but i think she speaks truth to power and i respect her a lot ok just staying with you i'll tell you what the democrats hate they hate democracy they hate people getting involved in the process ok i have no i'm no bernie bro ok no way but what they're doing to him is disgraceful what c.n.n. did to me is disgraceful ok this see we're all on the same side in this respect your tom let me go to you being that this is really been a challenge to. hour and donors ok and they don't like it when i sell those for people discussing you know the heresy in ukraine 1st of all those poor people had no idea what they were talking about and they were challenging the president to make policy that's what he's supposed to do go ahead.
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well peter really that's the deep state in action and i guess that social lining of this whole these whole impeachment hearings is the fact that you had a line of bureaucrats who basically said we know better than the president united states and the american israel that in and the emir have you noticed and if you so they know better than the american voter that's what they're telling you go ahead. write that yeah they're trying to undermine the whole system and that's the problem of this deep state it's wider than just the f.b.i. and the justice department it goes into the bureaucracy that's why in my view my political view the bigger the government the more corruption and look who's this whistleblower this individual probably has probably had his own agenda he saw an opportunity pressed the button so to speak right trying to undermine president trump just a reminder that big government fails us every day in needs to be smaller leaner and most important accountable and we don't see accountability anywhere these days that's right you know inone in an ad you know in this leg parnassus thing this left
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parnassus thing he was on that white board you know ok whistleblower ok that didn't work who is now oh it's led let's throw him out right now this is exactly what they're doing throwing obstacles out every single time i get moving and moving the goal post every single time go ahead and. that's exactly right i mean peter they literally are cycling through and it goes from russia gate to ukraine gates of the 25th amendment to all of these things just keep cycling through and somehow hoping that something will stick against trump but as i always tell people it's very hard to turn fairy tales on the facts but you know what peter you hit on a point that i think is very important i think there are a lot of people in washington d.c. specially inside the administrative state but i think in d.c. there are there are obviously a part of the whole system that find democracy wildly inconvenient that it's one of these inconveniences where you know the elections come and go but that doesn't change administrative state and they look at that as a date of kind of a quaint little notion of what we used to be quaint guess what they are what we're going to be here long after every. a little appointee comes and goes we will still
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be here and decade or 2 or 3 from now we're the ones that decide this is the ultimate question are we going to be able to break the administrative state and i remind people trump came to drain the swamp the very foundation of the swamp is the administrative state break the state you drain the swamp and you want to jump in and orlando go ahead i got i got i got to i've got to push back here on this. first narrative me right now you have julianna songe in belmarsh being extradited by the trump administration to the u.s. you know i think they could they could easily drop that case i think that you're seeing you know trump recently came out and said some very negative things about chelsea manning who inarguably went after the deep state i just don't think this trump versus deep state narrative make any i think that using parts of the state that he likes throwing the rest away i'm actually agreeing with at the point you just. have me and i'm here at the expense of my other guests here.
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i agree with you here but if you don't don't you see the political danger because remember in the media we. are connected to the russian government which has never been proven which would also be something they would use against him i don't know what trumps real feeling is i wish he would be more forceful but i see the political danger for him because you know he says he works with the russians you see my point ok. well but let me see your point to let me just finish my point which is that i do think that you're seeing. you know clearly speaking up in defense of julian assange and i think you're seeing bernie sanders speaking up now in defense of glenn greenwald who's also been going out you know they're going after him in the brazilian government i think there are people that are going after the deep state i just don't think trump is actually doing that i see what people are saying with it but i think it's very very selective picking and choosing what he's going after and i'm not going to i'm not i'm not going to argue with on that
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you had a lot of the oh i get i get it i get it here let's stay with the impeachment trial though i don't know what i would i would go in tom i was going to say trial what i will tell you to do and hang on tom we will get through this trial. most likely is going to be exonerated but what happens then we just the house going to look for more impeachment articles go ahead tom. well peter that's the real danger of this they lowered the bar so much for my point peach meant that any future president now could be impeached because of what they call abuse of power look abuse of power how about sundin $400000000.00 in cash to iran right i would think that would be a power and danger in our national security obstruction of congress former president obama protected eric holder attorney general of fast and furious exerting executive privilege so any future president could be now impeached under this lower bar but i think again the good news is i think there's going to be
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a political backlash against this really abuse of power by the house and i think it's going to reset the clock impeachment didn't work well for the republicans with former president clinton it's not going to work well for democrats this time around right you know now and again you know i started out this program about institutional degradation and there's another one in tom reminded me of it is that you know the house wouldn't even go to the supreme court ok that they wanted they did so even want to they don't even have any use for the 3rd the 3rd branch of government whatsoever that's why it's there if the executive and the legislative branch and the you have you have the middle it's the judiciary but no they don't want to go there because they know they're going to lose ok and then you come up with these ridiculous articles i read the articles i don't know what they're talking about there's no crime they're ok again now or even our justice system not being degradative here through this whole process go ahead. you know i agree peter i mean the fact of the matter is this is really kind of the age old struggle
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between the 3 branches and the push push and pull between executive and legislative and as tom said we're now going to make it a crime to invoke executive privilege we're not going to make it a crime to actually implement your political ideas and foreign policy i mean the fact of the matter is peter you look back what the obama administration did in withholding aid which again is one of the main arguments why they're even doing this whole entire thing the obama administration withheld aid to ukraine in the philippines and honduras and mexico all to enforce their political agenda in foreign policy and now they're saying that somehow a crime worthy of impeachment this isn't saying these are think this is how things have operated in d.c. in regards to the push and pull between the legislative in the executive branch invoking executive privilege and how foreign policy is actually implemented with a new administration in the last couple of months foreign aid was withheld from lebanon where is the article of impeachment where is it did they forget ok that's to prague a tip of the executive that's right ok i can go back you know it's one of the day i
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do peter want to look is the administrative state or is it you want to elect a president. and repeat we're almost out of time go ahead one of the it's the right way though. everybody look at this the right way that when you want to strengthen what impeachment means because right now it's a political process always been a political process you want to strengthen it have the u.s. cooperate with the international criminal court of justice which might now bring charges against trump for solemn amy now which could go back and bring charges against bush for war crimes you know for lying us into iraq that would be a way to improve the institution not what we're doing right now ok i can certainly say well what i mean right now is this really is creating a slow motion train wreck and god help the next president of the united states after all of this is said and done that's right that's all the time we have gentlemen many thanks to my guest in orlando greenish and personal and thanks to our viewers for watching us here darkie see you next time and remember.
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that a tennessee should not go to war the former soviet union what because. this mean what i mean i well me and i. seem. to. have.
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only in the spirit in that these images can see what music. coming is to know. when to intimate it and then have none of the moved can you hear me. if you mean national anthem. join me every thursday on the alex salmond chill and
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i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics business i'm show business i'll see you then. understand that the cost of doing business is buying and building support in washington d.c. and that includes staffing up with former members of congress put them on your payroll you want to hire a chief of staff from a powerful senator or a committee. member get their chief of staff put them on your payroll as a lobbyist this is what washington does partisan basis in fact i think it's the only point of true bipartisanship in d.c. is corporate influence over government. the entire stock market and bond market is being taken private with free money
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and the result will be medieval as a deal feudalism is clear as day. described as experimental the u.k.'s national health service is under attack in the 1st of its legal challenge. to life changing drugs for children to change. a landmark united nations ruling refugees the right to asylum. dangerous decision creating fear in europe of mass immigration but the issue up for debate. it's just another way. to advance the border and you know even at the most obvious level i can't believe anyone. people will be on the move and we have to start talking about how what we.


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