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tv   Boom Bust  RT  January 25, 2020 5:30am-6:01am EST

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the entire stock market and bond market is being taken private with free money and the result will be medieval the deal feudalism is clear as day. and this is the one business show you can't afford to miss and i'm 50 i'm liking 10 coming out here's over the coronavirus are leading officials and kind of scrambling as a 2nd time from pace has been located in the us we've got the latest how stocks are responding plus mayor is strange 4th u.s. round of cancer trial but this one will not be in month of hometown we've got to live apart and japanese lawmakers are getting in on digital currency in hopes of
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keeping up with facebook's libra we're going to tell you how that fits into the digital currency landscape so much to get to on this very busy day so let's get started. and we begin with the latest on the corona virus as authorities in china they are rushing to respond to the flu outbreak that's killed 26 people one infected 881 others in the epicenter of the outbreak government officials there are attempting to build a new hospital they say they can do it in just 6 days the central government has shipped protective clothing and gloves to the city from its reserve of medical supplies and the finance ministry has promised 1000000000 the r. and b. to fight the spread of the virus but meanwhile as many as 8 chinese cities 8 of them are now locked down and in quarantine affecting more than 30000000 people here in the u.s. the 2nd case of corona virus has been confirmed in that case it was a woman from chicago who returned from rwanda began experiencing symptoms. just
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a few days after arriving home the 60 year old woman called her doctor after she was admitted to the hospital she was placed in the isolation and after further testing authorities have confirmed that in fact she is infected with the coronavirus. and in the 0 sum markets game one person's disaster is another trader's gain in the midst of the corona virus outbreak investors are piling into pharmaceutical stocks and r. and d. companies that are working on disease control or preventive measures and gene company scientific and. engineering all jumped 10 percent in china after their virus detection kits tenting which makes these popular facemasks also searched 10 percent in the past 5 days consumer cyclicals were the biggest losers take a look at this chart declining 5.5 percent while the broader healthcare sector gained 1.5 percent technology was the only other bright spot that green on the back of strong earnings with at least 8 cities on lockdown affecting over 40000000 people have the major lunar new year investors are bracing themselves for
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a week holiday spend probably affecting retail luxury tourism consumers transport and energy sectors to the downside now over in the u.s. shares of nano virus size taker and n b c a maker of nano medicines for viral diseases jumped 65 percent and novak's ticker and vax gained 36 percent so it's kind of interesting when we see this happen you're going to get this every time there's a big scare you would expect the stock to go up but what's interesting it makes more sense that the companies will do well right because that's an immediate response but when for the cynical companies start making all this money sometimes it takes years to get a vaccine actually created out to market in the case of sars for instance the vaccine took a couple years to develop and source it actually kind of dissipated and become obliterated on its own just naturally it went away with before the vaccine could even come into to do as i said will take a long time for these prophets to actually show so this doesn't need jerk response by investors. for the most part and you have to remember in the equities markets
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a lot of this is also generated by algorithms right now so you see this every single time there is a natural disaster because merely earlier this month when between the u.s. and iran when we showed the heat map once again we saw this in the entire market was red except for aerospace and defense sectors which were the only green spots on the map so it's really interesting to see that those sectors those specific sectors in every single natural disaster there will always be some sort of winners and then of course you also have to look at government money versus actual you know consumers buying this so are consumers going to the vaccines or is government money going to flow from the chinese government or even from the u.s. government into creating a vaccine that may not even be needed but the money still comes true but i would suspect this is only a temporary dip a temporary pump but this really won't last long because it won't be reflected in the company's actual earnings later on good point or the 4th round of trial for bear kicks off this week on allegations that monsanto's we kill or roundup causes cancer for cancer patients start trial in the missouri state court the companies home state the hearing is the 1st to take place outside of california and for more
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we turn to our to course want to see much of the. center has not had a trial since last may and the location in this case it's pretty interesting right because it is the agricultural subsidies hometown even though they've been bought up by bear what do we know about it well not only that not only is it the 1st case like you said been outside of california but it's also the 1st where 4 people are actually in litigation and they're being heard it's going to be a single consolidated trial but it's also st louis like you said the headquarters where they are quire the company for $63000000000.00 this was back in 20 teen but there were 3 consecutive juries in california that found the company was liable for causing cancer right it cost them tens of millions of dollars and they were awarded to the plaintiffs but they are still appealing those fur ticks he's pointing they're put the company is pointing to studies that show that they did roundup does not cause cancer and that it is safe for human use now the state when they really.
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at the end of the day this trial should come down to the weight of the science and we remain confident in the extensive scientific record and regulatory assessments that support the safety of our glyphosate based herbicides and that they do not cause cancer so it looks like they're going to continue to fight based on this promise no bears shares have tumbled since the 1st verdict in august of 2018 but today they're up 3 percent on the reports of a possible court case settlement so what's the what's been said about this well there are up like you said a little over 3 percent about 3.9 percent and they're still approximately down about 23 percent or around $18000000000.00 since they are purchased monsanto after these these cases started released so according to a court appointed mediator ken feinberg the number of claimants awaiting trial is more than 75000 but they are so that they've only been served with court the court number are below 50000 but this still number is still significantly high so traders especially are hoping that there should be some sort of selling on this deal for
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a settlement run from anywhere from $8.00 to $12000000000.00 this is what analysts are saying so they could settle which is why a lot of these cases have remained on pause in hopes that they can find some sort of litigation but in order to get the settlement i know that one of the things that 12 of their been asking for is they want some kind of a cap here that says if we settle. there's no more lawsuits this will continue to happen so a big question about whether or not that will even take place and of course we know as you mention there's thousands of people waiting right there waiting to get in on these class action lawsuits here and that's just in the u.s. do we know anything about overseas is it happening there as well well overseas a lot of other countries have either banned or significantly reduce the use of life a state based or push for it but we don't know of any lawsuits or at least none that have been made public but i do want to go through a little list of a few countries and cities who have banned or at least put restrictions on it so so far there have been about more than $400.00 towns and cities in argentina banning the weed killer brazil now brazil's the world's largest. exporter they rely heavily
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on this weed killer and it doesn't while there has been a push to ban it it doesn't look like it will be banned highly unlikely france plans to eliminate 2021 with some exceptions germany announced it will ban it by 2023 scotland 520-2210 counties in canada have placed restrictions on pesticides including life is safe and even a few cities here in the united states california has most cities here in the us that have banned or put restrictions on life they say but they are i mean still fighting saying that the weed killer does not cause cancer only time will tell and how this will play out if they will pay or if these will continue to see some court cases. or their mothers their group or so much for your time of thank you. while 2020 start out strong in this week markets were roiled by fears of a coronavirus outbreak and how that will affect global growth let's see how we ended up over in moscow the most was down as
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a coronavirus care suspended flights between moscow and china oil fell as travel and jet fuel consumption declined weighing down on the broader markets over an asian markets are ready slowing down for the lunar new year holiday with financial markets in china taiwan and south korea close on friday over in shanghai the composite was closed on friday to kick out the year of the rat and will remain closed until next friday the market sold off ahead of this extended holiday in order to reduce exposure and then down 3.2 percent nasty week for china as it struggles to contain the corona virus and have shut down at least 8 cities as of friday and while farmers were celebrating last week over this colossal thinking of phase one between china and the us perhaps they were a bit too early soybean futures plunges 6 week low as the u.s.d.a. has yet to come from these massive ag purchases by china now there's also new concern that a massive soybean harvest in brazil would be more attractive to china than the u.s. soybeans this is due to the record crop prices making it much cheaper in brazil and
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who doesn't like a better deal now over in hong kong the hang seng likewise will be closed monday and tuesday next week in observance of the lunar new year the index dropped 3.8 percent after a ratings agency moody's cut its rating for the city to a 3 from a 2 and finally over in japan the nikkei fell point 9 percent for the week as the outbreak of the chrono virus in china has raised fears of a disruption as it prepares to host the 2020 summer olympics organizers are working with health officials to enact countermeasures and ensure that the games will not be disrupted down in india the sensex snapped a 3 day losing streak on thursday. banking stocks led the recovery reporting strong private lending demand markets are likely to remain volatile throughout next week as trading volume will be very thin due to the new year holiday period and best days are now still waiting to see what the government presents for the union budgets on february 1st and if it will also unveil new counter measures in order to lift growth now down in australia the a.s.x.
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was up just barely point 3 percent as the virus ancel the a.s.x. just ahead of the new year period now this is a major holiday traditionally marked by high levels of consumption and travel of chinese tourism coming over to australia due to the outbreak though analysts are concerned it could flow through to australia's economy and crimp its growth and finally the all shares over in south africa and lower as well as oil and gas producers came under pressure the index to stay in some heavy losses earlier in the week as investors sold stocks on concerns over the virus and to reduce risk ahead of china's weeklong trading break now over to ben for the rest of europe and america thank you for that all over in europe it's been kind of the same story but the cac let's begin there in france is actually down this week over fears of the coronavirus creating a public health scare in china though the index was way down on thursday it did actually come back up on friday by some 76 points the dax in germany well that is actually up there would struggle to hold that territory again over concerns of the virus the dax has actually been in record territory things to strong manufacturing
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numbers but the dax bucked the trend for most of europe which was actually down again thanks to fears of the coronavirus that was the case in the u.k. the footsie actually down and like the cac it dropped heavily on thursday over fears of the virus then jumped back up on friday over in the u.k. by 100 points let's go to south america where in brazil the ebo vesper which has had strong runs in recent weeks did not have a very good week this week actually finished down slightly up to north america now the b.m.v. in mexico is down here in the u.s. all 3 major indices they were down as well but again throughout the week it was fears over the corona. they called stocks to drop they actually came back but then on friday news of the 2nd confirmed case in the u.s. that reversed most of the morning's games all of this despite the fact that on wednesday u.s. markets actually opened at all time highs and then jumping north to canada the t s x they are the outlier over here and that things to cannabis stocks that's this week's market walk. time for
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a quick break but hang here because when we return japanese lawmakers are getting in on digital currency in the hopes of keeping out what facebook libra tell you how that fits in with the digital currency landscape and as we go to break here the number. of the government. promotes. governmental spain do so with the scene there tional crow jets which not realized
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has been plants. the problem i see is that these government is in my view much more capable to be more effective in doing what it's ordered to do the problem is that it will move in the leetle bit wrong direction so it will be a stated goal and then me and they used to makes the investment one more if they can do it but it would be bad if president. trade and investment have become magic spells to conjecture economic development.
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most people think about trade they think about goods and services being exchanged between countries and the investor a chapter of a trade agreement is about something very different but what when investment leads to toxic manufacturing that destroys secret something into the environment. that means if local communities that are being poisoned if they object if they do anything that the company feels is interrupting their profits they can be certain. the nationals are taking on the whole nation philip morris is trying to use i.s.t.'s to stop tour of the way from implementing new tobacco regulations aimed at cutting domestic smoking rates a french company sued egypt because egypt resists minimum wage and democratic choice of a trump corporate. joint says we try to fund. and
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welcome back after 46 years in the e.u. the united kingdom is officially leaving you've heard this before right but this time leaders in the e.u. have signed the brakes that withdrawal deal the u.k. has agreed to abide by e.u. rules during the transition period until the end of this year the queen approve the agreement on thursday and the next week the european parliament is expected to vote but let's face it at this point that's really just a formality the deal was backed by the parliament's constitutional affairs committee. on thursday interestingly the european commission on friday published a slide show which includes 2 maps which provide examples of work customs checkpoints and goods will take place between great britain and northern ireland those checkpoints that were something that prime minister boris johnson had said would not exist. and after threats of $2000000000.00 in new terra's from the united states france has decided to delay a law placing
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a digital tax on big tech companies like facebook google and amazon the law which was passed in france places a 3 percent tax on the total annual revenue generated by providing services to french users now french president emanuel micron's said that he and president has agreed to work together on a good agreement to avoid escalation and in the meantime france has agreed to postpone the tax until the end of 2020 while the us has agreed to postpone tariffs on wine and cheese. c.e.o. brad garlinghouse has just dropped a bomb on the crypto market revealing his intentions to take the pub money public now let's think about that for a 2nd when a company i.p.o. is itself its shares to raise money but up until now the company has been selling coins x r p to raise funds in fact since 2016 the block research estimate that was sold a total of $1220000000.00 worth of x r p so if it now the size of sell shares and go public x. arc p. could potentially be worthless obsolete needless to say x
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r p holders are not happy with this so with more let's go to jeffrey tucker at the american institute for economic research so let's start there now this is pretty controversial garlinghouse said that he expects to see more i.p.o.'s in the crypt of watch in space he claims it's the natural evolution for the space now wasn't the entire point of i see those ideals or even s t o's to avoid going public to avoid paying these high fees to the bankers to avoid the high barriers to entry is guarded by wall street's big 3 gate keepers and to take the middleman out of the entire equation so right now doesn't this totally negate what these tokens were originally created for. maybe but also remember that x. or p. and ripple has always been a player right even from the very beginning they have been working with the f.c.c. working with a big bag savoy's wanted to be kind of a bridge from a fee up money world dominated by governments and intermediaries crypto world so that's $1.00 of the reasons the crypto community is not so nuts for ripple. but
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i.p.o. here would make sense for this company is just sits with their long game strategy to play along with establishment sign it so i mean let's remember the block came along as a kind of magic internet money 11 years ago and a lot of people dismissed it excerpt he was the 1st one in the space that said it does the cool innovation we can incorporate it into the existing structures so that's all. it's been their corporate ethos but let's remember too that an i.p.o. and an i.p.o. in this in this case you know. we're talking about a security that that ownership right in the company. the token itself is not that it's not a security it's an owner it's a ship right and i'm in a protocol so that's really a different thing so i don't actually fully expect that an i.p.o. from from rypple would impact the valuation of the token itself i think there's
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really separate things and i can completely imagine that they would work in parallel everybody's underestimated or ripple up to this point. and at least in the crypto community if you have underestimated they've tended to make very strategic decisions for the company so i p o from ripple it makes sense to me so not not getting too far into the weeds for people who are trying to follow along what you just said but try to keep it very simple so x r p is essentially like a utility token it has an actual usage and therefore it would have value as long as it was continually used it's not just kind of sit on the sideline like an investment right that's what you're saying. that that's really true that it is used for international payments and that's what it was used for it was. the idea of was to overcome the problems associated with conventional mediation and finance and
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to use block train technology to kind of bridge the differences between the 2 and introduce new efficiencies so yes it does have a use case and you own it to use it or to benefit from the increased valuation that comes with other people using it but that's very different from having a security which is an ownership right in the company itself that's issuing the token so these are really different things that really important for regulators to understand this right if they get confused about this they know that everybody's got problems they don't understand at all good and right now how the people in x. are paid they're not using it by the actual utility they're holding it like an investment so back when you lose does your $3.00 even now when it that $0.22 that value as a utility token it's not worth $0.22 so we are expected to see a major devaluation even though it does have a utility purpose i don't know it's really difficult to say what all these crypto things are actually worth as if as if their worth is different from what they're
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trading at i mean that might be right but let's remember this is still a do technology has a lot of speculative value built into everyone descript i mean i think we i think we know this nor do i think is there anybody alive who knows what these things are actually worth i think what they're actually worth is what they're buying and selling for right now and nothing else or anything could happen next carpi could be it could fall busier but it could also be worth a $1000000.00 i mean you know the same thing you could say about you know a big big car and all the other versions of it climb out there so crypto is that as a complicated technology it can't be valued the same way you valuing stocks i think that much we've learned over the last 10 years. that's the only thing the f.c.c. understands is how to value stocks and speculation now that's the shift gears here for a 2nd because we're talking about big coin kind of interesting phenomenon coming to light here as exchanges actually hold more big coin than ever before right and coin base is nearing 1000000 bt see deposits again toll doesn't totally negate the
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intent of big creation of owning your own money of bypassing banks of peer to peer transactions right but. this is an issue of entrusting another into to like a bank in this case an exchange to kind of holding your tokens for you why are people so comfortable with allowing someone else to control the front funds rather than having keeping their own private keys it's not that hard. i agree with you though every time i think that it's not that hard i imagine talking in my dear loving mother through downloading you know. it and sending her you know the thing i can imagine her getting impatient after about 20 seconds or actually fewer than that so i don't think we're quite to the point that it's user friendly enough and the thing that coin base figured out is that people want to use crypto the same way they use dollars and. yeah so they've introduced
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mediation and into the crypto space it doesn't have to be there and honestly look i'm not here to give financial advice but truly if you want to be a crypto person you should be owning your own piece i mean that is absolutely essential but i don't know if you watch the show you actually did this but you do see what happened peter schiff the right i mean you're going to break you don't have to be you're going to forget i had lost as. well i mean he's a he's a dear man yeah we travel together we hang out all the time is a sweetheart he's never believed in anything crypto icon of was personally responsible i think for telling him this is the real deal you should get involved. and so he did and then he lost his access and yeah the wallet he uses for security purposes doesn't retain the passwords that's the whole idea of a disinter mediated currency and then this. we've heard of a man goes on twitter to complain that he lost his passwords and therefore it's
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because it's fault not so i really am peter schiff is that a very smart guy you know i mean he screwed up so you know where intrusive you were look i think we're all frustrated in the criminal space we're all frustrated why is the future takes so long to get here one of the reasons is the biggest like peter schiff losing his pastor and that's why i just think peter needs to try capital g o l d the number 4 ever explanation probably your best but try it when you've had a big point ever thought that happened those who. left over let's go over to japan now the liberal democratic party is kind of feeling the need to create a digital again in order to counter the approaching launches a libra and trying to digital army which really aren't cryptic aren't these this digital yet how do you think it will look like and how they differ from other central banks back to jail currency 30 seconds yeah i don't think it could be that different here's the problem central banks and governments are really behind the
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curve right the markets have had a lovely new years to get out there crypto ownership is very widespread a.t.m. sort of selling like crazy people are now under the expectation they can walk into a convenience store and buy and sell crypto i mean that's where we are as central banks and governments are so behind on this it's it's a little bit silly look i'm i'm very part of me is glad the governments are interested in the sense that they're instituting liberalization and innovation but i don't think there's any chance that japan or the federal reserve or china or anybody is going to catch up to where the markets are already jeffrey tucker of the american institute of economic research thanks so much for your insight and your time today. leasure. you know going back to this issue real quick about adoption so i think this is one of the things you mentioned speculation that holds back adoption is people like when it becomes speculative because then it's like the wild west the numbers go up. but then they get afraid that it is not about it yeah
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exactly they get a little too caught up and they forget the fact that people are building things and it took 10 years for amazon to retain the peaks that it had that it had attained previously when people were speculating on that wild ride it took 10 years to develop all that technology that's over this time you can catch a boom bust on demand on the brand new portable t.v. app available on smartphones through google play and the apple app store by starting horrible t.v. and as always you can hit us up at youtube dot com boom bust our team we'll see you back here next time. to see should you go to one of the because. that's what i mean i well me and i don't. see.
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what that was. only in the spirit in the reason that you say. oh what. a myth.
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when. is it. and then have none removed can you hear michele i am in a trance most him. from the us need a new source of why it's no good keep the slime tube or smear the focus on domestic abuse that he's. going to get what. you see in the film was not budgeted for the most good movie the. other week. you know more. about that old saying don't let. the little.
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sanctions as a form of information or for fox news agency says the international website is shot down in the waters of the u.s. treasury. told to go into hiding amid a furious debate on free speech a teenage french girl was he. is on video and social media we discuss whether there should be another line between patriot and freedom and. the british prime minister gives a warning over carbon emissions of the u.k. africa summit while striking energy deals out of the east in tiny sum to a run for fuel. on the table the timing for the biggest party out of a key poll in.


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