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tv   Keiser Report  RT  January 25, 2020 7:30am-8:01am EST

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new years and never comes never comes but here's an interesting indicator and this is one that i know that you were involved with with karma bank a long time ago 1718 years ago and that was the price to sales ratio because this is an interesting one to look at the price to sales ratio in the s. and p. $500.00 which is currently $2.00 is the highest in bloomberg data history going back to 1990 stock price as a multiple of sales price of coca-cola does a dollar and sell in the stocks of $5.00 astray and 5 times sales right so it's an indicator that gives you an indication of where stocks are valuation wise historically price earnings ratio is also one looked at price to book is another one to look at what i mean by medievalism and i think we're heading into this is that the metrics that are used to measure stock valuations are meaningless in the 21st century when you have 0 percent interest rates effectively and you have
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unlimited credit available to what under theodore roosevelt in american history would have been called monopolies but continue well of course i would say that the fed are like in medieval times they're supposedly the ones that have all the knowledge they have a special book that nobody else can read there's no printing press there's no ability to read and understand and sit in a room and read this knowledge and share it allegedly but there what they're doing to what they see is wrong is money printing which is the equivalent of putting a leech on somebody's head or drilling a hole in it and putting the leech on top of it trying to suck out the spear as the evil spirits and and terms of what the fed is than and whether or not it's you know we're in bubble territory or who's driving who member i keep on saying what came 1st the chicken or the fed because if you look at this chart of apple in tesla you know they were going up and down sometimes in tandem sometimes not until. when the
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fed started intervening in the repo market and now you see them that's a genuine parabolic move that they've had since then as you know apple a huge corporation the biggest in the world the 2nd biggest doubled in a year so that's unusual to double from a large sized company like that 'd but it has along with tesla so either their fundamentals are exactly the same and their their c.e.o.'s are doing something uniquely interesting and and creating wealth possibilities and a future that looks bright equally at the same time or perhaps the fed is doing this right thing to in the case of apple the biggest company the world at 1.4 trillion dollars they are engrossing they're grossing themselves out on the free money that they get from the central bank to buy back their own stock yes and every coming bigger than many nation states and there are now only 4 or 5 of these huge mega corporations and again my theme of medieval ism you have these 5 times you
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have the king ships you have the terror the lands of apple in the land of tesla in the land of google and people who live outside of the gates of these castles our services are nomads are without anything there in san francisco they're literally getting medieval diseases like typhus and deaf akkad in open definition in the street this is the medievalism this is what i call neal feudalism and it's now a happening at an accelerated rate again here is the fed intervention what they're creating with their you know putting leeches on the global financial system perhaps it's working they think seem to think it's working but on the other side you might look at this sort of information i'm about to tell you and think oh my god you've got to take these leeches off big companies have never dominated the s. and p. $500.00 like they do now top 5 apple microsoft google amazon facebook now make up a record 18 percent share of the bench. arc cap thanks to monopolistic rents
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and i believe that no metric measuring the valuation of the stock market applies anymore when you have those 4 or 5 companies they've got 18 percent of the overall market capitalization that number will go to 80 percent and i predict in the next 5 years because we're heading toward a neil feudal period where those top 5 companies and some private equity firms and a few like blackrock own everything the entire stock market and bond market is being taken private with free money and the result will be medieval as a male feudalism it's clear as day well they do say something like over 40 percent of companies on the s. and p. $500.00 those not those top 5 they have they're zombies essentially if it weren't for the fed's free money they would disappear they would be gone they would be out of business but i think part of what this all this intervention is is again crowd
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control as perception they need to pretend like they're 500 companies what are they going to have the s. and p. 5 yes but that is indeed the fact however we need the illusion we need the audience we need the population to believe that we all could possibly be in the s. and p. $500.00 that there is competition we do have capitalism and therefore they need to have $500.00 companies survive so that's why they pretend that those companies that's part of why they have to intervene and put all these leeches on the economy to make it look like there is indeed some sort of capitalism in competition and of course as you and i have talked about for since moving back here and having to subject ourselves to obamacare and note that we're on this a c. a marketplace it's called a marketplace but there's only one provider for health insurance in many states and we're going to look at another story related to this. system where it's all
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a potemkin economy it's not really there is there is no competition there is nothing real there high deductible plans jeopardize financial health of patients and rural hospitals according to the nonprofit national rural health association bad debt for rural hospitals has gone up about 50 percent since the passage of the affordable care act in 2010 why has this happened because of the high deductibles and we'll get to that in a 2nd people in rural america were buying plans maybe for the 1st time but buying plans they couldn't afford said maggie elway need the group's vice president for government affairs and policy the plans seem to make sense at the time until they got sick so what happens with these rural hospitals is that these people have $10000.00 deductibles out and say somewhere in wyoming or the dakotas or colorado remote areas and the rural hospitals are not equipped to deal with huge major
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catastrophic injury in a car accident or heart attack situation what they do is they get the patient is brought there to the rural hospital they stabilize the person so they survive for the next hour or 2 then they transport them to a big city hospital which has the facilities well the 1st hospital to see them get stuck with the deductible the $10000.00 deductible the insurance company pays for anything over 10000 i the big city hospital the 1st hospital the rural hospital has the rely on the patient to have that $10000.00 and chances are they're not going to get paid so the rural hospitals are collapsing yes so health care is collapsing and so martelly goes of life expectancy in america goes down opiate addiction goes up suicide rates go up because private cut private equity has got into health care business and they are the biggest laces of all and they will suck every penny out.
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everyone's orifice in told they're all dead and they'll be sudden collapse but you see in the statistics people i see the news all the time where people say there's a separate. fall in america's life expectancy over the past 3 years i keep saying oh it's a separate fall now it's institutionalized permanent fall in life expectancy because you're promoting suicide and private equity to kill your population so as permanent you fricken it is it's also ok to miss. like it's neo liberalism when neo liberalism is a market will solve every single thing and have to be a mark in a market price and all this sort of stuff so what you have in the financial markets what's happening is the fed is saying you consumers are not spending enough so therefore we're going to punish you we're going to have repressive tax rates inflation rates also we're going to have negative interest rates we're going to take your money it's going to cost you more money if you save even a $1000.00 it's not worth it just goes spend it and it causes negative side effects
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here the same thing is obama really really genuinely believes in creating these marketplaces even despite he could see the fact that it was only one provider in the entire area and he believed fervently and he in his macand mckinsey sort of consultants working for him designing obamacare they met with the insurance companies and what they said as a very high deductible will make consumers really active consumers they'll go shopping around for the best cost and all this sort of stuff well as there is rural hospitals are showing when you show up in a coma it's very very difficult to negotiate prices it's very difficult to you know while you're there pumping your heart trying to stabilize you while you're having a heart attack who are you how much are you costing like what are you putting into me wait do you have a cheaper supplier like you don't know how you can't do that in that situation so these high. dr bills are in fact not causing people on heart attacks having strokes
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accidents any of these sort of life threatening said they are not turning them into brilliant consumers right right the word they're being male liberalism yes right so this is the this idea that really i guess from milton friedman forward under the reagan satcher doctrine that markets are sacrosanct and we entered a period of what we call market fundamentalism because it became similar to religious fundamentalism that americans would believe in the sanctity of markets above all else and that there was nothing else on plant they worshiped price the price discovery even though this price discovery was driven by a monopolist spreta tours shady bankers hedge funds and ben bernanke right just the worst character cast of characters you could possibly some bill in one place and not in it without it being actually the opposite of heaven and the result is
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predictably horrible so 120 rural hospitals have gone out of business in the last 3 years and most of them are in the loser states deplorable is all those places that hillary said are the losers again this is the cycle of. you know your policies don't work so blame the victim of your policies you know we put a leech on your on your financial system and we've destroyed it and we drilled a hole in it and it's all leaking out all your wealth all your life force is leaking out to manhattan and san francisco and l.a. and you're the loser for this according to the woman they're interviewing here from the government and affairs policy for national national rural health association the exchanges have never worked the way they were in visioned she said the goal was for you to go on your computer and it's going to be like buying an airline ticket and just shopping around for what makes sense for you there's no shopping in rural america you have one choice people are notoriously stupid when it comes to making
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a mint economic decisions in the short term this is what drives folks to to make bad consumer choices which is the essential component of the american economy what 70 percent back consumer choices which has led to the opiate addiction the life expectancy crisis the in for mortality crisis and the ecological crisis so let's apply that faulty logic to health care so that people will voluntarily make bad choices in the short term about their health care on top of all the other bad choices they're making in the short term thanks obama the bad choices is evident in the fact that one in $4.00 an hour overpriced system is spent on diabetes and most of that diabetes you know some of it is caused by genetic you know people were born with diabetes type one but diabetes type 2 which is brought on by obesity and bad choices about food again partly because of all the subsidies and the interventions in the market which caused an oversupply of corn which now we have corn syrup in
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every single thing because there was too much production of that but these are the bad choices that lead to a single supplier marketplace i mean everybody is acting like we don't see the wizard of oz that. he's just the guy behind a screen like that nobody seems to mention in all these democratic debates for example but there's just one provider like how is that a marketplace why are we not calling out this potemkin economy we're going to take a break don't forget to drive by a local grocery store pick up a bag of max's leaches 95 it's a great deal so it's over the 2nd half coming right your way. trade and investment to become metrics bills to come to economic development. most people think about trade they think about goods and services being exchanged
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between countries and the investment chapter of a trade agreement as opposed to something very different but won't when investment leads to toxic manufacturing that destroys sacred sites old ruins the environment. that means local communities that are being poisoned with a object if they do anything that the company feels is interrupting their profits they can base is no national zoo taking on the whole nation philip morris is trying to use i.s.t.'s to stop. implementing new tobacco regulations aimed at cutting domestic smoking rates a french company sued egypt because egypt resists minimum wage democratic choice of a trump cool britain will join us as we try to fund for the to. operations understand that
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a cost of doing business is buying and building support in washington d.c. and that includes staffing up with former members of congress put them on your payroll you want to hire a chief of staff from a powerful senator or a committee. member get their chief of staff put them on your payroll as a lobbyist this is what washington does on a bipartisan basis in fact i think it's the only point of true bipartisanship in d.c. is corporate influence over government. welcome back to the kaiser report i'm asked guys or time matter of turn to our conversation
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with chris martin sort of pick prosperity dot com chris welcome back back thanks it's good to be back next hour right now let's talk about your career a little bit you started off as a biologist so your thoughts on what is happening in terms of the apparent collapse in the number of insects it the absence of splatter on when she held for example is any guide we did a couple of cross county country road trips in the last couple years and that the only state where a solid blocks a bug splatter where are states where they were not using monsanto but then it's comment on what's happening with the the holocaust and sex happening right now yeah i'd be glad to and i'm sad to you know i'm of an age where i remember that if you left your 4 slate on in august you woke up in the morning your screen was covered with like this prehistoric menagerie you know was almost scary huge things monson beetles and all that they're all gone and you know people are younger may not know
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that because they didn't have that same baseline of remembering and so what's happening here i've been writing about this incident least 2015 i put an article out about how it's the new nicotine oit's it's a class of pesticides they're highly persistent a farmer sprays them on it has a half life of a 1000 days so that means when you know 3 or 65 days passes near using it again they're still wanting the soil it accumulates it's not an insecticide it's a biocide of birds get too much in their system they die it's a really nasty compound and it's everywhere you see it's been used probably insect populations so limited and it's just awful so that's really gentle a bear or the ones i guess now months and got papa bear so they're the ones who peddle this stuff it's awful farmers say to me you know i get angry e-mails whenever i write about it's i call it lazy farming and let me tell you how bad this . that is why i call it lazy if you coat a kernel of corn with this stuff by the time that corn seed sprouts it becomes a full plant it is toxic enough from what it's absorbed from that coating is toxic
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enough as an adult plant that any insect that munches dies right so that's how toxic this stuff is and pharmacy all chris you know you don't understand if we didn't have that we go out of business not thinking well how did we get to 2008 when those things got introduced on a mass scale plus the most to use something else right so it's really silent spring again it's d.d.t. it's awful as a biologist i will tell you this wiping out the bottom of the food chain is a very bad idea i mean that shouldn't get it out to be a biologist understand that but it's rippled all the way through it's down on the birds i can tell you anecdotally my bird feeder which i was have a couple running plus a sewage theater i have maybe 10 percent of the burns i had last year because we got wiped out no insects and just you know one mosquito i can feel bad slapping this is now they're like everything's where this is just one more thing that is you mention people can notice when they're driving you don't get the splat on the windshields anymore in fact you can drive often hundreds and hundreds of miles and
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have no insect strikes in the middle of summer on your windshield that's really bad that's part of the thing that gives you that hit my stomach scientists have allegedly intranets some sort of robot out of genetic materials of a frog and are we destined to be evil frog robots haha pep a the frog may may have been a right what are your thoughts on artificial intelligence and robot stress well you know maybe there are some some. hope in this story that if we did actually create ai that was smart enough we could set it loose and tell us what to do because ai can handle things that are more complex than human brains can really grok and so we might not like the results though ai may come forward and say hey growing cotton in the arizona desert. is a dumb idea you have to stop right and it may tell us a bit real estate in phoenix doesn't make sense anymore because of the groundwater
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is able to tell us things that should be obvious you know maybe i don't have a lot of hope that we're going to do the things that i call techno fantasy utopia where people go chris we lose all the b.s. we can make little drone b.s. and i'm thinking well well who's going to be plugging in and repairing a 1000000000 little bees every night so they can go around the next day this is just silly it's fantasy time instead we should be talking about how we should be wiping out the bees in the 1st place i don't lot of people are concerned about that but people don't know what to do about it and that's why everything we do a peak prosperity says it's up to us the individuals can't wait for them they big brother the whole government to figure any of this out for us it's time for us to get involved and do what we can and there's a lot we can do and that's the good news so you know i don't know where else to start in this story besides there right well on a positive now. i think it's clear that even when hammonds become extinct in the next 20 years or so our avatars will continue to sell them access taste avatar will still be doing the kaiser report in cyberspace far ai robots for their amusement
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you know the same as a big on but that's how the whole continuum antennaes on from the original. burst of life forever that came from so you know in on musk and jeff bezos and other billionaires are seeking to go off planet possibly mars possibly australia what do you think they see up there well i think they see some sort of hope and salvation that if we wrecked this space ship humans have an escape valve and maybe we'll live on mars my retort to that would be if you can't make this place work good luck making mars work any better i mean this is the most forgiving most wonderful most abundant spaceship you could ever want to have planet earth this is highly robust and enduring and if we can't work it out here. trust me we're not going to work it out anywhere else maybe more wagga slee i would say if you really think mars is an awesome idea there is a valiant in in antartica which is just as cold and just as dry eye white people
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who go spend a couple weeks there and come on back and report how awesome that experience was and then we'll find out mars is a good idea or not right well i'm not hopeful that there will be many lessons learned i mean after all we were tall explicitly from the indigenous population here in america what would happen if we continue to do what we were going to do next tony ayres they were right we committed massive suicide anyway it's been fun being a man now aside from their blog posts what was once available at dick prosperity dot com i see you have a seminar coming up in may tell us more about this well this is where you know you and i'm we've been talking a lot of problem definition what's the solution what you do so that 3 day seminar may 1st 2nd 3rd best friday saturday sunday out sebastopol very nice and day out there we talk about what you can do about all of this we talk about 8 forms of
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capital financial capital how to protect it grow it is just one form so it's social capital emotional capital things like that and we've got a really great lineup of guests this year the best ever we've got mike maloney coming i'm onboard we also peter goshen who wrote he's a professor he wrote how to happen possible conversations which is something that everybody needs to have a conversation about these days and a whole lineup of other people charles you smith richard heinberg john rubino lot a lot of great guests oh so wonderful time and it's where people can have conversations like we're having and i would other very successful people and not feel like you know you're talking to somebody who's who's about to walk away from you thinking you're nuts so it's a great it's a great time it was fills up and really looking forward to that so i love spending time with i try to people. subbranch back to economics are you talking about south sovereign say and you know and the mix you have talked about gold right gold is a way to for folks that sell sovereign saying that savings based on something that
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they can trade so it is gold still in the mix of how one becomes self sovereign while it isn't i think the theme for this next 10 years that i've been writing about is really it's hard assets gold and silver represent wonderful hard assets i guess we have to include palladium and platinum and and all those other things in there now too but as well i think productive real estate in land my larger thesis is i think this next decade next stacey i think this is going to be that the largest back to the wind movement in our country's history larger than the oklahoma land rush of $873.00 more than the hippies in the sixty's going out and you know scratching muslim parents in the dirt this is going to be a really big back to the land movement driven by a lot of need for people to get out of the city environments for a variety of reasons that i talk about but this is that's my pieces i could be wrong but i'm talking used i see it as being the time when people understand finally is infinite groping isn't viable option and the conclusion you come to with
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that is i mean there should have some land and something action back to nature and growing things and a deeper sense of community those of things i think are going to drive this but how do we avoid this what seems like the inevitability have really m.r. jing as a society based on that film idiocracy where people are watering the laws of gator aid and the the accumulated wisdom of the culture and society has been lost through massive stupidity and people don't even know how to how to grow a carrot any more it's lost and they and it's just we just die of stupidity i mean i think that's that's like that's a pretty substantially high and real risk christe well it is not going to do about across the whole culture i'm personally involved in acquiring a center and events. center that can hold a 150 or so people and we're going to be having we're general of agriculture happening there and we're going to have a place where people could come and learn you know maybe people from brooklyn come
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up and collect an egg out of a chicken coop and watch it cooked and understand you know that's how our breakfast gets made so i think this is what needs to happen is we do need that rescaling i'm doing something about it all the people in our tribe are doing things about it on their end as well at home learning how to garden learn how to grow how to how to fix and don't things again that sort of make your community by the way a lot of young people are going back route is well so i'm really encouraged to see that happening right now one final point or so you write that one good thing about the fed is destroys our future it's in advertently giving us one precious resource elaborate on this we've got about 30 seconds it's given us time all of this market propping and all of this is just a little bit more time i want people to use that time wisely understand it will and when it ends where you're going to be what's going to look like it could be uglier than 2008 are you ready for that there's a lot of goodness that comes with these kicking the can down the road what you need to be ready for when it ends right well that sounds interesting and off and look
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for saying at the event possibly thanks man the guys report actually glad to hear you might be there. and that's going to do it for this edition of the kaiser report with may max kaiser and stacey arab i'd like to thank our guest chris martenson of peak prosperity dot com if you'd like to get in touch with us on twitter at kaiser in parts and i signed by a. letter he had to as he should he go to one of the former soviet union with because of the same. as me what i mean are well me and i know the messiah but. i don't.
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we're. hearing.
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him in the. presidential candidates debate the future of the u.s. and the world. to get into the burning questions of this election cycle. every week. student. was money. well it's a really good. 7 song
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as a form of information warfare has iran's falls news agency says its international website is shut down on the orders of the us treasury. told to go into hiding amid a furious debate on free speech the teenage french call received death threats over video and social media we discussed whether there should be a line between hatred on. the british prime minister gives a warning over carbon emissions out the u.k. africa summit well striking energy deals that are almost entirely centered around fossil fuels. and the table tunning that he's the biggest party head of a key poll in the north of the country the sunday the.


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