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tv   Cross Talk  RT  January 27, 2020 7:30pm-8:01pm EST

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no on. one set of rules for the rich. that's what happens when you put her into the. narrows. we'll switch will is dedicated to increasing power for joe just as you'd expect one of the most influential intellectuals of our time speaks about the modern civilization of america. hello and welcome to crossfire where all things are considered i'm peter lavelle trump's legal team strikes back after months of being on the receiving end of the democrats and media assaults the president now presents his case but does the
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public care. cross talking some real news i'm joined by my guest robert bridge he's an r t web site writer we also have michael bryant he is a former ronald reagan white house political appointee and a george w. bush political appointee at the department of defense and of course we're joined by dimitri he's a political analyst and editor at innocent me internet media project all right gentlemen what cost in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciate it ok again another impeachment program robert. i've watched snippets of it ok i'll be honest with our audience that i cannot stomach watching so many hours of repetition in so tedious and adam schiff is not the person i want to staring at all dicky to be on interview we have to say the republicans did a good job of presenting the president's case we expected that he is
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a reality former reality t.v. she host he knows what drama is who he knows what he good show is his team did put on a good show here but it is a show and it's a show for the media because the public isn't particularly interested in it i think when it comes to impeachment most people have made up their mind if they're for or against and it seems like the majority are against going no absolutely and adam schiff had a very tough times i mean he came across very well speaking but in terms of putting forward his facts and things like that there was nothing there there was no substance whatsoever and c.n.n. and all the regular usual sorts of suspects came out and they showered him with with you know glory it was like the 2nd coming of cicero but there was a shift just talking to them yeah not yakking to the audience or not talking to voters that's why they liked it so much yeah absolutely absolutely there's really nothing there and i it looks like what they're trying to do is they need to do this for several reasons they need to destroy trump's chances of 2020 because there's
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really no other way they can do it opposite could happen. they need to damage the reputation of the senators they want to take back the senate eventually someday so those those voters that are sitting on the on the fence right now they could think could start putting pressure on to the republican senators think we agree with this we want we want trump impeach why didn't you impeach him when you had the chance so they're looking at that and then you have the right. you have this tag unism going with russia it's an unbelievable i mean you when you listen to when you listen so you think this was supposed to be about ukraine but only go no but you know it gives you the. mike you give the impression that they didn't read the court to ok from other reports they haven't read it and also one of the things and glad you mentioned ukraine is that this is all supposed to be focused on ukraine but they don't want to talk about ukraine. and they could end it when the liberal media itself is not interested in talking about ukraine well of course they read the
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mother report and they don't want to acknowledge what's in the report it's why they keep finding other reasons and other directions to go we've seen this on this show and other shows in the past it's it's stormy daniels it's what was next to the creepy born lawyer the port au. prince defense you know he's dossiers story except that it was the mother report which they didn't fight that it was going to be the reports of the f.b.i. the durham report they're not finding it and they are getting desperate they do not have a good field of candidates for the 2020 election they recognize that something you mentioned robert that you said the majority of i want to clarify this so we can debate it a little bit that the majority of americans don't want the impeachment but we keep seeing polls in the so-called objective media mostly in the liberal media showing that 51 percent of americans do want to see peach in trumped i think that was reversed so the latest poll that we're going to have more of the voice but i mean i
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mean again i guess we have to look at the polling questions i mean people support impeachment or they support removal of this this might follow. that this is a list of 20 percent said let's remove it i think that we're talking here and most of all persons by the both these to 2 sions i think institutionally people are against these because the charges are so weak i mean the whole charges of trump story and the disbursement of all of the late ukraine and ended up going anyway ended up going anyway anyway and also trump started providing these methyl weapons which by. i didn't dare to provide to the queen but you know we're going to do it from a side i think it's there is something very important and very dangerous that the american conservatives note that in all of this story they wrote in one of their articles it is called one democrats to simulate thing is they assert that the president does not have the power to do a that disbursement already there were
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a little late to a client state but the president does have the power to if you knew you were wrong and i got into. so then i think it's very dangerous because what we see the system of checks and balances was supposed to prove when to wars and now we see that the congress cannot prevent the president from starting a war and then the president cannot stop the congruence from basically poor in oil into the far out of the civil war you can't really blame me let me quote from the same article here the author is. you didn't copy but you know i mean the line here is you can so you can read the transactions are not quote consistent with official us policy that's the whole point here robert this is the 1st time and if there should be pushback against the executive we're going to these wars here but this is it's happening to trump and it's uniquely happening to trump here and i think we've always believed the president has
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a right to form his or her case now it's been his foreign policy this is being objected to and this is an echo avoid demers saying and i did a program on it is that instead this whole impeachment process is destroying institutions the idea of a whistle blower the media standing is even lower than ever and we even have the impeachment managers impugning the senate and even going to the point if they don't agree with them they could be committing a form of treason institutionally demon is right this is very destructive yeah absolutely. so things that ships. following up on. you're saying peter like for example the president's misconduct cannot be decided at the ballot box for we cannot be assured that the vote will be fairly won ok so they're already like preempting but this is an election meddling it is bettering ourselves allegedly lied to on such a high level this is this is meddling in the election and they're already tried in
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another one of the senators said something similar that we're trying to prevent these actions of presidential misbehavior in the future so they're trying to predict the future they're not and they're not focusing on the reality of the present moment they're trying to preempt the future from happening which is basically trump winning in 2002 not trying to preempt this president who there's a hint of the author of the article is james antle. but i agree with ward just said and what is interesting europe is meddling because these impeachment is wholeheartedly support it why 90 percent of the german press are 95 percent of the french press and speak you know the german magazine the they write it quite openly these simpy schmidt is not going to remove drawn from office but it's going to nessun his chances at the election in 2000 we should support that there is little. evidence to back up that claim whatsoever i would say michael just the opposite this is mobilized from space definitely in the in the in again the
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the it's the deplorable floorboards are out in force right now because you have these institutional pressures that are undermining. a very controversial election but in 2016 i think it was we i got it wrong most people did but i mean let me say house speaker pelosi did not want to have this impeachment and i've heard on your show or some other they said she didn't want to go she pushed it through she was pressured she knew that the economy is going well that trumps basis happy they're getting more jobs they're getting higher pay. they're happy with trump but the problem with this which the democrats did not obviously taken off into consideration is that when people are comfortable they don't vote if everything's going well people go and vote when they protest something so the democrats who are well positioned to win at the polls and 2020 or have a good chance now the republican base who's getting
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a better life for their families which most people focus on they are met and they're angry that the democrats are every time they turn around in the liberal media i would say more than the democrats are what's the difference what's there if there is a difference but they're the talking the mouthpiece for but just as fox is for the republicans i don't want to take sides i will sell you for the audience that i am a right of center peter mentioned i worked at the white house under reagan and under george bush so i have some right conservative limits but i'm not far right and i want to see some balance in the united states but what do you put this impeachment process is doing the opposite to that it's doing the opposite it's making people go to the post side. well on the side in russia you know smee we wanted to publish speech in governments and we had to find a problem you couldn't find it anywhere well if i wanted to do to you and you know the only thing that got to into them are you can you spit busts where. usually the
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most idiotic wants but he actually brags about you know huge grow old but that's his style you know he it's nature for him right now and and they all write about he's confronted asian with the granta to burke she's like the anti drum you know but we couldn't find it anywhere and the brass did not bad tension and i think it was a great speech you know if obama had pronounced a speech like that that would have been paid attention to by the new york times by the washington post they will not be ironic remember his speech in egypt which was total fraud as you know he he did. against what you said in egypt but at the time everyone was in richness you know wars in the conservative media and the liberal media everyone paid attention to that speech now trump this is he is variant of a bomb a speech in egypt he made she delivered that very good speech in davos no attention
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no serious attention but it's like it's like a way to win over trump gives a speech in a stadium he will be thousands and hundreds of thousands tens of thousands of people around them and he'll be staring at the camera and he'll point at the media and you know where they are sitting in the back they'll say please take your cameras and swing it around so everybody can see how many people are here but they never do it showed their own dreams about 50 people behind it but they'll never show the huge crowd behind. you know what i was going to say about the top of the speech is the reason it's not being published is because of the reaction it received from the business people and the economists there what trump said actually resonated with these people which is something that doesn't usually happen with trump speeches and trump's got a lot of flaws so you know i supported trump i will support him again in 2020 regardless of the impeachment result but i believe he does a lot of things that are not exactly the best things to do in public and in thanks to the so and i think a lot of these supporters would even agree with you well yes but it will be it's his results the resign is that we're getting hit with
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a short break and after that short break we'll continue our discussion on some real news today with r.d. . is you'll be dia a reflection of reality. in
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a world transformed. what will make you feel safe from. the isolation pool community. are you going the right way or are you being led so. direct. what is true what's his face. in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. for a mate in the shallows. and the. whole lot of 2 of the kids same compensate oh boy
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tonight nobody. can see them no proof nothing but they can. go into. the sky. you know move on which i didn't get showed up to move this because of almost an infant in the going to be out in show just as often we must. say it is not so much about the will suffice sounds it is a constant because you must say i must say. welcome back to crossfire for all things considered i'm peter lavelle to remind you we're discussing some real names.
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ok let me go to demon here demon one of the things i find really quite bewildering is that we see. the imperial city the swamp washington d.c. divided down the middle and we have c.n.n. versus fox news and people that are interested in politics that well it is a form of entertainment if you can sit through it but at the same time congress gives trump all the money he wants for defense ok it was 106000000000 more through right on ok so if he is say imminent threat to national security and the democrats control the purse in congress what gives if he is an imminent threat to national security when you give him more money to bomb places we it is stark contradiction here at what one layer it is political intertainment pull political game and when you go down into the deep state in the opera in the
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operating elements of the state and who gets paid it's business as usual well it's true. let me remind you when warned syria together with the u n k u k and france illegally on the strong accusation that they have had chemical weapons for the 1st time when 2 years for aids a cry or said that he acted presidential it not only did he say you said those beautiful missile absolutely you know that so the congress and the so-called liberals as far as the war is concerned they're not against it and although they support as far as the war is concerned where they were lived. i'm concerned about iran because i think partially iran is a serious serious enemy and partially because they were afraid that trump would win and that would bring him the next the next 4 years in the white house but in fact the situation is very complicated and artie's look at resent it is working at
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it in a complicated way i mean what we just discussed you know drum speech in davos there is a lot of things that russians and we don't like you know by do doesn't mean that we support this destruction of american institutions which is this impeachment you know because of the way the same story a story with you know important delivered to speech in jerusalem standing next to netanya what does it mean that can support everything it on yahoo is doing no work we agree on the whole cost and all the role of certain east european nations in the whole cost which is undeniable so i think we should look at politics not personally this is the way that the simple democrats are good but we should look at it in all of these levels we on this program we try to look at policy and i'm trying to push policy right now you know robert again we have all this political theater there but at the same time as we saw. that quote here you
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know in criticizing trump you know. trump's actions are not consistent with official u.s. policy this is what bothers me so much watching this pseudo drama this is what it is. but foreign policy right now is bipartisan well it's overwhelmingly probably but you know when they try to use it as a cudgel against him but it's a fake cudgel ok it's a rhetorical that they're making it seem that trump having his own separate foreign policy is somehow an impeachable offense whereas in fact the president is the president. he's the commander in chief ok the democrats may disagree with what he wants what he's doing but that doesn't give them the right to say but what we're going to do you see where the source of the logic has already alluded to it is that the obama administration didn't want to give lethal aid to ukraine and trump did because so i mean obama gave us a war
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a bomb and gave us war in libya he had no problems with it so you say are you telling me that democrats are going to want to build war i would say no i would say the opposite that they definitely want to war the neo cons want to war whoever they may be on both sides they want to war and they see that trump although i was i was very worried about it is dimension when he bomb syria at the beginning i thought ok here we go again we're going to have another war president like bush but as it turned out that much to my surprise america is not at war we haven't been at war now for 4 years i mean we're doing a lot so i always find that i don't think i can i don't find that giving him credit for not going to another war i always find that kind of an interesting i mean we're going to say no democrats want a war but they don't want trump to win we did exactly that and you and i talked about this when this all the money thing is actually the only reason why trump was criticized because it was through the prism of trump and not have anything to do with the resources and the results surprisingly east positive he's the 1st president and so to hear us who did not start a war but why should there be
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a couple of. reasons why we should not more it all go to everything i said i would but getting back to the impeachment process and what's going on it's not about the war in the impeachment process it is the the decision by trying to make personal a policy decision which i believe is the prerogative of the president to make the policy it is the complete sir what's the guy yesterday released a recording of trump saying get rid of her the ambassador to the meaning of our job on any part of the hardest part of. your part of the job and my point is trump has the right. to a point or far. they are all in the center is when he came into office and all of this so where's the beef in this square what is why is this a star witness to bring this up maybe maybe one of you are. going to get i can't i can't even it's just like so we start with there's also the start of this whole
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thing with the the letter sorry the transcript right here and it's one of these weird things in life i couldn't read the letter and come to my king transcript i could have come to my conclusion and you could do it maybe come to do pretty good yes that's a kind of weird thing i don't want to the conclusions that we'd like to come to which is the problem i would like with the democrats disagreeing with any republican. game that's fair game well i mean all of these so-called whistle blower school increase case and i mean i read english speaking magazine that they said alexander when demand you know the star witness. from stuff he. uses still to national security council well he's family and he then were placed on a military base you know protected from any kind of danger so that's that's a nice with a way to be a whistle blower you just don't respond if and if you betray your president don't go against him together with that means to. me and from the pens are the end there
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are the great witnesses against again strong i'm going to talk about left badass it's clear that he was a kook well that was another félix a. straw weakness and then we read about him 1st he was a villain now he is a star witness and worried about him in the new york times a former businessman associate associated with president trump began walking with the federal bureau of investigation in 1908. court you know stalk fraud scheme that's a nice person i think is very reliable. any evidence from him again strong and see if this is the reason why this isn't going anywhere is. we start with the moments. charge then you have stormy daniels then you have the creepy porn lawyer and you have. this cohen character it just a rolling thing where she gave no ukraine gate and then we go back to russia i was astounded how much they talked about that in the clips that i saw i thought that
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was in the rearview mirror apparently it's not think i think if we had a real media to challenge this nonsense this is creepy porn lawyers and stormy daniels and all this nonsense that the democrats keep throwing up in everybody's face then this would stop but the thing is the democrats they enjoy a media which is essentially another branch of the democratic committee really you know it's going to be an answer to that and it's a bubble group think. so this whole thing the democrats right now i think it's something that's being under played of course because the media controls everything but they're really on the defensive they they know the bar and door as we mentioned before they're they're investigating these guys and any time now so they see this coming so what they're trying to do is they're trying to keep the spotlight on trump keep his feet to the fire as long as possible and delay the investigation that's going to fall in their heads. in the president have the opposite effect
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exactly as we said earlier the base was complacent they're happy they probably won't vote as strongly as they will because of the impeachment process they're tired of hearing all of these every every article in the new york times which i've been reading since i was 20 year olds were years old every day and i ask myself why they used to present the news but but i read the headlines i don't read the article because even the headlines now they say. trump said so and so. substantiate it but if they said obama said so and so they would never read it if there was no substantiation and these are the type of things that the media is doing that is drove me to the republican. already drove me to be more concerned that any of their sources. they don't want to even republicans thought sometime but the liberal media is very bad about that name as its longest the story that will target strokes for the republican party you know what the interesting thing is is that there is no downside to being wrong who gets fired very few people get fired
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well with this kind of. a shot of it because i don't want there's been a couple people would see it in law school but in something. only one council was fired that was american ambassador to kiev meri jaan of it yeah it's a nice cushy job you know completely about how she's going to have a nice life she's going to be protected on all sides she's going to be here all right a book made by one pope what will want you know you rocked the war the war in iraq 4000 americans killed. the war was started because of false evidence did anyone get fired it i'm not speaking about going to jail with o.j. it would be more appropriate was anyone demoted you know who was demoted who was fired someone who talked to the russian ambassador you know michael flynn you know that's a huge crime that's what jail for that you know people who drove america into the iraqi morris' none of them want bunged they're on the radio they're on b.b.c.
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and i just recently b.b.c. invited me to a program with westy quark and pearl and 4 bits and they were all brave and how how you know humane they were to liberate the iraqi people from the terrible appropriation by saddam hussein none of them work punished and this is the wast feeling about it the impunity all the perpetrators and join the lists in the perfect thing to say it was the journalist you know what if i was on so when i want to get out of the weather so what about providing we get here where were you going to tell him to belt the buck you know because nobody wants it it's not over mines it is the only real. ukraine story as far as i'm concerned and adam shift and his. other managers of the impeachment and certainly c.n.n. will never talk about that because there is no story there is no evidence the idea that nobody looks for evidence if you don't look you're not going to find anything gentlemen that's all the time we have here many thanks to my guests here in moscow
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and thanks to our viewers for watching us here arche see you next time remember. at . you know world of big partisan movies a lot of things and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smart we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks. trade and investment to become magic spells to come judge economic development.
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most people think about trade they think about goods and services being exchanged between countries and the investment chapter of a trade agreement as a pow something very different but won't when investment leads to toxic manufacturing that destroys sacred sites all ruins the environment. that means local communities that are being poisoned if they object if they do anything that the company feels is interrupting their profits they can be sued now multinationals are taking on the whole nation philip morris is trying to use i yes yes to stop. away from implementing new tobacco regulations aimed at cutting domestic smoking rates a fringe company sued egypt because egypt resists minimum wage democratic choice over trump corporate law joint says we try to fund don't want to touch it.
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the u.s. military confirms that one of its surveillance planes has crashed in afghanistan in territory controlled by taliban militants. it's 75 years since one of the darkest chapters of humanity came to an end to the liberation by soviet forces of the alfred's concentration camp the 27th of january is now international holocaust remembrance day for the millions of jews killed during the 2nd world war . and france bans a type of crowd control grenade that's injured numerous protesters the critics say it's just a political ploy designed to with to win votes in upcoming miss elections.


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