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tv   Going Underground  RT  February 10, 2020 2:30am-3:00am EST

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well i think we've had the arab league formally come out the e.u. formally come out but this was a very curious documents because the headline is vision for peace you then dip into the text and misses an exclusive one sided narrative of one side in a conflict which manages to hit every israeli propagandist talking point for generations and rub the palestinian noses in it to an extent that even in a document of surrender you wouldn't have that kind of imbalance so it's anything but a peace plan there are no osce to whatsoever from the israeli side and the palestinians literally being told live a 2nd class citizens without a state some of the headlines have done an injustice to what is going on in this plan how bad it is some of that other person is getting
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a little less land maybe they're getting not quite the exact neighborhoods in jerusalem they're getting us embassy in jerusalem or no they're not they're getting perhaps when the plans implemented which it never will be let's just be clear about that all the upfront goodies go to israel any of the neat things the palestinians might get come early when the israelis concur and agree to that and they would be getting an embassy in the outskirts of what is not considered by them to really be jerusalem anyway behind the wall that israel is erected not not in jerusalem proper . the palestinians are getting so little that this looks more like a 180 page hate letter from america to the palestinians than anything that could possibly be peace and i'm telling you as someone who used to negotiate. possible texts for a peace plan this is like copy paste and put through hate grind ok well i want to get on to what i'm going to be preempting in
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a 2nd but your well versed in corruption in the palestinian authority there's tens of billions of dollars on the table given the class conflict within the palestinian community with their voices their thinking they could buy off the top level elite levels of palestinian the palestinian authority in some parts of the administration they may actually think. both given the history of corruption as you said and that there are good days that eventually and mostly because they're squeezing the palestinians so hard especially if they have another 4 years if if president trump is reelected that maybe they'll get the palestinians to sign up so that i can't see that happening a few months before the release of this plan last summer in menominee in by her ain there was actually an economic conference in which 50000000000 worth of goodies was put on the table and they didn't manage to get one significant palestinian political economical business figure to go to menow unama in bahrain refused to go
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because let's understand there is corruption and then there is abject national surrender which is untenable an unsustainable with your own public you mention your role in camp david well please the. son in law the man behind this quoted camp david negotiations as part of the informing this deal i was involved in negotiations for part of the oslo agreements we were part of a back to. as as an israeli official at the time for can't they be we were at the top a negotiations i took part in those several months later what jarrad kirschner as don has taken what was anyway. a distance that still existed between the parties that distance existed at camp david and every subsequent negotiation right to return famously wasn't in the core the right of return wasn't there and there
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were going to in a 2 state outcome you probably have to finesse that but what gerrard has done his has taken this and don't like that he's tried to pull it in a totally different direction and that is intentional because they're explicit about this they want to reset the terms of reference and in so doing i think they may have put the final nail in the coffin of 2 states because those terms of reference have now become bantu stands apart. well i mean there's lots written a play about the oslo accords. when it comes to this deal what do you make of the personal or particular over the. jared krishna's house i mean basically was it written by netanyahu the deal of the century i think when eventually the stories come out about who this was written by. this is an israeli hand on the pen
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and not just any israeli hand this is the hands of the more hard line elements inside israel unbelievably ambassador david friedman who is the american. former bankruptcy lawyer for president trump ambassador to israel now ambassador in jerusalem. he was a donor not as a private individual prior to taking up an official role he was a donor to the settlements. i think he is a driving force behind that and in his backroom do not sit seasoned american diplomats professionals well versed in this in his back room writing all his plans of the settler movement and he actually tweeted. thank you dr dori gold for your imput dori gold is a former policy adviser a former official working on the nuts and yahoo iran's hard line institute in jerusalem i once wiped the floor with him in an intelligence squared debate and
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these are the kind of people who are running the show writing these texts and you can see it when we invade them and of course the current israeli ambassador to britain do today no doubt refute exactly what you're saying but how dangerous is it now for israel's existence because the deal is definitely united the arab world the international community this comes after a mass unity against trump's aerial killing as a nation and got some silly money iran's top general the end of a j c p o a is there now a gathering unity against israel. no i wouldn't put my emphasis on that afshin. yes we've had the rhetorical condemnation from the arab league and from many other quarters in the world i think yes it a communal popular level this is deeply offensive to many people around the world. but let's also be practical i'm not expecting.
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whether it's arab governments or other governments in europe or elsewhere to take practical measures to hold israel accountable to actively push back against this plan to end the in punitive which israel has enjoyed and which is led to the very situation we're in today ok because a writer money was reputedly carrying a peace plan between saudi arabia and iran the big unity that could presumably really threaten israel reserve we actually just abiding by un resolutions i think that could pose a threat but where i think this is most problematic for israel and where i think the largest threat to israel lies is the following there are just over 6000000 israeli jews and about the same number perhaps a little more palestinian arabs in the areas controlled by israel inside israel itself in jerusalem in the occupied territories in gaza which is still you mentioned the situation in gaza which is basically controlled by israel the aspace the territorial waters they go in and out israel could make peace with the united arab emirates tomorrow and it wouldn't change the fact that they're on the land and
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what these dogs. by essentially withdrawing the option of a 2 state outcome is it means israel is left with the following choices rolling the dice that the palestinians will forever accept an apartheid reality where you have to expel the palestinians if you want all the land which i think is not inconceivable but incredibly risky and ugly. and likely to generate a backlash and against international law but i suppose that all of you or you go through what is now being teed up which is an anti-apartheid struggle where the palestinians say we can't now have a state you've taken the option of a state which was a huge concession for us you've taken that off the table give us our equal rights in the one political space that you have created which i think is now the general it may not be the opinion amongst policymakers and think tanks and so on that a one state solution is the only way forward but. amidst all of this do you think
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that arab governments are also in danger little in israel as they try and contain their own populations anger against israel or do you think that they the governments continue to think and there has been reports more between israel and saudi arabia they they believe they could tag on to the u.s. and british backed israeli government i think that is the bet that is being placed in many arab capitals the bet that is being placed is. that there is a generational divide the comes into play with this contact with this conflict as well and the bet that's being placed is that those young people do not care about this issue forgotten gotten and it doesn't have the iconic classic status that it used and i think that's a misplaced bet over time is this one of the things of that eventually. leads us to hitting a tipping point very possibly well if it threatens israel or threatens the arab
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governments from future arab siblings that might not such a great idea arguably you've also suggested that trump is applying a marxist approach patton's the contradictions that have been lasting for so long in the region just explained when i think one of the things the peace process offered was not probably a path to peace but a process that has been over a quarter of century chugging along it offered people a comfortable landing place not comfortable obviously for the not proud as the indians not the palestinians tens of $38.00 more fragile it offered the international community an easy escape route to say we have a peace process of course we're dealing with this issue you strip that away it's the emperor has no clothes this is what trump has done either your with a colonial apartheid project or your with actual freedom for the palestinians the
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question that israel has dogged all these years of. is this apartheid you're creating are you ready to have a palestinian state and then you'll keep ation or is this permanent inequality that has been. the way to reverse that. plan or do we do something that actually creates a different incentive structure for israel so that's why i think the contradictions and the thank you. after the break 24 hours from the new hampshire democratic primary trump 2020 advisory board member lieutenant steven rogers says no matter who wins new hampshire the democrats have 0 chance of getting their claws into the white house and a perspective from outside the 2 body system the united states former green party vice presidential candidate john the braga speaks to us from arguable u.s. client state colombia all the more coming through of going underground.
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and we're going to fulfill the repeated promises possible to the people come on you know we've all bought the. pretty. pretty do. you want to. know.
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so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy on sunday shouldn't let it be an arms race based on often spearing dramatic development only i'm going to lose east i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time time to sit down and tom. welcome back u.s. democrats will be hoping to mars new hampshire primaries don't go has got us roughly wrong as last week's i would call kisses but what about the g.o.p. in new hampshire could it make all the difference and all trump trying to stay in the white house joining me via skype from new jersey's lieutenant steven rogers from the advisory board for trump 2020 thank you so much intended for coming on the how much of a threat is pratt and bernie sound as if he wins new hampshire tomorrow. well bernie sanders is actually more of
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a threat to the democratic party than for the president of the united states and the g.o.p. but there's no one no one at all in the democrat party was going to defeat donald trump the problem that bernie sanders is facing is a resurgence of extreme left people in his party that consider him too old establishment that such a so ok threat to the g.o.p. a big threat to the democratic party itself we haven't i mean scientists policy foreign policy adviser met does he's claiming trump has strengthened the door in venezuela trump is strengthened russia in what he cools the american hemisphere is son is actually is a hard left as you make out or is he in fact more hawk than drum is and trump is a dove. well look. i would say that president trump is more of a very balanced leader between a hawk and a dove and i could prove it keep in mind that president trump had many
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opportunities to use military action against syria raney and he did not we had the incident where the iranians blew up a boat they launch missiles at a u.s. base of the president was very very restrained so that argument that is brought from the left is completely inaccurate we have a president with relation to russia i could tell you that the president at least in my view sees russia as an emerging power and at this time him and lattimer putin have been able to sit down and do a lot of discussion rather than a return to the cold war joe biden is even a c.n.n. town who will continue to say trump is a russian asset more or less well of course that's a lot of nonsense and that's politics as usual they have nothing they can pin on the president of the united states look they said that russia was deeply involved in some sort of idea to interfere in our elections and ended up in
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a hoax russia has been a long time target of people who just seem like they want to always make russia our enemy now we have a president who at the very least is able to sit with the russian leader rather than be an antagonist is that the n.c. basically doing your job for you in what happened as regards his acquittal in the senate as regards the miller inquiry is that the n c the real drum 2020 advisory board. the d.n.c. cannot stop giving us gifts i mean this has been absolutely marvelous what they're doing to help president trump get reelected they have failed every single step of the way now we're trying to figure out what's next whatever is next it will cause a huge surge in the president's popularity look his popularity is now very very high as a result of their ridiculous actions against him in by the way against the american people of course you to it israel i understand what do you make of scientists claim
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that u.s. aid should be leveraged u.s. aid to israel and of course the iran deal should be reinstated well israel has always been a very strong compromising l.-i to the united states israel i don't believe we'll ever see a cut there glued to us they're glued to the united states and we're going to continue to support them and with regard to any disruptions in the mideast israel has been a big partner and helping us stabilize that region ok but hang on israel is a self declared jewish state sonde is would be the 1st of a jewish president. well it doesn't seem like it makes much sense with bernie sanders taking the ucas issues that he's taken but it boils down to politics a politician's will sell their souls. they will do whatever it takes even compromise on very strong principles that this nation has stand upon to get reelected that the magic of donald trump he can't be bought he can't be sold he
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owes no one nothing the only people he owes is god in the american people you see trump last time around in the eloquent woods of steve bannon of the state of the union was talking about those people who suffered under globalization and the death of manufacturing industry i mean they just had to secure the usa has never been more unequal trump for the 1st time the riches $400.00 families paid an average of 23 percent tax when the bottom hof paid 24.2 percent tax i mean how he going to get to wisconsin and the midwest states if you know democrats can point to the fact there's an exceptional new harridans tax so single people can leave $11000000.00 couples $22000000.00 to their children a lot of these situations that are set up like that have nothing to do with the federal government these are state laws the states each state assembly each of these letters of the tax cut well the trump tax code i can tell you i don't know
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where they get their information from but i've been around this country and the minorities for example in this state have never never seen boost in their salaries they've never seen tax cuts like they have they've never seen an appointment like rate like they have and i myself i've got to tell you i look up my 41 k. a 2 weeks ago i was stunned over the amount of money that was put into that for one k. and i'm not rich i'm a middle class american so this idea that ok but hang on hang on to that 36000000 americans tonight will not be able to eat a meal they will be able to eat enough to live with. federal assistance what he did was he's making sure that the fraud and the abuse and a lot of people who are actually not qualified for that aid is going to be filtered out there are people yes that are unable to eat well you know there are a lot of jobs available i could tell you myself i've seen people who are ready able and body to go to work they want and they have jobs those 36000000 have jobs and 80
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percent of us workers live paycheck to paycheck i know i mean i think no one can blame trump directly for all of this because it was a remarkably similar under the obama administration of course well keep in mind this is you're right these are years and years and years of policies that haven't worked it's not that look rome wasn't built in a day right so the president is trying to advance policies that will address those issues this guy's compassionate he gets it he understands there are a lot of problems in this country but yes what the united states congress has a lot of power they have not addressed this way way before president trump has been elected so hopefully we'll be able to address those issues moving forward why do you think trump tweets more about but he sont is than than any other candidate arguably. well you know it's i been asked that question many many times you know a lot of it's us i could tell you is a fine guy but look the president will take anyone on and he's going to win whether be bernie joe biden or whoever and just back to foreign policy the other candidates
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apart from songes on known to have supported previous wars but as i was saying when he signed his supported the war in yugoslavia war in afghanistan funding for the war in iraq trump he campaigned against wars before he became president and yet it's gone trump who assassinated in the rain in general catalyzing an attack on u.s. soldiers it's all a trump who dropped the biggest conventional bomb in history on afghanistan it's stone trump of seeking regime change in venezuela bolivia and other countries and it's donald trump who has prevented a major major regional war in the mideast by being very very restrained worth regard to a lodging any military action against iran and we're very guard to the general it wasn't a military general real generals don't kill their own people this guy was a terrorist the president absolutely without any doubt kept his word he would go after any terrorist anywhere on the face of the earth and he did so he has
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a president who i believe is a peace president not a war president obviously the iranian government denies that the tennesseean rogers thank you well for a different perspective i'm joined now via skype from cali in columbia by former green party vice presidential candidate a job over aka john a welcome back to going on to go new hampshire tomorrow is the d.n.c. basically now at all out war against bernie sanders to try and destroy him after iowa where you know it seems like a. mini board very suspicious about what unfolded in our or be connected to the efforts to undermine him sent to stop me from various elements of the of the corporate prez. unfavorable. articles coming out related to sanders ability to do street trouble and so many people believe that there is
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a concerted effort to do whatever is necessary to denying senders the nomination and are was seems to fit right into that their playbook the thing is a some polls show only sonders can beat trump and what is the democratic establishment got so against him pelosi was clapping for one white over the self-styled the leader of venezuela but even signed his own foreign policy man matt doesn't mean saying regime change is needed in venezuela or in sambas record is for supporting war in yugoslavia or afghanistan backing funding for the war in iraq where the democrats against any sonas because the democratic establishment they understand one concept in our concept is the power of the nap appeared to surrender the party to the sander sanders forces even if it means. losing to donald trump they're not really that concerned about who sits in the white house and more
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concerned though about maintaining control of their party and as you said it terms a real policy. differences aren't that. much i mean you look at the policies with little while for example when both parties seem to be committed to a regime change you saw the response in the at the state of the union when the fake president was was introduced so it boils down to the whole issue of who controls the major parties and the major parties are still controlled by the elements of the transnational bush was think i should just say the baby why though isn't self-styled the you recognize. as it was the president of venezuela boris johnson met him in london just recently but income inequality is at its worst on record in the united states right now and yet liberal candidates like beat bush is
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as shad and that alone tainted candidates are going to be like joe biden this still running what does it say about the democrats that any of those people can still get votes in these primaries let alone maybe some of them win in the florida primary where is that the narrative of the democratic party and the reality is that people are are living our net have not converged and that's why a candidate like bernie sanders the so so much of a threat to those new liberal forces because he is he is personifying and articulating a message. that. all is not fine in the in the us republic is interesting that biden and booted jets they have a message very similar to what was delivered by donald trump the other night and that is that everything is fine in the republic that the working class is doing just great but bernie sanders in his message is to contradict that and that's
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why he's seen as such a major out of logical threat to the democrats and really to the political economic order wiki leaks told us and 2016 they kind of things that were being done to sondra this campaign what do you expect this time around they're already signed as people saying that the app in iowa was somehow suspicious what do you think they're going to do just as this time and i should also say their letters now on twitter showing how close sanders was to the soviet union apparently well i've been warning people for quite some time. even that concerted effort to undermine the ability of donald trump to to govern is going to pale in comparison to what. would be directed a boat of senators so i expect for the for it to be much more orderly i expect for there to be a coalescence of the ruling class elements that has as the major and primary
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objective was to deny bernie sanders the nomination so we're going to see all kinds of dirty tricks all kinds of of reports emerging that will paint bernie sanders as a commune is an enemy of the people and you name it so it's all out to undermine bernie sanders including cutting deals with people like elizabeth warren. thank you my pleasure that's it for the show will be back on wednesday 21 years since will the us president clinton was acquitted on to articles of impeachment budgeting obstruction of justice until that doesn't get to continue the conversation on social media and subscribe to going underground on you tube. what politicians do something. they put themselves on the line they get accepted or
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rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. most some want to. have to go right to the person it's like on the floor 3 in the morning people are. interested always in the why. question. the world is driven by a drunk. person or those. no jerry thinks. we dare to ask.
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what the death toll from the coronavirus make climbing to more than 900 worldwide we'll look at a temporary accommodation for russian citizens airlifted from the epicenter of the outbreak. plus disturbing images shared with us by a palestinian family israeli defense forces shoot a 14 year old boy in the head with a rubber ball leaving him in a coma. and his story is one of many tragedies in our town every time a child becomes a victim people are terrified. also this hour of the oscar ceremony and amid growing concerns that such events are being used as a stage for political statements amid revelations that many actors speeches.


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