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the field. is going to. continue. and. logan is in the machine i do not know she had him out of the norm. but as you know the tee shot a little. bit when i'm not on them if they. can as you write about anyone notable or else i'm ok. if you. feel. well as if it were the. ultimate out of either what
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a good schiedam hope to fall on the folks who showed you some. blossom anonymized than any aid. but about today only the will of a good watch. and bomb will not again the army like that got a onesie oh not. that i would allow that to be at the end if there were 9 local one that i ve. been.
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and i don't want to go now to the coast and if. the look you see up from montana some of us have met and also know that that is at all the norm. and the sauce for those are just alluding to. this mark in the good mood up. here's are. you saying only. come on i'm. given as high as up on this i probably. know not human. and you not. only lab where you go who are. often. and has
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the nor on the whole that he was a out of the what. how. is it. that we thought that we're going to. get it how does. how do you know. pan in atlanta has. never been to visit later. i like it on holiday i mean. i don't want to get more dumbest. senate or. library. down the back.
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but the difference again i know how a lot herring is. feral
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no i. don't feel terrible. for feral to say laugh fair or. put up or trying to kiss a lot of. well how do you know one honey at. a summit in macau like that in a snap shot and one that isn't a long line i tried in on my last one and if you know the last time and in.
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fact. i've. been very. imagine. what of course a mile out flood. your phone of the moment of call mom let's look another person the money more limited to be a friend yes and no nothing of love for you or someone i would want in the shadow
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this. question but that's the norm for long but he'll have to listen. to him and not the full 1st what are some of us must to do with the power that one arm of water that for without shoes. my bit of a mess you have at the door was that i might know you're not i'm hard to get are so one how one other them know her coffman. i'm done up for the chicken i am. yes. to. chancellor michelle when in terms. of.
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a general in. general instructed to. hold for all we. will get one who when guests. alotta. shit school more will go. there or see june yes. most the one in june indian. children will be. a chef. if. i go a lot and they. said ok let's have a certain. ok here in the lead there are way up and if i. was there
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watch when. he said. i had to fill and i'm sure a. lot of little or not so that more or less. i had the elements in the right. has only just there for $100.00 russia how the county now and the fun county. man had to mechanics out of. a worthwhile a job or follow. the civil value of the man in command unit or commission. come. out of that war hope. if you're in a home rod with a level of blood or who. don't know yet about all of the you know for some of us
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and for. our what in. washington rutherford. measurement for the. past or how race year usually one had the heart of a hell of a sharia law. i hustle that carries i was sleep with almost everyone was just the real plot of that but it up with. the right letter yemen with what hossam of the war in the lead of a weatherman for us last night at arsenal and then. looking at your mission which is going to start in about how i have to be able to switch cannot. jonathan on country so one of the but i'll tell about you it was a little more of the focus of the nation's capital and the coverage how the dollar
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now i know you had major. sunday although he did just look at it closer to the polls than oh look. if you. make a mistake to channel the sun almost santa chant on earth just when i don't have one do you. have one. nation under 9 am and chances am suffering for salaheddin. join me every thursday on the all excitement show and i'll be speaking to get a little bit politics sport this list i'm show business i'll see you then.
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people have money in pension accounts people who have money in savings are actually digging into their pockets because their savings rate their pension accounts are now yielding close to 0 or negative they're taking money out of their pockets thanks to the central bankers and they're giving it to a billionaire so he can buy jeff away so he can sell trinkets to more billionaires this is louis the 16th i believe living off the labor of the peasant. chose seemed wrong. but old rules just don't hold. any new goals to get to shape out these days he comes to educate and in games from an equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look
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for common ground. nuclear power become a battleground in the u.s. in vermont people love demanding the shutdown of a local plant from my yankee is right now my focus because it's a very dangerous oh no claire power plant the owner is attempting to run the reactor beyond its operational limit this case just sort of puts a magnifying glass on where's the power in this country where's it going is it moving more towards corporate interests or is it more in the idea of a traditional participatory democracy is your power lie with the people this case demonstrates that struggle in very real ways our struggle.
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holden in the betting to automate the me me me me. oh my god i'm going to. do not know what i just seen is still some i don't want to feel. how do you still call on the she why the men on. the net i'm not
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a woman was not in the aujali bit and how the out of the study 100 the. what the how do not be excellent as a cell phone in another you need. one of those before. why did nothing but i would not. and so on i think she is more just a lot of the same. as the other how good how do you want.
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well i meant no this alleges a lot of me suing also known as you on. our. assassins does a walk on going on a commercial done soon as i and i am in my living. on a millionaire. show my actual phone and take another. analogy. in.
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the going to monster of a new kind of didn't play one about. when a governor will want to have a sunny. morning. i don't have a son a wise one and i can say sure decision one can. develop that lead now last in. chauffeured as even genesee an falun gong woman told me i have to you they want to use in the war i want. he would never toss out. how to do my.
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evil not of. the machine smoke i was in my family comment. for dollars i want us all do you want to show an animal my. hair comes to show. i don't know why a commander so while they're one of us or as a passing good must now swore weatherboard enough.
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to lead the matter at all but i haven't. had to stand by him and also. to learn about all that happened there's not. more suspect and now. and yet you don't get. the ferry. for the. value of the money. off. the earth and. the new. key for us because the. people in the last 4 years this was a good. little activists who got. into the compound seeking to demand.
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our rather us orderly as modern. clothes condemned my last. show to live. on. live radio in harlem. happy to have. with one time somebody's. going to. have. a good song. my initials are. you mr liable should i do i need to. be about 2 americas a little. thing he wasn't. really guns that moment actually i'm going to cope with. the. post from this again.
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but this is a little bit. to see it. because i'm sick. but sure they got the clothing much as how to feel if you. have missed the news and. need some some. distance and be a. member beholden. to the you. know how does a massive. attack you would you be american bush term if you can single them come on the guy to have them a little. bizarre because i can see not about him when he saw the. halls.
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of the bar. mr mundus in the lead in the stands throw a bonus and say that i was. the narrative as you know me to talk later be taken for no one of the mechanical fiction. and. have done. with it from central to the core of i'm. not a mythical not that i know i had the little. group muscle
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if she wanted to. act number one here and now we have nothing. mother she said with the. long established by the. by the. just. before the thing with us will. be what happened well you know i didn't see anyone caught. my fancy. at the wrong one. and all i'm so glad i know who i am so what i want. analysts are going to. the land idea say that is that i. shall lie and. mathematical hey i was told at once there's a lot i mean. i'm the one.
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in the middle of them a 3rd of the number. that are not all. well i mean let i be in and i'm going to bed monthly when i'm with elemental said we had . to come up with at the moment how you know what i'll be in. here for you tonight is that good heavens that was the question who was that was the host of it because. there is. this public of the. on. and knowing.
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all of. that. and i mean what. i have been quite a few known. he was going to. be the.
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other doesn't want to. walk on the. only day i'm not planning on this is the gentleness of the subway. system have to be assassinated out about this movie is. my kind of the most of it. money not in any way. to have any t.v. i think oh you see i did as sophia. our her.
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live. live. the full lives. play. play. play. live live. live.
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live. live. oh. please. please. please clear. and very well welcome to you watching us inside us. people have money and pension and now people have money and savings are actually digging into
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their pockets because their savings rate their pension accounts are now yielding close to 0 or negative they're taking money out of their pockets thanks to the central bankers and they're giving it to a billionaire so he can buy so he can sell trinkets to more billionaires this is louis the 16th i believe living off the labor of the peasants. all the alternative all. because i. was cold real choice it's the binary choice and only choice is if you say. binary thing. the states to the school to provide a new uk fixture revive the cold ted and start negotiations with. israel they don't invite you to negotiate them to sing.
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tel in the northeastern france accuse their belgian neighbors of illegally dumping rubbish across the border our correspondent charles devinsky investigates. being described as dumping and the scale and you can see why. also this hour about as well slams u.s. sanctions as a weapon of mass destruction and a mass form of warfare with president donald trump threatening to impose further restrictions on the country's oil sector. and u.k. athletics officials come under fire after a b.b.c. documentary claims they took part in a doping scandal involving a limp dick champion.


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