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but exit polls. are. now the democratic race to take on in the 2020 presidential election is picking up pace but ahead of so-called super tuesday it has been far from for 2 candidates. suspended her nomination. as well. well march 3rd super tuesday is the day in which 14 u.s. states and one u.s. territory of american samoa vote in their presidential primary and just ahead of that vote we have 2 major contenders suspending their campaigns dropping out of the
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race and at this point amy clothes shar and p. are no longer in the running they are not running for president now already we've had amy clovers shar endorse joe biden pete buddha she's expected to do that as well let's review these dramatic developments right before the big day i lot of people predicted i wouldn't make it through that speech and then they thought i would make it through the summer and then i wouldn't make it to the debates but here i am headed into super tuesday. come here and asking for your vote humbled by the knowledge that for so many that vote was won through strong through blood through sweat through tears and for some within living memory. now this is interpreted by many as showing the weight of the democratic party throwing itself behind joe biden in an effort to stop bernie sanders the democratic socialist from vermont who seems to be quite popular and doing well now donald trump the u.s.
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president was certainly not afraid to give his analysis on social media as he always does this is what trump tweeted in response to the dramatic move. out will be super tuesday votes will go to sleep the job i didn't great timing this is the real beginning of the dems taking bunning out of play no nomination again. so $415.00 delegates are at stake when voters go to the polls in 14 different us states for super tuesday to gas their vote in the democratic primary about who they would like to be the nominee of the democratic party to run against donald trump in november and at this point remaining in the race we have michael bloomberg we have u.s. u.s. senator former vice president joe biden and we have senator bernie sanders so 3 big major contenders in the race remaining people are looking ahead to march 3rd super
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tuesday as people all across the united states 14 different states will be voting on the nominees so quite an exciting at turn of events people didn't see this coming people wonder what will indeed happen when people go to the polls across the country. afghan police say that at least 3 people have been killed and 11 others wounded in an explosion near a football ground in the eastern province of khowst no one has claimed responsibility for that attack as of yet but earlier on monday the taliban said it would relaunch operations against the kabul government after president conny refused to commit to the terms of a peace deal between the us and the islamist group the reduction in violence has ended no an operations will continue as normal. the us taliban agreement on mujahedeen will not top foreign forces bus or parishioners will continue against the administration forces. the stipulated that kabul would release 5000 taliban
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members from prison in turn the group pledged to free 1000 government detainees that was supposed to pave the way for direct talks between the 2 sides but president danny has said that the swap cannot be a precondition for interim afghan peace talks casting doubt on the viability of the plan. for its part the u.s. has promised to withdraw its troops from the country over the next 14 months subject to the taliban's compliance with the deal and despite monday setbacks that still seems to be donald trump's intention we're getting out we want to get out we had good meetings with the taliban and. we're going to be leaving and we're going to be bringing our soldiers back home we've been there for almost 20 years it's a long time we've done a great job in terms of getting rid of terrorists now it's up to other countries to get rid of those terrorists i would caution everybody to think that there's going to be an absolute sation of violence in afghanistan that is probably not going to
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have it's going to go to 0 or to tailor looks now at whether hopes of securing a lasting peace in afghanistan were misplaced. 18 here is $1.00 trillion dollars over $150000.00 dead for rough gonna start in the us the road to peace has been long bloody costly but a new dawn is on the horizon and it's being hailed as a victory this is for peace to be. the deal signed by washington and the taliban has promised to bring to a close what seemed and on the ending a war times many thought it wouldn't happen the deal has come after 18 months of pulling and tugging of head shakes and walking away but in doha the paper was finally signed and it seemed to be one of those rest situations where in parties involved were happy well almost all because apparently someone forgot to ask the
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afghan government what its take was spoiler a lot it's got a few concerns the in could barely dry it on the deal when the afghan president vetoed a key clause the release of 5000 taliban militants as part of a prisoner swap. there is no commitment to release $5000.00 prisoners i have shared this with dr kelly this is the right and the decision of the people of afghanistan that they have requested it so it could be included in the agenda of the interim afghan talks but it cannot be a prerequisite for talks. now this is not a side note to the deal it is in fact to the condition on which intra afghan peace talks will start a veto the full threatens to bring this entire thing grinding to a hopes president gone his reaction there shows how washington has missed the point here that signing that piece of paper is ironically the easiest part and the
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promising prisoners which on yours is as unhelpful as dropping demands that the taliban officially recognize gone his government are going to govern. and was not even invited to the negotiations and when they were participate the only principle . not as a government would resign for thieves because ordinary afghans and that in itself is a very significant indication of how the situation was developed president gunner said this we have been fighting. for about 80 to 90 percent of the battles have been raised by afghan troops or very simply. means that . or anybody else have to deal with the government so this is maybe one of the herbals many murders down the road but let's not forget the u.s. is an old hound pretending to be the peacemakers even when it's cause the mess in the fast place and with an action just around the coup want to trump probably
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wouldn't be against adding to his eye make great things happen rhetoric sure has middle east deal of the central small bust them boom and kim jong un isn't quite ready to step away from his nuclear rockets but trump got his photos and it seems he's already eyeing up his next money shots be meeting personally with taliban leaders in the not too distant future. and we'll be. very much hoping that they will be doing what they say they're going to be doing they will be killing terrorists when in doubt sign a deal pose for a photo then crown yourself victor leave others to figure out the logistics tried and tested. across a live now to gregory copley who's the president of the international strategic studies association of thanks for being with us here on our to international as always so great to be with you. the taliban says that it will resume its offensive
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against afghan forces what does this mean for the u.s. taliban peace deal considering that's not part of it. well they was always going to be a high risk deal president. it was that he certainly did not agree with the way in which the united states was taken into the war in afghanistan by president george w. bush and subsequently by. other administrations so his commitment to his electorate was to withdraw the us from these kinds of wars and he's doing that but he's also made sure that the afghan government can stand alone with some considerable degree of authority the reality is that the taliban is going to find out that this is this is not gonna stand 5 years ago 10 years ago or 20 years ago the reality is that now the taliban cannot count on for example the support of pakistan because the
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global situation has changed the point where the central asian states themselves now have a stake in the peace in afghanistan they need to ensure that the taliban comes into line pakistan likewise because we're saying is that us with the central asian states particularly through its biggest and i'm going to try to offer a kind of stand a choice a chance to stability so that trade can flow through from central asia through afghanistan and pakistan through to the indian ocean and vice versa so there's a different international marketplace if you like surroundings afghanistan today a lot of different pressures on. both the government and the taliban so it's going to be an interesting outcome but i think it's not going to be back to the old war between the taliban and kumble and kabul now is much much stronger so are you
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surprised by the trumpet ministrations relatively relaxed response i mean the president has said that u.s. troops are leaving and that is essentially someone else's problem now you alluded to the fact that he this was a promise that he's made and is seeming to keep. is it too relaxed. no he knows what he's doing he's been working up to this it was no accident for example that he went to kabul on thanksgiving last november 28th what a day before the after the central asian leaders all met in test can't to to shape a new economic and just routine reality in central asia. president trump gesture was to show that he was paving the way by the u.s. withdrawal to the central asian states being able to integrate afghanistan into their sphere of activities and so i think we're going to see a new economic and social reality which will in many ways.
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determine how the taliban react and of course we have to bear in mind that the taliban itself although it signed a piece of paper in doha is not a unified force cannot promise much in the way of anything that is influenced by splinter groups by the isis groups by the al-qaeda groups and the like so really the taliban's. was was grandstanding for the cameras more than anybody. all right greg lee hopefully president of the international strategic studies association that's for being with us here on r.t. international thank you. pulls up close in israel in what's been the highest election turnout in over 2 decades voting took place for an unprecedented 3rd time in under a year and it's early still but benjamin netanyahu likud party looks like it will come up short of a majority artie's possibly or looks deeper into the preliminary results. the initial exit polls do put the country's prime minister benjamin netanyahu with some
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5 parliamentary seats a head of his main rival the former army chief benny guns now this is certainly good news for the likud camp but it does mean that they still one seat short of a parliamentary majority so of course we're going to see a lot of bickering and coalition making happening in the coming days there was a lot of concern that the voter turnout would be low this was a surprise it was the highest it's been in the past 21 years and this is despite the fact that there are at least 5 and a half 1000 people who are quarantined here in israel with a coronavirus there were concerns that people will turn out to vote because of that those people voted at 16 special stations set aside especially for them and then the concern around voter fatigue that these are the 3rd elections in the space of 11 months and when i was speaking to people throughout the course of the day many did say that they felt disillusioned many of them said they felt disgusted and this was a word that was echoed by the country's president when he addressed the nation. it
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was always a day we consider to be a celebration of israeli democracy and i must say that today i feel most sense of celebration only a sense of hard shame for you this is the reason we don't deserve another horrible election campaign that deteriorates into such filth like the one that ends today. the political stalemate has been won between the country's ruling elite could party and the blue and white party of guns to now these 2 parties have been a can make over the past 2 elections and the only thing that's really changed since these elections today monday and the last elections that were held in september is that in november you had the israeli prime minister indicted and in january you had the american president announce his peace deal of the same tree but neither of those developments seems to have eaten away at the sense of fatigue most israelis here. she hurts me
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a lot to see that we've got into this situation because it cost so much money this is a country that's trying to keep its head above the water in the current global economic environment. i think the situation is a disgrace i think have an election is for the 3rd time since a lot of our politicians we are in the situation where no one is willing to compromise we are forced to go to the polls again and again i believe we are heading for a 4th election so. on the one hand the situation is not the best but on the other we're trying to remain optimistic i would personally like to see a unity government i want to see cooperation between the parties because at the moment according to the polls there are no other options. there were protests against this on yahoo ahead of these elections at the same time as i'm clear that should he win how will he actually govern the country while facing criminal charges in court now he has been playing hard to hardball at the same time he's announced that he will and makes the jewish settlements in the west bank and
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a sizable piece of land known as the jordan valley in the occupied west bank naturally this has dismayed our voters and we've also heard from palestinians who say that if these exit polls prove to be correct then israelis have voted for next ation as i say we still need to hear the final results we're expecting those to come out sometime on monday but certainly the early signs are that the country's prime minister benjamin netanyahu is going to be a very happy man still to come this hour the u.s. hits back against beijing in a reciprocal move against a chinese journalist we look at whether the media war is damaging for freedom of expression that soldiers will break loose. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then.
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you know we talk a lot on the show many years about economy and currencies and what makes a currency really what makes a currency is scarcity for example gold is a currency it's money because it's scarce that's the primary reason people use it as money keynesian economics or a socialism is usually unworkable because the people who are organizing it think that well you can just print all the money you need you need a program print more money there's socialism for banks on wall street as was pointed out recently one of the big presidential debates you know bank gets in trouble just print more money well what's the ultimate scarce commodity what is the ultimate scarce commodity think about it what is the ultimate scarce commodity.
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welcome back to our teacher national and now me ask leading us china media war has seen washington move to restrict chinese journalists working in america this comes after 3 wall street journal employees were expelled from china last month earlier my colleague kevin owen spoke to correspondent you go to john of about the details . it was triggered this move by the trumpet ministration the well essentially what they have done they have designated at 5 chinese outlets and they've taken them and designated as foreign missions this is the way the put them and essentially what it means is that 5 of them are foreign missions like foreign agents 4 of them are getting a cap on the number of foreign employees that they are allowed to have working for that working for them essentially the number has gone from 160 of people 160
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of employees to just 100 for instance one radio station is now being allowed only 2 for an employee at all times and here's how washington is justifying this move have a listen the u.s. government is today instituting a personnel cap on certain people's republic of china controlled state media entities in the united states because it limits the number of chinese citizens permitted to work for these organizations in the united states at any given time it is our hope that this action will spur beijing to adopt a more fat and reciprocal approach to u.s. and other foreign press in china so again the way you've said that this is a direct response to something that china has done on its own soil so essentially what the united states are doing they're just giving china a taste of their own medicine and the irony here though of course is that it's also saying on the same breath as well as doing this that america's pushing for greater media freedom in china the same terms clamping down the amount of media freedom it's going to give journeys in america absolutely so the chinese have restrictions
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on the number of foreign personnel working for media outlets there now the united states has well it's also always had but now it applies to the chinese media and so indeed it could be very perplexing but according to my pump a.o. there's nothing surprising there and america remains a beacon of democracy and freedom of press. that's the greatness of our nation reporters like yourself get to ask me any question or questions we take hundreds and hundreds of questions we talk openly we express our view yes there are questions that's how we proceed in america so this is this was obviously a response to a journalist there and it's not only that particular journalist who's being surprised who's raising questions about this approach activists do that as well they disagree with the such a well characteristic that might bump a always giving to the state of media freedom in the united states we are
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uncomfortable with governments deciding what constitutes journalism or propaganda so we get to see now a kind of tit for tat thing has been reciprocal on both sides what's china's reaction going to be if we heard the figure well again the united states are saying china has started now the chinese obviously they are unhappy the released a statement on twitter saying that they are very disappointed with such approach don't take my word for it take this indeed between china and the united states we have some differences but we do not think it's appropriate for the united states to take steps interfering with the work of journalists coming from china so it does look like this is going to go on for a while because china is known to well if you show if you meet them with force they will meet you they will double that force and will respond likewise but there the united states they have been facing some criticism for not having some clear cut
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guidelines as to how foreign media operates or is supposed to operate under its laws for instance which media outlets are supposed to designate them themselves as as foreign agents as i've said all along but i would say the prerogative of america yes r.t. america has got the same at the same had the same pill to swallow but for instance if it applies say it would be. logical assumption to make to say it applies to foreign media that are funded by foreign governments but for instance al-jazeera a qatari funded outlet media outlet there are feeling fine they are not getting this label of shame that the media outlets the chinese and the america have been given in the past so a lot of people not a lot of people but some experts and they have been seeing they have been saying that it is a thinly veiled attempt at applying geo political pressure on certain entities and certain government earlier i spoke to paul politics professor joseph mahoney who
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thinks foreign media in america is being targeted and wrongly blacklisted as agents . the 1st thing we have to acknowledge of course is that in ited states likes to hold itself or likes to claim that it hold itself to a higher standard when it comes to the freedom of freedom of press but you know what we have seen during the tropic ministration consistently is the targeting of domestic media in the us the washington post the new york times have been singled out for a number of attacks and exclusions i think that it's really a mistake to use the foreign agent label i think it not only you know puts a black mark on working journalists from china it can it raises the question what's the end game you know will this will this happen to our t.v. will could happen the b.b.c. what are the b.b.c. starts asking questions of the top administration as unlike the b.b.c. is a state media where they find their their members labelled foreign agents the beijing
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policy is usually reciprocity. so i wouldn't be surprised if we if we see some reactions. propels it further down the road more than this though i think what we're seeing week after week is kind of a drum roll of you know anti china actions by the trumpet ministration and to be to be fair i think this is just another thing that's on their calendar of events. the use border agency frontex says it has been put on high alert and will be deploying extra support to greece which has seen thousands of asylum seekers attempting to make their way to the country from turkey following an intensification in fighting in syria is easily province turkey has said it can no longer accommodate millions of refugees and has opened its borders with the e.u. greece's though is unwilling to accept newcomers and insists it will turn back anyone attempting to enter the country illegally in addition to crossing of the 2 countries that land border many migrants had been attempting to reach greece by
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boat in the past a day and a half with more or over 1000 people. making it to the eastern a g n islands controversially on monday video emerged purportedly showing a greek coast guard vessel intimidating a day full of refugees firing warning shots into the water around them and in a separate incident a child drowned off the coast of lesbos when an inflatable boat overturned here's a look at how the crisis is unfolding 'd. because. i.
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always go to. the rest of the day. and in my mind this is me go away and turning one country. but the very latest we have all this unfolding situation comes from the lead a mistake the president saying that at the moment as it stands hundreds of thousands all refugees and migrants of cross the border from turkey towards greece or making their way into all its greece he says will eventually become millions the doors are now open now you will have to take your share of the burden hundreds of thousands have crossed soon it will reach millions well here in germany the state of bavaria is paid expressing their well happiness with you they say that is just attempting to try and squeeze more money out of the european union and that
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they are using this current way you of migrants and. f.-u. g. says they all an attempt to blackmail the european union we need a quick political solution it is clear that we must not allow ourselves to be blackmailed by turkey that's a sentiment that really being echoed in greece athens has suspended all 'd asylum applications for the next month at least greece the greek government anyway says that turkey is using these refugees and migrants as pawns in an attempt to gain more diplomatic power turkey's decision to to allow the these refugees and migrants from the wards greece came in and increasing violence on their southern border with syria as fighting increases in northern syria. turkey says they just can't handle the sheer numbers of people that are currently seeking refuge in their
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country for turkey that actions in opening their border like goes against the 2016th deal that they struck with the european union in which case that turkey would accept to millions of refugees in exchange for financial aid now the french president emmanuel makana stepped in saying his country is willing to provide help full solidarity with greece and bulgaria france is ready to contribute to european efforts to give them rapid assistance and protect the borders we must act together to avoid a humanitarian and migration crisis. the european council president child michel is expected to visit the region very soon alongside the greek prime minister to assess what's going on on the ground as europe tries to get together its response to his decision to open its borders to refugees and migrants in a situation which is beginning to look increasingly similar to that which we saw in
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2015 but that's it for me i'll be back in let's say 30 minutes with another full look at your news this is our. join me every thursday on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics or business i'm showbusiness i'll see you then. hello and welcome to cross talk more all things considered i'm peter lavelle showdown in syria as the damascus government continues its drive to liberate the.


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