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u.s. stocks suffered that watch drop since the 1987 crash as president trump's oval office address fails to convert but the economic drop is proving to be a profitable time for the song companies and connaught to cash in on people's anxiety. and that's the greek island of last boss reports boston faction locals fear they won't be able to cope while also contending with an overcrowded refugee camp. if it gets like the 2 it will be doing because the only not only has one hospital explicitly but it's also a lot of people you know you don't know we sort.
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of midday here in moscow where you are in the wild thanks for your company. but let's jump in u.s. stocks plunged on thursday to the lowest in decades the federal moved to pump in emergency loans to ease the strain as investors flooded over the impact of the coronavirus pandemic the benchmark dow jones industrial average fell 10 percent in a single day marking the biggest decline since black monday and those all the way back in 1907 all the major american indexes also closed significant donald trump gave a rather oval office address to the nation but failed to calm investors nubs about the economic damage cope at 19 is causing. this is not a financial crisis this is just a temporary moment of time that we will overcome together as a nation and as
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a world and today's boom boss here on r t we've got that x. but not assist china powwow the stock market to its heading as one is covered 19 another factor of course in play is oil which is seeing a price drop on supplies. this is the beginning of the greatest financial crisis in u.s. history the financial crisis of u.s. of 2008 will pale in comparison as will the severity of this recession the summer when we look back to these numbers it's going to look really grim i think i differ with with my friend peter is actually think it's possible that we could get out of this thing pretty quickly come the fall in the winter i think peter has a bit of an apocalyptic view talk about the coronavirus that's not the problem no the coronavirus is just the pin the debt bubble is the problem it doesn't matter the coronavirus can be cured the damage is already done the debt bubble is imploding you know if it wasn't a coronavirus it would have been something else this bubble has been looking for in
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3 years and it finally found one the u.s. has done everything wrong this stimulus package is is is utterly pointless the this is just government officials trying to make headlines and make news and do what they think they're supposed to do but it means nothing in the fiscal stimulus would mean nothing but i think we're faced with with the short term deflation as we've seen from from virtually prices and everything from financials to oil to the fiscal stimulus is going to make the situation worse the u.s. is broke the dear is no money to stimulate the economy all we could do is print money we're going to crank up the printing presses we're effectively dropping money from helicopters but if the coronavirus does anything it's going to reduce the supply of goods so after this initial decline in prices prices are going to go up because there's not going to be very much to buy the supply of goods is going to go down meanwhile the supply of money is going to go through the roof. transatlantic
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also being. moved to between the u.s. on most of europe and that's going to happen from late this friday public has also think also on immune to the rest either its feet. the canadian prime minister felt quite slating for 14 days not because his wife tested positive for covert 19 following a visit to u.k. around the world more than 130000 infections have been registered with countries clamping down on people mixing in public schools and what cases are being shut major sports fixtures proponent but with anxiety spreading just as fast the coronavirus is providing opportunities for the less and the less scrupulous amongst us are shot it depends of course from parents. with panic in no short supply coronavirus hearing from some enterprising individuals well shysters to be more precise being concocting a variety of scams to make
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a quick buck now we're all well aware that the 1st line of defense against the virus is told watch on her and when you're out in about touching everything from. 200 to picking up things in shops it's a bit difficult to run into a bathroom to scrub. every time well thank goodness of course those little travel sized bottles of her unsanitized to fight those nasty germs and that is of course if you can still find eddie the phones don't stop printing this morning we have the schools the town hall the public transport company everybody wants gel we are under siege with demand far outstripping supply the cost of $1.00 jail exponentially increased the problem was considered so serious the french government stepped in to you that today will take care of the degree regulating the prices of how. another a
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precaution for many is to do on a face mask a tiny bit of cough covering your mouth and is this season's must have it seems the face mask took a. paris fashion week so if you have the money instead of paying a couple of euros for one you can spend thousands if you like except that the type of mask available over the counter or even from a renowned fashion house is pretty useless against the virus that's at least according to the french government which at the same time is requisitioned all stocks and production or flasks for the next few months reserving them for health workers and those who are infected but the scammers have a new ploy france has you probably know a world famous ban or fully covering your face in public that's mainly aimed at conservative muslim women but some tricksters have twisted it to their advantage
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dressing as police officers they've been told getting chinese visitors to paris who were wearing face masks telling them that they had broken the law and had to pay an on the spot following these students were 1st to pay a $150.00 euros and find spoke policeman for having broken the law that bans complete face covering in public spaces police investigation found the d.'s police were pretending to be police wearing a mask for health reasons is absolutely not illegal in the room trying to pick on the weak and the elderly in the district around bordeaux there are reports of people selling door to door decontamination services for a snip at 1500 euros these con artists use a pressure washer to do a little bit of cleaning that's not all they're up to this type of canvassing
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allows these crooks to enter your home check the presence of valuable objects of the presence of an alarm system perform if they have the opportunity a robbery by trick the majority of the victims of robbery or elderly who physically . tell your loved ones to take precautions and the scams it seems gaining momentum the french national consumer and fraud office says it's received thousands of reports over dealings we're talking everything from magical lumps with disinfecting properties to antivirus purify is the simple and most effective method to stay virus free is something that we should all be doing anyway and that is thoroughly washing our hands with soap and water it's that simple so remember to kiss well physically as we've been told not to be used as such 6 but the acronym keep it simple stupid and don't get cold. r.t.
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paris now staying on topic the crisis is also posing unique difficulties for one of greece's smaller outlying islands one case has now been registered on less pulse which is host to a densely packed refugee camp where more than 20000 are living and often dark conditions evangelise sepsis has been speaking to some of the island. i'm standing here in front of the refugee camp in the list reese we're about 20000 refugees are held in an area that was initially built for 2000 people area it's not the best when it comes down hygiene in the conditions are not the ideal for people living in such a small area but now with the spread of coronavirus around the world a lot of the people are concerned he went around and speak to the locals to see what the had to see a lot of fear of a virus like that spreading among that. if it gets like italy will be doomed
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because the island only has one hospital it is good if they manage to isolate one or 2 of those infected with corona virus would have the feel unloved infection spread further you can imagine what would happen to them of them and there will be . any issues and they'll be big the virus is likely to spread very fast it will be maria that's affected but also mightily the whole island of lesbos will be in trouble i have family on the island and of course i'm afraid we have our homes our jobs there's so many bad things about us but it's dealing with this issue but as the locals are raising concern about such a virus on the island. love thing of those cases have been confirmed here at camp but as we went around and we spoke to refugees who are living in this camp for many many years now they have a different opinion this is. a lot of people here you don't know we saw somebody told me that 2 people have each year.
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but they're not even treating me nobody's paying any attention coronavirus is already here even if you are in the hospital it does not help much because you cannot be cured you know i sleep in a container with people who still had the virus tracking apps to help people keep infection a they thought of the program we hear concerns that they're also perhaps a little too much. in the covert effect is rippling through the u.s. election process to democratic presidential hopefuls out joe biden and bernie sanders well they go head to head on sunday in another round of debates this time on the serious restrictions not only is the debate being moved from arizona to washington that will also be no audience one of the moderators has also pulled out
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citing medical concerns as the candidates themselves well saunders who's now behind by john delegates says he hasn't losing any momentum. donald trump must be defeated and i will do everything in my power to make that happens on sunday night in the 1st one on one debate of this campaign the american people will have the opportunity to see which candidate is best positioned to accomplish that goal and songs and all things being partly blamed on his own talk of photos many of him but he of that voice is no longer a big. explain the last day of democratic primary voting did not go too well for bernie sanders and now many voices are calling for him to drop out of the race and clear the road for joe biden however sander says he is not willing to give up just yet now sanders says his campaign actually has the upper hand over his rival
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when it comes to the youth but it is not just feel your logical. oh this is what. we need the generational. one or 2 in the future you need to. preserve the future oh country now the polls confirm what bernie sanders says young people like him more than they like joe biden and one of the goals of the bernie sanders campaign is to get them more involved in the electoral process but it's not as easy as it sounds how we've been as successful as i would hope in brigham young people and the answer is no but why young people aged 20 to 35 approximately adds up to roughly 60 samant 1000000 people if they all signed up to vote sanders would have quite the edge but they haven't done that turnout among younger voters remains
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comparatively low some blame the procedure for registering to vote for the 1st time for students who are going to school in another state registering to vote can get quite complicated some said that the electoral college and the party primary process is very confusing and complicated and the quality of education on civic matters is quite low we decided to talk to some younger people here in new york city and find out why the numbers of young people going out to vote is so low did you vote in the last election now do you plan to vote in the upcoming primary vote maybe. navy better believe it why might you not vote. it just doesn't make sense that the public's opinion doesn't even matter when it comes to a presidential election now why do you think a lot of young americans don't vote. cause it doesn't make any sense to close the most the defense of the. people sometimes the lines are really long but.
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not as long as adults knew that's what younger people just either don't think it's employ. because there so if people voting or they just. don't know. well i feel like a lot of them probably think that their vote doesn't make a difference as i hear from a lot of my friends who can vote so that's probably the devil is what happened last election as well i don't think they feel that their voices heard as one of their reasons and i don't think that they really understand what a difference it makes in our democracy today are you going to vote for sanders or biden. sand is to keep that to myself i guess i like both of them i go to go. by the i think as i stand right now is leaning more toward sanders now the sanders campaign has been reaching out to younger voters with catchy slogans and internet memes some say this could hurt him with older voters who don't like the resentful towner radicalism coming from the sanders campaign on the other hand it's the younger generation struggling with historic levels of debt and lack of health
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care who have the most to gain or lose people in my age group younger and older than me like you want to people like are working a lot or the rest school or or both they just don't have time for politics and there's also a lot of political apathy student debt but it's also. health care and it's jobs there's a 3 main thing a lot of people in my generation in generations there's almost no future for us a lot of these people who might bite and just want to keep things the way they are although all the people the older generations they have their pensions they have this and that they don't see anything wrong with anything and i mean no i have those people think that all the military actions that the u.s. has done in the past 20 years has been justified that's just gives people you know to a lot of middle upper middle class liberal types biden reminds them of things or everything was fine and back to normal even though for the one or more overwhelming majority of the population of the us things weren't normal for people worst. struggling to
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get by. now continuing the topic if bunny thought does does eventually drop out of the race the democratic party infighting might risk losing crucial votes one american t.v. pundit drew far online for suggesting she'd rather waste her vote that play along with the party establishment maneuvering against sanders. i don't think it's terrible for progressives threaten to vote for trump i think that's nuts i would never do that i don't know for sure donald trump either but you can we let blind here we go crystal ball saying she will leave it blank in november what an absolute hack this is a really great example of why the privilege inaction with all that on the line crystal ball one of the biggest grifters on the scene is using her platform to advocate for trump's reelection just wear a maggot hat and be done with it the behind the scenes soap opera playing out in
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the democratic party the woman has been a gift to a lot of the us news coverage who are starring suggestions that support for saunders only helped trump get reelected the vermont senator's backers addicting and accusing his critics of being well more than a little self-serving. i will absolutely not a full vote for biden when they try to get into it by saying you must be privileged not to be impacted by trump's policies remember they're trying desperately to hang on to their privileges which they will never ever extend to you the d.n.c. may have just gone triumph reelected make no mistake of biden who is totally demented excites no one and has 0 good poses to offer is the democratic party candidate is trying to move win reelection. these are republican party and russian has texas don't buy into it they're trying to prevent bareness supporters from
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supporting joe biden so the trump wins in an election he has no chance in. legal and media commentator lionel says that if saddam supporters sonnet joe biden while the party need us will only have themselves to play there is a sizeable faction and always has been all for the last 2 elections who supported bernie sanders who don't like the fact that bernie sanders has been a shout of he's been moved out of the way for the 2nd time in a row now they're being told listen shut up vote for the party vote for a vote for vote how you're told to listen to your elders and what they're doing is they're saying wait a minute this is not my idea of voting remember the lesser of 2 evils is still evil they know they're going to get screwed again and then you have other pundits who somehow have established themselves as being the voice of either progressive activism or democrats who are saying no if you don't fall for it joe biden you are
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live via lady your oath and they're saying down with your old i'm voting my way that's what's happening because. a judge has ordered us army healthy manning be released from jail ruling that how detention no longer. mining had attempted to kill herself on wednesday manning's appearance before the grand jury is no longer needed in light of which her detention no longer serves any course of purpose the court further finds that enforcement of the accrued conditional fines would not be punitive but rather necessary to the course of purpose of the court's civil contempt order. mining is still today recovering and hospital and it's unclear whether she won't be jailed again if she fails to pay the fine manning has been in prison for may for refusing to testify against wiki leaks before a grand jury but it we spoke with noir an activist kevan and he believes the legal
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process used against manning is fundamentally on. here on this whole case is an injustice and a violation of her basic human rights the secret grand jury system in the united states is very unfair it only allows the prosecutor in the room with the jurors no defense lawyer no defendant only hear one side of the story that's what manning is protesting really singles where the trouble is going when it comes to julian assange and wiki leaks they already have an indictment against julian assange they are not supposed to use the grand jury for the purpose of gathering evidence to prove that indictment but it shows to me that the government is not very confident about the evidence they have or about that indictment they want more. now back to the topic that everyone's talking about coronavirus tech companies have
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been looking to step up their role in halting the spread of covert 19 various ups have been developed to highlight the increasing risks but critics fear it's at the expense of users privacy so here are a couple of examples one application asked for your postal code but even goes as far as asking about personal hygiene habits others get people to publish the virus like symptoms and then they create the map of high risk areas based on that data but in with our use of personal data could full file of e.u. laws which heavily restricts the medical data which can be gathered so it's illegal to use location data in any way to track someone who is sick employers also contact random temperature readings of their staff and they can gather other digital information unless medical professionals are somehow involved while we've been discussing whether data privacy can take a backseat when it comes to exploiting tech to tackle the pandemic. if ups can be
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made to work in that way where data is anonymised and we can have a service that provides some form of utility to the general population then there is real potential here to to provide a service that would be absolutely necessary in this kind of occasion if people are worried about being surveyed by the state and that's too late the state is surveying everybody and so are private corporations embedded in the state so we take a really security 1st approach that there's no reason why you can't keep the data secure and there's no reason why you can't abide by g.d.p. our dispose of the date data once the virus is over it is potentially a very a useful tool for dealing with a pandemic like this because we've got all of this communications infrastructure which was not liking during the black death for example which was allow us to act collectively to protect ourselves it's all a bit hurried we don't have a single focus on
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a single up we don't actually have the permissions structure we're not able to identify accurately the people who we actually need to track and actually some of the security in the privacy provisions haven't been put in and minded about and if we're going to rush this then the chance of it being secure and everything working accurately is very unlikely to be sufficient we do need laws to protect the citizens but the laws us to be rational and realistic and in the situation like this if you can you could have. basically people being asked to volunteer information about where they've been and what they've done a little should be any problem in offering the phone to you know legitimate medical personnel so that they can use it to help them fight this crisis. rounding off populace and there are few places on our where our sense of identity is more keenly felt than in jerusalem in the east of the city to hear a among palestinians that how washington refers to them in a new human rights report in it that described as arab residents or not israeli
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citizens well our middle east correspondent paula has been gauging reaction in the city. what's in a name a lot if you live in east jerusalem and a palestinian but washington has decided to simply ditch the palestinian identity of those who live here in east jerusalem the state department now considers them arab residents or non israeli citizens the move has infuriated many with palestinian leaders saying it's an attempt to wipe out their national identity it's just playing with fire may not as he stands means nothing to us and by the way he can go to resent us from that means nothing to us we out of the old united people of the palestinians when i say i'm pretty soon in some places they don't like they don't they want us to say we are israelis and if i am palestinian who is trying to say anything this is our land our country our state the state of palestine by
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mother leave this nationality while freedom fighters here. give some rights to decide our life and he says it's hot air this land is for the arabs it's our land we were born here in israel this is east jerusalem which israel captured in the 1967 war it's late it makes the area and it moves that is still not recognized internationally more than 360000 palestinians or non israeli citizens live here most of them hold israeli residency permits but very few have israeli citizenship they've long sought to make this area they kept the change in american terminology comes amid increased wrangling over the contested city the american president donald trump's middle east plan says that you recently should remain the softened capital of the state of israel for ever policia east jerusalem. well earlier today i spoke to. the political analyst based in tel aviv now he says
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that jerusalem's palestinians could have more political operative as well bought that would mean accepting israeli citizenship. the residents off east jerusalem the palestinian residents could claim israeli citizenship and in debt case they could vote in the elections to the knesset and flip the government from netanyahu to his adversaries but they choose not to do it they choose to remain loyal palestinians and this is where they clash with both the netanyahu government and the trumpet ministration the united states has. used various in order to describe israel the west bank and the gaza strip you can. look it up throughout the years it has changed that's it for now i'll be back and.
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up next cross-talk tells into the sticky topic all the while enjoying.
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a very warm welcome to you you're watching us inside us. good food descriptions sound up the even for the owners so how to choose the pet food industry is telling us what to feed our pets really more based on what they want to sell us then was necessarily good for the pet turns out that food may not be as healthy as people believe and we have animals that have you know diabetes and arthritis they have auto immune disorders they've got allergies we are actually creating these problems and it's a huge epidemic of problems all of them i believe can be linked to a very simple problem of diet and some dog owners so heartbreaking stories about their pets streets.


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