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tv   Documentary  RT  March 15, 2020 12:30am-1:01am EDT

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making sure that the people paying tax on the. government. that are. still. out of poverty creating a successful economy and having. social media produce. david mendell. chemical weapons. and this episode. i was. using to comply with. today.
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by following us. around. the world is driven by a dream shaped by one person those but. no dares thinks. we dare to ask.
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body. spoke. to tell me i conceived of the cult. during the telling us. the don't fins. the oceans. the rain forest and even humankind. only have to do is buy a sustainable and fear products. the
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but that's a lie. good luck at the back at. the back at the back at more and more people around to melt are taking to the streets to protest the way corporations make products and behave in the market pick and i've never been to any of these protests. since my childhood i've been striving for harmony.
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i had a happy childhood. i learned to be a good boy to be polite to avoid arguments into tress well. it but lately i've taken an interest in what an average consumer like myself can do to stop the destruction of nature by corporations to air we just have to get to right. that's why i decided to make this film. together was cotton hard to. miss holmes. list and seriously this is martin and i think that it's. the twins has been lurking on the shoe of sustainability for years to bring in some
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. 3 months i must. get something. she's to top expert in kareen washing this means did she recognizes when corporations are spreading disinformation to create a careening image for themselves on t.v. she lives harsh criticism that the company's. first met 5 years ago when we both took part in a panel discussion on t.v. on occasion of my bravia simplistic planet. i live and 26 this. year. and listed off to see if. in the said this the shrink to go also in the midst of an egoistic enough this wouldn't get it and then. some and systems on this as. a few minutes.
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of iraq. chinese stocks in my hometown vienna has one of the highest quality social life in developed. there are hardly any social protests in all. violent demonstrations just makes it a popular place to do business. today it's hosting an industrious sustainability team ain't it using good cop bad cop routine we want to get tough there. is lying to us. good enough but this is about sustainability it's about our environment and how it treats planet affects us in ways that sometimes we don't even think off. the mark but. no i had
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a great fortune this year are being at the white house where pope francis was there and in line things are this went on into the sea at the. moment it was the end to intimidate you still. it was nearly sold this. was this is an. it's not unique to the right it seems that so that this collective home that we all call. our planet. will be able to survive. for the generations that follow us thank you. response and. also the name on my. search of a. mountain as the fonz goes to feel other ways as soon as this is added things as
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. though it is and same. as the. one odds and obstacles in the news. as the next 6 years makes. the time to go in obstacles. that things other than acts an app stores have. in time step by them been that. guy with the scene in lines of i'm going to feel i'm on dollars that somehow does have mine doesn't my mom sits in the. house there's going to. be my. enemy good doing something not mine was like the ones you see it was and soon. it was business in women to build a business. 0 emission begin the. ones you would with a just as is not. even i am. what
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i was never it was the. way it is one as it was she these results might as. well as he done all them business make his indivisible. see a more it's. hard because. i was. evil as all. on. survive on. this is. a must if. you want an instinct they need nothing the. animal needs me you know and. bridge is good is no biases against disease. is not
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a good it is. for profit. corporations are for profit companies mixing rising profits is down highest priority. can take 64th or even required to make as much profit as possible. responsibility for sustainability is passed on to us to consume less. i consider myself an average consumer and our prefer our products with a sustainability label but i often catch myself just scraping by the. convenience or lack of time. on some things causes moments of.
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this. sudden descent. he did. this thing. was done it's done. because there's a. time. i'm really. on fire urn. that was a. simplistic answer is 900 and deposits matter. how much of the us it is timbers on. top so
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it would certainly isn't good news called it's. time to stop the we're going to says there's come profit think this is them growth and the one must. doesn't mind. is the next. and so on my system obstacle in the middle title in something like this and that's been a concern to us can this name is ahmed the film will set in is this apartment a muslim this is being sent to his home. was nuts not heard in this manner. they are just. as good and his pile of his own in 20 minutes thing. as it is must have exposed. and you have this openness amazed us that this is the. want to take in the.
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streets in different countries. to get to every passenger in that she's given the option to make a parliamentarian contribution. to. the stylings of greenhouse gases. first flight. minute. by minute as much. higher ed does not just my. 2 sons moment in front of your son is not something new in school anselmi is a hobby this is exciting this is the huge closing on top and goes against liking the high end of the business week. to mystify send this had to. the
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long run just like yeah i miss lots falls isn't that fun sometimes mention in bands no big whoop the whole class again still isn't good enough on sod side i want to stick to an involved want to how. is this ng in stuntman and with gluten and want and. must is nice tall fatty and it's all so danged. evolution has reached record levels for a 3rd day in singapore with the city state blanketed in heavy smoke caused by illegal forest spies. by zooming it is going to actually see the fall it will be ready blamed 8 called put is clearing forests to make way for.
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presidential candidate the future of the u.s. . student. money.
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join me every 1st i'll be all excited when sure when i'll be speaking to get out of the world of politics or business i will show business i'll show you that. this is what i'm going to go home design. yes i'm the one where the dust also says some mix was a some kind of. this is a kind of one sign sometimes she says the most risky stuff doesn't destroy. the middle east that's coming soon does not last. much longer. it's only some of the. crew members there's a census a category is
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a father a man are my eyes meeting here in the car i at a last minute you as i heard. the sight begins to home with the 3 set runs yeah so the big fear pomo industry will not be very happy and boats. all of them to sydney going to doesn't look as a. good friend of his had to move to the next let's be honest. all i give you here 2 pills i had taking were mine to the other one there is paul morley needs. in the moment all the muzzle of that leader is yeah to say as little did as a guiding saint and they said you had a lesson was learned must be. one so it. was some nuns got up. to get a loan of money to put up those of us on the phone to biofuel normally so be good
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son by a little. bit below all none of the money it doesn't. because someone also. got the body admission so it was used for stuff no one really needs this time around it doesn't sound. like those latest give to all of. this is quite unkind as that man just enough that i'm not allowed to stab just one take note of the fact that once economists asked him how does and it was the scene i did them advice that i should have been writing 100 a good team and you know it's like. she's.
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would be gone in the window more of it was obvious but on the other hand i always hear that it's. everything is sustainable and the industry is green it's attention and. nothing up with us the ones i read about in one is not. just in the world and into. a lot on how the boss on the top of the army must suck up. skin and muscle. and what's happened to them around table unsustainable palm oil in the last month to weeks. to get these as it is and i had to give the lines a sense of that. i have myself. on the wrong timelines the senate will.
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definitely have asked me to go in it one is on tap and nursing a number was and is billed i got to get it passed would pull it was a windy at all. getting into that other one was a local one so i'm glad i was a bigoted other but i was evil when i was a nurse i was up to about 2 sides and i must group these are along with the one buck up. under. the alley lucked out last. year with so many rain forest fires we want to hear what the industry has to say so we are flying to the i pod frenzy by. this conference is attended by the biggest. in the hall of ceremonies there are many of indonesia's top politicians just most.
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price as many of them. or plantations. as used. to enrich uranium americans got a highly about wasn't too good to be my duty to buy your most active duty was is how we didn't want to be a. $20000000.00 is just more money so big huge money in result was hard to get in my name is and. it was anything done to stop medically to him. but i mean a 1000000 minus in bosnia given in one year to the germany monument and the ballet that might give a. damn about the remaining 41 years here on my damn. that's only a minute to look at what he does the yahoo money i'm going to give that to the consumer beyond the is the perspective of the people making me thank you
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thank you. feel immediately. and i cannot now assume it was dismissed it isn't a nice. as i'm saying in my own time is exactly as i think was the clinton. presidency. since then i hang. your organization is financed by the government is that right not to know. the innocent . ok. i'm ok this is very what we do in european power more lying when we want to do is to. especially in europe to explain why we use far more and of course i there's a lot of information in the in the media about the negative images bomb on board companies who are certified according to the round table sustainment by.
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these companies are committed and they do not. own one terry and their i love us that is rare enzio found out about a lot of companies that are still members have confessions and all the regions where the fire was breaking out so i don't think this is a coincidence no excuse i think is very good it is either going into the ins nor is i think this is not easy it is. it's a real effect it's it's terrible they need to side to side it is not an issue we're going to only the ball more in you see is delayed by the fire was not only spreading because of any new because of all the degraded land as well because of all the cards through these and all the very drive plantations because palm oil is sucking was there it's drying out the last stability is is now the 6th great deal and now it's going to continue this. process continues improvement as it is only
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for this is i mean there is no proof yet for sustainable. nobody could is that number yet to explain what is going through time and you can have explained i was me i was ok that makes me get. in the artist in the whole. world wide n.g.o.s and industry you sit together to decide what to do. this are going to give me just the x. maybe there's no more no more i'm going to die i want to stand in those wal-mart is paul more produced with with respect to nature lunch burning no or is no slash and burn no no no but now that it's the stance of the people as i wouldn't be able to employ you that you provide them with housing. is and there's also a. procedure is also that the people who work in the day should also have
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a days. the income but let's be honest the r.'s now exist since 2004 it's more than 10 years and then almost 10 years the destruction was going on and going on i'm happy that you're here now in features illness sustainable all more. and more more in your products and your. this. site should make definitions because of cream washing. everything sounds nice nothing using force and just always tired of chemicals i used this product is. so i didn't have a sunny day. to be a little you know you have good little reason to use this product again it's the 1st in this or this is. everything is green this is
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a this is more green or i like it is it is it is still a little blue. in this problem is the screen of this is. because of. this if i already. know what happened with in what ways it green is it up and. getting it is different with the organic one meaning this is a list. a list opposite. to all burning operations of each other with screen slogans amazon p.r.c.'s are marketing agencies so perfect. industry is trying to fly to slough off a nature. can cope stand one of. more produces a even this stunning sound so fly and try to challenge. this conference m.l. of knowledge. or is this thing in billings him. and when i look around see here in
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green and the nice bits is the birds i know. i get the impression this is more like an n.c.l. then i was a company can you explain sustainability to us means it's a balanced. economy. people and in farming because we can only create. you know our money. cross-product the. as i please that's the ominous is it kind of values that. in the past there was a lot of discussion going on because of burning rain forests is marking through connected to. rain forest burning. not memory to remember. how can you be sure the recovery of on my kindle. or maybe you tell me harm on the
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end in think it's you have a poker phrase how do i find out if we're cheating i know. in order to sign up. you have to do this field you have to go this is at the front is in me as it were to the villagers. and that's the only way you're going to do we go to bed you have you have mounds jamey. and. then i didn't have an inch on me with fatty. she wants to show us some land that was in train forest only a few days ago before a palm oil company eagerly burn to die out.
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the freddie super cool for sure to go up a little track there was a news new york at the song from the start were you sure the switch you feel and i used these for well for your clothing or not and i do it is maybe a foreclosure but i will push yourself a good sugarman kick your ass no. solutions. so
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. the biggest stories of the week here on our team nation's wild wide closed borders on businesses and livelihoods as the current virus is officially declared the pound bag. stocks and oil prices took a major hammering through how severe travel restrictions were more widely imposed we take a look at the ramifications. and the risk of infection starts to impact the u.s. election cycle the.


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