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tv   Front Running  RT  March 15, 2020 2:30am-3:01am EDT

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in the right way or are you being led somewhere. dialling. what is truth what is faith. in a world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. or remain in the shallowness.
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welcome to front running 2020 with a mask riser and stacey are going to take a look at the policies on the issues heading into the election today we're going to take a close look to the criminal justice reform. place one thing you've heard throughout our campaigns is lock her up walk him up walk her up which to me is quite terrifying i think that looks almost fascist but we're going to look at justice because for the younger millennial generations they're looking at issues of economic justice social justice and now we have justice justice and to put this into context before we turn to our guests to join us in this conversation sinclair skinner a marshall our back i want you to look at this chart of incarcerated americans right when the boomers became the largest voting bloc once they got their vote well
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that was right about there and it looks like they wanted to vote for it lock them up that's been their mantra for the last 40 years locking people up so sinclair skinner i know at your recent conference in washington d.c. at the black block chain summit this was an issue at that summit of the $698.00 per 100000 americans locked up 37 percent of those prisoners are black is this a racial justice issue. definitely i think even though when you look at the time line that you gave another key indicator is when you started seeing the civil right . movement changing so desegregation and then the addressing of how we deal with this now integrated society a lot of it had to do with incarceration so again in my neighborhood no one had a visa or a passport but somehow crack cocaine to my neighborhood so in a real way we're looking at the issue that it's definitely been
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a continuity in the way of how do we deal with the racial disparities in our country and i think with politicians and this is even with the black politicians there are some fallacies you know that the broken glass a book broken paying theory and that and again some of the things about the disparities between crack and cocaine and how we over criminalize folks you know my older brother was a victim of this. consequence and he said when he 1st went in and eighty's they looked at drugs as a issue of criminals and towards the 2000 the mid 2000 it was more becoming a medical issue when it was a largely a crack of epidemic focused on the african-american community than it was seen to be a deficiency and character of character and a problem of crime it wasn't seen to be a disease and now that the drug addiction problem is spreading into wide areas why
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the opioids the political response has been markedly different and i think that's one of the most striking racial aspects about the whole problem right crisis is what would be called in other neighborhoods the crack epidemic yeah that's right they called a crisis as opposed to an epidemic which is an interesting choice of words examine them implies you know that there's a it's a disease and that you know and you know like the black plague or something like that and no pun intended by the way and then of course opioids it's a crisis. different in different spots beyond getting arrested during this opioid crisis or what a crack cocaine. crisis before that in america we've had 30000 children under the age of 10 arrested since 2013 again obviously 2013 obama was president african-american president and democrat he was arresting children as arresting children 30000 children in new orleans and the 1st 5
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months of 2015 more than 99 percent of children arrested in new orleans for any offense were african-american we've made again as a business i mean it's not just something that's benign and you travel to some countries where they need everyone in their society to actually you know perform and produce so they don't throw away their babies they don't throw away children if you're in cuba they know their children are very important so they have to be taught well they have to be literate and they export doctors even in zimbabwe with the crisis they're going through they're the highest literacy not because there'd brains are wired differently because their country literally needs everyone to be working and functioning for the society work in america i think there's people who've made a calculation we don't need all these folks do what do we do with them well we can get incarcerates we can send some to wars but there's really now with this aside
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we've created this services where do you do with this population and that's the part that's class i think racism trumps everything but you know consistently there's a massive why folks who end up at the bottom of this pyramid and they get thrown away so again i think this is not by a by coincidence i think it's by design there's some people have said that we'd rather than quit windows is more costly to incarcerate than the teach them people realize you know when things are exclusive we always are by inclusion is a reason why they're exclusive they don't want to. body so we're not going to make sure you're able to compete with my children so we will put you in jail even though it's more expensive than allowing you to compete against my my children so i think there's some very problematic things but when you think about this economics. sinclair race another interesting point which is that there is this intersection between race and class but but i do think it's fundamentally
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a class issue as well and it happens that there's a large degree of overlap between the african-american community and the classes here but it's certainly does seem to be a case that you know whether you're white or black if you're at the wrong end of the economic scale the quality of justice that you're going to receive is from markedly different the real problem is that the initial reflex impulse seems to be to incarcerate and that's a very different approach and say what they have in the scandinavian countries where the emphasis is on reformation and rehabilitation and this was hard to talk in the in the black community in particular about voting and voting is very important but if you can't get all this obama with with all this voting if you can't protect your children from the police murdering them let me say in a way like housing schools hospitals ok fair figure that out but when the government is murdering you and you're voting and your guy wins you go
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to some country if your guy wins you're not going get murdered by the police matter fact if you're a person wins and you're not a party you're people are protected from any government killing you any member the government but in america we vote it lock stock and barrel for democrats take it down to the side to get the police literally still murder us even when we eating ice cream in our apartment they murder us so it's hard to tell somebody that voting works when you can't you can't tell how do you stop the police not bad guys . you're paying for murdering you i mean it's very well you know the prison industrial complex as it's called right that's a huge part of the economy 2500000 americans work in the justice system prison guards and it's a powerful union in california and you've got this entire economy that's based on
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incarcerating folks and predominately it means black folks and it also is interesting that in this apologies outsource the prison to private prisons the quid pro quo being that the municipality guarantees 98 percent occupation occupancy for the prison so that means that go out and arrest somebody and the easiest person to arrest are black people because they have the least agency. so the filled up president up to feed this president complex and it's it's a nightmare because our economy without that would have a serious hit to the g.d.p. and the privatization need is going well beyond the prison service no you're seeing this in security companies and you're even seeing this in you know our foreign and defense policy you know that we're subcontracting things to mercenaries and and you know firms like blackwater and course they come home they've got all these weapons
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which are ultimately sold back to the police and that increases the problem that sinclair discussed earlier so it's just getting worse it's like a cancer i'm going to go back to being murdered by police because that's going to play into one of the major platforms i think the most interesting from the democrats in terms of their response to criminal justice reform was from julian castro the former mayor of san antonio texas who was secretary of hud the housing and urban development under obama and basically his ideas 1st chance plan like giving these people a chance to even live give them a chance educate don't kill them that was his policy but in terms of the actual data of how many americans are killed by the police. yes the data from 20152016 is that of the 1146 killed in 20151902 killed in 2016 the authors of the study found that 52 percent were white and that compares to 72 percent of our population being white 26 percent were black which is twice their
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percentage of the population of 13 percent and 17 percent were hispanic which is about equal to the population but it went on twitter anything after a police shooting it's amazing even like with tammy or rice who is 11 year old little kid with a plastic god and in a state like ohio i believe it was which is open carry state and the number of people were like what he should've been carrying a gun which is an in an open carry state or he shouldn't like it like the people who justify it's shocking well so it's who carries the guns i mean if it's white people that it's considered to be ok to you know open carry or concealed carry but you know heaven help you if it's a black person that's all you know this is been a and this has been a problem for he goes back to the days of the black panthers you know where they they said you know they're shooting at us you know and we're going to start arming ourselves and all this and that was perceived as a threat to american society. i think that's such
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a key part of it you know you can be you know i think generationally i'm 52 the generation when my parents you know made sure we went to school we did everything we were supposed to do and to still be in a situation where you can be murdered by your government and no one's going to go to prison literally out of all the things that you can say would do for yourself. protecting yourself from the police the police is the one thing that's hard as a citizen no matter how smart you or what neighborhood you the if you can't keep the government for murdering you are. killing castro said that on the democratic debate stage he said. police should stop killing black people he said that on the stage essentially that we should that's a major issue for criminal justice reform and it of course none of the other all the other candidates they wouldn't touch it and then earlier than that and when he was 1st elected mayor in new york bill de blasio who you know who has an african-american wife and you know whose son is biracial you know he noted that he
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had. warned him that as he you know that as a black male he needed to be very careful in his dealings with the police and somehow this was construed as. a racist remark when in fact i thought it was a very wise piece with you because one wrong step and you know you could get shot choked to accept it all right we're going to be talking more criminal justice reform right after the break here on front running 2020. no not one tough. enough lose all. the finish. i'm.
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taking in the equal city. and then you're going to bring. me think i'm. going to let you know what. the saudis are. just doing if one means. better than this one tokyo find it. does look because.
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if you see every passage is a death of something all passages involve some kind of conflict between where one is trying to reconstitute the old way of doing things but it doesn't work as a therapist i'm often working with people in those in between so again the key is how do i find my path through all of. those moments we have to start beginning to trust what is coming from within. back to front running 2020 with the x. prize or as days of herbert taking a close look at criminal justice for his 1st step stacey yes trump himself introduced the 1st step thanks to car dash and by the way she
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really helped convince some of this and his son in law it was also interested in criminal justice reform they did release $4700.00 people earlier this year and one of those people has gone on to commit murder so that could be used against him this is often the case there's always one bad apple somewhere and the pi so trump has actually done some criminal justice reform he's some of the damage from the clinton reforms so probably done more ironically than any democratic president has done even if that one particular example worked against him you also had you know other egregious. miscarriages of justice being overturned as a consequence of that bill so well let's bring bill clinton into this because as we run into a new presidential campaign of course the clintons loom large and many of the things they did we also maintain on front running that is the boomers versus the
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generational shift into the new biggest voting block on the block and that's the millennial julian castro who i would assume is a millennial he's quite young his his criminal justice reform plan called the 1st chance plan was a response to the 1904 crime bill which was written by joe biden and then it was bill clinton who signed into law and this was a massive expansion into just. like biblical old testament sort of justice in they got rid of rehabilitation they got rid of the pell grant for example 1st so that for inmates so they were no longer receiving any sort of education he expanded one $100000.00 more police officers $9000000000.00 more towards building more prisons and importantly introduced the 3 strikes what do you think of that i think does the right there i mean even these so-called reforms they did around welfare where they said if someone had
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a background they could even come in the community there's things that have been done to undermine the community i think i think biden has shown a very difficult way of disagree knowledge and you know if you made a mistake we're now you see that this was the wrong thing it made it and now we can correct it if your intentions were good but so much of this you know people try to hide something under the rug or were some of disavow when they can just say yes now we're going to do a better i think that's what most americans are that's what many people who've been victimized by that say this is the thing was wrong and let's do something to fix it so i was fascinated by the black lives of matter movement and how that was somehow turned into being racist that comment and suddenly on the side well all lives matter and to say black lives matter is somehow racist forgetting the fact that as we've just discussed blacks are targeted blacks are imprisoned blacks are disenfranchised and blacks have a history of being murdered and then slave in this country to give them the ability
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to identify in a positive way what the community is somehow too much we take it and the media in this country has been consolidated all these monopolies and when i was growing up on public television there were a lot more black show black hosted shows talk about black politics and the community had a more media presence that's all been wiped away due to consolidation of media consolidation financial consolidation so it's gotten a lot worse marshal. the black laws is an interesting one because really it's black. laws matters as well the as well is being implied in that and yet somehow this was misconstrued as to being a message of exclusivity when it was just the opposite and it is as you say whenever a lot person in this conversation about racism and racial injustice this is considered a burden that's being imposed on the all the rest of us rather than a long standing legitimate grievance what about the burden on the actual taxpayer because this is an overall economic issue to everybody not only are you paying
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$36000.00 a year per federal inmate and even higher places like rikers it's over $110000.00 a year to lock up somebody there but you have things like cash bail ok this cash bail situation is these poor it's targeting poor people it's literally incarcerating people in jail for being too poor it will be like a public disorder charge they weren't ever going to face prison but they can't make the bail it's like it's like something out of a charles dickens novel you know it was when you read the novels like you know that you know you have debtors jails and people tossed in jail and you think yourself well that's not relevant to what we have today but in fact it is a they've restored it's own death is being criminalized to a large degree so in north carolina where we live there is actually one county that has just gotten rid of cash balance i think it's one of the 1st in the nation to just program this because you were having poor people being locked up for 90 days
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they lose their job of course because you can't show up at your you know wal-mart job or at the assisted living facility in a nursing facility you know you lose your job so that this has really huge knock on effect i think you also have to point to the federal level where we're talking about finances before but talking about the different levels i think making sure your local government is engaged and i think as a people i think we as budget we talk about trump he's. demystified so political space if you weren't clear before like these folks are no better do not so you know i you know you can reach out to friends and say you know take responsibility maybe run for office at the end of the day you know i don't see how we review a lot of system where these people get away with you know mis representing us why not step up and do it yourself i mean i think there's many ways that we could impact this but i think it's really at the local level that if we don't do it and
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then the state well we don't do enough and then we talk about a president you know none of these folks are going to come save us and we've got to say we're so in a way i think you know well you know getting back to black lives matter and the media consolidation in the media is inability to take on any nuance position whatsoever you know the russia gate hoax that we've seen played out nationally is kind of spilled over into black lives matter because of course they claim now that the kremlin interfering in american politics that created the black lives matter movement and of course the russia gate hoax at the bit base of the russia gate hoax is bigotry and racism that's that's the that's what he wants to accept responsibility so it's oh and she's here to foist it on a foreign bogeyman and. that's just another symptom of how you know this national self-delusion i mean the russia gate is just a part of that but it too to have it spill over into black lives matter that i mean
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that's that's gross the offense has a theme of front running that we've had though is that the new the older generation the boomers and i don't blame in particular they had certain circumstances he inherited basically the beginning of a u.s. empire after the 1940 s. and fifty's after world war 2 we were the big empire we were the only power left and then we went off the gold standard in $1071.00 so they could spend like like nothing ever we could restrain them so you know now the new millennium generation has all of this student debt all of this health. carry debt all of this sub prime auto loan that they can't get on the property market and they look around and they see this is decadence that is like end of empire decade and it's very decadent to spend 400-021-5000 extension 2 lock up people because you don't like them i just think it's utter decadence and you know could we possibly be at that time even if they wanted or not like could the millennial even afford to be as decadent as their
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parents and grandparents were i think even bringing in the robot the russian allows it to be not a responsible thing for us like i've never seen a little bit of politics see in a candidate that can blame the opposition the people they are running against and the voters are not winning like literally a lot of hillary to blame everybody but her campaign and the billions of dollars she has spit it she made some bad decisions and that that i don't need the russians to tell me about racism i don't need anybody clear in to say that somehow black voters were swayed because russian bought made them aware that being murdered or the fact that they didn't get the job and then you have no agency is totally to me as though he's wicked condescending but again i've never seen a politician like hillary who literally can blame everybody she blames the people running against her for not reading but does their job rather get there so yeah
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she's out of the scene hopefully hopefully but back to criminal justice reform another thing we have to add in here is of course the privatization that you mentioned and the fact that this is forced labor we have forced labor and so many u.s. corporations actually use free labor what do you think about this how do we get over this is it like did the corporations are going to fight any reform you know it's ironic that you know we have these consumer boycotts that they attempt to organize . places companies like nike for because they employ chinese sweatshop labor for example but as you say we were developing a serf like call me in this country and in many instances you know we do use the prison population to carry out a low liar quite young california but of and you can randomly arrest black people put them in prison and exploit them for free labor that sounds like something least to have in this country well there's
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a warning no slavery. no words this back an exception to the 14th amendment right that people in prison are not counted we've come full circle a lot of ways and i mean you know we i always say that you know when dred the dred scott decision came along and the people were who were classified as as chattels and now in the citizens united case you know we've got the opposite situation where corporations are considered as people so it's everything's been completely inverted but somehow the elites at the top when in both situations you know the justice system is used as a as a controlling device in a different incarnation as we head towards the exit of this episode do you think as i said do you think millennial can afford even to be so decadent to have to lock up so many people at because at a certain point you have to make a choice do i want health care or do i want to lock up my neighbor for stealing a slice of pizza and lock him up for 3040 years as you see in some cases with these
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3 strikes you're out laws in california you know i think is not sustainable i think the military owes and anybody good conscience is going to see that this doesn't work i think one of the things that happens abroad we could there was a time where you didn't know what the other folks are doing and you can be tricked but now there's a lot more transparent they want to call social media fake news but some of the information is harder to get to do you know genie back in the bottle now because people can now engage without fear. i mean we're a blog saying we don't need in a minute or in many ways our billing to contradict you next hash tag each other with issues without having the the commercial corporate media in charge of it i really think that people will be informed enough to come up with alternatives yeah and the other thing to point out is you know it is as all whole social media can be it is interesting now that you know we've got police cams and we've got mobile phones you can actually film a lot of these incidents so people have
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a much better window into what the police are actually doing in 30 years ago it would've been the police officers word against i was and i would you know you would always side with a police officer so i flashed around well a big criminal justice reform and their future sinclair yes marshall i hope so right all that's gone a lot this up as up front running 2020 with max kaiser and stays there ever thanks for watching it's been a blast learned a lot and i want to it's going to happen in this election cycle until next time by all. descriptions sound up to tell using even for the owners. how to choose had food
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industry is telling us what to feed our pets really more based on what they want to sell us necessarily good for the pet. food may not be the people believe we have the animals that have you know. they had auto immune disorders these allergies we are actually creating these problems it's a huge and they do make of problems and i believe can be linked to very simple problem. and some dog owners. so heartbreaking stories about their pets last treats the larger corporations are not very interested in proving or disproving the value of their food because they're already making it a $1000000000.00 on it and there's no reason to do that research.
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today. storage. is here. waiting to be reached. turkish airlines. the biggest stories of the week here on our 2 nations well why it's called crowd close borders and businesses and livelihoods stuff up as the coronavirus is officially declared the pandemic. and oil prices took a major how far into us of it travel restrictions when more widely imposed we take a look at the ramifications. on looking ahead to the democratic party's true pulls the path for a head to head class in sunday night's the.


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