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tv   Going Underground  RT  March 29, 2020 12:00am-12:31am EDT

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time actioner times are we going underground as nato nations struggle to stem a pandemic but what about palestine patrolled with major nation weapons when the anniversary of the great march of return we investigate what some forecasts to be coronavirus qana jin gaza coming up on the show with 2000000 palestinians trapped in what's known as the world's largest open air prison camp and would serious shortages in medical equipment we speak to the director of gaza's biggest mental health program about trauma in the time the coronavirus and israel exploiting coronavirus to expand illegal settlements in the west bank goes into law and we
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speak to the un development and humanitarian chief in palestine jamie mcgoldrick scan the israeli prime minister netanyahu is going to virus justice chief of staff to former israeli prime minister ehud barak also more coming up in today's going underground but 1st let's go straight to gaza one of the most densely populated areas on earth tackling coronavirus dr yasser i would you may director of the gaza community mental health program joins me now via skype yes and thanks so much for joining us so what is the situation in gaza israel is claiming it has sent you hundreds of testing kits thousands of or at least 1000 protective suits by the world health organization to save people save 2000000 people arguably from coronavirus. thank you very much and the conditions as like this now we have only tool fortunately only 2 confirmed cases of corn of errors so around the same time we have about 1300 people who are in quarantine centers the these are mainly people
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who are right from outside because this trip and we have about $3000.00 people who are of our asked requested to all be staying at their houses and likes to leave on team this is a place that is and that a blockade says more than 12 years the health system itself is not in its best. let in is for any. or are not perfect receive these kinds of complaints ok but i mean i'm speaking to you from a obviously from a area in lockdown britain it is better then then when israel was injuring tens of thousands of people let alone the 200 who were killed 8000 wounded in weekly protests it is better now where well in in one sense it's better because the probability of getting infected is a lot lower because you are as you said locked down yonder block and however on the
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other hand you know if he thinks get. i mean not control i mean then we will have a big and a serious. issue to have but god forbid if we have an outbreak you know let other places it will be a disaster from the if the sister if you do have a outbreak how many ventilators do you have in preparation if more cases emerge 60 or 60 intensive care units and again this is we speak about 2000000 people you know i think out of the 22 currently in centers we have 10 or 11 schools and then we have about 3 hotels and the list are by health or primary health care facilities you know. we started a few days ago to work on a hospital that is aimed at providing contin the place that's still in what is ongoing but in total we prayed just like that the numbers were not really
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crease well in fairness to israel obviously is not bombing those schools or hospitals at the moment as it has done i should ask you also any news on israel of the possible release of thousands of imprisoned palestinians including hundreds of children people in gaza have no word of the. well as far as a not as nothing get there were talks about cases that might be from a pristine as in israeli prisons who got the. disease not sure that any of that this is confirmed it is known as that but it's not true they have requested the community at large have it was to israel's for to release those prisoners most of them are not criminal prisoners who speak about justice the people who are just acting against. living under occupation you know and some of them are and that is simply at and that is simply administrative detention it's against human rights
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it's against the health. effects it's against all. laws that would indicate how to deal with prisoners in any place you know i work in the field of mental health you know when you speak about gaza strip and speak about. more than 53 percent people and poverty 33 pair of people percent of people under extreme poverty you simply talk about people who live on daily basis from like hand to mouth as this is we are basically still and the occupation of all our gates are controlled by the israeli soul israel has if it can obligation towards the international community towards the palestinian people to do whatever is needed to improve the health conditions in gaza strip and to reduce any possibility or any chances of having serious complications caused by the comet 1900 s. ok well just briefly then britain obviously has sold weapons to israel we're told
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here that we have to wash our hands what are water supplies like in gaza given that washing one's hands is the world health organization advice and what is the toll on mental health of course your asika trist on the people of gaza as they live under a defacto siege their services we know reports of any extra medical equipment being let through the checkpoint. well there i would say that. people are what it looks really anxious let others in on this planet at the moment the 1st time the local authorities announced that mosques are not to be open anymore you know there are no. players predator that exists that lets a truck will have a toll free line that is open and operating and we are trying to increase that capacity in order to receive like it was under fire of course at the same time now it comes to hygiene as you asked you know what i don't is not enough you need to water with with with soap you know any you need something to clean your hands to we
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all know that more than 95 percent of the water in there is not portable you know however water is available for cleaning if i could say. but of course one of the interesting thing is that we heard in different places about shopping spree but shopping panic and that shows on the main books i mean on the main shops could be emptied this is not the situation in gaza and i don't think that this is going to happen and that's simply because people do not most of the people do not have the money that is needed in order to buy things of our years of look at the end of our economic and financial resources and with the large scale operations of francis with the great mass of retained casualties a lot of families the good also the end of the day drained of resources and this is again that it's a big issue and this is all 15 the mental health of the population and just finally
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no news of any extra equipment in addition to the w.h.o. testing kits that are come through to gaza as get. to my knowledge not yet but often you will see something some doctor a has average of a thank you. well the u.n. relief agency in palestine is facing the collapse of schools and health centers as the global body struggles to find funding this while palestinian officials say israel has intensified illegal settlement construction joining me via skype from jerusalem is u.n. development and humanitarian coordinator in palestine jamie mccaul direct thanks jamie for coming on we've just been hearing about garza but obviously the news in developed countries is a record unemployment in the united states and the economic collapse here in the e.u. and the standard the u.n. once a $2000000000.00 fund to combat coronavirus what do you need in palestine well i
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mean we have a. plan quite certain which will be covering that for $6090.00 days is the militants at this once we've asked for $33000000.00 and try and get it from like what fun and ideas to trying central the 1st step to cure our equipment such as the protective equipment testing equipment as well as ventilators and oxygen concentrator us all use for the all intensive care unit say the things so we're trying to get a range of material that covers the full range of their core from you know ellie ellie tests they all be through to see each treatment do you think the fact that you're having to call for this money and that it wasn't immediately given to you by richer countries suggests the message that corona virus the response from most developed countries will only be as good as that it's received as the response to
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what happens in poor regions of the earth something the u.n. undersecretary for humanitarian affairs mark local copy has to be saying. yeah i think they're stray i mean i think the idea is that we're all in this together in this doesn't know any burn trees i mean i think yes that the secular journal of self nor to the need for 'd a global response and that's why with the mark look at the necessarily coordinator this idea of trying to make sure that richer countries are able to help them move under countries if you've got a place like palestine or some these other catholic countries that meaning many different dimensions of conflict and vulnerability could not talk of that covert virus and you know group of that in the context you basically exacerbate an already weakened systems and more importantly a very wonderful people and so the important part of as is to prevent them becoming deep rooted in place that palestine another conflict yes difficult though for policymakers in the west to understand it when we were just hearing around 60
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ventilators are available for $2000000.00 besieged in gaza that's actually if you do the calculations maybe 3 times the amount per capita in terms of ventilators that britain appears to have. yemen i think what we recognize is that has a lot of essential equipment required especially for gas a and gases a place which as you know has been under siege but their team 1st years and because of the economy is free for all the services are very poorly maintained that deliverable systems such as watts of sanitation health and the great march it's on the demonstrations of. stress and pressure on the system which is already weekend a week and what you've got no is clearly there are massive gaps that need to be faute an order for us to have a position whereby if the. 9 cases already encounters if it was to excel it equate heavily in fust we have to be there police to actually have the equipment needed and therefore the ventilators and respirators oxygen concentrator is very
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sophisticated equipment this in short supply globally and there are many countries sir that were very rich countries who are trying to buy that missing we were trying to response from a very poor country which does not the means themselves to take care of purchasing globally in the market and obviously doctors are saying the densely populated areas are more susceptible to corona virus $55000.00 palestinians live on 5 percent of jordan valley land $12000.00 or 95 percent of those in israelis any evidence for say barack claims that israel is using coronavirus for illegal settlement expansion which would mean again higher density populations of palestinians in smaller amounts of land but i think what you see right know there's a an unprecedented cooperation between the israeli authorities and the palestinians it's been claussen it's been an effort i think this there to contain the epidemic
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it doesn't mean others want trying to exploit the opportunity but i would say that you know the president of palestine has declared a state of emergency in the brain minister as the monday. and i think they have this crisis management sense center and unit which is then replicated all the government levels and the important thing ray knows to actually try to contain this virus and get in the spread and that's basically done 3 different ways in or screening existing isolation and health education and we want very costly with them and with the israeli authorities and that is very good cooperation to make sure that this can be contained and doesn't mean that the politics disappear but it means that politics 'd has diminished because the priority right know is that you might in dimension of the crisis in pakistan and the neighboring countries while there obviously some grounds for optimism there over here in britain u.k. authorities are refusing to release julian asylum to the world's most famous prisoner what can you do is coordinator about palestinians including hundreds of
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children in the israeli jails as regards coronavirus now. well i mean i think that anybody and as we see in any country people in the present population because of the coding situation i mean having people close contact with the is that almost like an incubator for the virus to spread so the important thing is the social distancing where possible 'd and all the other structures that be given out and are forcefully and prison systems and anywhere they are they are overcrowded and so they are possibly less likely to provide an opportunity for the virus to spread and we know that information is going into the prison systems to make sure that does not and there be awfully there would be an attempt at some point to try and prevent it from becoming something that is locked into a prison or prison system you know uncoordinated thank you. after the break is coronavirus but corruption to get out of jail free card israeli pm netanyahu has been looking for. chief of staff to former israeli prime minister everywhere of all
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this of all coming up about to have going on the road. i can't show you my face but i'm going to teach you must store in 9093 this man was sentenced to death. they could charged with capital murder even though he didn't have the gun didn't pull the trigger didn't intend to kill anybody imagine living in your bathroom for the week with the scent of a $23.00. confined within 4 gray walls fine it's using. turn on to help him to leave dennis room. join me every thursday on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to guest of the
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world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see of that. in this community there are people who believe that it's ok. it's really hard there are no jobs and you see that i've got kids that ask and as a parent. i can come up with lots of arguments there's a lot of conflict within the game and between the 2 most of the conflicts i would say revolves around money and most of them money is made. close one on each other. each other is good business the state of california alone makes $6000000000.00 a year off to prison complex just to get some 20 a life where. you don't care. anything.
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welcome back on the other side of the gaza strip british armed israel is going into lockdown as a diagnosis thousands of cases are coping one team i mean political deadlock in a poker option trial against its prime minister binyamin netanyahu chairs the chief of staff to form israeli prime minister ehud barak joins me now via skype from tel aviv thanks for coming on to about the best we have appears to be an epicenter in that region what's actually happening in tel aviv i mean tel aviv wreck now i'm looking through the window there's no way of us no movement cars or people. this is an almost all of the closure was severe restrictions on movements on business etc we have 2500 people already diagnosed with the virus 5 dead people. 40 very. seriously. patients with severe conditions unemployment went up over 20 percent we have
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now we are waiting for a possible. even even more serious condition. in next edition for a complete lockdown depending of course on the trends in the coming days and the main problem as. i can analyze here now is that is that we have a shortage of. of spirit or the systems are spirit or even changed. everyone is mobilized here the home front command the i.d.f. least of course all the welfare and the health care bodies and institutions are all mobilized 247. ok i thought day israel was a had a reputation of being a highly militarized society prepared for war an incoming rocket fire but that only
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seems to be very different to that assumption is the siege of gaza going to continue at the checkpoints going to be relaxed so that essential services can now go through to gaza a little known of course through the checkpoints in the west bank well in a in a in an awkward manner in an open session what we see is that the. closures and. borders that are. hermetically or masoretic those provide better. conditions for nonproliferation. of the epidemic. but all together you know that is really by the stand in relationship is put on the back burner there is cooperation there is cooperation of security matters and even health care and other and. as i suppose there are some reports
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raised some reports of the world health organization working with a co gatt to distribute thousands of respirators and medical equipment to run the west bank where you just said there's a shortage of respirators in israel or in tel aviv how how can that be. well. i want to stick to take the right to stations and the decisions are taken you know the i.r.s. does not. just distinguish between israelis and palestinians which is our it's and choose between muslims and christians and we are all in this in the same boat i can tell you that the political stalemate within israel has osha contributing to. to that because there's no rockets no miss i was. launched by hamas or islamic jihad from gaza straight on the israeli civilian centers which is which is a nice. a nice differentiation from from the very recent past.
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will be and again you know the future will be that the those who are more pessimistic say the death toll may be higher much higher from cope with 1000 than any rockets fired from that can i just ask you given that you said there's a shortage of respirators do you blame the netanyahu administrations and what has happened to netanyahu is a corruption trial in the midst of this crisis you know there's always a question of of. prioritizing the prioritizing issues that that are pending on the governments table and i don't think that this is affected by by the china just against the other but i do think that prioritizing the health care. public and scaring israel was not at its best during the last decade. despite the fact that we are still one
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of the best public systems worldwide in terms of health care and hospitals etc one of our hospitals sheba. is ranked 9th in the word in terms of the best hospitals in the world but anyway you know netanyahu was. indictment has been has been postponed until late may for the very serious charges of corruption and bribery fraud rich of trial of a trust well this is on hold the presumably prime minister netanyahu appears to say it is kind of on hold the corruption trial is on hold and the the trial will not go ahead my career has been postponed and postponed but not not not not it did not disappear from the. from the public discourse it is rather we are waiting until 'd after over easter. and probably i
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hope that we will be out of this major major challenge crisis of the coronavirus by the end of may and he will have to he will have to stand in court and and face his indictment would you have preferred i totally agree would you have preferred the china gone had via video link the israeli justice minister amir honest complete saying the decision to not allow video link trial was completely nonpolitical it was a matter of the judiciary of course i think that this is a much better than not or get it all together. well why do you think our means to perform to perform any any kind of session in court with all the precautions taken and under the very severe restrictions. i wouldn't i wouldn't give any any discount to anyone facing such serious charters why do you think 3 disagrees with the rich
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why do you think the judiciary disagrees with you on that point well this would not be the 1st disagreement that i had with them i believe that. that facing serious charges like that could be handled. correctly by providing the the right environment under oath actions. and by the way this is why this is why it has been postponed but but eventually not later than september. this. this court will. will come again and and start the trial in. an almost daily basis do you think the prime minister is trying to exploit coronavirus for his own political ends while i believe that. it will do whatever is possible politically and otherwise to avoid court and possibly because these are serious charges but you
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know every person is. completely innocent until. until there is a court resolution. that. defines otherwise so where. for the benefit of doubt that we all enjoy i i would like to to be hoping that we get out of that completely. completely innocent and that. that the indictment we go through and be and be trite as as for anyone else i believe that israel is is a state. that preserves and cherishes the rule of law and the supremacy of the low over any any individual and this is the case here is well but of course politically it's completely different whether you you can trot
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court as a prime minister or even an interim prime minister or. as a member of knesset or even as an individual individual. who does not assume any responsibility governmental responsibility so this is why i believe that netanyahu will do his best in order to. preserve is specific mission as prime minister until and he of the court. i'm going to quote resumes its sessions i should say the prime minister of course denies all the charges of corruption only he is the european union and even in the united states people are talking about geopolitical realignment because of coronavirus would israel back the lifting of sanctions on countries like iran syria other countries
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in the region trying to tackle coronavirus wherever it's. directly connected the sanctions and the. countering the coronavirus i would i would look into that in more or. with more flexibility but only when it tuesday directly connected not indirectly connected i believe that. now. we have the reason we have enemies we have we have the geo political system that does not stop even during the coronavirus however we need to alleviate our fears and at least temporarily look at humanity as one and not as. not as separate the one from the others so what israel you are recommending should work with iran to tackle coronavirus together the health professionals in both your countries i'll tell you at least if israel develops
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a. a an anti virus that helps. get people in better better health and better protection against the coronavirus i would share it with iran is going to thank you that's it for the show we'll be back on monday to look at more global responses to the bruno mars outbreak as we investigate communist cuba as medical international and some bill that will be used on some of my the mainstream media join me on the ground by following up on you tube twitter facebook instagram and.
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your government and our government and all the other major governments of the world know what's going to happen and when it's going to. but they haven't told you and they haven't told me they haven't announced. imagine something as big as the earth is going to cause tidal waves or earthquakes volcanoes are wrapped and it's going to hell. so we're in for a while right. my great grandfather's. nobody would care about the law or prison so you'd have wallace the should have. a terrible life between now and the. bleeding and weird things by the way is called superstition or magical thinking believing weird things like that is not a bug in the system it's a feature comms equipped in the software of our programming to try to connect
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things in the environment just in case there's a real connection. in critiquing the system we of course we need to to criticize also the power of the companies and we need to criticize what corporate lawyers do but we also need to point our fingers at the states and have we have to really say look. states created the systems and states have the power to get rid of the system that's and even if they are colombia or peru or developing countries even if they are mali and what have you the states have the power to get rid of the system if they choose to do so. but do they really want to governments and big business are often complicit. in the vattenfall group for example had the chancellor's ear she even appointed its x e
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e young lives.


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