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tv   The News with Rick Sanchez  RT  March 30, 2020 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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live from the world headquarters of the r.t. america in our nation's capital this is the news with rick sanchez oh we're going to her body i'm rick sanchez from kolkata to athens to islam a bod and beyond we welcome our viewers from around the world that are watching us live right now on portable t.v. the app or on your networks thank you for joining our global conversation the united states of america has once again officially changed its outlook for the coronavirus the new official date for people to see remains self isolated and practice social distancing is now april 30th that's new americans are being told
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essentially to avoid nonessential travel and not to gather in groups of more than 10 until the end of april that's an update from the latest comment from president trump where he seemed. optimistic that things would be back to normal by april 12th so while the united states and its government is making official recommendations to its citizens in other parts of the world governments are being more forceful in places like spain for example and italy where citizens are being told to remain in hibernation that's the word it's being used by far the largest lockdown anywhere in the world is taking place in india india 1300000000 people being told to stay in their homes look at this video it's gone viral it reflects just how seriously indian authorities are enforcing the curfew with police officers seen giving residents a not so gentle nudge with but tongs and sticks and other disciplinary actions as
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you see there by the way there's something else there's another crisis developing in india regarding a massive and very crowded migration poor day laborers are attempting to leave cities for the places where they live the more remote villages but they can't get out there is no rapid transit it's all crowded and that is causing big problems in india which we're going to have covered for you now the death toll over the weekend is also risen in places like england wales scotland northern ireland residents are now being told there these restrictions could last up to 6 months and there are developments in germany and across europe while on the economic front the presidents of the united states and russia have been having conversations today about the price of oil which continues to go down down like below $20.00 for the 1st time in ages and of course the problem is people aren't even using oil right now there's no demand for it we do want you to know by the way that our
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correspondents are going to be joining us from all over to bring us different angles on the story tony chavez new york atocha sweet los angeles john harvey with our global coronavirus update desk in miami alex mahela pitch in toronto following much of what's happening in india. this is the news with rick sanchez on the air and on portable t.v. where it's always time to do news again. ok here's the questions the ones we think you'll be asking to morrow how is new york city dealing with being the u.s. epicenter of kobe had 19 how are companies like boeing coping with the economic challenges that come with the pandemic and are they really asking for a bailout by we and how the u.s. society be changed permanently when the coronavirus finally does pass. all this
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week by the way we're going to be bringing you our special coverage of the coronavirus right here exclusively with updates from around the world and everything you need to know to protect yourself and your family are going to get started once again with what is breaking in other words a story changes every hour new developments come in and we want to get you right to those that's why john how to use manning our global coronavirus update desk and he starts a solved job what he got. yeah every hour every 20 minutes about bad news a change on this it's it's coming out things are breaking so much rick on this and have to tell you this that it's quite dizzying but as far as the here and now let's get to it more u.s. states have issued state wide stay at home orders while president trump said that more rapid coronavirus tasks along with ventilators are on the way president speaking from the rose garden at the white house said 1000000 americans have so far been tested for the coronavirus there's a little dispute about if it's exactly 1000000 or if it's a little bit less than
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a 1000000 but getting close to it the president during his comments showed off a new rapid coronavirus test that's made by abbott laboratories that can give a result within 5 to 15 minutes that will soon be dispersed throughout the united states to various hospitals also president said the f.d.a. is testing hydro oxy clora keen which is have been used to treat coronavirus patients it's a. medication but it's used on coronavirus patients though there remains contention in some debate about whether or not it's had an advisable medication to be used at this point without more thorough testing the president also said that the production of ventilators this is been a big issue in the united states the lack of ventilators and the sesame for ventilators from the east coast to the west coast he said that will increase with help from u.s. companies including ford g.e. and general moore motors in fact i'm looking now at some of the up to. ford and
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g.e. planned to produce 50000 ventilators within the next 100 days at a facility in michigan to help with the overall pandemic this as more us states announced mandatory stay at home orders governor ralph northam of virginia. a state stay at home order through june 10th governor larry hogan of maryland also issued a mandatory stay at home order or earlier today saying during an interview quote we're just 2 weeks behind new york he said with corona virus cases they're ready to explode in his own state now florida governor rhonda santa is faced with escalating cases of coronavirus here in florida issued a stay at home order for residents of south florida through medicaid parole not mid may as the governor says he misstated earlier today but what we're talking about as far south florida talking about miami dade county broward county palm beach county and then munroe county which is the florida keys the bulk of corona virus cases already in south florida particularly here in miami dade county turning to world
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news now in the coronavirus front in spain an indefinite period of mourning has been issued as the death toll there has grown to more than 7300 people and 78. cases that number continues to rise of the country is seeing a more extensive lockdown with only essential workers allowed to leave their homes and in italy the death toll from the coronavirus has increased 211500 want to this point that number could be much higher again it's been difficult to track with close to $900.00 new deaths just in the last 24 hours while the total number of confirmed cases is over one $100000.00 so we will continue to follow these breaking stories recognize and it is dizzying it comes in basically every hour not only every arm it seems like every 20 minutes hard to track but we're doing it for you and they're doing a great job john how do you following things there for us from the global coronavirus update desk thank you once again a job in the united states the nation's top expert on infectious diseases came out
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and said today that he would not be surprised if the death toll hits 100100000 deaths in the united states the next couple of months nowhere is that more evident than in new york that's where the governor andrew cuomo has been saying quote thousands will pass away that's a direct quote from him here with the latest now is our t.v. correspondent trinity job is. today the u.s. navy ship comfort finally arriving in new york equipped at the 1000 hospital beds and 1200 medical personnel the vessel is sorely needed to help aid the coronavirus fight in new york as the city remains the epicenter of the outbreak in the u.s. the idea here with the corps of engineers with team. and with the state and local officials is to work in collaboration so that we can provide skilled medical professionals. to take some pressure off the local and state health care system.
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without with our army professionals. the situation in new york worsening by the hour the state accounting for more than a 3rd of coronavirus cases in the country hospitals being pushed to the brain. i've never felt so. musically and emotionally burdened in my life i've never felt so deeply sad and distraught with more than 59000 confirmed cases in new york and more than 8500 hospitalized officials are scrambling to deal with the influx of patients at the hospital itself their overrun with patients you know your message last night broke a record we handle 6500 calls central park now a field hospital with 68 hospital beds but officials say the worst is yet to come take a look at this video it shows teams setting up a makeshift morgue outside of bellevue hospital hospital in queens the bureau with the most coronavirus cases in the city possibly hit the hardest well known hurst
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hospital has hit capacity and there's about 545 beds in a year and they're all filled with patients as the contagion continues to strain the capacities of hospitals and brick and mortar facilities new york remains on lockdown but we put in place in new york post program today i am going to extend it to april 15th a directive that non-essential state workforce continue to work from home the c.d.c. also issuing a travel advisory for new york new jersey and connecticut rhode island national guard was door knocking homes mandating all new york visitors south korean teen this is not a lock there it is a travel advisory to be implemented by the states meantime president trump has extended social distancing guidelines through april 30th reporting in new york trinity chavez r.t. . biggest question in all of this is whether global economies can somehow fight
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through or survive the effects of these massive lock downs that we've been talking about all over the country add to that the fact that the price of oil is hitting all time lows under 20 today they're saying it's a teeny. today for the 1st time in a long time because it's in the genes and what you have is an unbridled recession on the horizon if not a depression fact joining us now market analyst and boom bust those christiane i was drowning us out of l.a. to try and help us understand this a let's start with this conversation about oil mr trump and mr putin apparently are meeting to try and i guess what drive the price of oil back up can you put the genie back in the bottle kristie. well right now we're in an interesting place because the drop off and demand comes just as the opec plus production cuts expire so essentially now beginning april 1st the 14 member cartel will be able to pump as much oil as they please so essentially you're going to hit on demand and supply on
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both and right now demand has fallen to an 18 year low because as you mentioned people are in quarantine there's no need to drive around travel has slowed reducing the need for all every single coil derivative across the board diesel gasoline and jet fuel so now essentially with saudi arabia leading the oil they're expected to increase production to record highs while demand is that record lows so that's why all analysts are expecting it to slide down a lot more from here maybe over 50 percent as analysts have floated the $10.00 per barrel number as well goodness $10.00 a barrel that would be absolutely crazy another thing that's crazy is the thought of what could happen to economies all over the world given what we're seeing right now i know there's a stimulus out there i know there's a lot of talk about the market recovering in the last couple of days but do you see a case where we can avoid recession or even depression given what's going on right now. i think that given the millis we've had and keep in mind it is
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a massive stimulus and to quote him into about 10 percent of the entire g.d.p. output of the united states i think that stimulus as well as the core need to move with all of the big central banks around the world that can. attention they stop us from hitting a depression however a recession of this my it seems and minute because they remember there's going to be a long tail after this crown of ours after this entire thing is under the control we had unemployment now we've already got a glimpse of it already and unemployment is going to be at record highs right now up to 30 percent of the entire united states workforce so in order to get the entire workforce back into the back into production that's going to be a very long tell us going to be a mass of years and years of recovery ahead and that's why we do have the stimulus bill to in order to help to cushion some of this fall but right now it all comes down to implementation implementation is going to basically make the difference between a short contraction versus a prolonged recession because we learned that from 08 that insuring cash and liquidity into the economy you know if you miss kate widespread unemployed long
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term unemployment it's crucial but the number they're talking about to give to citizens of something like 1200 dollars that's a certainly minimum wage salary of most people out there or are they are they giving too much to the big guys and not enough to the little guys to really be able to bring the economy back after all it's it's the little guys who consume right. absolutely and that's why they're going to be major changes across the entire landscape right now as you can see all of the unicorns there pretty much dead in the water all of the emerging economies they're all dead so right now the big it's a big business as they are giving them stimulus in order for them to not to lay off people that's what the entire stimulus bill is aimed at in order to ensure a payroll and continuation for the next 8 months in order to retain employees and not increase to the unemployment number to your franchise to thank you so much for making us understand this very complex situation that's going on right now with the
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economy christiane the host of the bust here on r.t. america thank you. very much more we'll be right back. the atlantic alliance the bedrock of the post world war 2 global security order is slowly but surely unraveling more and more often washington and brussels diverged on important foreign policy issues today europe has a choice to defend its interests or fade into oblivion. i can show you my face but i'm going to teach you must store in 9093 this man was sentenced to die. they could charged with capital murder even though he didn't have the gun didn't pull the trigger didn't intend to kill anybody imagine living in
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your bathroom for the week with the son of a $23.00. i felt that i had to. be. confined within 4 grey walls the phone it's using. turn on to help him to leave this room. micrographs friends aren't slights i'm dad still you know whites are men for example there's their slights against women or nonwhites so it's it's it's always you know the idea is that statements that directed toward a privileged group are interpreted differently than a statement directed toward an oppressed group and so that's kind of the whole framework and it's a it's a political framework that's used the result is of course focusing at least on certain kinds of minor slights and say well rather than a north shore then we need to call attention to them but it's not all slice so it's
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a very political in its contents. part of i'm rick sanchez americans will be getting a check at the end of the month which is equivalent to as aforementioned about minimum wage large corporations u.s. industries they're going to get millions if not billions of dollars it does seem it does seem horribly unfair across the board but there are some specific cases that really have americans riled up here let me give you one the cruise industry they flagged their ships in other countries to avoid paying taxes in the united states
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and there's talk that taxpayers will have to bail them out seriously how about boeing it has major problems at major debt why because it designed a bad plane that crashed twice killing hundreds and hundreds of people coronavirus is not the reason that boeing is in economic trouble. should they suddenly get in line and get a bailout. here is my colleague manila with more on this story. it's been about a year since boeing grounded their 737 max jets following the 2 deadly crashes of lion air and ethiopian airlines and while investigations are continuing to find out the exact cause of those crashes preliminary reports have detailed a company culture of malfeasance and a rush to market from america's biggest aviation company if you think about it. and this is certainly personally my opinion but the word safety always seems to start
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with a dollar sign when you spell it out. when people get type rated in an airplane it's a long ground school course of course in the simulator and it takes a lot of time it takes 6 to 8 weeks to get a pilot even if you flown other airplanes it takes that long to get you qualified and typed in a particular airplane if i make a modification on a 737 and the airlines that i'm trying to sell that aircraft to have a lot of them but not of this particular model of that type if i say look i can put this modification on the airplane and know what you have to do is just give you a pilots a little bit of ground school maybe even on an i pad rather than have to put everybody through a simulator or an entire 60 program look at the fortune that you can see and it's basically the same airplane with a modification to it mark weiss is
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a retired american airlines pilot he now shares his wealth of aviation knowledge and dream aero flight simulator in maryland just a few miles away from boeing offices in arlington virginia. these are exact replicas of actual boeing $737.00 cockpits that pilots would normally train on before flying the real thing with hundreds of passengers on board just. this type of training is expensive flight simulators on average cost over $2000000.00 and sending pilots to train on them cost hundreds of dollars per hour or so to save money boeing issued i pad training software to its customers of their new macs jets mark has blown the real deal boeing jets for decades and has witnessed how the industry has changed from the checks and balances that once came from the f.a.a. to the now more common cell checks from manufacturers reporting to america's once globally ubiquitous trusted aviation agency the f.a.a.
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while a great agency one of the problems is that they're understaffed. don't have the budget for. and so they rely heavily on the technical expertise of somebody like a boeing and the same thing is true of the engine manufacturers whether it's a g. . in europe the engine manufacturers staffer who were there which is a partner of 4 g. the just don't have the they don't have the manpower to do this and so they rely on the manufacturer on the boeing or on the g.e. to be able to say let me tell you we've put this through the test and we say it's good so we sort of fired in the name of your agency. you know it's putting a lot of responsibility on somebody and then when it hits the fan so to speak. it all comes back and now what happens is that certainly everybody's reputation is
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in the gutter so as hundreds of boeing jets remain on the ground a number of pilots and the unions who represent them are the ones feeling the turbulence our pilots have seen less flying particularly at american airlines and that's led to financial damage of course but we're focused on making sure that the aircraft is fixed and we are fully trained on it but we will not be left behind in these financials. settlements going forward again focused on the safety component we're in that airplane with our passengers in the last line of defense but we also have families and we have professional interest so this one is going to be at boeing stable and when we come to this we're not going to approach boeing if we have to go direct we're not stepping into the room to negotiate we're stepping into the room to collect captain dennis teenager as a spokesman for allied pilots union representing a number of working commercial pilots he says that pilots all over the country are
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losing thousands of dollars in income over these groundings and are eagerly awaiting the max return but that return isn't promised anytime soon as the coronavirus pandemic has now impacted the entire commercial aviation industry airlines slashing the number of flights domestically and internationally as the government issues travel advisories and passengers at hearing the social distancing guidelines remain home this as boeing now asking the government for $60000000000.00 in a bailout package some in grants some in tax relief others in government backed loans and while washington considers these requests captain says the crisis boeing is having now was preventable years ago when they began to develop the max jets so as boeing attempts to remedy the number of problems facing their newest fleet of jets it's really the passengers and the crew members feeling the fallout in arlington virginia manila chan r.t.
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interesting how everyone seems to have its hand out right now let's do a broader perspective on all of this shall we the united states of america right now in its present form because of all the money that's being printed to save industries and to some extent to help american worker appears to be a model of well let me just say it socialism this is socialism in fact it's probably more socialist if you add up all the money by definition than just about any other country. in the world add to that the government crackdowns on movement for example a pastor in tampa today was just arrested for not canceling his church as right or wrong that happened in america what you have is a country that looks nothing like what we're used to nor what we profess to be. joining us to talk about all of this is lionel of little media why don't let me just ask history i know you're the kind of guy who thinks about this from a social psychological upon social logical standpoint from time to time are you worried about how we might come out of all of this absolutely
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absolutely one of the things rick that scares me is that right now when we are at the most vulnerable and we are trying to cooperate social distance find shelter in whole wide lockdown maybe corking fine whatever we can do don't go here don't go there that's the 1st amendment freedom of association freedom of religion congress shall pass no law to effect the free exercise of religion and one of the aspects of free exercise rick is the assembly the idea of sello ship of communion now whenever the supreme court decides what to do there is this wonderful balancing act and every now and then somebody will say there is a law and there was a provision we all had prohibition laws against certain alcohol but there was a sacramental why the it merican indians and of americans would pay o.t. that was against the law so now we're doing is because of our fear we're saying ok
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we will temporarily hand this to you and i think being a cuban american you and others know a lot of the what happens when you relinquish case because they don't come back well that's the argument the slippery slope argument is the one that you're making a valid want to the question is can you make the argument it's necessary we're all on and certainly we can do it temporarily and eventually we'll come out of this will all demand our right. back and they'll give them to us yea or nay let me give you this one yes yes you're right let me give you this one imagine this race you voluntarily take a test to see what you have covered 90 and your name goes into a database and that's terrific now let's say you're positive one day you find out that that database that cloud is a part of your phone your social network you walk into a place and somebody says oh it was your positive wait a minute how do you know that well that here or the vaccine is a trick you haven't taken your vaccine you go to pay and the a.t.m. won't take your money it's
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a penalty this is how you relinquished is now another thing i want because of g.p.s. and square and all these different things i only want to go with people who have not tested positive or who have been vaccinated and then we have hippo laws we have laws that prevent you from ever having to reveal a medical condition. so what we're happening right now is we're seeing things that we've never seen before you know that's that's a that's a good omen it's a good warning and i'm glad we have you here to let us think about those things that we may not be thinking about right now but we should be lionel thank you once again a pleasure having you thank you sir that's our news i'm rick sanchez stay safe stay connected with portable t.v. and let us know what you need from us let's continue the conversation shall we goodnight.
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leg. length.
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well done charles dickens captured the guys at that moment in the christmas count being a condemnation of capitalism wasn't it yes you know the ghost of christmas future was neoliberalism visiting upon the president to try to warn people what happens when you financial lies the global economy and you do 3 or 400 years with the consumption today christmas being a holiday of consumption losing its its significance as a spiritual soul occasion and here we are you know we've all been very very naughty and we've all been sent to our room and we're all sitting in our rooms now thinking about what we did this is a moment of self reflection for the global community to sit in your room and think about what you.
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are welcome to redacted tonight this is a comedy show we're americans in america covering american news are called foreign agents i don't have to tell you that things are bad we're in the middle of a global pandemic the economy is collapsing and perhaps scariest of all the w w e is performing their advance without an audience it's going to be a slaughter. i . mean. it seems oddly romantic now doesn't it feel like they're about to make out at any moment and i think we could all use some of that right now. so you all probably know every last detail about coronavirus right it's all over the news which is why i'm not going to give you those stories those tired stories i'm to give you their stories and.


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