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tv   Documentary  RT  April 14, 2020 9:30am-10:31am EDT

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you know. the full bloom. on the supports of. the smoke at the mouth but i'll feel it on my seem. an awful lot from looking. much into an obsolete. with the let me just you sneak no no no no looking up oh oh. i think. so i mean it's used. but it.
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does a. little. bit all get. me if just. because. it's not. the most people going to go with me. so full of. hope for go out. from wants to. go meet me. and leave me cutie. well you know the.
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well she was going to let us know what it was it was usually the most use of the new clothes i mean when you look. at that meeting with the little guys. it wasn't it was a little bit from the. most. explicit moments. or a look from monday. on par with forward.
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leaning on the ball or. acquittal in order to feel more than cool. this is the lips 5th time under anesthesia a wound on his scapula has to be reopened and treated they also need an x. ray to be sure the radio is healed properly the cost for the out of treatment and housing the been met by a charity called far east and leopards. which include are full for. the last call and for over we remember just. a flurry of phone work not. some for a few months with no. news from all over but i must. more. news
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for them extreme could. be a muslim woman with an armored for going to the north but. there's a possibility he's going to seriously didn't eat. it or. will follow. you for this and leave enough for the little of. the. little it's a little. through the circle or for you by the phone. so why not what. would you look for the look for the iran. this is a lucky leopard it hasn't just survived there's also a chance it can be released back into the wild every individual counts when it
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comes to the i'm a leopard population to rule the only a little over a 100 of them left on the whole planet it was a will and most of them were you know a little different from people from. both and look for. miracles. and for move on in the. world. in the in the. border when the. letters were or did not up for the number of movement for the you know. for the various local small holes that.
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the sake of falcon became endangered because of illegal trapping. the bird is very popular in arabian folk and. just. as well gives to recover the population of these extraordinary boats. used. to move. here. that are some. of the routes you. see by you know. and this is a new but disciplined in the unique world wildlife fund experiment for recovering
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seiko falcons in russia. so it. takes. the female doesn't recognize her own chicks besides she's worried about her eggs being taken to an incubator. in the tunnel instinct kicks in and now the fledglings have already reached southeast siberia. just trying to find wild foster families for but. it's ok if only some of. us can keep that's. i guess it just. looks. like. that if. they were i should risk it so i let.
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but. you know what he did look. at the contents outside watching model. the fact that you. have a kid at the movie and you know. when their daughter was born the. kidney calling because family had to think out about how they lived after careful consideration they decided not to try just now they go on expeditions as a foul and only spend a few months at the home of the c.b.s. television and according to just taking baby buds to south in siberia where husband
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to get a kind of is meticulously examining potential nests for the chicks. from britain to introduce each of. us movies the morning before you get your true self and the book is up and it's too full for you to detail the yearly year the spro see who got a better world so mostly it. is the look of. the old. futile and most uncool grows up with a new book so just let the truth chirruped and so when you begin to expose a seed you know if you see my post. shows blue scratch or that you can if you know of the here.
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finally the onus on the just and of volunteers are all together they only have a few days to place if we fledgling in the nests and it isn't going to be easy. i guess that there are. more significant if done this but it would go against the but ok i think i've. got. to track down not. only. the. words. there are. enough songs.
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to. just to. see. if you're right but i could. look oration to a special group of course i don't like the thinker who is insecure seem to be starting to be was good addition lol you're going to look at the it 'd. wanted it in there check them for mitchell or. get in there for your. initial approach. there is no problem. with a commercial course. there's the sooner you start these leaders are going to be
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a strong reasonable that's a cool let me what's. his issue. but you don't see much. and there is a good to. see. even to be sure. because question is should this. is not a motorcycle. and it could be scott the wall street were already on the board but emotionally nobody had the will to. be a good cup of tea if you please. thinking of getting a coupon the ones we got in our ships no problem was he didn't know what he was trapped in this time you know wired we don't need
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a crate with him he will just start freaking out and he won't want is for him anywhere near and thousands of breeding dogs are caged in inhumane conditions on poppy crops i mean 67 years you know they've been locked up in cage outside you see no protection from the weather the heat you know the courtier the rain the snow the founder nothing they have no protection. to get what you. get 3 kids. across the u.s. crude puppy mills are supported by dog shows and pet stores most of the puppies that are coming from these large scale factory farming kind of operations are being sold in parts stores even giant a good businesses are involved like cargill and monsanto there's been a shocking amount of organized opposition to adverts to increase the standards of care for dogs but it commercial rating for so many most of that opposition is coming from africa. groups and industries that have nothing to do with jobs don't
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buy dog. shows seemed wrong. but old rules just don't hold. any old belief yet to shape our disdain to come to educate and indeed trade equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. join me every thursday on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm showbusiness i'll see that.
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you know yeah well you know when you know when you truly are there steve. they have to set up camp in the dark and that's how they'll carry on until every city. is safely in the wild that's next when family and mama used to eat meals does. seem to go from. one needed to know you would probably really what i do. love her disgust loom. little which he. could do it. but don't as you know it's a nice. little piece you buy your old cousin almost 9 years on the. west coast you. know you because you thought she was not.
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allowed. to. receive these feelings you bob dylan a.b.c. didn't say complete took it down so now i'm in the truth you should. give sheen you sure you will leave the brits because it's a salute you so if you just look. for it you missed the truth with this report if you. must but there is this book you have a. variable up though it's a good deal of the. you know. when they have. to come up with almost double in their nick woodman you still want to stop dawson about. nothing. but. right but she used it.
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just to find out all the checks before they are fully fledged soon instinctual drive them to sky wood but now he's telling them to keep away from the coyotes even though they've never seen that particular bird of prey before. me and to me to do it out of steam you know the qataris will discourage. awards appreciation not knowing doesn't mean it's too little of them for many problems before you. know all. the when you were going to get out scholarships. it's a large. number of. people who are missed so the people who go school it's inside
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of us and you. are just the fruit of the school when you get when you see. the futility of the city it's not the only place into such you know. she's on the. phone now which is of the she. told me. the most suited to smooth 1st. issue. the nest has finally been repaired just replaced the now ring chicks. so agitated they don't even notice the home improvements or even the fact that there are now them in the nest while the parents usually accept the chicks immediately
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maybe they're just not very good at math. and so i mean they push out. or you don't. even. have expedition experience he's so worried about. his own safety. he's fallen victim to
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a blood sucking ticks. we can. get the shots which if. he were just up the needle. the fact. that you have a big police believe this will be bitter winter for you. but your group of friends you know you've got all 4 of the only aboard a. bus told me of rick's people you see a lot about story of. course it's
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a funny. little girl when it's so funny but there are. much else i would sure sure some people want to spread their particular i'm willing to save a girl more scared to answer for me but if you will see a good marriage going to cut off a part of so many so you when you use you. would you push it a little bit but even you're missing we. drove to the old people's muscle dish here days but i will let you know what's more she is somebody or in your church. somebody that. you can just simple just kind of it's. just. like you. all of us just both. if.
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they could well. i think. she would just move. some of. the mold is just part of deputies looks like it's good that you didn't have so much to some of the world wise if you were a machine then yes. love is doing well the good news a. little. more than. it fulfills quite the stump to soak over it was a. joke so i asked lloyd for your story up of this would only let. us know you were. out so we think it is. when you go to me that if you. feel. up to
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the little blue chip the smaller the 3 piece there is still. going to do you know it grew on me at the war even though. a few. weeks to. you know me and here for a free ride to the air force really what's your excuse you should be watching the new management. skills that's a lot of back you are just a little easy for. the safe chick has quite a temper unfortunately that's exactly what the photos look for. just playing .
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what you gave me over the above just. basically what it was just a good fellow by default by my feet. just asked. of course. the boys are stealing cars to show. off to. the little ripple play with the long. should a quarter of them. to 3 year when your.
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gold for oil plus locomotion of. you we were pushed your brother used your food his noble blood. is used. for the last day of the football before will probably give the seat in the chain far too stupid for instance a poem with the movie to see through this see through good. measure mr ripley for. a senior. school now sure sure because all stores store sure for sure since i'm pretty new at
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that i did. does a stool get often software problems with. distrust for current value but most of the best terms are. the most. clearly of the community. just for them love the food in the kid the. no one the most simply the world that got us the bordeaux book you start off not on just if you must but a little of the. genuine love. for the people this. is a cool he is a cool. prince appears
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a good mentor from last night more than all small speech or social media if you're the woman you know. just a few. days in minneapolis that you still might get rich because the stench of the sort of old boy you have bought. for a. placement.
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that is just every small cycle don't play your 18 months of.
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the tsunami relief to find you can be c.g. who wouldn't want to live in school. today to stay cool shots walk to sit next to you don't. give us an emotional safety feature on your mobile sort of the. thanks.
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welcoming our viewers from around the world live from central london this is all to u.k. . the government's top scientific advisor is meet to discuss the impact told the lockdown measures as the foreign secretary admits they are unlikely to be lifted soon. do you turn from countries across europe or show to overhaul of coronavirus tendencies happening in terms it comes as the office for national statistics for those that dance in britain are playing but the government figures suggest. health force would medic's up living hand to mouth with the personal protective equipment they'd be supplied with that's as it emerges the u.k.'s mislead chances to join in the scheme for p.p.p.
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i'll be talking to a doctor shortly. also this hour journey of the schools to perform called the world health organization altogether criticizing him for what he calls corruption and the mishandling of outbreaks i'll be speaking to him later this hour. the foreign secretary of myths that the lockdown is set to continue for the forseeable future that says the office for national statistics reveals the number of coronavirus deaths is far greater than the government speakers suggest should it was that she joins me live for more on this here in the studio so it should have any idea how long this lockdown is expected to continue while say it is the scientific advice great to imagine sees a meeting later today to review the current lockdown measures but by and large what
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they do is look at that data collected to strive and track the effectiveness of these restrictive measures that also be trying to monitor when this virus might end up enough for laying off but just yesterday dominic rob the man of course standing in for the prime minister who himself is dealing and fighting off at 19 dominick rob said that despite the positive signs the lockdown must continue. we still not past the peak of this virus. so please continue to follow the advice now more than ever to stay home save lives and protect our n.h.s. . this week sage will review the evidence of the effectiveness of the social distancing measures that we've taken and we will consider their evidence their assessment based on the evidence at that point. we should say we don't expect to make any changes to the measures currently in place at that point and we won't until we confident as complete as we really sticky candy that any such changes can
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be safely made. well after 3 weeks now of these lockdown measures the governor the public are really itching to see when and if the government will relax the isolation rules but the government has long said that no policy would be changed until the united kingdom is passed the peak of the virus which doesn't exactly bode well according to the office for national statistics latest figures which are suggesting that the level of deaths could be a lot higher than the government is actually reporting but the government's figures only include hospital deaths whereas they are mixing community centers care homes and even private settings so according to their stickers the onus found that there were actually a further 2100 deaths that are linked to the deadly virus by april the 3rd so it seems like the daily figures are not really giving a clear picture as on the same date that over 6000 people have died whereas the department of health and social care recorded just over 4000 deaths but this is all
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particularly alarming because they have also been a huge outbreak of the virus recorded in community settings over the weekend now the government has long said that all of its policy would be led by the science professionals and medical experts but also they will be looking at the economic impacts as well we've also got the latest figures from the office for budget responsibility that has actually released some very worrying statistics and argues that what we're looking at is one of the worst 8 economic downfalls in a century and now they've said that unemployment revised point 2000000 assuming a 3 month lockdown is where the united kingdom is headed they say in the 2nd financial quarter of the year april to june g.d.p. will fall by 35 percent now they do foresee the u.k. to bounce back slightly in the year but still envisages the economy to shrink. by 13 percent by the end of the 2020 so really even more bleak news to an already very bleak situation shadier thank you very much indeed for that update what about
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the hoff of all corona virus deaths are happening in care homes according to the latest data collected by a team based at the london school of economics that's as the chief medical officer for england professor chris witty as soon as that 13 and a half percent of care homes have registered an outbreak of the virus the data based on figures from european countries could mean the u.k. government under-estimating deaths as it only records fatalities in hospitals with the research focus on the number of european countries including our own and where as of saturday 54 percent of all coronavirus deaths happened in care homes in italy the figure is 53 percent of all deaths it's nearly 45 percent of the death toll in france in belgium 42 percent of fatalities and the highest number 57 percent in spain occurred in care homes. health bosses warn that some n.h.s. staff are facing extreme shortages of personal protective equipment following
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delays in receiving supplies from china chief executive of n.h.s. providers in england chris hobson says that staff are struggling to get protective guns as the number available is extremely low meanwhile on it's been reported the briton refused to join an e.u. scheme that bulk board p p around 1300000000 pounds worth of equipment is due to make its way to hospitals across europe well to discuss this further i'm not joined by dr mark porter mark really good to see you here on r.t. k. thank you for joining us we keep hearing about these shortages for person of the quip and the government has failed to sign up to an e.u. scheme 3 times any idea why that's happened no i don't i'm not party to that sort of decision and what i can say that short it's been a problem on the front i work in general practice with about 11000 patients we've actually got enough now we have to fight for it a bit but we've been lending it out to our community nurses at one stage they were
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down to just and martz and certainly we're hearing in our area that the pressure points into points appear to be in hospitals and in cairns obviously hospital staff get through much more protective gear than we do it's much more important that they have it because they're exposed to much more risky activities things like ventilation and integration and although there's supposed to be enough across the country whether it's getting to where it's needed when it's needed and others and you talk about helping those community carers and you've also of course we've mentioned the care home prices were in your experience what do you know about that where you are and have you been able to help any local care homes in providing equipment. we been giving equipment to our community nurses we haven't that's a given and it's a carers i know the caravans are struggling now quite a difficult job some of these care homes 204060 or more residents many of whom got dementia their car lot of close care personal care putting the star at risk we've
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certainly had over 1000 in care homes in my area i'm not the slightest bit surprised by the projections from the it's the we don't know what's happening here in the u.k. moment but we do know the owen estimates of this looking at the number of deaths in the community including cairns is a couple of weeks old and i've seen a 10 fold increase and that's until about 2 weeks ago i wouldn't be surprised if that's gone up 10 fold again and we're certainly expecting to see a lot of the problem is of course once it gets into. some of this is that this is about the reporting of cases is more about statistics and gathering information rather than some may say they could be even indeed a deliberate case of under reporting these deaths or but it is simply the way the system is set up the thing i think we need to be careful on that i mean the reason why we just use hospital dates is because they're the only confirmed cases they're also available with a 24 hour turnaround but they are the tip of an ice that everybody in the field knows that the real figure is much higher much much higher. what we're seeing is
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you know confirmed cases in hospitals within 24 hours they get reported very quickly so that updating it be 24 hours of total deaths gives an idea of what's happening nationally but but trust me the number of cases and the number of deaths is going to be much higher and that's the same across the world so i don't mean it's cheating i just think that you'd be people think the only people who are dying from code of those mentioned in the national statistics and then they're wrong and they you say those who are actually dying of the viruses it's difficult is it not to determine if a patient has died of a virus or another health condition if they've got both and this could be the thing is further not so much in hospital where they're perceived as. testing for starters you know they know what's going on but certainly in the community we have a lot of people who have the symptoms we might be putting suspected but we can't confirm whether they've got it or not the other thing that's happening can and this is something that really worries me is that care homes have been shut basically to
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any this is not includes a look doctors and nurses are trying to stay away because they carry the virus in and so some of these patients we haven't seen for a while and if they're dying from what sounds like. you know you have to make a guess so we just don't know how accurate that they too can you offer any number of hope or are we any closer to pekin deaths do you think well i think if there's a glimmer of hope that the n.h.s. at the moment is coping and certainly in general practice i think we prepared well i think the hospitals were preparing for a massive onslaught i know some of them in some parts of the country like wales london emissions are struggling but you know my local hospitals are coping well at the moment and i think the n.h.s. has actually done quite a good job because we've prepared better with yes there are lots of things we could have done differently but we are where we are and actually i think we're doing alright at the moment let's just hope this is that so and if it is that. i think the future looks right to my one concern is that this is going to go on for a long time i think people think it's all going to be over in the next few weeks
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it's not. thank you very much indeed for that stark warning at the end of that a very interesting chat with what you do and best of luck mark with it for you and all your colleagues and thank you for all the work you're doing dr mark porter live here in washington. when it comes as new u.k. figures reveal an additional $778.00 coronavirus patients have died those figures just been released and over $93000.00 patients have now tested positive for the 19 across the country of those more of those we see that more than 12000 have sadly lost their lives. and the numbers of confirmed cases across the world approaches now 2000000 according to children's university 120000 deaths furthermore almost a 1000000 have now recovered from the disease that's hoff a 1000000 well still to come this.
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begins an investigation into present to anyone who's to receive hundreds of complaints over his remarks about 5 g. technology. on the joint of the schools of the world health organization to be published to reform what he says is a dangerous me and that response to. speak to him shortly. as the unemployment rate is not projected to reach 30 percent in america higher than the great depression the stock market's up 30 percent from recent lows and the
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size of the central bank balance sheet has expanded by trillions so the question is which came 1st the expansion of the central bank balance sheet or unemployment what is the cause and what is the effect as we've been saying on the show for 10 years central bank balance sheet expansion causes the unemployment because it causes the deflation that cause of the economic duress that creates the unemployment. join me every thursday on the alec simon chill and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics or business i'm show business i'll see you. as the world health organization continues to lead the charge in the global fight
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against coronavirus its practices a fall under sharp scrutiny in some quarters the organization says it aims to achieve the highest possible level of health on a global scale providing guidelines for countries to follow but in april president trump said the show needs to get its priorities right calling it wrong on the pandemic he also accused organization of being china's century can threaten to withdraw u.s. funding whoever the organization is directed general urges people not to politicize the virus and insists on the importance of unity in the global response and no one journalist here in the u.k. is calling for the win was asian to be reformed or indeed abolished over what he calls a consistent mishandling of epidemics and corruption allegations but to discuss this in more detail i'm not joined by the judge of this himself christopher snowden christopher good to see you here on our to u.k. i've read the newspaper article and there you are calling for the organization to be reformed or abolished maybe you along with trump and many others are simply
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looking for a scapegoat to blame and a time of panic. well i don't dispute that trump is certainly looking to divert attention from his own handling of the cover 19 but the ratios handling of it has been really appalling and i think there is ample evidence now to show that they have been complicit or at least at the very least gullible in the way they accept it what's been coming out of beijing particularly in december january and even into february there were still questioning whether human to human contact was was happening with this disease they were praising china for its transparency of all things and also for its general ending and ling of the disease so he's been utterly incompetent and its approach on attitude is rather puzzling but whatever the reason behind it it has not been just played the level of competence that we expect and he's not the 1st time it was just a one off the not it would be perhaps be less of
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a concern but he also dropped the ball in a bowl or is dropped the ball on on several issues that have certainly been credible allegations of corruption there's certainly been expenses scandal and then various other criticisms that you could level it's only been in recent weeks because for obvious reasons people have been been more interested in looking at the w.h.o. and seeing how. people are starting to ask questions i've been asking questions for some years about this organization it's highly unaccountable and it's not doing the one thing it was it was founded right if you know if they if you look at the accusation of his inept handling all of this pandemic the problem is short of the power is in big in individual governments is it not to act on the advice of the w.h.o. because the they don't is itself doesn't really have much authority does it. it doesn't have a lot of kind of legal authority it has quite a lot of soft power and if you compare the way it handled son was nearly 20 years
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ago which also of course came from china it was totally different i mean middle east was accused there were dancing with swine flu a few years later which arguably let it be a bit more hands off with a bow and this current coronavirus but no it could definitely done more it didn't ask the right questions didn't put out the right advice it is i think i think it's beyond doubt that has been in action there a serious question stanza over this particular issue i think the broader question is is it handling things in the right way in general i don't think it is i think it is distracted by his obsession with political correctness for example is obsessed with various compacts 190 state issues and mostly of interest to rich westerners and he's taken his eye off the ball doing the one thing it was put here to do which is to prevent and probably eradicate infectious diseases in developing countries
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persevere is now the time for this criticism perhaps a review can happen or later when the pandemics are over. well it could i'm sure it will a u.s. congress has written to the direction. just before the weekend requesting all communications with china or various other documents to try and get to the bottom of what's being what be happening but i think it's right at this moment in time to raise that question at a point when people are interested once this is all over people start forgetting about the diary a job again you know it's not an agency that concerns or spiegel insofar as people do think about it they think of it as a great organization which rid the world a small box and it has done fantastic things over the years don't get me wrong but over the course of austria 15 to 20 years things have gone seriously wrong at the richo in all sorts of ways because of snowden thank you very much for joining us live here not so you can. campaign us accord on the home office to suspend the minimum income visa requirement to avoid families being ripped apart during the
10:19 am
pandemic charity groups claim that the current requirements could force some applicants to work against government social distancing guidelines or face deportation currently applicants in their respective partners must earn at least $800000.00 pounds a year to meet the requirements for a spousal visa but activists point out the reduced working hours during the pandemic will make it impossible for some families to comply in response the home office has said it's keeping the requirements under review. these are unprecedented times and we have already introduced measures to support people with immigration status including automatic extensions of visas and modifying immigration requirements to ensure people are not unduly affected by circumstances beyond their control we are keeping family immigration requirements under review including the minimum income requirements and will make adjustments where appropriate and necessary. france looks set to face another month of
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lockdown president macron told the nation on monday evening that measures will stay in place until may the 11th and admits mistakes were made france is the world's 4th worst affected nation with over 136000 cases and almost 15000 deaths reporting from paris is shown at devinsky. president mark on addressing the nation again the 4th time since this pandemic took hold in france and he announced the citizens would have to face another 4 weeks over lockdown over strict of measures but that's not for everyone anyone with chronic illnesses or even the vulnerable he said will have to remain in self isolation for longer no end date was given for those category of people he also said that crosses borders with the north in the e.u. countries would also remain closed for the foreseeable future the president said he knew it was a lot to ask he said but france was facing an invisible enemy it doesn't commit
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the epidemic is still not under control we need to continue to make every effort to try and stem the spread of this virus because the more we do that the more we will be able to save lives so what will change will may the 11th 12th new concrete plan was given by the president he said the government would be meeting of the next few weeks to flush that out further but he did say that some businesses would be able to reopen he said some schools would progressively start to reopen from region to region is well known depending on the age of the peoples but he did suggest that university classes will not restart again before the summer so that looks like that will be a september reopening for universities he also said that while some businesses would be allowed to reopen that will not include restaurants bars it will not include tourist attractions such as museums and in fact he said the big events in france would be completely banned until at least mid july so that gives you
10:22 am
a sense as to how much longer it will take for things to get back to normal here he also said that often made 11 testing would be available to anyone who presented symptoms of covert going team but not the whole of the country he said it wasn't necessary to test the whole of the country and he said that mosques should be available for. free citizen now that's interesting given that we've had criticisms of shortages of medical goods medical supplies such as mosques such as gans ventilators for frontline staff and for patients in hospitals and in fact that's something the president addressed with the failings of the state he said it was sori along. with these so we prepared for this crisis well i think the answer would be no we won't but we have to admit our errors we made difficult decisions when dealing with incomplete information changing information about the virus. virus and even now there are still many questions that remain unanswered
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because of the situation we're going through we have seen failings in shortages in our system we didn't have enough medical equipment from medics well present macro and went on to say that france would learn from its mistakes he said we day we acted we showed strength but he also talked about the fact that france is far from this herd immunity we've heard that is necessary to prevent this virus from spreading and continuing to eat away at populations he said as well and this was perhaps his strongest warning of the night is that the easing all of the lock down the restrictions being lifted depended on the one thing and that was the french being good citizens respectful of the laws and continuing to observe the lockdown over the next 4 weeks perhaps even more difficult given that we're heading into sort of the late spring early summer on the weather is getting so much better here in france entice people out but he said you must be consistent you must respect the
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law because easing restrictions does depend on that he said nothing yet has been won when it comes to this battle. media regulator ofcom is to investigate remarks made by only t.v. presenter eamonn holmes on yesterday's edition of this morning after the program received over 400 complaints question the media's quick dismissal of a conspiracy theory linking 5 g. technology to the coronavirus. but what i don't accept is mainstream media immediately slapping that dime is not true when they don't know it's not true holmes as since said his comments were misinterpreted but restricted to the public is concerned and right to look for answers it comes amid over 30 reported attacks and 5 g. towers across the u.k. since the outbreak began the theory states that radio waves emitted by 5 g.'s suppress the immune system making people more vulnerable to illness over the claims of either be debunked or lack scientific research to back them up. when it comes
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a new report finds that trust in media outlets has dropped considerably over the course of the global health crisis if that 21 percent of britons across the political divide say they have lost confidence in their media sources over trust in political institutions has increased with 40 percent saying they have more faith in the government than before the pandemic and looking at the main parties 3 quarters of tory voters back stopping the virus even if it hurts the economy and just 3 points behind those who vote labor when it comes to backing government intervention to help the economy recover from the shutdown or is 9 in 10 tories are in favor 8 percent more than labor counterparts or do with the state with the 7 are u.k. where in the next hour i'll discuss these health conspiracies with a professor of psychology. gee isn't unique to sin for nations connecting about the pandemic modern andrews has the know down on some more coronavirus myths and legends. are you suffering from information overload let's debunk some myths and
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get the lowdown we're here to separate the facts from the fiction. the viruses on our car. now we all use money and we don't know who's handled it before us the world health organization has advised the public to stop using all physical cash in favor of contactless payments if possible as corporate 19 might be able to survive on the surface of bank notes dr christine tabor card an expert in infection and immunity says that poisons are even worse for helping viruses survive so if you do have to use corey's a bank please wash your house regularly special drinks will save me there are dozens of crazy theories flying around the internet from gardening with bleach to drinking how your in yes you have done correctly so consuming drink it will silver
10:27 am
or the so-called miracle mineral supplement to chlorine dioxide also known as industrial bleach public health england says there are no approved vaccine drugs or investigational products currently available to treat or prevent the virus it's as simple as that plus drinking bleach will make you very ill and how your. that's not very bad. dentists can spread the virus. every 19 can settle on all surfaces and that includes toothbrushes just like you are about phone so it might be a good idea to wash them thoroughly before use or even safer perhaps it's time to buy a new one but what about going to the dentist's dental autoroutes the say routine treatment is not available at the moment but emergency care is still possible but is it a risk pool. both the patient and the dentist the dentist the measures that have been said by u.s. authorities were in order to protect you. and you know all the protective measures
10:28 am
are needed they shouldn't be any risk and that's why the emergency is being been allowed because a we know that their leader. their mosque and said they're out there you can prevent the transmission but if there there is a response if there is a risk if the patient needs to be seen this or even the dentist or. the transmission in the dental practice is possible to drop nets. or contaminations of the services so you have to be really really careful when any patient and. i might have the virus and i might spread it that's a good deal of uncertainty around this random testing in iceland showed that 50 percent of people who tested positive for corona virus had no symptoms at all and for those that do the incubation period is approximately $5.00 days on average and experts believe that corona virus is mostly contagious before and during the 1st
10:29 am
week of symptoms lasting up to around 10 days that said the scientific community warns that one in 100 patients good develop symptoms are to 14 days quarantine so be aware the virus affects everyone in different ways and a different speeds. there's a 2nd wave this winter. nobody wants this to return later in the year with 19 is a completely new virus so it's really hard to know what will happen. is certainly possible while social distancing and lockdowns will help slow the spread of corona virus if society returns to normal too soon the outbreak could sadly escalate again so in short stay home until government advice changes that slow down for today. the safety cream. was. this and that's it for the moment more news in the hall from that.
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same wrong long. haul. to shape our. engagement because betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground. thinking of getting a. true.


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