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shock shock as far as we feel. we don't know. any of this. that we. still love no children. with nothing to do in the design it's enough to. know when you put yourself in the shoes of the patient and the patient hears the
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potential donor and all of a sudden this potential donor has just gone to the period. should. you put it in the. evening.
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so get your. deal it took a little bit over when will we get to your do which include. what's kareena sold out of i was destined for successful ballet career a star student at the vanguard of a academy band of them are in school theatres watch list with only a year to go before graduating to reno started to experience serious health issues go through these be a woman. that you would place me including the new waitress just local who gets almost next door to us people will cover the chill thought we played along put on course was also and also. is a pretty woman walked in was for. us to post. it turned out that while kareena was passing her exams disease blood cancer had already taken hold. wesley
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don't know he couldn't make it is sad to put them up to get along with. the can you start to pull. back. that it will be stellar and yet. he wants to. get. culture controversial. because. the church is still not preclude. or something like a strongly course. tweek can wish. for. some things one person will notice. this thing was. always. this
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someone gave me the benefit. of more sluggish still skeptical ok delusional on the show which is here for the sake of. 1330 . x. . yeah.
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for a 7 year old a liberal goes way too much about drips catheters and transfusions but far too little about life outside her apartment and hospital. connection with the outside world was just before she was due to attend her 1st day at school. or something. similar. i took. because that. was. because it opened up a bus nobody. wanted to go down i suppose it. was because i said to me tonight is your dad's. here with. us and what do you foresee any of it is. because i just. to get the postage going in the area. to go to. a
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fascist in the summer denied those things are not my business to shut the can i suppose to just give me your goal is to be media control issue goes there just rumors are true. bush wants. to. see how i get your skaters your question that was not just a i'm going to school mentoring and ask question. to say which one you're going to call what i was going to bludgeon but you know the one that. was alibre going to split that switched over to $22.00 is it clear that you can't
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use the don't know what it is actress to nominate such to want so with a democrat go vote even though you want to win and i'm going to go support your lap when your last. point is just as. if. it starts with a search for a suitable donor on the russian registry a database of everyone willing to donate bone marrow stem cells potential donors or h.l.a. type that's a special kind of d.n.a. test then they're in the database but after that they wait at any moment their blood might be needed to save a life it could be a week or 10 years from. your local that stupid to do with your 1st meet the search for. good of scum. but there was composed more more cautious tooth research. used the biggest hurdle for some patil to get the total call just to the national to get the oil spill. when will the let's put it that it's the civil code of us
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means to pretty doing most. of that a lot well russia has a population of 140000000 but only 100000 potential bone marrow donors well out of germany's 1x8w9w average just and. you know. the guys who are doing. a lot of. interesting. steam contests for this i think need to understand. this we. have seen in the result as something not noise has been done for nice. enough noise to. be it's time. to search for a donor is a lot like a lot of the numbers on your ticket other d.n.a.
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code you will go on with and then you have to at least mostly match or ideally fully match the donors you need to find a genetic twin and that means finding one in 10000. while we're here at the step from our foundation which is a charitable nonprofit foundation where the main goal to help leukemia and to more patients and it is named after my brother who had leukemia 983 and was the 1st european to receive an unrelated transplant. unrelated from an unrelated donor out from great britain. suzanne's brother stephan died of and foreseen complications but his story inspired a charitable organization that would later become famous for helping leukemia patients. ok we're now in the collection center on. all of this stuff for
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marsh foundation and in this whole area we are collecting the stem cells of the donors for our patients somewhere and in the world. and. you know from luxembourg. ridge's 3rd the thing 10 years ago so it was 19 when they decided to. run. it was like. a little more than 2 months ago on the 6 so. they call me he said we. have potential patient we might see some of the most a little. the impacts on your body instead of the other was. also the thankfully nobody ever will this is for. the. head only 2 to do that yeah. there are 2 types of procedure
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most do not simply give blood stem cells to be exact the special medicines administered in advance to stimulate stem cell production then they sit for a few hours one a machine extract the precious stem cells from their blood that's how it is 8 times out of 10 the other procedure is quite rare and the donor has to be brave a bone marrow sample is taken straight from the hip under general anaesthetic. that is one of the main one of the main duties of the main tasks in the foundation in general to promote to promote stem cell go nation because that's what we need i mean there's every year thousands of. actually falling out of the registry just because they reached the age limit so we constantly in order to keep that many donors on file we need to recruit donors constant.
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the risk. for you if. you are one. just for that is the big biggest event of this new mission that will still be listening to this it's before it was traded was that it is actually a big used of those most of them struggling which they do little to do with germany has had an inoperative donation system for some time russia relies purely on enthusiastic most people here is the problem when someone has affected. their own search for a donor becoming enthusiastic themselves but isn't enormous because normally at the congressman choice. by dinner from by the system falls down if i was just the i needed to on.
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the move. exam is that if i was. just going to sit in a school in the same dollars risk also because i just down this is just going to get. enough of. this it's. just completing its course because out somebody who would have been listening would a multiple they. call this sort of the initial meeting open if. the book was in which interviews neither of them could more than a bunch of the push replaced one of the biggest to show you that of course. but also appreciate this will ensure is that i will go. into work yesterday and we're. going to play in the kitchen let's go to the thing why do chose to put it on the ceiling again not certain things trays got in there and were a part of the question is because they are. in the small town of the search for a little politer clearly show. the people they just don't know about the problems
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the world needs more activists like enough to see how she writes posts online and the scientist in desperate need to inform the public she wants to make bone marrow donation sound like hope to erase the image of a sick backbreaking needle. finally received a transplant in late november 29th. or a month. what she's done left me at the end of the nimble i've been using. such as on. the mumbling that i'm almost among emotions. i am.
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is you'll be a reflection of reality. in the world transformed. what will make you feel safe. isolation. are you going the right way or are you being led to. his church. his faith.
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in the world corrupted you need to descend. to join us in the depths. aura maybe in the shallows. has changed american lives but pharmaceutical companies have a miraculous solution. based drugs to people who are chronic pain and believe that they're ok prescription is working for them and the remedy be certain to. price that they pay closer dependency and addiction to opiates the long term use there really isn't scientifically justified in our study actually suggests that. the long term effects may not just be absence of benefit but actually that because we want to.
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move him solemnly it was a shock to have those get out your. voice a little. blood or not our course momos go. to slumber of $100.00 g.'s for some rare example a blood donor from douglas done to became a marrow donor a phrase that frightens most of his relatives and neighbors in his small mountain village. among your. prince no no in your store or still mired with us good morning of course me and those star sniggers that are going to go there are still going to describe moses moment so you will show us that i did have a sort of you to believe. he says the sort of thing. i don't need most of those awards this. smug i mean because most know most of.
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that's you with. civil rights. in that you must also but. if you come from an ethnicity that isn't represented in the registry your chances of winning the don't a lot of real lower than most that's why it's so important to the people of. the databases. of the. properly i'm just me. but it's not all of the. it's a god i mean he's a should. he do a lot of what i do is you know. someone that you stand in the. ocean when you're. really just basically used to be a little more. mostly was that i mean for us emotionally yes to
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feel for what do you sort of. said was i think the question. did you need to go at it. or. you know someone less needs to it causing you almost need to go. i think. it was much less than you going to. know. that. in germany all the registries together don't have to nest. they come and meet and
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come up with regulations for donor protection and one of those regulations is that we will allow contact after 2 years mainly because there is a chance that the patient will have we'll have the disease coming back again so. might ask for a 2nd donation of this particular donor and indianness before we do not want to have any pressure on the dorner if they don't us asked the 2nd time they should be the same chance to decline or to say to say yes i will donate now when they know each other already there is there is no guarantee that it's without pressure. so these are all donors to be and couples that met here and. look at their faces there they are just happy they happy to see that it was
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successful from the from the donuts side and for the recipients it's usually this feeling that i can finally say thank you some meat. they talk they exchange information and they might never meet again and some others there's friendships they become family they've become close friends so it's really it's really different we also have donors that say i don't want to know i know i did everything i could but i don't need to know it's ok for me to know that i gave them a chance and there's also we also understand if the recipient for example says oh i don't want it because it also i mean it also reminds them of some of the worst worst times of their life. this video for example was taken at our last donor recipient meeting donor. recipient a still in the u.s. and. we just managed to do this conference and we were we were with her during the
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conference and at the same time the recipient was just in another office and came in to surprise her. zelie of course the most obvious libel we've got to with woman journalist now i'm time during this theater of only this in the to be she's cute leave a limp from the last meal of blossom if they are. really changing your clothes. so much that i suppose corporate but not cause i'm sure it's going to insure
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certain but. i'm after them you know do it without the most cool if so. but eventually up a. lot closer which into the grand national. mourning. the . number. of momentum in the business of kibble and lots diddly at the storm is not. just on talks the money could be on the books of system of still money in the bill. though of course the most of. them will someone with a quick deal with we did dadaab vocal warm spots pull stuff we d. in the woods you boil no we get into the. dark yes but there was don't put me on balloon of blind didn't you see a groupie. chortle nice day that not all 3.
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would be in. the south mr jeffrey even if you didn't think you would need this in. the future would love to be able. to keep up the good and keep going to school thinking that there's. families usually only grow with bertha marriage but once in a while
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a stranger do need some tiny part of himself and. blood brothers. here for just so sums goes on the stump. stems from global it will be what the. law was to. this it was. dancing all night. and this. all of them believe in the soul of words even. in the course they are and will be lots of those. people that they know. from concern from soviets or the russian. really are like blood brothers even have the same blood type now go shows both positive turned into real shots to be. positive the lot of people are feeling here just for the fullest future with
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the will to do you just got that if you say i will if you should why are you a little bit because what you're going to do is fill what i see will be a graph from my you will remember that she was just the one who are going to go into your truth the more you look the other way and you are if you look at all of the from one of the people that only 41 person is down there you can you look at the whole feel you have to peel off the usual couple that the 3 of you if you know it will be a lot of choice for you. if you have. them it's just that if. you suggest you know so much.
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because i have to wonder if it isn't bad to. keep it if i had to. because i had to. submit to prescribe. just said. this is going to. go to school to continue going to school. because most of them going to despite subpoenas and it's just such minutes in the sequester could have put it in but i just want. to keep him.
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clues from christmas are still in the. most bizarre new national figure out. when your job has been tough so it doesn't get a chance this is a sure way to get him understand. because those folk are your friends at the center of the not a lot of. those and some of the games from the beginning to them and that's because ashton.
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tajura lackluster primary democrats and their media friends have decided on joe biden as their party nominee is he'll have to go will the progressive slalom line what is joe offering voters and will the d.n.c. experience buyer's remorse november.
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am in your backyard. welcoming our viewers from around the world live from central london this is our to u.k. . we are making progress through the pre-cooked of this verse but we're not out the woods yet i say just born last week. the 1st secretary of state claims the country is still in the height of the corona virus outbreak as the chief medical officer suggests social distancing could last until the end of the year that's as the row over the u.k.'s involvement in the e.u. wide put into protective kit continues downing street denying it put pressure on a top diplomat. the head of the world food program warns of a pandemic famine of biblical proportions across much of the developing world if vital aid isn't delivered same. immigration experts head out of
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the government's announcement on visa extensions for frontline medical staff saying it now won't apply to blows it promise to cover. also the court documents claim a spanish security firm that allegedly spied on julian assange has resorted to blackmail in order to keep its security contracts. the u.k. government claims the country is still at the peak of the coronavirus pandemic but scientists warn against expecting daily death figures to drop any time soon and says the for not continues over the u.k.'s involvement an e.u. wide procurement as number 10 denies putting pressure on the diplomats who are trying to disclaim the politics was at the heart of it he said only he joins me live in the studio for more on this so firstly with finally at the peak it now that's according to the government he said yes we've heard that claim by
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a couple of ministers today 1st about how in parliament and then dominic robb delivering the daily governmental briefing to the country stating that in the. our opinion the country has reached the peak when it comes to the 19 crisis and that if that is the case that perhaps some of those knock down instructions could be lifted but only if certain criteria are met it's also been an immense mental strain on everyone people stuck at home families worried about their finances and the elderly more isolated than we ever want them to be we are making progress through the pre-k. of this virus but we're not out of the woods yet and if age advised last week and that's why the measures we introduced must remain in place for the time being and the reason i thought it was sensible to put this in was the people to see that even in those countries which started the epidemic of earlier than the u.k.
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and which are still ahead the downward slope from the point where we change is a relatively slow one and we should anticipate the same situation in the u.k. we should not expect this to be a sudden for the way of cases now the government also updated the country on the latest death figures 759 people have sadly lost their lives after testing positive for covered $900.00 in the hospital taking the total up to over $18000.00 but we do know of course that those figures are perhaps not the full picture because the ins is that this takes also taking into account people who have died in care homes and elsewhere and those figures could be up to 40 percent higher now we've also heard today in the daily governmental briefing from the chief medical officer chris witty who's hinted that those social distancing measures which have been put in place
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could be around until next year. one of which is a highly effective vaccine in the variety of ways vaccines can be deployed they can be deployed for dampen down epidemics they can be deployed to protect vulnerable people or all highly effective drugs so that people stop dying of this disease even if they catch it 'd which can prevent this disease in vulnerable people into we have those and the probability of having those any time in the next calendar year are incredibly small and i think we should be realistic about that we're going to have to rely on other social measures which of course are very socially disrupted as everyone is or is finding at the moment but until that point that is what we will have to do and it will have to be the best combination that maximizes the output is going to take a long time and i think we need to be aware of that now we don't have the government come in for criticism for how they've handled covert 19 and in particular with regards to testing and p.p.a.
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one of those voices criticizing the government was kissed starmer in his 1st appearance at prime minister's questions as leader of the opposition and he took the government to task for what he said was their slow response to not just testing in p.p. but also implementing lockdown measures. what about the e.u. use p p e scheme that looks as if it's around that's going to continue to rumble on absolutely bill we know that the u.k. have refused to take part in the e.u.'s. but pure mint scheme in order to try to claim and get their hands on p.p. systems but yesterday we saw the permanent undersecretary for the foreign and commonwealth office the simon mcdonald made the claim to the health select committee that the decision not to join the e.u. scheme was a political one well today he's written a letter to that same committee claiming that what he said yesterday wasn't correct
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and that he had virtually and wrongly told the committee it was a political decision he said it's not a political decision and that ministers weren't briefed by the u.k.'s mission in brussels and so for that reason they didn't know about the scheme and that he also put it down to an initial communication problem we know that ministers of course when this 1st happened said that they didn't receive the emails that would have instructed them inform them about this. p.v. retention scheme or this separate unit scheme now the e.u. commission they've hit back and said the government the u.k. government others knew perfectly well about the scheme that they made sure to tell the british government about it they've also been claims that society mcdonald has perhaps been pressured to write that later that letter and to retract what he said yesterday but number 10 have denied putting any pressure on the foreign and commonwealth office thank you very much indeed for all of that senior consultant in communicable disease control dr bharat upon kenya told me earlier that he doesn't
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agree with the foreign secretary that we have reached the peak of the outbreak and will see these numbers for longer he has. we are not counting fully the number of cases in the community remember these are our test confirmed cases in a hospital setting what about the number of cases in the nursing and residential homes we have a staggering amount of deaths in our nursing and residential homes daily death figures coming from the hospitals and we stress the hospitals. can we see any encouraging in those at all are they indicative of the fact that the deaths themselves won't go up that there is perhaps a a chance that we are flatlining now with this no because we need to allow these numbers over a longer period of time for us to feel comfortably that even in the hospital setting we are now comfortable that the rates are not going up remember there are
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many parts of the united kingdom have not experienced that wave yet and i remain concerned what if and when this way arrives in for example the southeast of the country where i live in. scotland and the midlands so the lockdown has to carry on for a very long time obviously there are calls for the government to come up with some exit strategy at this stage for to profiteer them. far too premature we've got to use the shut down for 2 purposes one make sure that we have now got our resilience in order which was not in order to begin with and then 2nd be assured that when we lift the shutdown and we get an increase in number of cases we are also prepared to test monitor isolate contact rates and all those things i see no evidence whatsoever that a large army of people have been recruited to undertake these tests. a
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doctor working with covert 19 patients at a london hospital has demanded those who have lost their lives working on the front line must have an inquest into their deaths. people want the assurance that the death of faculty will be properly investigated in the 1st instance means making sure that they're all referred to coroner says deaths that potentially a natural occurrence or result employment it comes after a study found there were very serious gaps in p.p.a. for doctors and nurses 38 percent of doctors have no protection in violation of public health england guidelines another 38 percent don't have proper mosques or 47 percent don't have access to loans leaved elms when needed well there have also been a total of $69.00 deaths of health service workers judicature $900.00 according to the government but any chest figures suggest the number is over $100.00 it comes after the british medical association has promised to support staff who have
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refused to work without the right kit the b.m.a. also says it has been contacted by more than 70 private companies willing to supply equipment to the n.h.s. but they're struggling to gain traction through government channels. intensive care consultant dr ron daniels he told me that inquest could help us understand if p.p. is shortages were to blame. if we as doctors suspect that a patient's demise might be a consequence of their previous work in industry then we have a duty to report that case to the coroner so it will be interesting i think to be interesting if this is used form formative later if it is used to understand whether there was a gap and whether there was a connection between an absence of p.p.a. and pay and health professionals contract and covert 19 and succumbing to it that would be interesting it would also be interesting to know whether a total viral load as in how many patients an individual health professional had been in contact with was responsible for deaths this may be used for much of lee of
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great interest but of course it may be used in other ways because if a doctor doesn't have the right kit goes on to die from a virus that could be a slew of legal cases against the n.h.s. . well that could be of course and that would be potentially a shame i think the g.m.c. has been relatively clear on this and people have spoken out against g.m.c. guidance but if they are referred to a health professional who has refused to treat a patient based upon an absence of p.p.a. then they will 1st question what did the health professional do about this i think our message to help professionals is relatively clear we've got to 1st protect ourselves but there's no point just bleating about there being no p.p.a. got to go through proper channels you've got to escalate it so that next time you have every chance of being able to treat your patients safely. dozens of countries could experience widespread famine as a result of the pandemic if rich and nations don't have accidents as according to
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the un's world food programme it was that these 30 countries in the developing world are at risk of famine if action isn't taken of those 10 already have at least 1000000 experiencing a queue. food shortages in a zation says more than one and a half 1000000000 pounds of pledged aid needs to be released so it reaches where it is needed most urgently but hundreds of millions more is needed for the just ticks including airlift to get food and medical supplies to remote areas of the world food programme david beasley said that if action isn't taken the results will be catastrophic we are not talking about people going to bed hungry we're talking about extreme conditions emergency status people literally marching to the brink of starvation we don't get food to people people will die this is truly more than just a pandemic is creating a hunger pandemic this is a humanitarian in through to catastrophe we're looking at a widespread damage of biblical proportions his comments come as a
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w f p report estimates that the number of those suffering from hunger this year could double to more than a quarter of a 1000000000 people on the pandemic makes this worse hotspot countries are already been impacted by years of war climate change and economic stagnation. in yemen a doubling of p.v. to around $12000000.00 people each month on over 60 percent of south sudan's population experience food shortages last year alone spoke to the c.e.o. of charity write an advisor working with the un's agency for refugees such as mahmoud and he told me government shutdowns across the world are hitting the poorest hardest. one of the main reasons that we're that we're going to be going into a food crisis and i think we're going to be going to a food crisis we've got this is just the scale of the food crisis that we've been able to manage one of the key reasons we're going to be going into that is because some of those ports are closed and some of the i guess the countries exporting to the smaller countries some of that that has stopped now so i'll give you an example
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of a bit like sudan where you mention in europe or in sudan 80 percent of the people in iowa and new coach are slowing down of course for bringing key see being mean to lives or is going to have a detrimental effect on on their crops their events here and obviously 80 percent of the of the country will be affected like that and i'm sure you're aware that india there's a common time and you know many of their. their population relies on agriculture also as a 14 day quality not any ships coming into into the country which no doubt will have an effect on the polish people and the farmers i usually look after themselves and their family are there other countries though what are you as well that perhaps of going on noticed by the general public to such. yeah i think a lot of the consitutional especially with the numbers that you you for addicted and the to do you are has predicted you know a quarter of a libyan people you know of 320000000 students children that would normally go to
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school to get a movie they're all you got me of the deal or you some. of the schools are suspended around the world and you know india pakistan bangladesh sit down all these how large scale free school feeding programs all of which are affected now so i guess like any sort of disaster it was a flood it's an earthquake or whether it's a pandemic like we're seeing at this moment time children of the worst affected. let's take a look at the latest from the home nations and now according to the apartment of health of 133000 have the virus 759 of those hospitalized have died in the last 24 hours bringing the death toll to more than 18000 there been 77 more fatalities in scotland and 15 in wales scottish 1st minister nicola sturgeon says that 384 care homes are reporting an outbreak as figures reveal
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a 3rd of deaths in scotland occur in care homes almost $300.00 cases are confirmed in $56.00 care homes across northern ireland and the welsh economy minister says that companies flouting a 2 metre social distancing role won't be given finance to help join the crisis. now for the global update and more than 2 and a half 1000000 now have the virus according to johns hopkins university which collects worldwide data of 180000 deaths have been recorded while more than 700000 have recovered. presidents trumps administration is threatening china but lawsuits over its handling of the pandemic meanwhile germany approves its 1st human trials for more of that scene. still to come to this. immigration experts warn the government's announcement on visa extensions for front line medical staff saying it won't to blodgett all those it promised to cover we have from a lawyer. and court documents reveal
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a spanish security firm an extra spied on we can expand to join in the song resorted to blackmail all the details after the break. max geysers financial survival guide liquid assets are those that you can convert music that's quite easily. to keep in mind no assets i mean to a place in a large does or board.
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immigration experts have warned the home office announcement to extend visas for n.h.s. workers doesn't cover all those it promised and has no legal backing or to take partridge has more. the home office has been accused of causing foreign doctors and
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nurses in the n.h.s. unnecessary stress as they fight coronavirus after the claiming they would have their visas extended free of charge for a year only took her a cup the group that would benefit when it comes to the policies of the home office in particular the support we're giving to the n.h.s. whether it's through the visa changes that i've brought it over the last 3 weeks or whether it's the work of the border force where we are absolutely prioritize and medical equipment these are the changes that i have been working on but this statement has led to confusion among the n.h.s. staff and immigration lawyers not all the doctors nurses and paramedics all here in the u.k. on the same type of visa and cars occasion on this only appeared on line 2 weeks later when it appears the automatic renewals only apply to workers on a tear to visa which is a general work permit therefore some medics here in the u.k. are on different visas but apparently covered by the home secretary's policy could now potentially miss out on other n.h.s. workers and care workers who could also be deemed essential for keeping the health
1:20 pm
care systems running such as porters and cane is not included which has led to further stress and calls for their inclusion one of the problems which is imagine is that. policy on extending leach remains such persons which was announced and this year paid 3 played everybody he was actually in the n.h.s. but then has subsequently looks as if it has been limited to those he may be able to guarantee to or to be says a not a well planned it raises in other words not family reunion bases or other things and it may also be restricted to certain types of work in the n.h.s. and for example doctors and nurses and not for example a hospital pool because another peep. well that essential to the national health service so the government found itself in an awkward situation in terms of effectively dividing n.h.s. workers into essential and non-essential and also having made what amounts to a blanket promise to doctors nurses and paramedics which then or simply doesn't support individual letters to staff members could have covered the legal bases and
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stopped any confusion and this is a view supported by immigration specialists some finance ment's we've seen awful automatic grants of leave on the some doubts in the legal community over whether that actually works as a matter of law because the the legislation seems to require a personalized written notice to be given to people to extend their leave or so that's best astron strawman's lawyers and now urging the government to swiftly care if i the situation allows an n.h.s. staff to concentrate on public health issues and not private legal ones those joined by immigration barrister robert park and he told me that a lot of workers will not be covered by this policy. there are many possible means by which person might have permission to live in this country on a temporary basis that are not here to these as many of those may well be working for the n.h.s. . and unless they're covered which they're not policy when it really does come in
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false they may very well run zones in some very difficult situations indeed and of course it was never a promise to actually extend visas for of other staff was there no. 6 doctors nurses paramedics and all of those only those wanted to see if you report that were clean and if you drive an ambulance if you manage if you are a technician tasked with maintaining ambulance if your healthcare system knows no no branches to assist with that. court papers have claimed that a spanish security firm that allegedly spied of we could expand it to an innocent even resorted to blackmail in order to keep its security contract auntie's your correspondent peter all of us has the latest well this is all come out in the trial of you see global security firm and in particular their head daveed morale as he's accused of privacy violations and money laundering and bribery and while there the prosecution were making their case they've accused him of his company of while they
1:23 pm
were conducting security for the ecuadorian embassy in london having spied on julian a songe for the united states and in fact that they took video recordings and sound recordings once a month to the united states now what's come out in the most recent documents is that there were plans put in place that were incredibly top secret these have come out as part of the documents that have been released e-mails that have been released from former employees that there were to be kept top secrets that they were to focus in particular on stella morris who is the fiance of julian assange now among the plans that were put in place. were one to steal a dirty nappy from a scientist son gabriel as they were trying to determine whether a songe was actually the father it was late to point out to them according to these documents that they couldn't conduct a paternity test through a dirty nappy they then decided they would try and steal a dummy instead now this is. also blackmailing
1:24 pm
a female diplomat with what were called in these documents extremely private photographs she was being blackmailed in order to stop the cancelling of u.c. global's contract with the ecuadorian embassy now perhaps what is has the most perhaps the biggest impact long term of these revelations or these allegations at least that have come out in the spanish court is that meetings between julian assange and his lawyer were recorded including. that they took the women's toilet to try and get away from any suspected eavesdroppers now this would be a violation of lawyer client confidentiality and if it turns out that this was done at the order of the united states it could have a big impact on julian assange extradition hearings that are coming up if that is of course of the united states come proves to be behind it but alice denies any of
1:25 pm
the charges and all of the charges against him he says that all of the actions that he and his company undertook were at the behest of the ecuadorian secret service and not the united states during the sarge of course faces a number of charges including 17 violations of the espionage act in the united states he is facing extradition to the united states where he could potentially face 175 years in jail. and finally with cases remaining high it seems coronaviruses all the myths surrounding it will be with us for the long term already has martin andrews has been running some tests on a few more viral rumors. are you suffering from information overload that's to bung some myths and get the lowdown away here yet again to separate the facts from the fiction. half of those already have the virus now there's a story circulating the internet
1:26 pm
a university of oxford study concluded that heart of the u.k. population may have already been infected with copd 19 but it's very important to note that the theory off is a set of hypothetical situations about the possible extent of transmission in the u.k. but the reality is that until the entire population is tested we will never know the bias is living all my nails nails and fingertips collect a lot of bacteria viruses and this is one of the main ways coronavirus can travel help what you suggest that we should keep nell shorts if we are prone to any bites and bad habits in addition to jumping son nor ring at all nails can cause my to nicks and bleeding putting us at greater risk of infection if you are not extra careful about washing if your nails are good scrub your washing deputed. tommy please can save was the global race to make a cure for hope at 19 is on the way and tommy flu is one drug that's been mentioned
1:27 pm
in the press over the past few weeks it's been used by many countries with mixed results i mean really belongs to a cost of drugs called antivirals and it prevents the flu virus from multiplying inside your body but will it work for very big 19 many experts also short. says im clone a virus is a very different. and. it works in a completely different mechanism of action now there was some viruses that show a similarity in the way that. there are some drugs for some of those virus. does drugs being tested but tamiflu is very specific to the flu and it only works in silly send this year i'm fortunate enough which might happen i'm thinking of australia company going in. it's free so you. may happen to go. and. at the same time it might be. free again it's kind of it it's so it's you it's
1:28 pm
is not. the barbers can travel by post britain's royal mail remains open for business and says it's working in line with the guidance from the chief medical officer and the public health authorities as well as social distancing in deco's and sorting office is a promise is there will be only one person in the world miles of everybody at one time in order to protect both the staff i'm customers there's also a temporary ban on those handheld devices useful customers when sliding special possibles but the virus kind of course stay on paper or cardboard for a few hours so if handling any post it's best to wash your hands afterwards. if you can get the buy wrist twice jory while it's out on this one that may have been some red faces off reinfection because it might seem but most people seem to be immune off the woods or at least in the short chief scientific adviser patrick valid says
1:29 pm
that for any infectious disease there are cases where people can catch something to again but in fact it is extremely extremely rare that's the low down for today be safe because when i watch those hands. and that's all from law. school takeover and often half now so for all the teams in westminster combined.
1:30 pm
world is driven by shaped by. the day or thinks. we dare to ask. tough for a lackluster primary democrats and their media friends have decided on joe biden as their party nominee is the alaska bowl will the progressive fall in line what is joe offering voters in will the d.n.c. experience buyer's remorse november. has changed.


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